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  1. Happy Birthday Medjuk!

    I've had "76 Trombones" in my head all day. Just figured out why. Thanks guys.
  2. Ken Nordine Took the A Train

    Or "left town"? As in "Lester Left Town"?
  3. Bruno Ganz (1941 - 2019)

    From American Friend poster (Dennis Hopper is cropped out). First noticed Ganz when that film was new.
  4. Makes you aware of how great Monk was as a composer. I've listened to the whole thing twice and there's not one piece here I would have rejected.
  5. Philharmonic Hall LA 1/17/45 broadcast on some AFRS One Night Stand shows?
  6. John Coltrane Prestige Box Set

    Is much from the Concord catalogue available on streaming services? That seems to be the main source of income for record companies nowadays. (We may soon have to stop calling them "record companies".)
  7. Archie Shepp Article in the Washington Post

  8. Archie Shepp Article in the Washington Post

    How do you do that? I'm being asked to subscribe.
  9. Me too. But what's an "echo coronet" and how does it work? I thought it was two trumpets one with a mute.
  10. Wadada Leo Smith

    Just got an e-mail from the Ojai Music Festival (where I'm spending the day Sunday): Update from Tom Morris: Wadada Leo Smith I am so happy to tell you that Wadada Leo Smith is fine! As you may know he fainted on stage at last night's concert at the end of the incredible evening. He was suffering from dehydration after a busy day, plus long travel Wednesday from the east coast. EMS determined the cause of the problem backstage and Wadada quickly revived. They took him to the hospital as a precaution where he was checked out thoroughly and released around 1:30 pm. I was with him at the hospital, and took him back to his hotel, where he will rest today before returning home tomorrow. Wadada, who defines generosity, said late last night with his customary twinkle, that he was sorry he could not play his encore for everyone! I know you join me in the good news that he is doing fine.
  11. It was fifty years ago today

    When the Lp was released in the UK and Canada it came in a box with a book of pictures and dialogue. IIRC the book contained some disconcerting dialogue not in the film. I still have the book but it's falling apart.
  12. It was fifty years ago today

    But was that film ever released?
  13. New Dolphy release on Resonance

    The other piece of new (to me at least) information from the Robin D.G. Kelley notes is that Prince Lasha, Charles Moffett, Dewey Redman and clarinetist John Carter were all in a Fort Worth high school band with Ornette Coleman. And I hadn't realized before I read it in the notes that Dolphy led only for studio session in his life and three of them were in 1960. Also seems that nobody has a bad word to say about him as a person (except the trumpeter Eddie Armour). Sort of like Coltrane: in a documentary about Trane there's a wonderful moment where Elvin Jones says with complete sincerity: "He was a saint."
  14. New Dolphy release on Resonance

    And according to the notes the Bob James who wrote and play son Jim Crow is the smooth jazz Bob James!
  15. Michel Legrand - RIP

    I've encountered the Bergmans a couple of times. Once they sang at a mutual friend's birthday party and last year they were present at a Pat Metheny concert at a small venue in Santa Barbara. Tierney Sutton guested on one song for which they had written lyrics. Metheny seemed thrilled that they had done so.
  16. A Bachelor's Guide to Sauter-Finegan

    Can anyone id these guys? I think it's Ralph Burns on the bottom.
  17. Michel Legrand - RIP

    IIRC it was in the opening credits where the director credit was "Jean-Luc Cinema Godard". You may be seeing later prints with different sub-titles nowadays. I saw it when it first came out in 1964 but pretty sure that this is not one of my acid-flashbacks.
  18. Michel Legrand - RIP

    HE arrived on the scene at a great time: t he beginning of the new wave in film and the blossoming of the Miles Davis Sextet. He used Miles, Trane, Chambers and Evans together on 4 cuts of Legrand Jazz. I've always remembered his credit on Godard's "Bande a'part" that read : "For the last time (?) on the screen Music by Michel Legrand"
  19. Seattle Tips

    Got this from a jazz loving friend in Seattle: I would recommend Tula’s for jazz or the Royal Room for jazz/rock/avant/weirdness. And we have the Earshot Jazz Calendar which lists everything:
  20. West Coast Revivalists

    IIRC Kid Ory played at Disney Land. (And I definitely remember seeing Count Basie and his band there. )
  21. Good point. He uses few close-ups rather like Tati.