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  1. Favorite Beatles tunes/specific-recordings??

    I just now happened upon this thread, after a prolonged absence from this and other message boards, and the first tune that popped into my head was "Hey Bulldog." This is something I found on some weird Mexican pirate cassette as a teenager at of all places the local Target, and it's been a favorite ever since. I love the sort of James Bond-ish chord progression during the "you can talk to me" bit - the fifth moving up in half-step increments, and the melodic George Harrison guitar solo. And of course the impromptu barking session at the end, drenched in de rigueur Abbey Road ADT. Love, love, LOVE that tune!
  2. Coltrane Box at Best Buy

    So what does it look like? Mine only has two designs; this one for Africa/Brass: And this one for the rest:
  3. Coltrane Box at Best Buy

    I just got the thing yesterday, so I haven't had a lot of time to listen closely, but upon first inspection it seems that the 2-CD Complete Africa/Brass Sessions set has some added reverb that isn't present on the new remaster. Anyone else notice this? Overall, the remastering is improved - nothing drastic, but better bass definition and just a bit of overall clarity. And the discs luckily don't seem to subscribe to the "louder = better" philosophy. Also, my Africa/Brass CD has a different design than the other CDs, an unusual design that I've never seen before. Is everyone else's like this, or did I get some freak version?
  4. corner

    Is it just me, or has the USPS really slowed down on delivery time for media mail rates? When I first joined over two years ago, I would typically get my CD (using the free shipping option) in four or five business days, counting the day it was shipped on. The CDs are shipped from a location in an adjacent state, which may contribute to the expediency of delivery. However, in the last six months or so, the average time for delivery has slowed down to about 7-10 days. I've noticed this not just on purchases, but also on other online orders using USPS media mail. My latest purchase, for example, was shipped last Monday (April 23), and as of today's mail delivery still has not arrived.
  5. Andrew Hill died today

    Smoke Stack has always been my least favorite of Hill's 60s Blue Notes (though I don't own and haven't heard Lift Every Voice). As previously stated, Hill's records seem to have very distinct moods and directions and for someone reason the two bass and piano thing doesn't do it for me. He seems at his best when accompanied by a great horn player, such as Joe Henderson on Point of Departure and Black Fire, John Gilmore on Andrew!, and the likes of Freddie Hubbard, Eric Dolphy, Sam Rivers, Charles Tolliver, Woody Shaw, Joe Farrell, Dizzy Reece, Bennie Maupin, et al. However, after playing a bunch of his records following his death, I ordered the Smoke Stack RVG (I've got the 1995 Connoisseur Series version) in order to give it another go and see if it might finally rub off on me. You never know, other records have taken this long or longer to reveal themselves to me, which is why I try to never fully give up on something. BTW, listening to Hill's first five Blue Notes last week reinforced what I've believe all along, which is that Point of Departure is not only Hill's finest recording, but also one of the finest jazz recordings of the 60s. Also, I really began to enjoy Judgment even more than previously. The first listening was so powerful that I had to immediately play it again before moving on to Point of Departure (I was working chronologically). Along with the excellent horn players that help make his recordings so special, Hill has always had a fiery drummer (Roy Haynes, Elvin Jones, Joe Chambers, Tony Williams, Billy Higgins) to help move things along forcefully. Elvin Jones is a shining example here, with some of his most aggresive playing on record.
  6. Mundell Lowe

    Strange, I live in Knoxville and this one totally slid in unoticed. Didn't hear a word about it! Damn! Probably wouldn't have made it because of the venue, though, which is quite unusual for a jazz artist, being sort of a hipster/boho hang-out for twenty-somethings who like to lie about on couches in cavernous rooms full of strange, sweet smelling smoke and stare at the bar made of glowing geodes when their ecstacy is just starting to kick in real good. There's at least one actual jazz club here, maybe two if the 4620 Club is still open after the owner passed away recently in a car crash, as well as several other clubs that would make much more sense than the World Grotto.
  7. Rollins on UTUBE

