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  1. Complete NORK 1922-1925 on Rivermont

    Do the new transfers add much to the NORK 2-CD set from Retrieval Records that John R.T. Davis produced back in 2001? Unless proved wrong, I am sticking with that one....
  2. Joyeux anniversairee' Paul!
  3. Happy Birthday brownie!

    Thanks to all the wellwishers I post less than I used to but remain a faithful reader. Keep up the good work!
  4. Who remembers these?

    Crumb is currently à happy résident of the southern France village called Sauve.
  5. Who remembers these?

    I have the Early Jazz Greats cards and the Crumb book. Can't remember where I bought the cards. The set still has a $6.95 sticker. I miss Crumb's output...
  6. Hamiet Bluiett R.I.P.

    Very sad news...
  7. Priceless. .. Many, many thanks...
  8. Happy Birthday Brad!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Charles Aznavour 1924-2018

    Sad to learn that Charles Aznavour died today. He was 94.
  10. Freddie Webster

    Ghost of Miles indeed! Apologies and renewed thanks to him for this very worthy enterprise...
  11. Freddie Webster

    Those four Sonny Boy Williams sides were included in a two-CD set 'Freddie Webster 'A Compréhensive Collection' that was in circulation among O. posters several years ago. Most surely Ubu originated (many thanks, Ubu!). Great collection...
  12. Happy Birthday, Dan Gould!

    Happy Birthday, Dan!
  13. Happy birthday Sidewinder!

    Keep getting younger...
  14. Dick Collins' "King Richard the Swing Hearted"

    Unfortunately unhave any of Byers albums anymore. Had the Jazz Workshop LP and enjoyed it then. Grew a strong liking to Byers trombone when I found out he was playing the sublime introduction and ending to Dinah Washington 'Mad About thé Boy',. I remember suggesting Mosaic several years ago to issue à box set with all those RCA Jazz Workshops. They seemed interested but nothing happened.
  15. Dick Collins' "King Richard the Swing Hearted"

    'Horn of Plenty' is not as interesting as 'King Richard'. It resembles those 'mood' albums that came out in thé 50's. Can't remember why I kept those Dick Collins LP's when I sold my vinyls. Stiill have the two . The Fresh Sound vinyls were excellent reissues. 'Horn of Plenty' has the original foldout cover plus liner note in spanish by Jordi Pujol. One added attraction for me in 'King Richard' are the trombone solos by Billy Byers. Loved Byers writing which are generally acknowledged but his trombone work remains sadly underappreciated.