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  1. BERIGAN: You know about this?

    Aarghhh. I didn't know this duplicated the Mosaic box when I posted. Shows how much I know about Bunny.
  2. Miles, Red, Paul, Philly Joe...and Hank?

    My guess is that it's from July 27, 1963. I've got that on a cd which claims to be Miles and Trane live in NY. (running time is (9:23) BTW Did Mobley ever perform with Garland? Didn't he join Miles when Wynton Kelly was the pianist?
  3. Billie Holiday with Count Basie´s Orchestra

    Unfortunately The Sound of Jazz is not public domain. Owned by CBS. I worked with some CBS/Fox video people on putting it out legitimately and adding Milt Hinton photos but ran into AFM problems. There's a good print int he UCLA archives.
  4. Hey Berigan I thought the the right wing party line was that there was no global warming. Has Rupert Murdoch sent you new marching orders?
  5. Prez and his disciples

    Did Prez ever record with (or even perform with) Getz, Sims, Cohen or any other of his White disciples?
  6. Jazz Masters Vintage Collection 1958/1961

    The DVD of The Sound of Jazz available in the US is missing the Monk and is not particularly good quality. I have a Lazer Disc (remember them?) I got in Japan of "The Sound of Miels Davis"from which I make video tapes. It's great. I think I could make DVD's by using my Mac. BTW Both "Sound of..." tv shows were produced by Robert Herridge for CBS. I tried to get them released legally on DVD but ran into AFM problems.
  7. Scott LaFaro

    Reading the "Chronology" on this web site I was surprised to see that LaFaro seems to have been Stan Getz's bass player at the time of his death and was given time off by Getz to play with Bill Evans for the Village Vanguard sessions. In fact the last gig before his death was with Getz at Newport. If one just you wouldn't infer from the Chronology that the Bill Evans Trio was ever hism ain gig.
  8. Unissued Charlie Parker

    Didn't the Monk estate say that they had hours of tape from Nica's apartment including stuff from Bird?
  9. Gil Evans at Umbria, Vols 1 & 2

    Listening to it again I think it's possible that what I hear as a guitar tuned very low (on both Comes a Time and Little Wing is in fact a synth. Sort of the opposite of jack Chaambers mistaking Sonny Sharrock for a synth on Jack Johnson.
  10. Miles plays Teo ?

    The Miles box sets make clear the extent to which Teo Macero created the structure of several numbers in the studio. But when Miles played these numbers live (as he did with only a couple) did he use the Macero created structure? it seems to me he did with It's About Time, but what about Bitches Brew?
  11. Gil Evans at Umbria, Vols 1 & 2

    There's no guitarist credited on these cd's. If there's no guitar what instrument is playing the intro to "Comes a Time"? Did Hiram Bullock stay home because of Sting? (Actually Hiram plays on the Sting/Evans studio version of Little Wing.)
  12. Miles plays Teo ?

    Right. But when Miles later played these numbers live was he referencing the records?
  13. Bill Evans Village Vanguard 1961

    Don't you get all this in the order it was recorded on the Complete Bill Evans Riverside box? Just as the Complete Miles Box gives you the 2 final Prestige sessions in the order in which they were recorded.
  14. Gil Evans at Umbria, Vols 1 & 2

    I was lucky enough to see the band 4 times while Gil was alive. In Paris in '78, in LA at the Bowl in'80 or 81 on a double bill with Miles (no they didn't play together) and twice at Sweet Basil's in '85. I was so enthralled each time that I avoided the band after Gil's death not wanting to be disappointed. I finally caught them at Ronnie Scott's in London in 2001 and was knocked out. Miles Evans has really improved both as a trumpet player and leader. And yes they did play Little Wing.
  15. Gil Evans at Umbria, Vols 1 & 2

    Where can one get it? I'm an Evans completist (can never have too many versions of Little Wing) so I've had the cds since they came out. (Vol 1 came out in 2000 and Vol 2 in 2001). They're both still availabe at Amoeba in LA. What makes these distinctive is the use of Urszula Dudziak as a wordless vocalist.
  16. Bird at Birdland

    Anyone familiar with the "Bird at Birdland" Charly box set? I've got the Ember "complete" set but it only goes to 1952. The Charly set goes to 1954. I just noticed that I only have vol 1 of the Ember set. Is there a volume 2 that goes to '54? I see something on Amazon called Birdland" 1&2 but there's no description. (Amazon does give the listing of tracks for the Charly set so I'll compare it with the Ember set when I get home, but I'd appreciate info on the sound quality. (BTW The Ember set is great.)
  17. Bird at Birdland

    To answer my own question: I checked with Peter Losin's Bird discography and it looks like rather than releasing a Vol 2 of just the remaining cuts from Birdland, Embers put them on a 2 cd box entitled "Charlie Parker at Café Society Downtown and Birdland". Gotta find it now.
  18. Bird at Birdland

    Thanks. I did compare the Charly track listings to the Embers and there seem to be only 13 cuts at the end of the Charly box not on the Embers. How many discs are in Vol 2?
  19. Where can I find "Concert in the Rain"?
  20. Anybody familiar with James Booker?

    I have a different Rounder cd (can't think of the title right now) and some live tapes a N.O. friend of mine made. I can make copies if you like. I've alwasy given connick the benefit of a dopubt because of his Booker connection. Booker was the real deal.
  21. Gil Evans "Farewell"

    Anybody here able to identify the soloists on The Gil Evans cd "Farewell"? I have it on ProJazz and though the companion cd "Bud & Bird" does id the soloists "Farewell" does not. Both recordings are from December 1 & 22 1986 and I think have been released on a Japanese label probably under different titles.

    I'm a Van completist so I had to buy this. Not his best but still pretty great IMHO. (I'm also a Bird and Gil Evans completist. I'd be an Ellington completist but don't have enough room in my house. )
  23. Abdullah Ibrahim

    I'm not sure whether this is the same recording, but a cd by that name was issued in May of 2002 by the Chicago-based label Rerooted. Here's a link: African Herbs. Thanks. (I guess I should have done a search myself. ) Not much information but I presume that it's the same recording.
  24. I just hope that this doesn't mean a postponement of "Seven Steps to Berlin"
  25. I just hope that this doesn't mean a postponement of "Seven Steps to Berlin"