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  1. D.À. Pennebaker 1925-2019

    Very sorry to learn that D.A. Pennebaker died this week at his home in Long Island. Been an admirer of his work since I saw his 'Daybreak Express' at the Paris Cinémathèque back in the 50's.
  2. Collections

    Those French 'brown bag' single LPs came from the local distributors of the United Artists label which also handled BN at the time (late 70s). Among the BN records they released were Lee Morgan 'Candy', Erroll Garner 'Overture to Dawn'', Tal Farlow "Early Tal'. UA LPS included Duke's 'Money Jungle', Joe Pass 'For Django', Booker Little with Max Roach, Zoot and Al 'Jazz Alive', Warne Marsh 'Jazz of 2 Cities' Bill Perkins with Richie Kamuca, among others.
  3. Very rare Charlie Christian!

    That February 1941 'America in Swingtime' broadcast by the BG Sextet is awesome! A very rare opportunity...
  4. Count Basie 1937 Savoy Ballroom broadasts- what radio station?

    Chris Sheridan in his Basie Bio-Discography indicates the source is a WOR-Mutual broadcast.
  5. This is a devastating read! One of the very worst event in music history!
  6. Essential Benny Goodman

    Those two 'The Benny Goodman Story' LPs came out on a single CD on the Spanish Essential Jazz Classics label à few years ago. Buck Clayton was fully creditéd.
  7. Hats off to Rafa!

    Rafa is the King of France! May he live long and reign some more years...
  8. I wish I had this signed photo.

    The photo was taken at the Club Saint Germain when the Messengers played there in late 1959. Heard them there in 1958 with Bobby Timmons on piano.
  9. I would say - very roughly - one out of four images appear in those books. I should add that the new book is way better. My copy is the 2014 édition from Flammarion France. Beautiful book with fine prints. Printed in Slovénie. Very well researched. Have enjoyed it numerous times since it came out. One minor complaint: There is no photo from the Cannonball/Miles 'Somethin' Else' session.
  10. Percy France Discography Help

    The Lord discography lists an Oliver Jackson LP on Black & Blue 'Oliver Jackson' présents Le Quartet' with Percy France, Leonard Gaskin and Jackson. Recorded in New York in September 1982, it says...
  11. Very sad to learn this. Chris was ann invaluable contributor to the Board! Hope he departed peacefully!
  12. Happy birthday king ubu!

    Joyeux anniversaire, Flurin!
  13. Heavy damage but the two towers still stand. The cathédral will be rebuilt!
  14. There is a huge fire now going on at Notre Dame cathédral. I live à few blocks from the place. Hope the fire will not spread too far. No victim reported yet. Hope the damage will not be too important.