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  1. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Wow, seems he didn't put in much work in the studio did he? Might be curious about Traneing In with this group but ... not that curious.
  2. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Actually the title "Blue World" makes me think it might hold some appeal ... something closer to Plays the Blues or a moody/romantic kind of compositions could end up appealing. I bet we are looking at another round of full page ads in major non-music publications like the NYT.
  3. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Seriously? These are presumably full tracks, not the soundtrack from the movie, which probably mostly used snippets. It should be judged as a Coltrane session not a movie soundtrack.
  4. John Coltrane - Blue World

    I am sure the music credits in the film reference Coltrane's music used "courtesy" Impulse Records but no I would not think its Impulse in terms of any A&R influence whatsoever. This is the Monk movie music release all over again but the real question is what kind of direction did the producers give to Coltrane in terms of atmosphere or purpose or whatever. I presume these are all originals so that is important to fanatics too. Go ahead and shoot me but I gave away the last new one and won't bite on this. His Impulse years even before he went way out are of little interest here except for the usual suspects.
  5. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Do I get a prize? https://www.jazzmagazine.com/jazzlive/blue-world-de-john-coltrane-lautre-lost-album/ One year after the great success in 2018 of "Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album", Impulse will again release from his archives a forgotten treasure of John Coltrane, "Blue World", eight tracks recorded with McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (double bass) and Elvin Jones (drums) on June 24, 1964 in the studios Rudy Van Gelder for A Cat in the Bag , the film by Quebec director Gilles Groulx who, in addition to the music of the saxophonist, had also used that of Vivaldi, Couperin and Mozart. "Blue World", distributed by Universal, will be in stores on September 27th. should add that's a chrome translate paragraph though I like the idea of Mr. Impulse releasing new stuff from his archives.
  6. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    I don't know if its better or not but have you considered setting up as a discogs seller instead? May be less in fees I have no idea but in terms of listings chances are pretty good most of what you are selling is in the data base and I would hope that makes it extra easy to add titles into stock. Of course you'll be mister unknown seller then but maybe could reference ebay handle as proof of good reputation?
  7. Booker Ervin

    Never heard of this Tuesday Morning place but when I was much younger, Bacall was all over print and TV for Fortunoff, with stores in midtown (5th and 54th, pretty pricey even back then), Westbury LI and Paramus New Jersey (one of these is not like the others - I'll let you figure it out.)
  8. Ann Arbor Blues Festival 1969

    Thanks for the further report. Now I am curious what the proportion is of "professional" vs "Benedetti wire recorder"
  9. Here is a better source: https://www.worldcat.org/title/jazz-and-blues-art-box-collection-1987/oclc/1031029445&referer=brief_results#relatedsubjects This link has the 1987 ARTBOX DVD contents. Change the search term to other years in the box at the top and you will see the exact festival lineup for the year chosen. So you can see 1983-2002, the years covered by this mammoth set..
  10. UP because I need to find a source for this cornocopia of riches (yeah I spelled it wrong so what?) Specifically, Disc 6 of 1987: Video of Percy France exists! Disc 6. Sammy Price's Tenor Boogie (Sammy Price, piano, vocal ; George Kelly, tenor sax ; Percy France, tenor sax ; Leonard Gaskin, bass ; Ronnie Cole, drums ; Bonus track, interview with Sammy Price)
  11. Ann Arbor Blues Festival 1969

    Thanks for this will definitely consider. Have to admit I'd much prefer the full 4-5 song sets (I assume everybody at least got those?) of certain artists rather than this one-on congolomeration but it still looks good to me.
  12. Billy Mitchell Singles?

    Yeah I figured that out. Never heard the earlier recordings certainly curious to hear all 8 tracks now.
  13. Sexiest album covers