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  1. Clifford Brown

    Me too. I can barely believe that it's the same guy on his own recordings.
  2. I don't think this is true.
  3. My copy of Jazz Modernism finally arrived. I may never get around to reading it but it's a beautiful book with many great illustrations: photos of musicians and colour reproductions of art works. Even the spine of the book is illustrated.
  4. Chappaqua Suite

    Has Ornette's "Chappaqua Suite" ever been out on cd?
  5. Mistakes in covers, booklets...

    Just reading "From Swing to Bop" -a great book btw- and Ira Gitler explains that he was originally called "Kinney, short for McKinley".
  6. Perhaps on release but IIRC most scores were at least recorded multi-track.
  7. I don't think so. Last mono movie I worked on came out in '81.
  8. Friend of mine used Lester's "The Great Pretender" in a short film she made. (I warned her that it might be really expensive but as usual I was wrong.)
  9. Thanks, that's it. But is Appel quoting someone else or was he present at the event? The typology is confusing-- I can't tell if just the italicized part is from the book or whether the whole thing is. (I should just buy the book. the topic interests me.)
  10. Fire Music - Free Jazz Documentary

    On the Criterion Channel. Watched it last night. Good stuff.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Fun, but not as interesting as I thought it would be.
  12. Thanks. Worked great.
  13. Ornette's Tenure At Contemporary

    Lewis I get, but how was Schuller a power player at Atlantic?
  14. Film noir playlist

    Does the 1946 Big Sleep count as noir? I love Max Steiner's score. And what was the first Noir to use actual jazz in the score? The Man with the Golden Arm?
  15. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7

    Just noticed this on Peter Losin's excellent Miles Ahead site: Another installment in the Bootleg Series (May 1, 2022) After many stops and starts, the seventh set in the Miles Davis Bootleg Series will be released this fall. It will comprise unissued studio material from 1981-1984, plus the first official release of the full concert from Montreal's Théâtre St. Denis, parts of which were included on Decoy. In addition, the Montreal concert will be released separately on two LPs for Record Store Day. According to Losin there's a recording from the bowl in '82. I saw him there on a double bill with Gil Evans around that time. I was disappointed that Miles didn't sit in with Gil's band. (Nor Gil with Miles.) If it was '82 I'd seen both of them previously and had liked them better: Gil in Paris in '78 and Miles in Montreal with the 2nd great quintet in '64 or '65.
  16. Frank Morgan on Bosch

    While watching the original Bosch series I was struck that Bosch sometimes played slightly obscure jazz records. Then in the new "Legacy" series his daughter brings him some of his favorite L.p.s: Ron Carter, Art Pepper and Frank Morgan. Well Carter is supposedly the most recorded jazz musician of all time and Art Pepper's "Patricia" is sometimes a plot point in the series but though I like Frank Morgan, I never thought I'd hear him mentioned on a tv drama.
  17. Frank Morgan on Bosch

    It seemed to me that the rhythm of "Legacy" was similar to those of network television shows with commercials.
  18. I was at Sweet Basil to see Gil one Monday Night and the stand was so crowded that Hiram sat at our next- to -the stand table and played from there. His amp remained on stage.
  19. Max Roach - Members Don't Get Weary

    Soon there'll probably be an NFT.
  20. RIP, Ray Liotta

    Yah, but I like that Randy Newman (Copeland-like) score.
  21. Right. And IIRC (though I often don't) the label was started by one Archie Bleyer who led the Arthur Godfrey band.
  22. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    He starred with Ethel Watters in a short film when he was 8 years old! He's pretty good too. I saw him perform in a night club when I was about 13. Talk about "anything else he wanted to do": what he wanted to do was demonstrate his quick draw skills. I was more impressed with Bobby Darin whom I saw the same week (I was on vacation in Florida with my parents).
  23. What music did you buy today?

    Thanks. I think I have all of them but on yet another label.