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  1. Best track you heard all week

    Only one Summertime counts for me:
  2. somethin' else (label) SHM-CD reissues

    I was looking for those two Benny Green recordings, both are very enjoyable but I couldn't even find them on the discogs site so I was wondering if it was another Japanese label. (I still remember when I found the Blue Notes CD, it was at a Borders in the DC area, pre-internet for me, and I had recently read of this release in Downbeat. Seeing it in person was such a delightful surprise.)
  3. somethin' else (label) SHM-CD reissues

    The Superblue group is pretty strong and nothing wrong with the Jimmy Smith disc either. Both saw domestic issue in the 90s I think; I personally have no interest in any sonic upgrade.
  4. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    13 years after that piece was published we see this release. But I would like to hear the complete and unedited (no reverb) Coltrane/Hartman.
  5. Just a day or two I googled the title and found nothing new. There's a facebook page for Arnett. I messaged them but nothing so far. The page doesn't seem that active. August is coming up fast so I hope this really is happening ...
  6. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Strasburg is a number 1 or 1A on every team in the majors. He is among the very best in the game. Scherzer, Sale, Kershaw and a couple of guys on the Astros would be #1 above him. Practically every other team in the majors would bless the day they had a Strasburg as their #1.
  7. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    Given the era (and relative proximity to the Coltrane I most enjoy) I'd say I'm in for this too. (But I'm still more excited by that Arnett Cobb/Don Wilkerson thing due in August.)
  8. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Paul when you look at the rest of the division, and most of the league, it's not that hard to see both teams continuing to feast most of the time on teams not named the Yankees, Red Sox, Astros, Mariners, Angels and (maybe) Indians. Although I guess I have to expect some reversion to the mean since 110 wins is only .679 winning percentage. Can two teams pull that in the same division?
  9. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    The reason why I doubt the Red Sox will go anywhere even if they were to maintain the best record in baseball: Sale and Price are terrible in the post-season or sucky against the likely opposition.
  10. Funny this topic I started is brought back up. My wife and I moved to Plant City 27 months ago. I no longer care about the cost of shaver cartridges because the moment we moved I began to telecommute and stopped shaving 5-6 days a week. Sometime before our move I had received an auto-ship Amazon delivery of a 5-pack (25 cartridges) and I still have two left. When I am finally ready to buy again it will be a regular-price pack from Publix and I really won't care since I won't buy another for about 12-14 months.