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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Japanese reissue of Anita O'Day and The Three Sounds (Verve) Still not a fan of Ms. O'Day but when I found out this reissue included three instrumental alternates and an unreleased duet with Roy Eldridge on "Let me Off Uptown", had to get it. New Three Sounds! GHF feels like his birthday just got better, five days after the fact.
  2. Ralph Moore.... Whatever happened to him?

    Glad to hear of the new recording due in October with Henderson and Reed. And a chance to plug this again:
  3. Now reading...

    Only benefit of the hurricane was ample time for reading. Finished these two in the past week: Fascinating piece of reporting, in his own way the 'good' Bulger was as dirty as the 'bad' one. And this was a mind-blower: Imagine growing up with a love/hate relationship with your father, becoming a homicide detective, re-connecting with your father before his death, then discovering photos of the Black Dahlia murder victim in his personal album, undertaking your own homicide investigation, and figuring out that your father killed the Black Dahlia and probably many, many others - while you were a boy living in his house.
  4. Eddie Harris Corner

    Interesting. When I found the Jazz Hour With release I think I saw an eBay or Amazon offer that was like, $220 or something and figured, "wow this must be really hard to find." That's the beauty of the market some people have crazy conceptions of value and then others come along and just put it out there at something a lot closer to what it should be, or at least in the ballpark of what non-crazy collectors would pay.
  5. Sexiest album covers

    Well they've certainly committed an act of vandalism.
  6. Sexiest album covers

    Funny to see this one, I've had it pulled and facing out from the stacks for weeks now - but not because of the lovely ladies, but as a reminder to double check if I ever transferred this one to CDR or not.
  7. Eddie Harris Corner

    So you have the original. Lucky you, if this partial set is any indication.
  8. Eddie Harris Corner

    Harris (tenor only) with Dan Wall (P) Neal Starkey (bass) Al Nicholson (drums). I think they were the house trio at EJs - they are also on the Cohn. I Love You Lover Man Listen Here! Body & Soul/God Bless The Child Theme from Exodus 3/4 Miles Now's The Time/Straight No Chaser February 1 & 2 1982 Atlanta GA
  9. Eddie Harris Corner

    Anyone have 3/4 Miles on that "A Jazz Hour With" Series? Single disc licensed from the Live at EJ's series. Fantastic set and seems much more readily available then the two disc Live at EJ's recording which seems to fetch a pretty penny these days. Not as big a fan of Eddie as some but I'm glad I became aware of this set only because I'd found original Live at EJ's for Sweets/Jaws and Al Cohn and saw this one on the back of the insert and got to wondering.
  10. A remarkable run by Cleveland and maybe they just resume things but the much more realistic outcome is a bit of a return to earth, and they don't have much of a bulge over the Astros to secure home-field thru the playoffs. How ironic would it be if there is no actual change in the playoff match ups after all is said and done? (Except for the fact that the Red Sox had a shot at second seed before, now not so much.)
  11. Irma Watch

    Well as you may have seen I am back though things are hardly normal yet. Damage: Mom's house in Naples is only a mile and a half from the Gulf, with a lake connected to canals that connect to a river to the gulf, so that storm surge was a huge fear. Fortunately her only damage was to the screen enclosure over her pool - plus one or two trees destroyed. She got out of Dodge a few days before and has been paying thru the nose for a NYC hotel; plans to return early next week assuming power is up. Plant City: Pretty minor overall, we have shingle damage on the main house and more shingle damage then before on the apartment/barn structure. But our GC told us he didn't think the barn roof could survive 45-60 mph winds yet it did. Also lost two fence sections, an easy repair. But power, oh what a nightmare power has been. Generator purchased last Thursday never ever turned over. Sue drove 100 miles each way to get a generator from a co-worker who didn't lose power. But we need two generators if we want to keep fans and fridge going when we have to also run the pump for water for the horses and to take a shower occasionally. Sue took the balky generator back to Lowe's yesterday morning and returned with a new one. They actually told her that the manufacturer was throwing them together as quick as possible to get them on the trucks and in stores before Irma, and they anticipated getting a few "duds" back. Too bad one of them was ours. So now we can keep everything going while we wait for Tampa Electric to get us back up. They say virtually everybody by Sunday at Midnight, right now its supposed to be 95% with power but my pessimistic nature tells me we're going to be in the stragglers that they get to 'whenever'. We've got power almost all around us, and I don't think we even merit a blip on their outage map. In the meantime, gas is plentiful (why not with 95% on the grid) so we aren't scrimping on generator usage. Sue's workstation is powered up and so is mine, our one worry is possible damage to the PCs due to heat in the house. Today is the first day into the 90s and the house is inevitably warmer than outside. I think we have to be very careful running the equipment when its this hot with overheating a real risk. Sorry boss!
  12. Westerns.

    I managed to watch My Name Is Nobody with it ending about an hour before our power went out for the duration from Irma's effects. Definitely as amusing and entertaining as I remembered as a kid.
  13. Happy birthday Dan Gould!!!

    Thanks everybody, it surely wasn't a normal birthday but there was a gift, and I realized that Arby's would make even more money if they had Molson Canadian on tap. And a special thank you to Chuck. I have no idea what this means but it sounds good so I'll take it.
  14. Irma Watch

    up to 25 gallons of gas, approximately 7 days worth of generator based on prior experience/usage. Not that there's a lot of waiting left, tropical storm force winds are here or about to arrive.
  15. Westerns.

    I saw this listed on the schedule of one of the movie channels we have and something triggered in my mind and I was sure I saw it as a kid in the theater and probably not once since. Also was sure I really liked the movie. Should have DVR'd it but maybe it will pop up again.