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  1. I'd like to see your list, Ken. PM sent.
  2. John Carisi

    In my library are a couple charts that John Carisi arranged for Urbie Green: "St. Louis Blues" and "Summertime."
  3. I'm an easterner, but I was quite enraptured by West Coast jazz when I first became interested in jazz in the 1950's. In effect, Sandra's stories reopened the Lighthouse doors for me and reacquainted me with my early musical influences.
  4. Let me just say I'll miss AAJ. I was a regular reader for about the last five years, a browser. I read much of the content but wasn't much of a contributor. I'll especially miss the more technical examinations of music, though I hasten to say that some of them went over my head. As for the personal disagreements and squabbles, who cares--simply ignore them and move on to the next thread.
  5. That would be neat. Yeah, I'd be grateful to have them. Thanks, Doug
  6. Thad Jones charts for Basie Band

    Published back in the day by WB Music and D'Accord Music.
  7. Thad Jones charts for Basie Band

    Of the Thad Jones arrangements that Count Basie recorded, I have (or have access to) "Can't We Be Friends." "The Deacon," "Fools Rush In," "Makin' Whoopee," "To You," and possibly "Mama's Talkin' Soft." Some of these charts are published; some are unpublished transcriptions.
  8. Thad Jones charts for Basie Band

    Jeff - I might have a half dozen of the charts that Thad Jones wrote for Count Basie. I'll compile a list and get back to you. - Douglas
  9. I have both the Superscope and the Marantz. I've used them for years for transcribing. I have an acoustic piano that's stayed in good relative pitch for not having been tuned for 25 years, but it's gone a little flat. The Marantz enables me to tune the recording to the piano. The half speed is great for transcribing rapid and complicated passages. One thing I worry about, however. Does anybody repair machines of this vintage?
  10. Horace Silver 1928-2014

    He will be missed but his music is enduring. I'm fortunate to have been able to collect about a dozen Horace Silver arrangements, combo and big band.
  11. Thanks for the mini biography. I don't know that Don Schamber's arrangements were ever recorded by the really big name bands, but he was certainly a very deserving writer. You can hear several more of his charts recorded by Rob Parton's big band. I've taken a real liking to his charts. Another unheralded composer-arranger whom I compare Schamber to is Carroll DeCamp.
  12. Shorty Rogers

    I have a broad array of Shorty Rogers print music from solo transcriptions to lead sheets to duets to combo to big band arrangements. If there's anything you're looking for, you're welcome to inquire if I have it.
  13. Gerald Wilson's "Perdido" chart for Duke

    Lazaro - Sent you a response by PM about obtaining a copy of Gerald Wilson's "Perdido" recorded by Duke Ellington.
  14. Gerald Wilson's "Perdido" chart for Duke

    I can tell you how you can obtain a good transcription of Gerald Wilson's "Perdido" if anyone's interested in acquiring the big-bandchart.
  15. Holiday music on non-holiday albums

    For big band, I love "Waltz of the Flowers" on Wayne Bergeron's album, You Call This a Living? I think it's by Bill Liston.