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  1. Dick Collins' "King Richard the Swing Hearted"

    Unfortunately unhave any of Byers albums anymore. Had the Jazz Workshop LP and enjoyed it then. Grew a strong liking to Byers trombone when I found out he was playing the sublime introduction and ending to Dinah Washington 'Mad About thé Boy',. I remember suggesting Mosaic several years ago to issue à box set with all those RCA Jazz Workshops. They seemed interested but nothing happened.
  2. Dick Collins' "King Richard the Swing Hearted"

    'Horn of Plenty' is not as interesting as 'King Richard'. It resembles those 'mood' albums that came out in thé 50's. Can't remember why I kept those Dick Collins LP's when I sold my vinyls. Stiill have the two . The Fresh Sound vinyls were excellent reissues. 'Horn of Plenty' has the original foldout cover plus liner note in spanish by Jordi Pujol. One added attraction for me in 'King Richard' are the trombone solos by Billy Byers. Loved Byers writing which are generally acknowledged but his trombone work remains sadly underappreciated.
  3. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    A major loss... The Queen is dead! My favorite Aretha evening was when I attended her concert at NY Philharmonic Hall in October 1967. Went there with Cecil Taylor, another fan of her. We both obtained tickets from à mutual friend at Atlantic Records. She was at her very best. Aretha showed up a few weeks later when I was back in Paris when she performed at the Olympia. Another great concert!
  4. Morgana King 1930-2018

    Singer Morgana King died yesterday. She was 88. She was married to Tony Fruscella for nine years and Willie Dennis until his death in 1965. She also was an actress. Hes most celebrate part was as thé wife of Marlon Brando in 'Thé Godfather'.
  5. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    2,000 copies only... This box may go fast...
  6. Stan Getz - Live in Paris 1959 (Frémeaux)

    One highly recommended volume from that Fremeaux 'Live in Paris' series is the Kenny Clarke 'Jazz from Carnegie' which features Phineas Newborn in one of his best live appearances. A regret: the Zoot Sims portion from that 'Carnegie' concert could not be traced for thé reissue.
  7. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Just received volume 25. It completes my CD series. Hard to grasp there is no more coming.... Wish there will be more material made available like the broadcasts that fill disc 2 of that final volume.
  8. New Martial Solal Release

    Can't make up my mind which one of those LA discs I prefer 😊 Both are wonderful!
  9. A very remarkable article on a very underrated musician. Thanks for bringing him back from obscurity . ..
  10. Tomasz Stanko R.I.P.

    His daughter confirmed the death! Very sad news indeed!
  11. Does any film footage exist with Charlie Christian?

    No... The very thorough website Soloflight does not list any video!
  12. Happy Birthday, Bichos!

    Happy Birthday, Marcel! and keep boppin!
  13. Tour de France 2017

    I'm watching the live broadcasts from the' Tour. Always a pleasure to admire La Belle France and its various landscapes. As for thé actual race, I am pretty fed up with the Sky team control of the race.
  14. Happy birthday EKE BBB!

    Hope it's not too late and that it was a very good birthday!