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  1. RIP Johnny Mandel

    Been à fan of him since I heard the Basie band play his Low Life back in thé late '50's. Lots of other achievements since. Superb composer and àrranger. ..
  2. Jacques Coursil (1938-2020)

    Very sad news.Jacques Coursil died last night in Belgium. Outstanding musician and thinker. He recorded recently for thé Rogue Art label the album Free jazz art with Alan Silva (Sessions for Bill Dixon).
  3. Unexpected Sidemen

    Buzz Gardner also is heard on the Bobby Jaspar Plays Henri Renaud November 1954 date for Vogue that was reissued in thé Original Vogue Masters series back in 1998.
  4. Hope they will also reissue the albums Jimmie Rowles recorded for the label including Grandpaws
  5. Jazz guys named Sonny

    Sonny Berman Sonny Dallas Sonny Grey Sonny Parker
  6. Support for Jimmy Cobb

    To my ears he was indestructible... Lots of bad news these days, this was one of the very worst!
  7. Happy Birthday Chuck Nessa!

    Happy Birthday! Hope this was celebrated in proper fashion!
  8. 'One of the best actor of his generation...
  9. Happy Birthday Larry Kart!

    A Very Happy Birthday to you!
  10. Many, many thanks to Fer Urbina for allowing us a brief visit to the VV kitchen...d
  11. At that rime, Mobley was not world famous. He had trouble making ends meet. The hospital room you mention was at the Hopital La Rochefoucauld on the avenue du Général Leclerc on the Paris Left Bank. I was with Mobley at one of the Byg recording session (in August 1969) where he was invited to play by Archie Shepp and I went with him from the Studio Davout and the two of us traveled back on the Métropolitain to the hospital. I could not enter the hospital at night.. I already mentioned this in a Mobley in Europe thread here several years ago. Incidentally we did not speak about thé Algerian war then.
  12. Miles Davis - Complete Sessions available again

    I have the vinyl set and enjoy listening to it from time to time. Great quintet and great box. Wish they had some photos from those gigs included in thé liner notes. Glad I purchased that LP music when it was available Also have thé Miles/Gil Evans LP Mosaic box. Wish I had gotten some more sets.
  13. Henry Grimes RIP

    Rest in Peace. Sweet Soulful master player.
  14. Lee Konitz R.I.P.

    Oh NO!!!
  15. Chick Webb and Jimmie Lunceford

    Better (as far as sound, content and booklets are concerned) was the remarkable Masters of Jazz series. They issued eight Lunceford volumes up to the April 1941 session for Decca. They had planned vol. 9 and 10 but these two were never released.