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  1. https://tedpanken.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/a-1996-wkcr-interview-with-ray-brown-born-85-years-ago-today/ I don't know if this got posted six years ago, but very interesting, very lengthy interview with Ray Brown and many of his musical cohorts, from OP and Thigpen to the younger players that he employed at the end of his life like Benny Green, Chris McBride etc.
  2. BFT 155 Sign Up & Discussion

    Well MG, Sister Sadie and the last tune were selected specifically with you in mind (and you most definitely have heard the final track). Thanks for participating I knew there were tracks that would be too much like jazz for your taste.
  3. BFT 155 Sign Up & Discussion

    No Waters and that cut was not issued on CD to my knowledge but was a vinyl release.
  4. Hank Mobley In Holland

    Damn phone. EC not economy.
  5. Hank Mobley In Holland

    But I think the site only sells in the economy or at least not to the States? That is why I had to go through a Japanese site for the ben Webster release.
  6. Interesting about McCann being on TV. I think its well known that the Sounds went in and banged out successful takes very easily. Bill Dowdy told me that it was rare to do more than one take per tune. It's also said that their sales allowed the label to record and issue some of the less successful (in the marketplace) recordings. Any thoughts on why they didn't sell well in the CD era? I'm grateful to Michael Cuscuna that he got as much of their recordings out on CD but he said he couldn't even consider a Select set let alone a big box due to anticipated sales or lack thereof. Thanks Bob!
  7. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Hey Jim, How do we know that the merch/disc will go to the right place? I was looking on Pledge Music to make sure I have an updated address since we moved a year ago but I couldn't see that stuff I am sure it is limited to the band/admin. Thanks.
  8. I think Brad posted a response to a post by Spoont years ago. Very late, and inartfully done since its left Georghe feeling very confused.
  9. Name Three People...

    Bobby Bland The Galloping Gourmet Mr Ed
  10. Valentine's Day: a dissent.

    There's a card on my dresser, and there will be dinner at our new fave Mexican place, and Coldstone to follow.
  11. BFT 155 Sign Up & Discussion

    Congrats to Tom for ID-ing the source of the King Curtis track ... but no it's not Joe Pass on the Horace Silver tune. Glad you liked the comp.
  12. BFT 155 Sign Up & Discussion

    Not Sparks.
  13. BFT 155 Sign Up & Discussion

    Thanks Thom. Power's been restored at the Yard, folks: PLAY BALL!