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  1. Happy birthday EKE BBB!

    Hope you're enjoying a great birthday!
  2. Happy birthday, Late!

    Happy Birthday 🎶
  3. Phil Cohran 1927-2017

    Understand Phil Cohran passed away yesterday. Sad news!
  4. Geri Allen Has Died

    A great loss! Way too young to go!
  5. Paris Jazz Corner

    Yes the Paris Rue de Navarre store is still open. The owner (Arnaud Boubet) has moved to Sommieres in southern France where he has opened another Paris Jazz Corner shop.
  6. ...especially those Japanese CDS from the 1999 'Blue Note Classics' series. Still have that Mosaic 115 LP! €
  7. That was Mae Mezzrow and Hazel Scott who were sharing a table with friends at the Club Saint Germain that night. I was there too but kept my enthusiasm on a rather quiet side.
  8. Ellington Treasury Shows

    The LP series started in 1981 and kept publishing thru the decade. I had the full set and sold it with the rest of my vinyls. I am now getting the CDs with the added material. All invaluable music. God bless Jerry Valburn!
  9. Herbie Hancock 1969 acoustic sextet

    Eddie Henderson, Julian Priester, Bennie Maupin, Buster Williams and Billy Hart were with Hancock when he performed at the Juan les Pins festival on July 21, 1971.
  10. Herbie Hancock 1969 acoustic sextet

    I was at the 1969 Antibes festival. Hancock did not play then (Miles was there with Chick Corea, so was Bobby Hutcherson with Harold Land). Hancock played with his band at the Antibes festival in 1971.
  11. New Thelonious Monk album

    My copy (brand new!) comes from the secondhand section of my record store. It often sells discarded copies that were used for records reviews. The store does not carry the regular CDs yet.
  12. New Thelonious Monk album

    Enjoying the CD version of this. Disc 1 runs 43m40s' disc 2 runs 40m07s.
  13. Buck Clayton Buckin' the Blues (Vanguard)

    The 'Buckin' the Blues' lp was reissued on CD in France in the early '90's' by FNAC when they reissued a number of Vanguard jazz recordings.
  14. Happy birthday, Bertrand

    Joyeux anniversaire, Bertrand!
  15. George Duvivier corner

    One of jazz great duos is the Duvivier-Scott LaFaro encounter on Django on the John Lewis 'Abstractions' album on Atlantic. A masterpiece!