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  1. Monk's Brilliant Corners has not shown in yet!!?!!
  2. Happy Birthday Larry Kart!

    Happy Birthday, Larry!
  3. Savory Collection volume 3

    The Armstrong - Teagarden - Waller jam is included in vol. 9 of the Integrale Louis Armstrong from Frémeaux.
  4. Gerald Wilson & Basie

    The Chris Sheridan Bio-Discography does not list any Royal Suite, no mention of a 1948 Carnegie Hall concert either. Work was scarce at the time for many bands.
  5. dave pell r.i.p.

    Sad to hear of his disappearance! Most of his albums are very enjoyable. Pleasant, uncomplicated and swinging music! He was also a very good photographer.
  6. Lee Morgan At The Both/And Club June 1970

    What Sidewinder said! Thanks for sharing!! More! More!
  7. Unfortunately no Searched almost everwhere in vain...
  8. Happy Birthday Niko

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a very good one!
  9. The music - and its sound - are splendid. At that prize it's a no-brainer. Favorite track (and there are plenty of them) is the rarely played Neal Hefti's 'Pensive Miss' that gets a five-star treatment from Snooky Young on disc 2. I strongly suspect the set comes from the busy Spain/Andorra contingent. But this is not meant as a criticism!
  10. what are you drinking right now?

    Uncorking champagne now! Nicolas Feuillate brut Grande Réserve is the one for tonight. ..
  11. Art Pepper at Bourbon St. Toronto, 1977

    There is a 'Art Pepper Live in Toronto, 1977, Volume 1)' from that gig that one of our members put out several years ago (Naked City Records CD 010). Still waiting for volume 2...
  12. Joyeux Anniversaire, Flurin!
  13. Lucky Thompson - Star Chaser

    I have had the original Jazz Helvet CD since its release back in 1990. My only regret is that it features Lucky Thompson on soprano more than on tenor.
  14. Les Liaisons Dangereuses

    Vadim's films have not stood the test of time well. I am not sure his best one - 'Sait-on Jamais' rates really high these days. Vadim was a much better womanizer (BB, Jane Fonda, Catherine Deneuve, Marie-Christine Barrault... than a film director. If 'Et Dieu Créa la Femme' was viewed favorably by New Wave people, he was never accepted as a full time member. There even was a trial back in 1962 that opposed Vadim to François Truffaut (Vadim won).
  15. Don Hunstein 1928-2017

    The great photographer Don Hunstein who made many memorable lbum covers for Columbia Records (including Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Billie Holiday, Glenn Gould, Duke Ellington...) died on March 18. He was 88.