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  1. RIP Chuck Barris

    Barris invented the Newlywed Game. Infamously, in answer to a question about the strangest/weirdest place you'd "made whoopie" a contestant answered "that would be in the butt, Bob."
  2. Wes Montgomery and Clark Terry

    I got this one, for the Joe Williams session which is quite nice.
  3. Name Three People...

    Amber Lynn Lynn Lemay Paul Lemat (couldn't think of a third porn actress)
  4. Sexiest album covers

    Now that's side-boob!
  5. Monk 1959 session on Resonance, Coltrane?

    HEY! Look what I said back in November!! I only missed which archives would have some Hank.
  6. Les Liaisons Dangereuses

    Very cool, though not really a surprise, wasn't there an interview with Feldman in which he mentioned unissued studio Monk and it was quickly deduced that this was what he must have been talking about? Anyway, I am confused. The WBGO piece states no new music was composed. The press release GoM posted in the other thread quotes TS Monk as saying there is new music. So which will it be? I hereby predict that almost everyone will be excited by this, but Allen is going to mention how disappointing it is that Rouse is on the date.
  7. Sexiest album covers

    The shot is nice but a little side-boob would have sealed the deal.
  8. Unreleased Art Blakey BN session 8 March 1959

    All of these sessions slipped out of the vault in the past 10-15 years and have circulated a bit (for better or for worse not to the hands of the Andorrans). I am guessing that before long the KD Blue Lament session will show up on youtube and so will the Ike Quebec with Roach and Green. As far as the Blakey goes I made a CD of the tracks that weren't marked rejected or broke down. Personally my feeling was that Hank's chirpy reed ruined the date more than anything else.
  9. So now we know what is next in the Live from the Penthouse Jim Wilke tapes.
  10. The label was discussed here:
  11. In Search of...with Leonard Nimoy

    I remember it well but I think its impossible to say, today, whether it would be decent entertainment without giving it a shot first. Similarly, two Christmas's ago I bought the DVD set of "When Things Were Rotten" a short-lived Mel Brooks tv show produced at the time of his huge movie successes. I remembered my 8 year old self thinking this was hysterical and wondering if my not-8-anymore self would still find it so. But my wife had never seen it so I went with it and ... turned out it held up surprisingly well. So who knows on In Search Of but if anyone is thinking about When Things Were Rotten, I say "go for it!"
  12. Earl Bostic - the general thread

    Update: ordered, listened to twice. HATE HATE HATE. First time, I thought, maybe I'm just not in the mood. But now I've given a second spin and its the same thing. I think its his tone - strangled, pinched? But this is doing nothing for me and there isn't nearly enough to Holmes or Pass to make up for it. Free to a good home, just send me a PM.