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  1. Manu Dibango

    Another victim of the Coronavirus disease is sax player Manu Dibango who died today, his family annonced this morning. He was 86.
  2. COVID-19

    Life is going to be more difficult to cope with these next months. Hoping to have thé people in charge will be taking the right décisions. Glad we have several knowledgeable ones over here. Now there are some saying that the annual Tour de France race may be postponed. Damn! This is getting serious...
  3. McCoy Tyner has died, aged 81

    Hé was the tower of strength in the classic Coltrane quartet whenever I heard them. His disappearance is very sad news.
  4. My thoughts are with you and your wife.
  5. Averty was Jean-Christophe. I miss his radio shows on the French ORTF broadcasts.
  6. Kirk Douglas has died at 103.

    Not really my favorite film with Kirk Douglas but he was a rather crédible trumpet player in thé 1950 Michael Curtiiz opus 'Young Man With a Horn' very loosely inspiréd by Bix Beiderbecke..
  7. Jimmy Heath RIP

    Another Giant goes away. And a superb composer disappears...
  8. Same here... hoping it was a Happy Birthday!
  9. Richie Kamuca 'Richie' on Concord
  10. Jack Sheldon

    What à great trumpet payer he was... and quite an amazing character too! Wish I had heard him and seen him live!
  11. happy birthday Gheorghe!!

    Happy Birthday, young man!
  12. happy Birthday JSngry

    A Very Happy Birthday to you....
  13. Actress Anna Karina who starred in several films by New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard including Pierrot le Fou died of cancer in Paris Saturday.
  14. A Very Happy Birthday David!!!
  15. Happy Birthday BillF!

    Happy Birthday!