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  1. I would say the drummer looks more like Louis Hayes rather than Roy Brooks....
  2. John Williams-Marty Paich

    Niko, Good of you to mention that 'Welcome Back' album, à very pleasant one! Been à fan of The Real John Williams since he was playing with Stan Getz more than 60 years ago. Got the CD when it came out and enjoyed it ever since. I enjoy some of the works from the other John Williams but I really groove on whatever I can get from The Real One.
  3. Joyeux anniversaire, Michael!
  4. Monk on the Steve Allen's Tonight Show.

    The sound quality on the Steve Allen show is plain awful. Macero shows up for brief solos on the two tunes. Buying the CD for Mobley is a pure waste of money. Buying it for Monk is worth à reasonable price. Sound is better - not excellent - on the other tunes.
  5. Monk on the Steve Allen's Tonight Show.

    The Chris Sheridan book on Monk 'Brilliant Corners' also gîves the date Friday, June 30, 1955. Sheridan indicates the date was given to him by Eddie Bert 'who kept diaries noting all his engagements'. I'll stick to Sheridan/Bert and Kelley for the .correct date.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The bass payer is Larry Ridley.
  7. Monk on the Steve Allen's Tonight Show.

    The musicians listed by Caravan are correct. They are also mentioned in Robin D.G. Kelley's book on Monk. Kelley gîves the date for Steve Allen's show as June 10, 1955, not October 6.
  8. More from France: Martial Solal score for A Bout de Souffle Duke Jordan/K Dorham/BWilen score for Un Témoin dans la Ville
  9. Unissued Coltrane

    Copenhagen's 'Delilah' is on track 2 disc 3
  10. Unissued Coltrane

    The Coltrane-Dolphy Helsinki concert is CD4 of the 7CD John Coltrane 1961 European Tôur set from Fremaux. Excellent set!
  11. Happy Birthday 2018 Clunky!

    I am late but I trust it was an enjoyable day!
  12. Lionel Hampton - Decca Sessions

    Last Ch. Classics CD from the Lionel Hampton series was CC 1429 which covered 1951 thru 1953. The label folded shortly after that one.?
  13. Art Pepper - The Complete Maiden Voyage Sessions

    The Complete Maiden Voyage material is also availablé on Deezer.
  14. Don't have that one but it is available from the Jazz Hot on-line shop (at €15). Or from Paris Jazz Corner (they still have numerous copies of old Jazz Hot). Bonne année!
  15. Anybody Heard From Jazzmoose Lately?

    Damn!!! He will be missed. A favorite participant on this forum!