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  1. New British Jazz

    One just out is 'Sienna Red' by BBC Jazz Award rising star winner Simon Spillett. This tenor player is definitely developing his own distinctive voice and coupled with an excellent choice of ten tracks of which no less than five are composed by his hero, Tubby Hayes. The supporting cast on the album is first class with John Critchinson on piano, Andy Cleyndert on bass and Tubbs' former quartet member Spike Wells on drums. This is released on the Woodville Label (WVCD120)
  2. Glad to be back

    Just to say that in all seriousness, I love both this board on which I have been posting a lot longer than my avatar would suggest (I lost my original pw in an server outage a while back and had to start again) and AAJ. I would dearly love you guys who left AAJ recently to consider returning to it because your intelligent and perceptive and often humourous contributions are genuinely missed, by all, and I mean all. I don't think Mike R intended to start a brushwood fire and in fairness to him he has been involved in other matters lately which may have affected him. Please consider returning to the fold but even if you do return it doesn't mean we can't or won't want to continue posting on the Big O...lots of things to say and like TV, I watch more than one channel.
  3. Glad to be back

    Well, thank you! You are greatly encouraged to post in other threads while you're here.. Have been looking at the Conference call thread on AAJ, clearly the heat is still on, mainly because folk there seem to like, or can't resist, pouring gasoline on the fire. I wish they would calm down because I would hate to lose the AAJ board even though I like the big O one too. There's even a photo of the great Sir Menzies Campbell trying to mediate in this current jazz debacle and pointing out where AAJ BB might be heading if it doesn't straighten itself out soon...
  4. windmill tilter!

    and at least four Windmill Tilters!!!
  5. windmill tilter!

    That would be the Jazzprint one -CORRECTION!!! CORRECTION!!! CORRECTION!!! Not Jazzprint, mea culpa, but Hux ! Catalogue Number: HUX095 - only difference other than the lack of bonus tracks is that the cover is not the original version.
  6. windmill tilter!

    I bought the one with the bonus tracks from his other (earlier, eponymously titled) album and not the Jazzprint(?) one but only because I found that one first. The label I had never heard of before and they didn't have a website. Can't remember the name.
  7. windmill tilter!

    Funnily enough I picked up a copy of this book in a secondhand book shop in Poole a couple of years ago. As you say full of interesting facts and anecdotes. On the subject of books and Oxfam (and I realise we are digressing off the thread) I picked up a review copy of the late Richard Cook's Jazz Encyclopaedia in my 'local' Oxfam (Marylebone High St) for half price. However, back to the subject and I can't believe that WT won't be re-issued soon (ever optimistic) as I was always pessimistic about the Harold McNairs and then lo and behold and out of the blue two versions of The Fence arrive at once! But as you say, Hum Dono is very overdue for re-issue. I think there is clearly some log jam in the mechanism between Universal licensing and the record companies who do the actual reissuing (eg Vocalion, etc). Sporadic doesn't even come close. However, when they do do some reissues, there are some real and unexpected stunners.
  8. windmill tilter! true! Michael Garrick's superb and rare 'Promises' was re-issued several years back in Japan and very nicely done too. So where is WT? I still think this will see the light of day at some point. It is worth climbing over broken glass in bare feet to hear (well maybe not glass, Lego maybe).
  9. windmill tilter!

    I would be really, really excited if this genuine 22 carat gold classic were finally reissued this year - as was promised for last year - Ken Wheeler and The John Dankworth Orchestra - 'Windmill Tilter'. This is probably the most important and best recording of any British jazz ensemble and has been shamefully overlooked for reissue for many years (first released in 1969 on the Fontana label). It boasts a galaxy of internationally renowned British jazz stars including John McLaughlin, Tony Coe, Mike Gibbs and Dave Holland, plus the whole score is written and performed by the fantastic Kenny Wheeler and underpinned by the John Dankworth Orchestra. More importantly, the music actually does live up to expectations. I do not accept the long trailed excuse that an acceptable master cannot be found as a reason for not reissuing this album because even a 'needle drop' (and there are enough pristine vinyl copies around) would make for the re-release of the year. If anyone who hasn't heard any of this album simply cannot wait there is a track 'The Cave Of Montesinos' on the excellent 4 CD boxed set retrospective by John Dankworth and Cleo Laine - 'I Hear Music: A Celebration Of The Life & Work Of Cleo Laine & John Dankworth'. Guys - let's do this one for 2008 please!
  10. Ian Carr's seminal work on British jazz of the 1960s and 1970s 'Music Outside' is published on 1 January, however, if you are really keen to get it sooner, you can order it now directly from: Northway Publications, 39 Tytherton Road London N19 4PZ (UK), Price £15.99 inc P+P, cheques need to be in sterling on UK bank accounts and made payable to 'Northway Publications'. I know for a fact that the publishers have just received stocks of the book from the printers. I should say that whilst I edit the Ian Carr and Nucleus website I have no connection with Northway Publications. However I could add here that having just received my copy of this second edtion of a book that has been out of print for 35 years, Northway certainly has done an excellent job on what is effectively a vade mecum of British jazz of that period. There is also an excellent discography which was also included in the original edition, first published in 1973. Anyone interested in British jazz will want to read this book which interestingly has been published in hardback rather than paperback. It can also be pre-ordered now via Amazon.
  11. Rare Brit album reissued

