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  1. Cecil Taylor RIP

    A very insightful exploration of the monumental world of CT. Thanks for passing this along.
  2. Herman Chittison

    Have enjoyed that CD for several years. Relistened to it this week. Highly recommended !
  3. Brownie Emarcy Box: 11th Disc???

    I still have the Brownie and the RRK sets with their bonus CDs. Yes, Fabulous boxes!
  4. Henri Renaud with Duke Jordan and George Wallington

    I remember that Henri Renaud interview. The three-piano session remains unissued. Unfortunately.
  5. Happy Birthday Niko

    Hope you'ré having à great birthday!
  6. THIS!!!!

    The Chet Baker release is among Chet's best! He and his musicians were in top form the night they were recorded.
  7. Bob Dorough Dies at 94

    How sad.... What a nice man and à superb entertainer he was. Spent à great evening listening to him when he was at NY's Iridium club back in 2004. He had amusing reminiscences of playing in Paris decades earlier. He introduced me to the great Barbara Lea who was at the club. He will be missed! His vocal on Miles Davis 'Blue Christmas' is a minor masterpiece!
  8. Happy birthday king ubu!

    Joyeux et royal anniversaire, Flurin!
  9. Who's playing bass?

    Indeed... Photo by Nica. It is on page 78 in thé original edition in France (from Buchet & Chastel's (Les Musiciens de Jazz et leurs Trois Voeux) of her book. The only thing missing is the sound...
  10. Charles Mills

    Great... now I know where I can file that 'Tracks in the Sand' CD. Just trying to remember where I placed it last time I had it in hand....
  11. Cecil Taylor RIP

    He brought so much and opened wide horizons... He was a good friend and will be missed. My thoughts go to Andrew Cyrille, his faithful accompanist!
  12. Looking forward to listen to more Arnett Cobb!
  13. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Did not intend to get that volume 6 but the price was unbeatable when I saw à copy today. Will give it a full listen over the weekend. One thing that really surprised me was the Jean-Pierre Leloir photo on page 26 of the accompanying booklet. It shows Miles with visitors backstage at the Olympia. Next to Miles is none other than Mezz Mezzrow! And it's Jan Johansson on the left. Jan was playing with the Stan Getz quartet that evening. Leloir was all over the scene that evening, as usual. ..
  14. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Yes, part of the audience reacted negatively to Coltrrane's solos.