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  1. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    I'll admit, Green Street, Somethin' Else and Midnight Blue are calling to me pretty strong. But Bresna's warning applies here too I am sure ... maybe after I see how the Etsy tees turn out. I won't be surprised if that code stays valid.
  2. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    This seller has reviews back to 2018 and I've found one bad review. Virtually all are 5 star. Have you experience or knowledge of one that had "decals" fall off in one washing?
  3. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    There is a seller on etsy who is using a few album covers for his t-shirts. https://www.etsy.com/shop/RootsMusicTShirts?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=908301931
  4. Post a pic

    We had a Russian Blue when I was a teen-young adult. Took a long time to tame him but he became an awesome cat. I knew he fully accepted everybody when I saw him walk below our Irish Setter, and arch his back to rub against him. He even eventually would stick his own nose up toward Chauncey's when he'd come in from outside and Chauncey would go to greet him.
  5. Post a pic

    A few months ago our feral barn cat had a litter of kittens and probably eight weeks ago my wife managed to grab babies and mama and get them to the ASPCA where all were fixed, momma came back to barn, and we were promised one kitten, which my wife has named Mikey. He is slowly getting acclimated to the two of us, no decision yet on whether he will be a house cat or go back to barn with mom and his uncle. I think we both want to keep him inside though because he is too darn cute but big question is whether he and 75 pound King will get along. I think it's cool the way his stripes are much darker along the spine and then fade as you go away. His mama is same color all the way thru.
  6. Post a pic

    Your post was political or became so when Sangrey posted "yep". I could have completed the circle by responding "nope" but chose not to. Now of course, Jim will pretend that "yep" wasn't agreeing with your obvious posting of her in Handmaiden garb as commentary on a recent Supreme Court ruling. Which you will pretend you weren't posting about. She's just so darn purty, that's all. Problem being in a rational world she really, really isn't.
  7. Post a pic

    Kindly apply the forum rules.
  8. 2022 MLB Season Thread

    8:35 - he should have said "so ump does a good job protecting the quarterback"
  9. 2022 MLB Season Thread

    I like the guy's work I'll just have to get over the fact he's a Yanks fan. There's an Angel who does this half-hearted wrasslin-style forearm to the back on the guy who got hit, but the Mariner who reacted to that really laid 'em in there.
  10. 2022 MLB Season Thread

    Would like to see the ... Jomboy breakdown (?). About 10:23: Dude, that was the gum. What are we gonna do now? Seriously though, didn't the Mariners throw at someone on the Angels? (I didn't have the sound on). I thought that was about the gentlest "right back atcha" pitch I've ever seen. Right in the meaty part of his tush, nowhere near his head, ribs. I mean, you couldn't pay me to stand in and take that myself but they're ballplayers. That didn't necessitate what it turned into. Oh and anyone else amused by the bullpen guys running in alongside each other? For once I'd like to see someone mouth off and a fight starts out there.
  11. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    I received my 3X tees yesterday (yes, Sunday) and can only say that they are like a slightly over-sized 2X. I strongly suspect I will get one or two uses before the shrinkage will leave me, perhaps, using them as inspiration to get my shit together and lose weight.
  12. Best Three Sounds Album

    OK ... personally can't imagine Elegant Soul on any list of top recordings let alone for being more switched on considering that the original trio is gone (and the drummer isn't even the same across all tracks) and you've got the strings added. That one is really the start of the drop-off in quality for the group. Wondering the bottom 1 or 2 for you?
  13. Best Three Sounds Album

    This is the most interesting comment by the "not really fans or not really big fans" group. Could you please give an example or two of the 1/3 that you love and 2/3s that you don't? Working into that perspective is the fact that its been said (and Bill Dowdy verified to me) that the group was so tight they barely ever did second takes of anything in the studio. So if the musicians were around they might be surprised to hear that there's a perception of them not clicking here, but clicking there. They always clicked. Came from the years spent playing together, including Gene and Bill from around the age of 6 or so (and definitely as early teenagers where they played in clubs, and Gene's dad got free drinks for it.)
  14. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    For once my expanding girth doesn't hurt, so thanks for this. I ordered the Cornbread, the Hill and the Hub. Should have gotten the other Morgan but this is plenty. The Cornbread looks very snazzy.
  15. Nonagenarian Jazz Musicians

    Whatever. I linked you to a google search. No dictionary defines nonagenarian as starting at 91.