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  1. How would you play this?

    You'd feel warmer if you played with your hands crossed plus you can always light the candles.
  2. Dave Frishberg RIP

    Sad. He seems just right for night clubs. Or are night club audiences today too busy talking and using their devices to pay attention? Seems to me that he leaves big shoes to fill. Who's in contention to succeed him?
  3. Shipping delays

    i tried to place an order with a company in France but they told me they weren't shipping to the USA during the pandemic. I don't know whether that's national or pertains only to that company.
  4. Apostrophe

    To get back to the complaint. "Musician's Forum" is an incorrect heading. Shrdlu is correct in observing that it should be the plural possessive "Musicians' Forum," not the singular possessive "Musician's Forum."
  5. Not sure this would work but might be worth a shot. . . Have you tried putting some chunks of the article into Google? It's possible that a segment of the article has been quoted by someone else and that that someone gives a concrete source.
  6. supersax dynamite!!

    Does this vinyl album identify arrangers? I'd like to know who arranged "Gloomy Sunday."
  7. I'd like to see your list, Ken. PM sent.
  8. John Carisi

    In my library are a couple charts that John Carisi arranged for Urbie Green: "St. Louis Blues" and "Summertime."
  9. I'm an easterner, but I was quite enraptured by West Coast jazz when I first became interested in jazz in the 1950's. In effect, Sandra's stories reopened the Lighthouse doors for me and reacquainted me with my early musical influences.
  10. Let me just say I'll miss AAJ. I was a regular reader for about the last five years, a browser. I read much of the content but wasn't much of a contributor. I'll especially miss the more technical examinations of music, though I hasten to say that some of them went over my head. As for the personal disagreements and squabbles, who cares--simply ignore them and move on to the next thread.
  11. That would be neat. Yeah, I'd be grateful to have them. Thanks, Doug
  12. Thad Jones charts for Basie Band

    Published back in the day by WB Music and D'Accord Music.
  13. Thad Jones charts for Basie Band

    Of the Thad Jones arrangements that Count Basie recorded, I have (or have access to) "Can't We Be Friends." "The Deacon," "Fools Rush In," "Makin' Whoopee," "To You," and possibly "Mama's Talkin' Soft." Some of these charts are published; some are unpublished transcriptions.
  14. Thad Jones charts for Basie Band

    Jeff - I might have a half dozen of the charts that Thad Jones wrote for Count Basie. I'll compile a list and get back to you. - Douglas