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  1. Your Favorite Jazz Records of the 1980s?

    This is an 80s release?
  2. Name Three People...

    Taylor Swift Swifty Lazar Azar Lawrence
  3. I can't listen but 15 tapes under consideration for issuance? All Cory/Zev or BN or what? That would be my follow up, especially since if anything is under consideration for BN you have an idea of who was under contract in that era. But 15 tapes, that's something to give hope that there are some gems coming this decade.
  4. Your Favorite Jazz Records of the 1980s?

    Took me a sec to remember but that tiny little label put out the best non-BN, non-Concord Gene Harris record, Live at Otter Crest (it was eventually purchased or licensed or something by Concord which also put it out). Certainly belongs in this thread. (there are pieces of video from the full concert on youtube here. Great stuff.)
  5. make any recent Dusty Groove orders?

    Not DG but I made low offers on eBay items (like, 50% less) and had all of them accepted. So now a big test for the 2-6 week time frame. I didn't realize seller is in Washington state. So, unless I was still in south Florida, this is the longest distance across the nation for a package that can get kicked into some dark corner at any point in the chain.
  6. make any recent Dusty Groove orders?

    The existence of one pit of despair was not meant to imply there are not many more, especially the two you mention. Not sure if its all major metropolitan areas - Tampa, #11 media market, does not seem to be having trouble getting things out into the USPS system or bringing them to me once received.
  7. make any recent Dusty Groove orders?

    My Dusty Groove order is now officially tracking as 'arriving late' and for all I know it is still stuck in that pit of despair known as the Chicago Regional processing center, as it never had a departure scan. If this Priority mail package gets Media mail service I am going to be f-ing pissed.
  8. BFT 204 - C'mon Vince, Play Your Vibes!

    At 33 minutes nobody has an excuse for not at least listening thru.
  9. Culture War, Young Lions & Trend Manufacturing

    without sacrificing the swing or the blues-derived expressive devices of the older jazz forms." There it is, and in the Paper of Record.
  10. Here's another way: When we were both short of cash for Christmas, we'd verify that both had $20 in our respective pockets, exchange the money, and say Merry Christmas, no muss, no fuss, nothing out of pocket.
  11. I'd ask Colin Mochrie for five improvised "here now the news" intros a la "Whose Line ..." And, frankly, I am already thinking about a custom script for Tia Carrere to deliver for my buddy, especially since, for four years before the pandemic, we had a monthly dinner. Hard to believe its a year since we've seen each other. Since the odds don't look good for either of us, let alone both, to be innoculated by April 6, I think a personalized birthday wish from his young-adult crush, Ms. Carrere would be just the ticket. And just about the same as I would have spent on a birthday dinner. (We had the perfect system, BTW, for our monthly get-togethers. We'd alternate checks all thru the year, and with his birthday in April and mine in September, we set it up so that the birthday boy got a regularly scheduled free meal for his birthday month anyway.)
  12. Makes Tia Carrere downright cheap. In a good way. You know my closest friend has had a crush on her forever and a birthday April 6. Or how about a personalized "no soup for you" from the Soup Nazi? Only $80.
  13. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I was thinking it was kind of sad, $60 a pop, paid in installments and split in some manner with this company. Not sure I want to know who else is on this thing.
  14. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I felt I had to click on that link just out of curiosity of what she looks like nowadays - assuming that photo is relatively current. SCHWINGG!
  15. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Steve, Where did anyone in authority come up with the idea that a vaccine must be proven effective specifically for people over 65? I'll cop to not knowing as much about AZ and essentially nothing about vaccinations in the EU other than that it continues to be a shit-show for efficiency or effectiveness. But here in the US the approach is: It works? Get it out to the public. There are greater risks that you will end up hospitalized or dead as age increases, so the elderly and certain other favored groups are getting them first. Israel is jabbing every body they can, and now hospitalizations are more common among the YOUNG than among the OLD. A few days of tiredness or flu symptoms is hardly surprising, nor should it (IMHO) make people hesitate. Look at the comments among the members here who have recently had a second shot of whatever. That's actually proof that it works, it's priming the pump of the immune system to be a hard-ass bitch against this stuff. And last but not least, the goal of immunization is to reduce severe cases and death. And I believe every single one of these vaccines do that, in spades. 500,000 immunized and like, 20 hospitalizations, no deaths? Why would anyone not want those odds?