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  1. Rare Blue Notes

    And one more - Brooks w/McLean ;
  2. Rare Blue Notes

    Some of these are up on EBay. Quebec's Hackensack and Poppin' and even Jimmy Smith's w/LD
  3. Rare Blue Notes

  4. Rare Blue Notes

    That was the Holy Grail for many years, wasn't it? How about those Leo Parker TOCJs? They're pretty rare...or so I thought? One's on eBay. There was only one Leo Parker TOCJ. "Rolling With Leo" was only issued on CD in the US. Those two US CDs by Leo Parker are hard to find even today. I almost included "Let Me Tell You 'Bout It" in my list of rarities above, but since it's reissue as an RVG, it's been in several used bins around here. No "Rolling With Leo" discs though. I've got both Rollin' With Leo (4095) and Let Me Tell You About It (4087) on TOCJ from Japan.
  5. Rare Blue Notes

    Ike Quebec, "From Hackensack to Englewood Cliffs" TOCJ 66083 Two sessions from July 1959.
  6. Rare Blue Notes

    Jimmy Smith Trio + LD Blue Note 1610, TOCJ of July 1957 date with Lou Donadlson. Hank Mobley, Curtin Call Blue Note 1611, TOCJ featuring Sonny Clark, August 1957.
  7. Rare Blue Notes

    TURANDOT The Bob Belden Ensemble is an inventive jazz treatment of the Puccini opera Turnandot. This ensemble includes Wallace Roney, Tim Hagans, Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman and Tony Williams among others. When the music publishers of the original opera found out, they withdrew permission to use Puccini’s music, just before the CD was issued. It was briefly released in Japan where copyright laws are different. But about 50 copies of the US/European version leaked out. This one is verrrry difficult to get your hands on. POPPIN' Hank Mobley Japan TOCJ. Features Pepper and is a great recording. This one can be found and is worth the effort!
  8. I remeber the RVG issued in the States a few years ago had some distortion at the end of one of the tracks. I see this is now available in Japan...does anyone know if the distortion has been cleaned up in this newer version?
  9. Julius Watkins
  10. Julius Watkins

    OK, picked it up and yep, it is a jem! Get it if ya can find it!
  11. Julius Watkins

    I agree. He didn't make many recordings as a leader, and those two are the best Julius Watkins Sextet OK, I'll pick this one up, thanks!
  12. Julius Watkins

    Introducing Julius Watkins and Vol. 2 are combined on one Blue Note re-issue from 1998. The 9 tracks look like the two complete 10' releases from the 50's ? 1 Linda Della 2 Perpetuation 3 I Have Known 4 Leete 5 Garden Delights 6 Julie Ann 7 Sparkling Burgundy 8 B and B 9 Jordu Does anybody have this? Is it worth picking up? Does it contain all the tracks from the original two releases?
  13. Feb 15 RVGs

    You and me both. any news? Basra is slated for release as soon as those pesky WMD's are found...
  14. Wayne Shorter - Odyssey of Iska

    This is a great Blue Note session. If you don't have this, be sure to pick it up!
  15. Jimmy Smith trio + LD

    Wow, that HMV really is copy came in a matter of days. The sound doesn't seem bad to my ears. There are some clicks at the end of track #6, but it is at least after the music stops. Is it the tape or in the studio? This is a good session and well worth picking up. What are the other Bluse Note Works that are being re-issued, anyone know?