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  1. Budd Johnson

    I saw him in the summer of '65 with Earl Hine's quartet. At that time I really only knew him from the Gil Evans' recording but was very impressed.
  2. So is the Benedetti (sp?) Bird material no longer available? If so they should at least put it up on iTunes; the sound wasn't very good to begin with.
  3. It's worth getting just for the "alternate" Celia. The rest is good too (though I don't think anyone wants to hear the announcements/interview more than once).
  4. Does it matter whether we own music?

    Good talk though I don't entirely agree with everything he says. He's right about collectors but in the old days collectors tended to guard their holdings jealously-- if you wanted to hear something you had to be a friend of the collector. That attitude seems to have changed: now music and films that were once very difficult to find are being posted on YouTube. And even if YouTube goes down I think collectors will find other ways to make their findings public. I used to pose the question that if everything was available on line do I really need to own books, cds or DVDs? (And I own way too many.) I thought that this was a hypothetical question but now it may happen in my lifetime (I never thought driverless cars would happen in my life time either but if I manage to stay alive a few more years.....). And speaking of such things there was a time when Steven Lasker would probably have kept his discovery of the earliest known Duke Ellington broadcast to himself and his friends but now...:
  5. Saw Tom McDermott and Delfeayo Marsalis in a house concert at Tom's in New Orleans on Sunday night. Was in NOLA for a funeral. At least I heard some good music.
  6. Ditto. Sorry I missed it while traveling.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I always thought Tunnel of Love was underrated.
  8. There were often oldies on Fats's albums. I especially liked "When My Dreamboat Comes Home" on his first Lp and of course "My Blue Heaven" was one of his first big hits. (Of course at the time I didn't know they were oldies. They were new to me.
  9. Wayne Shorter

    Happy to say I saw him receive an honorary degree from NYU when I went to my son's graduation. ( Well to be honest I didn't see much of him: it was in Yankee Stadium and it was raining.)
  10. The New York Rhythm Section

    I was surprised to read in Milt Hinton's autobiography (Bass Lines-- with many photos) that he thought he didn't do enough jazz sessions. It seemed to me that the NY Rhythm Section was on half the records from the late '50s that I owned.
  11. That issue of Esquire is on-line:
  12. And I think one of the little kids on the curb is also still alive. Esquire reposed those still living a decade or so ago. BTW The original photo was in a a really good special issue of Esquire entitled "The Golden Age of Jazz". It really was in that many of the innovators were still alive as were wonderful contemporary artists.
  13. IIRC Golson and Sonny are the last ones alive.
  14. I always liked that Levant's autobiography was entitled "Memoirs of an Amnesiac"-- a title he stole from Erik Satie.
  15. Bargain Audio Equipment

    I still use my old Tower speakers as well as their surround speakers.
  16. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Does Cambridge Audio still exist? Ooops, I see there is a British company called Cambridge Audio that does still exits and makes cd players. I was referring to the company started by the late Henry Kloss which made speakers years ago. They put out a great cd radio combination similar in sound but not in price to the Bose. And I see that Kloss's company was called Cambridge Soundworks. Cambridge Soundworks still exits as a label but I can't vouch for its equipment.
  17. Complete NORK 1922-1925 on Rivermont

    I agree with all of the above (and I downloaded it).
  18. Chimes at Midnight and F for Fake are streaming for now on Filmstruck. When it closes down they'll probably be on the new Criterion channel. I think you mean "A Touch of Evil" when you write about the restored version. Unfortunately Ambersons has never been restored and I expect will never be. (Met a guy once who'd spent years looking for the materials and he says they don't exist.)
  19. it's unfortunately not hard to be a Welles (as a director) completist. I heard Bernard Hermann give a lecture at the National Film Theater in London and someone from the audience asked him how he could have co-operated with RKO's reedit of The Magnificent Ambersons. Given Welles and Hermann's subsequent history his answer was heartbreaking. He said "We thought it was just a movie. We thought we were going to make lots of them." dit
  20. I saw the doc first. I liked it that way but I think it affected how I "read" the film. I'd be more interested in your reaction to seeing the film first and then the doc. Not so much how you "liked" it but rather what you think was going on if you haven't seen the doc.
  21. Sheila Jordan

    I saw her perform a couple of years ago. She was great.
  22. He did "It's My Party"! I have a newfound respect. (And Quincy produced it.)
  23. What music did you buy today?

    Wow I thought I was the only one who felt that way about The Last Waltz. And I'm talking about the film as well as the record. But Rock of Ages-- that's the real deal.
  24. Bargain Audio Equipment

    I still have my old Cambridge Audio clock radio. Unfortunately the cd player part of it broke so I've had to use a cheap DVD player as a turntable.