    Saxophone Colossus is probably the best place to start; classic recording that swings from start to finish, with Max Roach and Tommy Flannagan; it was recently released as a Prestige RVG. Sonny Rollins Plus Four is another recently released Prestige RVG; a total smoker, essentially a Clifford Brown and Max Roach recording with Rollins instead of Harold Land. Rollins had an incredibly prolific streak during the period of 1956-1958 before Trane sent him back to the woodshed for a couple of years; you can't go wrong with anything he did during that stretch. In addition to the two I've already mentioned, there's the Blue Notes Vol. I, Vol. II, Newk's Time and A Night At The Village Vanguard, as well as Tenor Madness, Freedom Suite and Way Out West. Following his hiatus, he returned with The Bridge, which along with Saxophone Colossus, is IMO Rollins' best work. Jim Hall adds some amazing guitar work.
  8. *** Bill Evans ***

    I agree on Philly Joe - didn't Evans himself name him as a favourite? Jack deJohnette would have been interesting, but he went with Miles ..... I have to check out that California album - is there any single issue? Hi there, I'm from THE FUTURE. Hang tight and Verve will release California Here I Come in September, 2004. It will indeed be released as a single CD, in one of those nifty digi-pak deals. GREAT recording; Philly Joe really swings hard and pushes Evans to do likewise. As much as I enjoy Evans in his usual introspective settings, California is a refreshing change-up. "Can't swing" my ass! I often offer this as evidence that he could swing like mad if he was so inclined!
  9. did AM used to sound better back in the day?

    As far as pop/rock music, especially in the 60s, it was mastered to sound good on the radio, which was typically a mono, AM setup. It's why something like CCR sounds so great in a crappy old factory car radio. Same thing with mono records; especially with the Beatles, many prefered the mono albums because the most care was put into that particular format due to its popularity. The Beatles themselves were heavily involved in the final mono mix, but the stereo mix was more of an afterthought, handed over to an engineer or even apprentice in some cases because it wasn't deemed that important. Jazz was way ahead of rock in that respect; stereo had caught on a full decade prior to becoming commonplace for rock recordings.
  10. Upcoming Andrew Hill live album for BN

    Still available, after the fact!! Check it out, people. Yes indeed! Thanks for the tip; here's another: right-click while holding your pointer over the video screen. EDIT: Just realized that the "save as QuickTime movie" feature that I'm referring to is part of a Windows Media plug-in for Mac called "Flip4 Mac WMV." I'm not sure if this feature is available otherwise, but it's sure worth checking out.
  11. Wanted: Plugged Nickel box set

    I found one very quickly, and I just purchased it. Thanks to those who replied.
  12. Looking for a reasonably priced copy of Miles Davis' Plugged Nickel set (US). PM me if you're interested.
  13. why is US switing from analog to digital Tv transmissions in '09?

    I really object to having to pay any amount of money, no matter how small, in order to pick up local (commercially sponsored) television. I haven't had cable television in 5 or 6 years, and I've gone through periods of several years at a time where the only television I watched was college football games. I could care less about the quality of high def.; I have a cheap, bulky off-brand CRT television set with a set of rabbit ears that I use to pick up maybe six channels tops, on a good day. It suits my needs just fine; never has the thought occured to me that I need better picture quality. I just don't invest much time in looking at the thing; I'd much rather listen to music and read. But I should be able to turn the thing on and watch the local news without it costing me a cent. For those of us who don't need $5K flat screen TVs and 300 channels of shit, this is a raw deal.
  14. why is US switing from analog to digital Tv transmissions in '09?

    I may be wrong, but it seems that when the Telecommunications Act of 1995 was passed, Clinton made no bones about the reason behind the switch, which was in order to give Japan a "pay back" of sorts during a time when U.S./Japanese relations were soured. It dates back to the "format wars" between VHS and Betamax, which ultimately ended up with the technically inferior VHS the victor. The VHS format was owned by RCA, and Betamax by Sony. Here's where I'm especially fuzzy on the details, but somehow Japan has a vested interested in some technology involved in digital television, so passing this bill was essentially offering the Japanese an economic windfall at the expense of people like myself who barely watch television, as it is, and are perfectly content with analog television. My feeling has always been that whenever the switchover takes place, I'm going to just switch off, for good. Let me reiterate, however, that my memory of this issue is quite fuzzy and some of the details may be incorrect. I was not able to find any information online to back this up, though I didn't spend a great deal of time searching. Regardless, the old saying "follow the money" is certainly applicable here.
  15. corner

    This month's queue item, the Frisell/Carter/Motian record, is on backorder. I've never had a queue item backordered, and the help page for backorders is not entirely clear on the procedure for queues on backorder. Will they automatically ship my next queue item, or will they try to get the CD before giving up and shipping the next item? I would hope that they would make every effort to get this first, since I'd really like to have it.