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  1. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    Spike Wilner has said that Smalls has received significant donations to date that have kept it going so far (Billy Joel made a large donation). It is partially supported by a tax-exempt foundation. Jazz Standard appears to be operated strictly as a for profit business.
  2. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    According to the latest Smalls email, their landlord has offered a 50% cut in rent.
  3. Muddy Waters died in 1983. I believe there was a Muddy Waters tribute band consisting of former band members.
  4. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    That is terrible news. It was always a pleasure to visit there. Good sound and a friendly atmosphere. And thinking back to some of the highlights of what I heard there: Lonnie Smith, Charles McPherson, Steve Kuhn, Geri Allen with Chico Freeman, Richard Davis and Andrew Cyrillle, Alvin Queen with Melvin Sparks and Leon Spencer, Frank Morgan, Greg Osby, Edmar Castaneda. The Mingus Big Band is homeless again.
  5. Live Streaming Concerts

    The Friday set was fine but seemed like a warm up; Saturday was much better.
  6. Live Streaming Concerts

    It’s been 14 years in my case since I’ve seen The Bandwagon in person. Way too long.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Bombino, Live in Amsterdam (Partisan)
  8. Miroslav Vitous, First Meeting (ECM) Laurindo Almeida, The New World of Guitar (Capitol)
  9. Live Streaming Concerts

    A fabulous set by the Bandwagon tonight. Heavy on the Monk and Fats Waller.
  10. Jazz Odyssey, Volume 1, The Sound of New Orleans, 1917-1947 (Columbia)
  11. No, but that band (or a very similar one) played in Fort Worth in the early-mid/1980s. A set was broadcast on the local NPR station, But I missed the actual performances because I had the flu. Curses.
  12. The recording captures Johnny Coles' sound very well.
  13. Agreed, six eye pressings sound uniformly great, though for me the real qualify drop off is post-two eye pressings. Duke Ellington, The Ellington Era 1927-1940, Volume 2 (Columbia, two eye)
  14. Actually, in these parts you can still get lucky at Half Priced Books. This was $7 about a year ago.