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  1. Benny Golson

    Moanin' was written by Bobby Timmons under the encouragement of Benny. IIRC Timmons was playing around with the opening piano figure and Golson told him he's got something there, he should write a bridge and he'd have a great song for the group. Timmons wrote it shortly thereafter. I have never heard any intimation that Golson contributed a single note. I also have no idea why anyone wouldn't think of Lee Morgan as the soloist, followed closely by the composer, on that tune but I guess that's in the ear of the beholder. Which brings me to your actual question: Golson's appeal to most fans, IMHO, is as a composer. His playing is nothing to denigrate (I am personally glad the Coltrane influence waned) but he'll be remembered for all of the great tunes he wrote, Moanin' aside. And if you are speaking of "casual" fans, why would casual fans know or care about composers? I was well on my way to obsessive purchasing when I noticed how many tunes I really liked were written by Benny Golson. It was easy to choose a new purchase if Whisper Not, Killer Joe, or countless other compositions were on it.
  2. MLB 2021: it’s baseball season!

    So AL East fans: No competition left for the division, but three teams/two wild card slots, 1/2 game separation with 14-15 games left. I know the Red Sox have fewer games, more days off, and six left with the Orioles, three with the Nats. Yanks have Indians and Rangers but then Sox, Jays and Rays to finish, with first two on the road? That could be hard. Toronto is so hot right now and they get the Twins for six and the Orioles to finish. I think they have to be favored to host WC game. #2 will depend a lot on how Yankees navigate their last nine, and whether the Orioles or Nats are able to be spoilers. Who ya got, regardless of rooting interest?
  3. About three years after the recording and Lee is still starting the solo on that same phrase ... On the other hand his trumpet blasts behind Wayne were nicely ... Frisky.
  4. I looked at that nicely priced copy and didn't jump.
  5. I inquired about getting shipping confirmation and tracking and they said "we don't do that for direct buyers but I can give it to you if you inquire about it. WTF kind of customer service is that? Instead of automating the info, and being communicative, which might win more orders, keep the client completely in the dark until it shows up. Or maybe it doesn't.
  6. Don't worry Ron if I get screwed I am not going to blame you for tugging my coat toward their low price.
  7. Roy Haynes--no more new recordings?

    Roy Haynes as a (I guess) still vigorous 96 year old is an enormous comfort to me.
  8. Never saw that before though I did receive a video transfer of the group with a Japanese big band, must be this same recording, once gave serious thought to using it on a BFT.
  9. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    As you know I have been spending a lot of time on a monthly basis with a certain someone's live performances. Its very good-to-outstanding live jazz but I would not call it "intense" and certainly not "intense" in the way its being used to describe this show. Also no songs that are 18-22 minutes long, FWIW. And it doesn't lack for excitement. Just not what I think when I hear "intense". To me this brand of "intense" grows out of Coltrane and a few other artists, and personally I can deal in small doses only.
  10. Well I am glad it is working out for you, we will see what happens from here now that I will try to reach them. Definitely will not waste time in the future on this company, surely not as a direct consumer (I think I've ordered thru Amazon but they can't afford to screw up that relationship so they generally don't screw up those orders too terribly.) Thank you.
  11. What has MovieMars done with your order to date? I have not only realized I never got any acknowledgement yet, I can't even find my print out of the order/order # to initiate some unpleasant email exchanges. Upset with myself and with them. Whatever happens here they are on the Permanently Banned list.
  12. Did the expanded Morgan at the Lighthouse tell you anything new either? I am one who is always ready for "new" from the "old faithfuls" - (and my objection to the "complete" Morgan is that it isn't so much "new" as "a lot more of the same.")