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  1. Roy Ayers - West Coast Vibes

    I can definitely get what you're sayin' there.
  2. Roy Ayers - West Coast Vibes

    Thanks for the reminder to revisit. It definitely has its charms (another vote for Curtis Amy) but I was reminded that when I first heard it I thought too many of the tracks were on the short side. 7 of 10 less than 4 minutes? Makes it feel like an album of singles. I'd give this ***1/2*, would have been 4.5 with more stretching out.
  3. New Thelonious Monk album

    Thanks for your work Claude but if this is what is left, I'm stuffed, not hungry. Don't need any breakdowns, thanks. I see six or seven complete takes most are under 90 seconds? and one is almost 7 minutes? I'll take the seven minute track and I'd agree no reason not to put it on here. < 90 second tracks just reminds me this was conceived as a soundtrack, sounds like Monk with a muzzle on him to me.
  4. All Hail Roger Federer!

    First since Borg in 1976 to win Wimbledon without dropping a set. Borg was at the start of his Wimbledon run, Roger does it for his record 8th title. Just ridiculous.
  5. Sexiest album covers

    What if Jimmy knew, admired Atkins and approved it? Long, long shot I know but still ...
  6. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Found a copy of Detroit saxophonist George Benson's debut on the Regent label, Nearness of You / Begin the Beguine. Surprisingly the seller included another 78 and I wonder if this was actually by mistake. I found a website offering this one for $25?! I think I am just going to keep my mouth shut about this one ... I am sure these won't sound as good as they could, I only have a 33/45 turntable, no special stylus, and I dumped the audio into the PC and used the Time Warp effect to get it to 78 speed. But it sounds plenty good for me especially when I get rid of the clicks.
  7. I have no idea Tom, those pictures have been a huge part of my home office d├ęcor for a long time! Here are two of them located directly above the work computer. (I assume these came from the same calendar, its definitely been a while.)
  8. Bert Myrick, Detroit Drummer

    Amazingly this was finally issued on CD: https://www.dustygroove.com/item/842131?sf=bert+myrick&incl_oos=1&incl_cs=1&kwfilter=bert+myrick&sort_order=artist
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Gene Phillips, Swinging The Blues (Ace) One of many, many Norton Records sale acquisitions and this is a keeper. Need to get the other volume from Ace now.
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Gene Harris, Nature's Way (JAM Records - and I just discovered it was distributed by jem Records of New Jersey ) This is such a schizophrenic album, when I found it way back when I saw Ron Eschete on guitar and Luther Hughes on bass, both future members of the quartet, but also Gene and someone else listed on synthesizers, so major red flags went up. Still, its Gene, and Side 2 consists of Hymn to Freedom, It Might as Well be Spring, St Thomas so I figured I'd at least like half of it. And that's the part I transferred to CDR with the slightly better Hot Lips also on JAM. So fast forward to last night and I see this on eBay as a Japanese CD and I think, could there be alternates or unissued tracks from the good side of this record? No, but I notice "You Don't Know Me" on the first, awful side of the LP, and that's a track that was used as Gene's feature with Ray Brown at one time. So I transferred side 1 into the PC this morning, sadly verified that "Rewind" "Nature's Way" and "Vinegar Kisses" were appalling but buried in between is a very fine performance. Not as great as this one But basically because of an idle search on eBay (or is that "idol" search considering my former GHF status?) I found NEW Gene Harris in the stacks!!! If I'd only known about "You Don't Know Me" at the time, I wouldn't have given up on Side 1 of Nature's Way, way back when. Oh Happy Day!!!
  11. Lee Morgan At The Both/And Club June 1970

    Well I would think ownership and known provenance of the reels confers rights to them, but there are other rights involved. But its no different for Resonance than when they got the Willke tapes and made arrangements to release the Sounds material, and the Wes-Wynton material. Estates must be paid, and if an artist was exclusive to a label at the time I'd think the label or its corporate descendants have to be compensated or sign off on the release. Honestly I think that its an uphill battle because so much has been released from this tour already. Crazed collectors would be interested but are there enough? If this were tapes of a different backing group, earlier in the decade, something that made it really stand out as unique ... but as much as I'd like to hear it, in best sound possible, at the end of the day its different performances of the same tunes we've heard elsewhere. That had to play into Resonance's thinking.
  12. All of those listed are now spoken for; however there's an extra copy of Stompin' volume 32 available for $7.
  13. Stumbled across a Parkwood label LP by saxophonist George Benson, George Benson Swings & Swings & Swings. Nice stuff, Like Stitt he played tenor and alto and I hear Stitt and Hodges as probably his biggest influences. This fabulous performance is from a year ago when he was 87! More vids on youtube from the same gig, and there are some other LPs on Parkwood and a full album of duets with the much younger pianist, Glenn Tucker, available at CDBaby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/georgesaxbenson2 I am having trouble copying and pasting but I am sure Mark Stryker can append his newspaper piece about Benson that he shared with me. Anyone know this guy? If you see the Parkwood releases, pounce!
  14. Well somehow I ended up receiving duplicates of some CDs, so here's your chance to get some of their stock at even cheaper rates than the now-concluded sale. Prices include USA shipping. First four are sealed. Bad Bad Whiskey - The Galaxy Masters (Specialty) - Charles Brown, Guitar Watson, Johnny Taylor - $6 Dootone Rock'n' Rhythm and Blues (Ace) $7 Goin' Down to Louisiana The Goldband Downhome Blues Anthology (Ace) $7 Honkin' N' Hollerin' R&B from the Radio Corporation Volume 1 (Westside) - comp of RCA releases $7 Get Hot - Sleazy Rhythm 'n Blues Volume 3 (Blazon Records) - comp of R&B by female artists, 1945-54 - $6