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  1. Reunions that are still possible.

    Barry Harris and Charles McPherson
  2. Campbell Ryga

    Campbell Ryga has appeared on a handful of Canadian jazz recordings. The one I have with Ryga is: Bernie Senensky Septet - Re:Action - Unity 123 it was recorded in 1991 and is a CD I enjoy. Peter F
  3. Gianni Basso

    Gianni Basso has recently had some CDs issued on the Philology label. Here are the ones I have. Blue Woods - Philology W252.2 Lush Life - Philology W263.2 Italian Balladeur - Philology W 156 Another CD that I very much enjoy is: Gianni Basso & Guido Manusardi Trio - Live At Downtown - Splasc(h) 455.2 Peter F.
  4. George Cables today

    Art Pepper used to refer to George Cables as "Mr. Beautiful". He was referring to his piano playing. Cables put out a CD this past year on the Muse FX label called "Looking For the Light". it has Gary Bartz, Peter Washington and Victor Lewis as sidemen. George has CDs out on a number of labels such as Concord, contemporary, DIW, Meldac(Japanese), Groove, Dan(Japanese),Trio(Japanese). On the Steeplechase label he has nine CDs including one solo, one quartet, and the rest trio dates. Peter F.
  5. Jimmy Raney

    Here are a few more things I have on CD with Jimmy Raney. The Dual Role Of bob Brookmeyer - Prestige OJC Al Cohn - Bill Perkins - Ricjie Kamuca - The Brothers - RCA Al Cohn - Mr. Music - Rca Dick Katz - Piano & Pen - Collectables (originally on Atlantic) Peter F
  6. Renee Rosnes

    One of my favorite examples of Renee's playing is on the trio CD under Todd Coolman's name titled "Tomorrows" on the BRC label. I also have a very nice commercially issued videotape titled Renee Rosnes - Jazz Pianist. It has Larry Grenadier on bass and Billy Drummond on drums. It was put out by Rhapsody Films. Peter F
  7. Before OJCs go away

    Here are a bunch of OJCs that I don't recall seeing mentioned. They are all winners. Ray Bryant Trio - All Blues Art Farmer - Early Art Art Farmer - Farmer's Market Benny Carter - Benny, Ben & Barney Illinois Jacquet - Bottoms Up Illinois Jacquet - The Blues That's Me Booker Ervin - The Song Book Joe Newman Quintet - Jive At Five Peter F
  8. "Inside/Outside" Saxophonists

    I don't believe that Bennie Wallace has been mentioned. He is probably my favorite living inside/outside player. Listen to him on the two Anthony Wilson CDs called "Goat Hill Junker" and "Adult Themes". Wallace also has some wonderful CDs under his own name on Audioquest, Enja, and Groove Note. His playing blends a Ben Webster-ish approach with a style that has the large interval leaps one hears from Eric Dolphy. Peter F
  9. Giants of Jazz in Berlin '71

    Brownie, Yes, the Concord - Giants Of Jazz - has been issued on CD. My copy is Concord CCD-43004. It was to the best of my knowledge, only issued in Germany. I have had my copy for many many years , so it is certainly no longer available. Peter F
  10. Martial Solal

    I am of two minds about Martial Solal. Over the years I have owned many of his recordings. I was fortunate to see him play solo piano in person once at The Cafe Des Copains in Toronto. In person he was amazing. His technical and intellectual abilities came through loud and clear. Solal was able to take any tune he chose, whether a standard or a jazz classic and turn it into a highly creative personal expression that knocked me back on my heels. The reason I said I am of two minds is that for my taste, many of his recordings don't connect with me emotionally. They exude a coldness that I find unattractive. There are however quite a number of his recordings that I do very much enjoy. Perhaps my favorite is his solo piano date for Soul Note titled "Bluesine". His early Vogue recordings are more accessible and I do like them. Two others of more recent vintage that I enjoy are - "In & Out" on Dreyfus Jazz, a duo date with Johnny Griffin; and the duo recording on the Erato label simply called "Martial Solal - Toots Thielemans". Peter F
  11. Chet Baker on Prestige

    I bought all the Prestige LPs when they were first issued. So very different than the Chet Baker groups on Pacific Jazz. What a marvelous quintet. The highly underrated Roy Brooks on drums, The rock solid Herman Wright on bass, George Coleman's full throated swinging tenor sax the very personal creative playing of Kirk Lightsey on piano, and the looser, harder swinging playing of Chet Baker. These sessions especially focused my attention on the playing of Kirk Lightsey. What a fine player he is!! Peter F
  12. Overlooked Altos

    No one has mentioned that fine Canadian alto player P.J. Perry. The guy that deserves to make a CD under his own name is Gary Pribek. He is a marvelous swinging alto player. He is on recordings with the Buddy Rich and the Mel Lewis big bands and has done some some group recordings with Dannie D'Imperio. Peter F
  13. What have you been diggin' recently?

    Just acquired two brand new releases by The Great Jazz Trio with Hank Jones, Richard Davis and Elvin Jones. Listening to the marvelous Hank Jones inspired me to grab a whole bunch of my other CDs by The Great Jazz Trio. The rhythm sections vary, but Hank is always there. Hank Jones playing swings, is highly creative, and exudes good taste. Peter F
  14. Your favorite TENOR player on the scene today

    I am a year or two older than Larry Kart, based upon when he said he was still in high school. i was only recently out of high school when all these great Rollins records were released and agree 100% with Larry kart's comments. i lived through that period just as he described it. Peter F
  15. favorite living jazz clarinetist

    Sometimes this list really makes me either laugh or scratch my head. How could Kenny Davern not be on the list, and only be mentioned by one person that has responded? Davern is a well established fabulous clarinet player and to ignore him strikes me as being truly 'out of touch' with the larger jazz scene. Peter F