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  1. Cootie Williams in Hi-Fi

    Probably should have put this in Discography as I was looking to verify that he only recorded a Percy France/Bill Doggett composition, no other involvement by Percy. Thanks anyway I got the info I needed.
  2. Cootie Williams in Hi-Fi

    Seemed you were suggesting cheap copies available. I am not looking for copies of any kind at this time. Are we talking past each other here? Why did you post the link to available copies?
  3. Cootie Williams in Hi-Fi

    Thanks for this but the post was not for the purpose of soliciting a burn. Thanks anyway David.
  4. The 80-20 principle of listening to jazz albums

    Considering that my very limited listening time is spent listening to newest stuff I am probably at 95:5 or worse.
  5. I have the Cootie cd.

  6. Cootie Williams in Hi-Fi

    I'm sure someone has a copy of the late 1990s CD reissue with 12 bonus cuts not related to the original session .... if such a person could PM me I'd be highly appreciative. Thanks!

    Looks similar to Scandia Skies/Short Story on Steeplechase? Isn't Dragon kind of an iffy label? If its legit "new" I will definitely put on the want list.
  8. Two Import CDs - Parlan, Mabern

    What can I say? UP for "Make an offer" via PM.
  9. Record Store Day - Black Friday 2019

    Each time I've asked someone at a brick and mortar what they are doing for RSD they say they are ordering everything but no guarantees they get it all.
  10. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    For Mosaic sets, yes I probably prefer 60s Hank overall. However his best work is the Workout - Soul Station etc albums which are not included. If you are truly a newbie that's where I would be starting.
  11. Record Store Day - Black Friday 2019

    Record Store Day 25th Anniversary Lisa Loeb "Stay"? WTH is the world coming to? Not at all. Black Friday stuff is at least 3-4 years old, the first one I went out for was to get the Resonance Records issue of the Three Sounds at the Penthouse recordings.
  12. The guitar corner

    Does this apply to anyone here?
  13. Two Import CDs - Parlan, Mabern

    Final price reduction.