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  1. Well that will make a man click on a thread he rarely reads. What, praytell, puts Korean porn on its own level? Do they up the ante from Japanese porn and pixelate the entire screen?
  2. Monk in Koln 1969 - Any opinions?

    Totally forgot about this, never bought it, but I did like the way they made a Liberty-era cover for it.
  3. The Bad Plus

    Au contraire I found it high comedy. The only thing missing was Iverson mentioning that he has a pussy hat. Maybe that was implied.
  4. The "Construct a Song Title Sentence" game

    Me and You and a dog named Boo - two out of three ain't bad.
  5. The "Construct a Song Title Sentence" game

    Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer.
  6. The "Construct a Song Title Sentence" game

    Ain't nobody here but us chickens - walk on by.
  7. The "Construct a Song Title Sentence" game

    Rock n Roll Never Forgets My Ding a Ling
  8. The How Blue Can You Get album is a good 'un though I am not finding it in the stacks.
  9. Private collections.

    Might have the rest of that Gene Harris trio set. Or Hank at the Angry Squire (?).
  10. Hank Mobley In Holland

    Listened on the way to Naples Friday. Wish there was more of each grouping but liked the club set the most on first pass. This is really a remarkable moment in time, imho, for archival releases. Monk, what Resonance Records has put out, Uptown, not to mention the rest of the series from Holland.
  11. Private collections.

    Hey I got a working cassette deck. You do the purchasing I'll do the transfers.
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I started a thread about this guy last year, didn't get many responses but I think he's terrific as both singer and organist. You should look for his first LP if you like this one, or you can find a very nice reissue of both LPs, I think on the Ace family of labels, which had a lot of missing biographical detail because they tracked down his brother, iirc.