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  1. The Prez/Christian/Goodmans were supposedly rehearsals and probably paid for by Columbia: hence they own them.
  2. It's not ownership, it's payments to musicians. At least that's whom the National Jazz Museum of Harlem had to deal with for the Savory Collection though now that I say that, the Boyd Raeburn estate would probably be easier to deal with than the Goodman, Dorsey, Ellington and Calloway estates have been so far.
  3. Wow I didn't realize what a long prolific career he had. Andy Davis said he'd met with him before shooting the film and he was very gracious. After the film came out he wrote a very nice congratulatory letter to Andy.
  4. It's extremely difficult to clear the rights for air checks. Your best bet is to get a European semi-bootlegger to do it.
  5. IIRC that was on Columbia. But may be true of Verve too.
  6. Henry Jerome--bandleader from 1940s/50s

    I once heard an interview with Johnny Mandel where he said Greenspan did the taxes for everyone in the band.
  7. No. But I do know Any Davis who directed the film of The Fugitive. I'm seeing him Saturday and I'll ask him if he did.
  8. Now reading...

    Old Filth. Really liked it then discovered that it's the first part of a trilogy so now beginning part two. (Though I think they tell the same story from different points of view. )
  9. I think The Killers was first but I've always thought of the two together too-- can never remember which one has Ronald Regan as a bad guy.
  10. Birth of the Cool ... AGAIN

    It finally arrived. Haven't listened yet so I can't say anything about the sound (not that my ears are good enough to make me a reliable judge). However I have looked at the liner notes. Ashley Kahn's 20 or so page essay seems pretty good. The booklet does reproduce the Gerry Mulligan and Phil Schaap's notes from the last "Complete Birth of the Cool" cd but not Pete Weldings notes nor Mike Zwerin's lovely reminiscence about playing with the nonet I don't think anyone here is more of a Gil Evans fan than I am but I'm not sure Mulligan gets enough credit for these sides. He arranged 6 of the twelve numbers recorded.(Weirdly, in the 1989 "Complete" cd issue the notes say he arranged 4-- but that's corrected in the RVG release.)
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Wow. Thanks for this info. I'm a great fan of Nelson Symonds (between 1961-1965 I probably saw him 50 times) but didn't know about this cd. Searching for it on Amazon I discovered that there's another recording by them that's not available on cd but which you can stream!
  12. Monk and Bud.

    WAsn't Bud an acolyte of Monk's. (Is that the right word?)
  13. The USPS SUCKS

    So I ordered the new release of the Miles Nontet recordings from Amazon. Usually they send cds via USPS and they arrive the day of the release date which would be today. Much to my surprise I got an e-mail from UPS saying I would get it on the 28th via UPS. All I could think was "what a waste of money". I usually get new cds from Amazon via USPS and they've always arrived on the release date but what do I care at least I'll get it today. Today I got another e-mail from UPS saying it would arrive Monday by end of day. Three days late. USPS delivers Amazon stuff on Saturday and Sunday. I've already got the music on other cds and what do I care about Amazon's expenses but probably because I'm old and cranky this really pisses me off. IN my experience USPS is no worse than UPS or Fedex and they're a lot cheaper.
  14. The first time I heard it I thought it sounded like bad Santana. By the time the box set came out I really liked it.
  15. Sexiest album covers

    My parents had a 78 album of that in 1949 or so. I still remember most of the words to all the songs. (Especially "Doin What Comes Naturally" and "You Can't Get A Man with A Gun".
  16. Basie Band - Blazing Saddles

    Released in February '74 which means it was definitely shot in '73 probably no later than summer.
  17. What Are You Watching

    Did anyone else see "State of the Union"? It's 10 episodes but each episode is only 10 minutes long so you can watch it all at one sitting ( or over several nights). It's got one very funny jazz joke which i don't want to give away.
  18. I'll bet that most of these musicians were approached by lawyers after the NY Times article appeared.
  19. I think so, though anything after 1980 is only covered in the introduction and he's very negative about it.
  20. She also helped Fresh Sounds release a Carmell Jones cd featuring her father. (I think he recorded it.)
  21. Chambers himself writes about it in the introduction to the one volume edition of his book published by Da Capo Press. ( It's unfortunate that he's never been given the chance to issue a revised edition-- De Capo merely added this new introduction but made no changes to the original University of Toronto 2 volume edition. )
  22. I was given that cd by Forrest Westbrook's daughter who was responsible for its release.
  23. Does it touch on the debt the autobiography owes to Jack Chambers' biography of Miles? I got the impression that Miles/Troupe used it as a guide and every-so-often outright cribbed from it.