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  1. Susan Weinert Band

    dEAR spams, Well I didn't know that you're spam, I've nothing to do with, maybe I'm to puberty for this forum. Thank you very much for yQhr kind words and please take me out of yQhr memberlist as soon as you can. I'm a gREAt fans of the Susan Weinert Band, I'm very sorry about yQhr bad REAktion and I dont want, that she comes in this twilight of some star, I thought you were REAl musicians. How could I be such a fool, Qin amQhr
  2. Susan Weinert Band

    "Susan Weinert has carved out her own niche in the cluttered world of guitarists. International recognition is at her doorstep." (Mike Mainieri) Formed in 1985 and starting in Germany, the Susan Weinert Band soon moved on to Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Holland, Poland ... and the list keeps growing, with a brief foray into the United States. And as they continued to perform in clubs and theatres, close to two hundred times a year, the trio consisting of Susan Weinert (guit), Martin Weinert (bass) and Hardy Fischötter (dr) grew to a single entity, with a single musical brain. The style and technique of the three individuals is now characterized by the complete understanding each has for the other two, and by the common musical language they have developed. Susan's compositions are characterized by creative versatility, freshness, a sense of humour, and a style drawing on jazz, rock, and funk. The first CD release from the Susan Weinert Band was Mysterious Stories, recorded after several years of constant touring, something which enabled the band to dispense with overdubs and complitated studio fixes. It was followed by Crunch Time, with "energy-laden power fusion that has reached the international level as they set a new standard for the otherwise moribund genre of fusion" [Frankfurter Zeitung]. In the mid-nineties, Susan toured not only with her trio but also with other groups, including the band of Chick Corea's bass player Jimmy Earl and Steps Ahead. In addition, Susan and Martin Weinert are sought-after teachers for clinics and work shops. The band's third release, The Bottom Line, includes a very special addition to the trio. Pianist/keyboardist Rachel Z (Weather Report, Gato Barbieri, Steps Ahead) added a new dimension to the group, contributing much more than a "special guest" appearance ­ in fact she co-produced the CD with her friend Susan. AUDIO, Europe's leading magazine for Hifi and Music, praised the clever arrangements on The Bottom Line. Jazz thing wrote, that the band gets better and better with every album. There is far more emphasis on both melody and atmosphere, and both cause and effect for this is the fact that for the first time Susan plays acoustic guitar. Also a first is the appearance of acoustic bass in the hands of the dedicated electric bassist, Martin Weinert. Both fans and critics may welcome now Point Of View, the band's brand new release. Susan has invited three exciting young musicians to the recordings: Jean-Yves Jung on piano, the highly acclaimed vocalist Michael Schiefel from Berlin and Pierre Bertrand on tenor sax. Along with drummer Hardy Fischötter aka Terminator H and Martin Weinert, again displaying his virtuosity on the double bass, they bring to life Susan's new arrangement and her new sound. While her music is designed to give everyone an opportunity for improvisation, all the band members are adamant about not using this as a platform for mere exhibitionism. And one thing comes through clearly from the brilliant solos, the sensitive melodies, the complex rhythmic jokes, and the solid grooves: this band takes great pleasure in playing, and never make it feel like hard work. No doubt, Point of View gives evidence once again: as a composer, as a performer and as an arranger, Susan Weinert is world class." from Susan's Site