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  1. BFT 190 Link and Discussion

    The other reason I picked that cut was for Mulgrew being the other soloist.
  2. BFT 190 Link and Discussion

    Sounds about right though the question to me is, does the ID sound about what? Surprising, obvious or just a decent selection for a BFT? Any interest in the rest of the record as there was for the Nat Pierce?
  3. BFT 190 Link and Discussion

    Pretty good for minimal thoughts. It is Bobby Watson and you've knocked off one of the few surprises left for the reveal. I imagine someone like Jim S. will do some sleuthing and figure out the Watson recording. He's got 8 days to get to it.
  4. 2019-2020 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Does this go here? Walker in HoF, Schilling seemingly on doorstep, and Jeter misses unanimity by 1 blessed vote. I for one love the possibility that all those years of "past a diving Jeter" - especially the many years he should have gracefully bowed out from being a SS but refused due to his ego, might have been what cost him the unanimous vote he would otherwise have deserved.
  5. Jimmy Heath RIP

  6. Apostrophe

    Composed by Percy France. And more on topic, in 'merican: you are a musician. This is your forum > Musician's Forum
  7. Happy Birthday 7/4!

    Six, for six decades.
  8. BFT 190 Link and Discussion

    Well that's a good result from this BFT - the introduction of previously unknown or mostly unknown artists.
  9. Retired U.S.P.S.

    Good for you Tom. Maybe you'll find time to peruse the January 2020 Blindfold Test.
  10. Donde esta Scott Dolan?

    I didn't think he was booted I thought he declared he was leaving in solidarity with Paul Secor, during that unfortunate contretemps. And to my surprise he stuck with it.
  11. BFT 190 Link and Discussion

    Ah that kind of math. thought you were talking about the musical kind.
  12. I have a disc of Lockjaw Davis and Johnny Griffin from Seattle dated 10/10/62. Haven’t heard the new release so I can’t comment about how it compares.