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  1. Sexiest album covers

    I don't think the cleavage fits. Or, and apologies in advance ..... if the tits don't fit you must acquit.
  2. Jazz record label names

    My time at the Blindman's forum led me to Broke & Hungry.
  3. Roger Moore 1927 - 2017 R.I.P

    Everybody's mileage varies. For many years he was, to me, Bond because he was the one in the theater on the big screen. Of course I later discovered Connery in the role and instantly preferred him. But there's a soft spot for what Moore brought to the role, and no one since ever did anything for me, though perhaps if Pierce Brosnan hadn't played Remington Steele before taking the role, he might have worked. But what is this about dealers and bartenders knowing he was a spy? Did I consistently miss key bits of dialogue ("Bloody 'ell. Dude's got a license to kill and he doesn't know how a proper martini is made")? I thought Moore treated it as a lark because the movies got progressively sillier and sillier with ludicrous stunts and sfx. Not because everyone knew what his job was.
  4. George Kelly Tenor Sax

    He started out playing piano but I don't think he played as a professional. Here's a google book excerpt from a chapter dedicated to him: https://books.google.com/books?id=iE6NtkNu_yQC&pg=PA203&lpg=PA203&dq=george+kelly+and+the+jazz+sultans&source=bl&ots=sqP5cckcQ3&sig=S8B2ZD9TcaP76OJ8NgxsXHnAgvA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjkgu2YuIzUAhUoIpoKHTaOCJ4Q6AEIVDAJ#v=onepage&q=george%20kelly%20and%20the%20jazz%20sultans&f=false

    This reminds me of the Seinfeld where Jerry's subbing for Newman but his delivery rate of better than 50% tips them off that someone else delivered on Newman's route.

    Honestly do not understand it or would ever consider it. We're not talking about someone pushing a cart and walking 1000 extra feet to get to my door. Its their job and they should do it properly and consistently.

    Well I've had issues with our carrier who seems to decide randomly whether to attempt delivery of packages or leave the pink slip in the mailbox. This, after I take a walk in the morning to open the driveway gate. That's been seriously annoying but nothing like this latest: Package coming from France - processed thru NYC and on to Tampa. Departed Tampa so I go to open the gate. Should be in Plant City in a few hours and out for delivery, right? No. Passed me by completely and went to Miami where it has sat for two days. Now its departed Miami, will it magically appear at my former address? Or is it coming back to Tampa again? Only time will tell.
  8. Cuscuna & T-Rex

    WPLJ was the album-oriented rock station when I was growing up. Definitely remember Tony Pigg, no idea if it was the same JJ Jackson but original VJ Mark Goodman went from WPLJ to MTV. And if I paid attention to Michael Cuscuna it was purely by accident and years before the name meant anything to me.
  9. Bluesy jazz ?

    All of Stanley Turrentine with The Three Sounds, Blue Hour (the original release, not the "complete" set which has also been issued).
  10. Bill Dowdy, Drummer For The Three Sounds - RIP

    And now I have embarked on a musical tour of every single one of their recordings. Heaven. Where Bill, Andy and Gene now reside.
  11. Bill Dowdy, Drummer For The Three Sounds - RIP

    This really sucks. He was very nice when he agreed to a phone interview, facilitated by Gene's widow Janie.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Oh hell yes on Mr. Johnson - bless the recent b-day boy Mr. Nessa for documenting such a nice player. I'm on Cedar Walton Trio, Song of Delilah the Music of Victor Young (Venus) Only thing wrong is Cedar being pictured in a Yankees cap at the piano. WTH? What would a Texan be doing adopting the Yanks?
  13. Updated. I'll be in touch Ken.