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  1. Anybody Heard From Jazzmoose Lately?

    Damn!!! He will be missed. A favorite participant on this forum!
  2. LPs that have never made it into CD

    The good people at Fresh Sounds released à CD last year 'A Tribute to the Jazz Poetry of Don Joseph' (FSR CD 919) that included various recordings with Joseph but nothing from the 'One of a Kind' album. Glad I have kept the original Uptown vinyl...
  3. Cotton Club

    I do not see Duke Ellington in this image... Hope nobody is disappointed!
  4. New Verve box sets

    The sets included quite a number of sides that had remained unissued by then but no alternates.
  5. New Verve box sets

    I still have all seven sets (21 CDs) of those Dinah Washington releases. Great job that came with liner notes by Dan Morgenstern, Peter Watrous and Leonard Feather.
  6. Roswell Rudd (1935-2017)

    Really sad news. This is a huge loss!
  7. It's on the Savory podcast at from last November 19. It consists of a live 1937 Diminuendo/Crescendo in blue',' a 1938 Jeep's blues from a Hodges jam session and the 1946 Duke/Django Carnegie Hall live performance.
  8. That those recordings are being issued by Mosaic is very good news indeed... Just wish that more stuff from Ellington were listed in that release including the items unveiled in the November 19 podcast from the National Jazz Museum In Harlem website.
  9. happy birthday Gheorghe!!

    A very Happy New Year!
  10. happy Birthday JSngry

    Hope it's not too late to wish you the best for another Year!
  11. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Oh my! Missed that one! Thanks Soulpope! Will be looking for it!
  12. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    I purchased all previously releases so far but I'll passes this vol. 6. Got everything that seems to be in that box. Wish Sony Columbia had included the Concertgebouw appearance to make it worth while for me...Or some other rare concert.
  13. Sunny Murray

    A sad end to the innovative musician. The failure of the film 'Sunny's Time Now' that was shot in Luxembourg was a very disappointing évent for him. The great drummer deserved so much better from life.
  14. Mundell Lowe RIP

    His Riverside album 'Speak Low' deserves à place in the 'obscure albums' thread. A remarkable album. So were the two CD's 'Sweet 'n Lovely' Lowe recorded for Fresh Sounds with Tete Montoliu.
  15. Happy Birthday Felser

    Happy Birthday!
  16. Seeing Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Live

    I was lucky. Spent three evenings at the Club Saint-Germain when they appeared thère in December 1957. The Lee Morgan, Benny Golson, Bobby Timmons JM For ever grateful to Marcel Romano for letting me enter the club for free. Saw the Messengers with Wayne Shorter and Walter Davis à couple of years later at the Olympia. But missed the Hubbard, Fuller, Shorter unit....
  17. From Reuters/Billboard
  18. miff mole

    Don't have that Frog volume 2 but I do have (and can recommend) volume 1. That one plus the two releases from the Chronological series (Too bad that label is gone by now).
  19. Martial Solal

    That's a great record. Had it before I sold my vinyls. It's one of those albums I wish I still had. Still waiting for a CD appearance. And I am waiting for that Ross Russell LA session release!
  20. George Avakian R.I.P.

    A true gentleman who contributed a lot to jazz history.
  21. Happy Birthday BillF!

    A Very Happy Birthday!
  22. Kenny Dorham unissued sessions

    JSngry thread on J.R. Mont(e)rose elsewhere was a reminder that Monterose was part of Kenny Dorham's Jazz Prophets. Beside the BN Cafe Bohemia sessions, the Jazz Prophets recorded an album for ABC-Paramount in April 1956. This was released as 'Kenny Dorham and the Jazz Prophets Volume 1'. A second session was recorded in July 1956 (with Monterose, Bobby Timmons?, Sam Jones and Arthur Edgehill). This was supposed to be Volume 2 but has remained unissued. I also remember reading an item in Down Beat in the early '60s that Kenny Dorham also recorded for UA (but I may be wrong of this). This was not the KD 'Matador' date with McLean. There was a photo accompanying the DB story. Can't recall who else was on that date. That session also remains unissued. It's not even listed in the Lord discography. Anybody knows what happened to these sessions? It's about time to have them issued.
  23. Happy Birthday, Paul Know you will be listening to a lot of good music!
  24. Happy Birthday, Paul Secor!

    Happy Birthday 2017
  25. Muhal Richard Abrams - RIP

    A major loss!