    Just found new CD reissue (2007) of Ken Moule's "Adam's Rib Suite" feat Kenny Wheeler, Louis Stewart, Ronnie Stevenson and others + strings. This is quite a surprise as it's one of these records you don't expect ever to be reissued and I only stumbled upon it quite by chance. The catalogue number is: ACMCD 4259 and from the original stereo record of 1971. Anything with Louis Stewart and Kenny has to be pretty good I would have thought and Moule was an interesting composer and arranger judging by his 'Jazz at Toad Hall' album. This just could be the serendiptous find of the week/month/year. Update: the label is Acrobat but the sleeve displays the original Ember label. The sleevenotes which are extensive are anonymous save for the reproduction of Benny Green's original sleevenotes. This is a very interesting recording.
  12. Rare Brit album reissued

    The bizarre thing about this one is no word about it straight out of the blue from a relatively unknown label for this particular type of jazz. A bit like the McNair reissue. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining but if I hadn't been at loose end on Monday and wandering around HMV I'd have been none the wiser. Adds to my somewhat optimistic theory that, given time, everything from the elusive back catalogue of jazz will be reissued. Even 'Windmill Tilter'! Kenny again!
  13. Rare Brit album reissued

    I've done worse through my own ignorance and stupidity, eg, I once owned the ultra rare 'Oliv' by S.M.E. but got rid of it 'because I didn't get it' (this was when I was but a teenager in the early 70's), again with Kenny Wheeler.
  14. Hi Sidewinder Yes it's a straight clone of the original but with an extra chapter entitled 'Postscript' by Roger Cotterell which I have to say is an excellent addition because he manages to succinctly update the book and adds a contemporary perspective to it. Otherwise it's unchanged other than as he calls it the correction of a few 'minor errors'. So it's basically the same text but with different photos and an update. Really very good and it's fantastic that it's in hardback because I can't see many of these on my shelf certainly not connected with British jazz or even jazz for that matter. A really great book by an inspired and inspiring writer.
  15. British jazz reissues

    I know at least Sidewinder knows about this but thought folk might like to learn that at last, a Harold McNair album has been reissued on CD - 'The Fence' from 1970 with 5 extra tracks from his 1968 eponymous album.
  16. British jazz reissues

    Found this quote from the Calyx website: Towards the end of 1975, (Steve) Cook formed Mirage alongside Brian Godding, George Khan, Dave Sheen and John Mitchell. After the latter's departure to National Health, the group recorded one album, Now You See It, for the Norwegian label Compendium. "Mirage used to play every week at the Kings Head in Upper Street, Islington. Basically it was a jamming band - we used to make most of it up on the spot. We also played at Dingwalls a couple of times. I think at that time I was also playing in Mike Westbrook's Solid Gold Cadillac, where I met George and Brian. In fact at that time I was quite in demand on the London jazz scene - I played with most of the people around. Another person I played with quite a lot around that time was Michael Garrick".
  17. Brotherhood of Breath reissues

    The first two Brotherhood of Breath albums have just been reissued on the British "Fledg'ling" label. They come in a digipack with good sleeve notes and photos and are approved and licensed by Chris MacGregor's widom, Maxine McGregor. They appear to have been remastered to a very high standard indeed. Although I had heard the first eponymous album, the second one 'Brotherhood' I had not, and it was certainly a revelation as BoB studio albums are something of a rareity. 'Brotherhood' is as good as, if not better than, the first. But both are really essential, joyous beautifully crafted and executed medium big band modern to avant jazz. Very highly recommended.
  18. Soft Machine remasters

    Yes I recommend this 2nd Caravan album too. However, and back to the original topic.... I bought the remastered Softs Third album and although it is sonically different to previous CD releases, and also has better packaging and of course the live bonus tracks at the Royal Albert Hall, I can't help wondering just how the original Third album was recorded. The sound, even remastered from the original tapes is so poor - relatively speaking to today's recordings - that it sounds like it could have been recorded on a cassette player although it obviously wasn't. What I really want to know is why. Is it that the original master tape has been allowed to degrade to a point of no return? I'm sure other material from that time period from the CBS / Columbia vaults wasn't ever allowed to degenerate like that, eg Dylan. Maybe it's because Soft Machine was a hybrid jazz-rock group and unclassifiable it went into the miscellaneous vaults. Judging by the length of time it has taken for Third to be remastered (35 years) this might be the case. I would be very interested to learn if any of the other Softs remastered CDs are an improvement. I know I was disappointed when I purchased the CD of Softs Six several years ago. Very poor sound. I hope that was at least has been improved as it made Jazz album of the year in the Melody Maker about 30-odd years ago.
  19. A special 'Nucleus Revisited' gig is on 30 March 2007 at Pizza Express Jazz Club (Dean Street, London, UK) as part of the 'Jazzwise to the Power of Ten' week long festival celebrating the 10th birthday of Jazzwise magazine: Line-up is confirmed (as at 9 February) as: Chris Batchelor, trumpet; Tim Whitehead, saxes; Mark Wood, guitar; Geoff Castle, keys; Rob Statham, bass; and Marc Parnell drums