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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Mark Whitfield, Live & Uncut (Chesky)
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Eberhard Weber, Silent Feet (ECM)
  3. Yesterday afternoon, Josh Feinberg (sitar) and Nitin Mitta (tabla), at the Allen Public Library Auditorium.
  4. Oscar Peterson, Plays The Irving Berlin Songbook (Verve) Clifford Brown, Quartet in Paris 1953 (Prestige) Clark Terry, All American (Prestige Moodsville)
  5. NBA playoffs thread

    The first time I ever liked him.
  6. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2018

    Well, I attended the two Marathon nights last year, heard nine bands, and there was not a trace of politics in anything I attended.
  7. 2018 NYC Winter Jazzfest Announced Source: Winter Jazzfest.
  8. Dave Brubeck Quartet, The Last Time We Saw Paris (Columbia)
  9. September 29, 2017: Lonnie Smith Trio, Ike Stubblefield Trio, Antone's, Austin Eddie Gomez Trio, Stoney's Wine Lounge, Dallas October 1, 2017: William Bell, Charlie Musselwhite, Bobby Rush, Annette Strauss Square, Dallas October 2, 2017: Vieux Farka Toure, Empire Control Room, Austin October 4, 2017: Lila Downs, Paramount Theater, Austin October 6, 2017: Lila Downs, Annette Strauss Square, Dallas Pierre Bensusan, Poor David's Pub, Dallas October 8, 2017: Lila Downs, Tobin Center, San Antonio October 10, 2017: Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge, Tobin Center San Antonio October 11, 2017: Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge, Cactus Cafe, Austin Bob Sheppard and Ben Wolfe, UNT College of Music, Denton October 12, 2017: Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge, Kessler Theater, Dallas Wadada Leo Smith Golden Quartet, Boyd Vance Theater, Austin October 13, 2017: Herbie Hancock, Annette Strauss Square, Dallas Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge, Heights Theater, Houston Wadada Leo Smith Golden Quartet, MATCH, Houston October 14, 2017: Robert Cray, Guitar Lightning Lee, Louis Gearshifter Youngblood, King Edward, Grady Champion, Crescent City Blues Festival, New Orleans Lila Downs, Abraham Chavez Theater, El Paso Larry Lampkin, Duncanville Blues Festival October 15, 2017: Bobby Rush, Little Freddie King, Walter Wolfman Washington, Robert Finley, Crescent City Blues Festival, New Orleans October 19, 2017: Robert Cray, Paramount Theater, Austin Booker T. Jones, Antone's, Austin October 20, 2017: Robert Cray, Majestic Theater, Dallas October 25, 2017: Crosscurrents: Dave Holland and Zakir Hussain, Annette Strauss Square, Dallas October 26, 2017: Selwyn Birchwood, Last Concert Cafe, Houston October 27, 2017: Selwyn Birchwood, Keys Lounge, Fort Worth October 28, 2017: Anupama Bhagwat (sitar), Durgabari Auditorium, Houston Alam Khan and Ali Akbar Khan, Blanton Auditorium, Austin October 29, 2017: Selwyn Birchwood, Antone's, Austin November 3, 2017: Lucky Peterson, Antone's, Austin November 4, 2017: Sandip Chatterjee (santoor), Subhajyoti Guha (tabla), Allen Library November 9, 2017: Stanley Jordan, One World Theater, Austin November 10, 2017: Javier Limon, Charline McCombs Empire Theater, San Antonio Bria Skonberg, Starr Theater, Fayetteville, Arkansas November 11, 2017: Hariprasad Chaurasia, Austin November 18, 2017: Eddie Palmieri, Laurie Auditorium, San Antonio November 19, 2017: Eddie Palmieri, One World Theater, Austin November 21, 2017: Christian McBride with One O'Clock Jazz Band, Murchison Performing Arts Center, Denton November 30, 2017: John McLaughlin, Paramount Theater, Austin December 7, 2017: Latin Jazz All Stars (Steve Turre, Elio Villafranca, Nestor Torres), South on Main, Little Rock, Arkansas December 8, 3017, Latin Jazz All Stars, Starr Theater, Fayetteville, Arkansas January 28, 2017: Billy Hart Quartet, Charline McCombs Empire Theater, San Antonio February 1, 2018: Charles Lloyd, One World Theater, Austin February 2, 2018: Charles Lloyd and the Marvels, Cullen Theater, Houston February 10, 2018: Donny McCaslin, Starr Theater, Fayetteville, Arkansas March 24, 2018: Mingus Big Band, Cullen Theater, Houston April 5, 2018: Melissa Aldana, South on Main, Little Rock, Arkansas April 13, 2018: Brad Mehldau, Cullen Theater, Houston Antonio Sanchez, Charline McCombs Empire Theater, San Antonio April 28, 2018: Conrad Herwig, Starr Theater, Fayetteville, Arkansas April 27-29, 2018: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival May 3-6, 2018: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Sweet As Broken Dates, Lost Somali Tapes From the Horn of Africa (Ostinato)
  11. From the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in 1887: Willson, Judge. This conviction is for an aggravated assault and battery. The facts are, substantially, that defendant was a school teacher conducting a school; that the party assaulted, one W. Z. Nugent, a boy nine years of age, was a pupil in said school. This boy fought with other boys, but the fighting occurred away from the school house, and not during school hours. Among other rules of the school was one prohibiting the students from fighting. When it came to the knowledge of the defendant that this pupil and other pupils had been engaged in fighting, he punished all so engaged for a violation of said rule, by whipping them. He whipped the pupil, W. Z. Nugent, with a switch of reasonable size, and struck him about nine licks on the legs, inflicting no severe bruises, abrasions or other serious injury. These are the facts upon which this conviction is based, and in our judgment they do not sustain the conviction. Our law wisely provides that the exercise of moderate restraint or correction by a teacher over a scholar is legal, -- does not constitute an assault or battery. (Penal Code, art. 490, sub. div. 1.) It is not shown by the evidence that the correction administered by the teacher to his pupil in this instance was immoderate. It was merely an ordinary whipping with a small switch, such as many parents inflict upon their refractory boys, and such as should perhaps be more common among parents and teachers. That the punishment was inflicted for an infraction of a rule of the school, which infraction was committed away from the school house, and not during school hours, did not deprive the teacher of the legal right to punish the pupil for such infraction. (Bouldin v. The State, ante, p. 172.) Believing this conviction to be contrary to the evidence and the law, the judgment is reversed and the cause remanded. Reversed and remanded. Opinion delivered May 25, 1887
  12. Six a.m. Southwest flight home on the 13th?
  13. I always wondered how schools (at least here in Texas) got away with administering beatings of students with a wooden club (licks they were called) back in the 1970s, ostensibly for disciplinary reasons. As I recall there would be a vice principal in charge of administering licks, and the coaches also liberally doled out mini-beatings. There actually is a special legal justification for educators which can protect them from assault charges against students. To quote the Texas Penal code: "The use of force, but not deadly force, against a person is justified: (1) if the actor is entrusted with the care, supervision, or administration of the person for a special purpose; and (2) when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is necessary to further the special purpose or to maintain discipline in a group." Presumably the outcome would be that Hino's belief that the force he used was necessary to further his music education purpose was not a reasonable belief, though of course one would have to know the actual facts, as opposed to reaching judgment based on a vague newspaper article.