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  1. Birth of the Cool ... AGAIN

    None of the descriptions suggest that there has been a sonic upgrade of any kind-- or am I missing something?
  2. Dr. John: 1941-2019

    I saw him several times over the years. Ran into him on the street in Cleveland the day after I'd seen him on a double bill with Aaron Neville. I couldn't stop myself: I wandered up to him and said "Hey Mac, What's up? You were great yesterday!". He thanked me and continued getting on to his tour bus.
  3. Dr. John: 1941-2019

    Playing together? Even as a triple bill that's pretty great.
  4. Psychedelic Ornette

    This one: We've seen Van a few times but this is from before our time here at a venue they no longer use for rock. (He's playing the Santa Barbara Bowl this summer one of only 3 places he's playing in the US.) Took her to the new Miramar instead. We save Super Rica for when our son is home.
  5. Psychedelic Ornette

    IIRC $100.
  6. Birth of the Cool ... AGAIN

    So it was never in fact called "Jeru". Though the first time it was called "Birth of the Cool" was a couple of years later.
  7. Birth of the Cool ... AGAIN

    I have both the RVG and The Complete. Do I need this? Wouldn't it be great if they discovered some new live tracks? Or even more unlikely some rehearsal tapes? BTW According to an old copy I have of "Goldmine's Price Guide to Collectable Jazz Albums 1949-1969" some of this material (probably 8 tracks?) was issued in 1954 on a 10" Lp entitled "Jeru" before it was issued as "Birth of the Cool" on a 12"Lp in 1956. I've never seen a copy of "Jeru" but wonder if the cover attempted to sell it as a Gerry Mulligan record.
  8. Dexter looking very dapper.

    Sometime in the mid '80s I saw Dexter all by himself with a saxophone case on a moving sidewalk at LAX. He looked great. I turned to my wife and said "Hey that's Long Tall Dexter the coolest man alive. I can only hope I look like that when I grow up." I was about 45 at the time.
  9. IIRC he plays it pretty straight in Lonely Are the Brave and A Face in the Crowd.
  10. Now reading...

    I read it and liked it a lot more than you do. But I didn't know much about him -- especially his pre-Elvis days so I found it al interesting. One of his artists (can't remember whether it was Carl Perkins or Jerry Lee Lewis) sure has bad things to say about him.
  11. Pullen and Adams

    I saw them with Mingus twice in Toronto a year or so apart. Both times were great.
  12. Rock exploded in 1971?

    Richard Williams on 1965:
  13. BFT183

    Track 13 is "Have You Met Miss Jones" . No idea who's playing it but I sure like it.
  14. I saw it. Loved it for a half hour or so then got tired of all the drug and acting like an asshole years.
  15. Leon Redbone -- R.I.P.

    Overlapped with him in Toronto. I had students who claimed they'd gone to high school with him a few years before.
  16. BFT183

    Could track one be Stephane Grappelli?
  17. There was once a discussion of this here and as I remember it the songs musicians didn't want to have to play were "in the Mood" and a slow instrumental blues I can't remember the name of. Any one remember (or any guesses)? BTW I think the rock equivalent is "Mustang Sally". The drummer in my wife's bar band just refuses to play it.
  18. Now reading...

    This may be the only time I ever bought a book because of its cover and title (and it was 25cents in a thrift store). Awkwardly translated from Spanish and full of name dropping and yet it has power-- especially the last five pages. Should be of interest to those who were reading about the Spanish civil war
  19. I saw it at 1:15 on a Sunday in a 1/2 full (mainly older people) theater. Most laughter (including mine) I've heard in a theater in years-- and I'm a Toronto fan.
  20. Happy Birthday Jim Alfredson!

    It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday!
  21. Best Jazz Clubs in New Orleans?

    Snug Harbor is great, Tom McDermott is great. Don't know the others.
  22. I may be wrong (I often am) but I believe that though the recording may be pd in Europe the composition is not and the Arlen estate is owed money from the European record company. Good luck with collecting that.
  23. I wish I had this signed photo.

    Sort of the way I remember the Club Saint Germain. (I saw Wingy Manone there.)
  24. I just got a note from Facebook saying it's Chuck Nessa's birthday. they wouldn't lie would they?