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  1. Happy birthday Dan Gould!!!

    A very Happy Birthday to you!
  2. New Live in Paris Series

    Latest releases from the séries is the Duke Ellington Oct-Nov 1958 double CD with the Alhambra October 29 and Salle Pleyel November 20 concerts (my first ducal live concert) out this month from Europe no. 1 and ORTF archives.
  3. Post a pic

    No time to wait on photo event like that one. The photographer is allowed inside the White House room a couple of minutes as part of a sélecteurs pool. He has to make quick decisions like where to position himself if he is allowéd to move inside the room and make sure he includes everybody of importance in his images. Brain and luck also help.
  4. Westerns.

    Big western films fan here. My favorite director remains John Ford. Even the horses acted well in his films.
  5. Happy birthday Sidewinder!

    Have a great Birthday and enjoy the listening!
  6. Mike Hennessey 1928-2017

    British journalist and pianist Mike Hennessey died last week in Durchhausen, Germany, it was annonced today. He was 89. He had retired in Durchhausen in1989.
  7. Jerry Lewis films

    News of his death was one of the very râpé times Jerry Lewis made me sad!
  8. Jutta Hipp

    Very interesting and quite sad that article about thé late Jutta Hipp.
  9. Damn! Hope she is in good hands...Hope to see her post here again soon!
  10. Shorty Rogers Rendezvous Ballroom 9/27/52

    This looks like new material. On the LA Jazz Institute CDS 6 and 7, only one track 'Didi' is listed as coming from the Sept. 28 date. Ken Poston who wrote the liner notes for both CDs may know better. He posts here.
  11. Herbie Nichols Miles Plugged Nickel Bill Evans Final Village Vanguard vinyl sets still have my preference!
  12. Happy Birthday, Jazzbo!

    A very Happy Birthday to You!
  13. Jeanne Moreau has died

    An unique actress. An unique beauty.
  14. Happy birthday EKE BBB!

    Hope you're enjoying a great birthday!
  15. Happy birthday, Late!

    Happy Birthday 🎶