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  1. Brasil '66 Does Beatles Better Than the Beatles

    I just listened to the Gary McFarland cover. Wow, that's beautiful.
  2. Brasil '66 Does Beatles Better Than the Beatles

    I'm with you. My first exposure to the Beatles was the RMM Tropical Tribute to the Beatles album. As far as I'm concerned, if you're not Latinizing the Beatles you're doing it wrong.
  3. Robert Glasper

    That's how I heard of him too.
  4. Bill Evans TIME REMEMBERED documentary

    The Paul Motian interview portions were very entertaining as I recall.
  5. Robert Glasper

    I went to the Thursday show. I thought it was great. It sounds like they played a similar set to what mrjazzman saw. As a longtime admirer of Derrick Hodge, it was great to see him live. His recorded bass tone on tends to be very dark, so it was nice to see him up close. He played electric bass, lots of chording. During his ~4 minute unaccompanied bass solo I thought about how he was on the same stage where he recorded the Live at Yoshi's records with Mulgrew Miller. Chris Dave is my favorite drummer so seeing him is always very inspiring. The DJ could have been mixed a little quieter and he could have used some more samples (he played the same four speech excerpts over and over again), but that's a very minor criticism of a great musical performance. On my way home I played Lion Babe's Sun Joint mixtape and Egyptian Oasis by TK Blue to keep the mood going.