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  1. Very sad to learn this. Chris was ann invaluable contributor to the Board! Hope he departed peacefully!
  2. Teo Macero 1925-2008

    From The New York Times today:
  3. Ravi Coltrane signs with Blue Note

    Not really sure this is what BN needs... ... from The New York Times: Ravi Coltrane
  4. Happy birthday king ubu!

    Joyeux anniversaire, Flurin!
  5. There is a huge fire now going on at Notre Dame cathédral. I live à few blocks from the place. Hope the fire will not spread too far. No victim reported yet. Hope the damage will not be too important.
  6. Heavy damage but the two towers still stand. The cathédral will be rebuilt!
  7. Milt Buckner & Jo Jones

    Had the Lion and the Tiger and the Drums LPs when they came out. Not looking to purchase the CD set of the first but will get the Drums one very soon. Great fan of Monsieur Jones here...Fascinating stuff and lots new material added on the CDS.
  8. I am old enough by now to have seen and heard about half of those Giants. Among those I did not, I am forever sorry to have missed Wilbur Ware, Luckey Roberts, Joe Thomas, Mary Lou Williams, Lester Young, Marian McFarland and so many others....
  9. Who do you think is the guy on the left?

    Wild guess... KD ?!?
  10. Hale Smith 1925-2009

    Obit in The New York Times today: Hale Smith
  11. Happy Birthday, garthsj Hoping a lot of good things will come your way!
  12. Andre Previn (1929 - 2019)

    Love his 'Collaboration' with Shorty Rogers. One of the best West Coast recording...
  13. Learned so much from him. He will be missed...
  14. Happy birthday, Mike. Half a century old? Let me tell you, life is just beginning! Enjoy the rest
  15. Happy Birthday Mikeweil

    Happy Birthday! Trust you pick à good bottle of wine to celebrate...
  16. Happy Birthday JohnS!

    Yes... Happy Birthday!
  17. Happy Birthday, J.A.W.

    A Happy Birthday to you...
  18. Happy Birthday Medjuk!

    Later than late... and a Happy Birthday to you!
  19. Bruno Ganz (1941 - 2019)

    Superb actor. .. He was awesome in Wim Wenders 'American Friend' and 'Wings of Desire' not to mention his interprétation of Hitler.
  20. French radio producer André Francis died Tuesday in his sleep. His voice appears on dozens of recordings including Miles Davis-Tadd Dameron in Paris in 1949.
  21. Andre Francis 1925-2019

    That's André Francis too... He aslso appears on the récent French Swing CD Thelonious Monk Paris 1954 where he extracts à couplé of words from Monk . He also introduced the live recording of Coltrane's Love Supreme at the Antibes festival.
  22. 50 today? A very Happy Birthday The very best to the very best!!!
  23. Michel Legrand - RIP

    Very sad news. A musician of many, many talents..
  24. Joseph Jarman - RIP