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  1. In the best of all possible worlds those cuts should have been included. But this is not that world: it's now apparent that many people would not be "confronted" by these songs-- they would just use them as another tool in normalizing their racism. One compromise might have been to put them on a separate disc with lots of warning. 50 years ago when I taught film I used to show Birth of a Nation. I presumed all my students were nice liberals and I didn't say much to put its racism in context. (I think I used to joke that the cross-cutting was so good that they would end up cheering when the KKK rode to the rescue.) Then a Black friend of mine came to a class and gave me shit for not saying more. She was right.
  2. Mike Weil's discographies - general remarks

    Who's usually listed as having written Blue in Green? Also, does Irving Mills usually get credit for Saint James Infirmary? And how did he do that?
  3. Uhhh"feuding" maybe? There's a documentary about Crosby where he talks a lot about what an asshole he's been and how he's managed to alienate each of the other members of CSN&Y.
  4. I saw him at a rock festival a couple of years ago and posted a photo on FB with the caption "Pharaoh Dances indeed!" Nobody got it.
  5. Miles Davis - “Whatever” (Sorta Blue)

    But who wrote it?
  6. The Basie/Lester tracks are not be missed but at least some of them are available elsewhere. The Basie/Prez tracks on the Savory Collection can't be found anywhere else. Get it while you can.
  7. I remember reading an op-ed piece somewhere by a Black woman attacking Miles for his habit of beating women. I was floored when she said Kenny G. was very popular with Black audiences but what if was revealed that he was a racist. (She wasn't suggesting he was.)
  8. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Well here's the gist of it: Tony Green, on dismissing, denying, contracting and spreading the coronavirus
  9. Now reading...

    I immediately thought of this-- but then I'm old:
  10. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee I think this is behind a paywall. I'd like to just cut and paste it here. Is there a policy against that?
  11. For completists only....

    Gil Evans: though I think there were a couple of cuts on a Japanese box set of the Live from Sweet Basil cds that aren't on the individual cds. (Still looking for that box set.). And yes that includes the Johnny Mathis and Pearl Bailey recordings. Every studio session of Bird's and only missing a couple of the known to exist field recordings. Every known Miles studio sessions and most of the live cds. Every known Bix recording that wasn't with Paul Whiteman. oh Yes. Maria Schneider. Van Morrison. The Beatles. Every Prez studio session. I have more cds by Duke Ellington than by anyone else and I'm still missing a few of his later Pablo releases as well as a few singles made for obscure labels in the '20s and '30s. And many, many air shots. Don't think I'm missing any Coltranes.
  12. All of this was originally on "Miscellaneous Miles Davis 1955-1957"JUCD 2050. Sound is ok.
  13. TCM website change

    Putting TCM in a sports package really sucks. For those who argue that socialized medicine is like having it run by the DMV I'd argue that right now the medical system here is being run like your cable company. (If that's too political, take it down.)
  14. Don Pullen CDs

    I want that Black Saint record with Chico Freeman.
  15. TCM website change

    I think they're trying to drive people to HBOMax.