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  1. Are you sure about Fantasy owning it? IIRC some Ellington experts once told me that Mercer himself had left them to Danish Radio with the "stockpile". (I could certainly be wrong about all this-- I can't find my correspondence re: Mercer Records.)
  2. Great record. Love how Pee Wee turns "Mariooch" into "Pee Wee's Blues"
  3. bass clarinet

    You're too young. It was already an old record when I got it in the '60s.
  4. Paul Gonsalves

    What's the date on this?
  5. IIRC he did a jazz record for Columbia in the late '50s or early '60s.
  6. I saw him in the early '60s with Yusef and Nat. I liked him but he didn't knock me out the way some of people I saw around then did.
  7. I really like the first 90 minutes but it lost me a bit in the last hour. No reason for this to be so long. I'm referring the Bad Times at the El Royale. Haven't seen Sister Brothers though Ive read the book. Wasn't nuts about it. Jeeze I'm a grouch.
  8. What cd from this period do any of you recommend? ( I gotta admit I like him best when he's with Coltrane. )
  9. Is the set definitely coming out and if so when? (I have a vague memory of ordering it.)
  10. Neal Hefti-- comedian?

    Yes. Brain fart on my part and Frances Wayne is the singer on the program.
  11. Michael Gibbs with Gary Burton Live 1969

    I like the Mike Gibbs bands. Saw him with Jack Bruce (IIRC on acoustic bass) in Hampstead 40+ years ago and really like his recent Gil Evans tribute record.
  12. Repairing scratched CDs

    I bought a cheap hand powered device many years ago and it worked on several of my scratched cds. (In fact I can't remember if it ever didn't work.) I'll send it to you if you want. (I no longer have that kind of patience.)
  13. Jazz recordings of television themes

    "The Jazz Soul of Doctor Kildare""!! Wow.
  14. Jazz recordings of television themes

    I have a vague memory of a jazz version of the soundtrack to a show called "Checkmate". Yes here it is: Shelly Mann!
  15. Now reading...

    Though I wasn't there, McDarrah's photos for the Village Voice always made me feel I was part of it. They've done a good job of identifying who's in the shots though I was a bit taken aback when they listed Charlie Parker amongst those who performed at the Cafe Bizarre which opened in 1957. There are no photos of jazz musicians unless you count David Amram and Larry rivers.
  16. Jazz recordings of television themes

    AAron Bell also did a jazz recording of the music from Victory at Sea. Did anyone ever cover Ellington's Asphalt Jungle? Or if you're doing original jazz scores I think Benny Carter did one for another early cop show.
  17. Her's a taste of it. I sure hope they post the Ellington listening session they did last week.
  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Does that include the dialogue?( It's left off the Complete Miles Davis on Prestige.) If so there's no reason for them not issuing it as a single cd.
  19. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I've recently commented on both these sessions: Amazing that Sonny debuted three of his best known compositions on a session he didn't lead and that the Dec 24,'54 session with Monk has never been released on one cd. I think it would all fit, even with the dialogues and false starts.
  20. Now reading...

    Isaac Bashevis Singer: First "The Magician of Lubin" and then "Shosha". I was expecting something like Fiddler on the Roof. Boy was I wrong. I found Magician so depressing that I felt I had to read something else to give him another chance. They're both full of uncommon psychological and philosophical insights (especially about sex), share many themes and even have similar structures but Shosha is much more heartening. From these two books I'd say he deserved the Nobel Prize he won.
  21. Hamiet Bluiett R.I.P.

    Thanks. I'd always remembered it being in a basement or (for some reason) a parking garage on the East side. Didn't remember that Bluiett was the 2nd horn. Saw the band at the El Mocambo the night they played Happy Birthday for someone.