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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I had a girl friend many years ago who only owned one jazz record and this was it. I didn't know about this but bought it (cheap) on Amazon for Pee Wee. It's great. Thanks for the recommendation. A weird brain fart: for years I remembered that in my home town, which only had one radio station, it not only played cover versions of early rock and roll (Pat Boone instead of Little Richard) but a cover of Buddy Knox's Party Doll by Muggsy Spanier. I recently mentioned this to a knowledgeable friend and he pointed out that it was Wingy Manone who'd done a cover of Party Doll. I checked it out on Lord and he was right. Now I'd never heard of either trumpeter at that time so when did I do the transference?
  2. How Have I Never Heard of Ben Sidran?

    IIRC (and I often don't) he was on a Mose Allison tribute record along with Georgie Fame and Van Morrison.
  3. Joke of the Day

    IIRC (and I often don't) the only known footage of Brownie is from the Soupy Sales show. Perhaps that's why they invited him.
  4. Lester's later playing?
  5. Bean Proceeded Bird at Berg's

    Ted Gioia tweeted that "Old Time LA jazz people who were on the scene in 1945 told me this was the first genuine bebop band to play on the West Coast. It shook up the local players and paved the way for Bird and Dizzy to play Billy Berg's a few months later." Sort of echoes Scott DeVeaux's emphasis on the importance of Hawkins to BeBop. Interesting that they give billing to OP. (btw is it ok to quote things from twitter?)
  6. IIRC they named both of them as "inspirations" for the film on the poster! (At least in the US)
  7. Am I the only one who doesn't like his playing in Round Midnight? I think that film has a lot to do with why he became more famous than Stitt. IIRC when I started listening to jazz in the late '50s early '6os Stitt was the more famous of the two. BTW I do like Dexter's earlier work especially Go! I saw him once walking through LAX all by himself carrying his saxophone and looking very distinguished.
  8. Dolby Atmos

    I have in movie theaters. It's great. I know there are some Blu rays being redone in Dolby. Atmos but I haven't heard any yet. Also I suspect you need special speaker placement (and extra speakers).
  9. Bean Proceeded Bird at Berg's

    Even in the movie OP gets special billing. Was he that famous (or appreciated)?
  10. Bean Proceeded Bird at Berg's

    Who else was in the group? (Not Monk, I presume.)
  11. Max Roach film music

    I recently watched TCM's presentation of Oscar Michaux's 1920 "The Symbol of the Unconquered" and the opening titles include a credit reading "Music by Max Roach"! Sure enough the originally silent film was accompanied only by one long drum solo which seemed to have been done specifically for the film though I'm not sure that's possible given that I don't think the only surviving print of the film was discovered long enough before Max's death for it to have been screened for him. IIRC the translated English titles were copyrighted 2008. (The print was found in Belgium and had French titles.) Anyone here know anything about this?
  12. Max Roach film music

    SonnyMax who's obviously a better researcher than I am pm'd me the following: From what I could find, MOMA and TCM issued a restored version of the film in 1998 on videotape. This was the occasion for which a “percussive score [was] added”. Interestingly, I also found this in the NYT, dated February 4, 2001: “On Saturday February 10 at 2 p.m., the Newark Museum will screen one of Micheaux's silent films, ''The Symbol of the Unconquered'' (1920). The drummer Max Roach will provide the percussive accompaniment to the film he performed once before on television.”
  13. What Are You Watching

    You sure?
  14. swing stars in the '50s & 60s

    But did they use the name "trad"? I think of the term as being British. (BTW Richard Lester's first feature film was called "It's Trad Dad", but given a different title in the US. It's worth searching out for the cinematography if not the music.)
  15. swing stars in the '50s & 60s

    When I first started listening to jazz in the early '60s I asked a friend what "mainstream" meant and he said "mainly people who once played with Basie."
  16. Bandcamp Bought By Epic Games

    I'm presuming it doesn't run at a loss but I'm not sure it makes "a tidy profit", and I am sure the new owners will want it to.
  17. Snarky Puppy

    What can you tell me about Bob Reynolds.
  18. Jean Luc Ponty

    I met him once 40 years ago and he talked a lot about being inspired by meeting Clifford Brown's widow.
  19. Great Space-Age LPs Hidden in the Jazz Section

    Great titles.
  20. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7

    I didn't know that this had happened but Losin lists one performance:
  21. I even own a signed (by Herman Leonard not Dexter) copy of this but just realized I don't know who the drummer is.
  22. Adding Alfie to Alfie

    So that's not the version on Contemporary I guess. I wanted to use Sonny's version of There's No Business Like Show Business at the end of an HBO film we did called The Late Shift. Someone-- (the record company? Sonny? his management? ) wanted more money that we could afford. Turned out to be cheaper to do a new recording with Pete Christlieb.
  23. Adding Alfie to Alfie

    Wasn't the hit version of Alfie by Cher? BTW Somewhere there should be a separate track of the film music. Music, dialogue and effects tracks are usually preserved separately in order to do foreign language versions of the film. (Though, IIRC sometimes the music and effects are married on one tape. )
  24. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I saw Budd Johnson with the Earl Hines Quartet but it was 1965 and they wore business suits.