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  1. Joke of the Day

    I thought the joke worked better if most are hopeless nerds, and then there are the few who can find and keep a girl/boy friend.
  2. Per discogs, the Mulligan in CD format was 1989. Ike Quebec (#107) was CD in 1990. I am not 100% if I got this that year or a little later.
  3. You mean tiny little classified ads aren't always on the up and up?
  4. The Blue Note Monk was 101 and 1983, per Discogs.
  5. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Sorry for your loss Michael.
  6. I had to go and check into that too ... I didn't really know when Mosaic actually started, they were in full swing by the time I became aware of them after I caught the jazz bug in 1988. Brooks was the first one I requested at Christmas time, surely by 1989 or 1990.
  7. BFT 214 Link a dink and Discussion

    No idea what this signifies.
  8. BFT 214 Link a dink and Discussion

    'fraid not.
  9. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Not in the age of Omicron, where breakthrough infections are everywhere. Now, you get it, you live, you get shrunken dick. Is that a tradeoff worth accepting? BTW its vascular damage, apparently, that does the deed. I think you can attach small weights to help restore what's lost?
  10. While I thought I had Sonny's Back, in reality its taken to January 16th and Night Mist for an album I own. Many unknowns to date, none strike me as things I need to get at this moment.
  11. BFT 214 Link a dink and Discussion

    Thanks for your thoughts Dmitry. #13 was identified as Percy France, but I like your comparison to Don Byas, as Percy's first significant gig was with Bill Doggett, who stated that while Percy was at the time, of a generation to go the way of the more popular honking and screaming tenors, his playing was more sophisticated and he specifically referenced Don Byas. And yes, blues-heavy but its very rare that one of mine doesn't fit into the "blues-heavy" zone.
  12. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Sorry to hear of this Aggie. I still qualify as someone who doesn't know any one who has died, defining "know" as personal rather than digital.
  13. Tete Montoliu on Impulse! ???

    I just looked at Google Books for "Village Gate" listings in NY Magazine, but they only go back to 1968. Someone with newspapers.com access might find something. Honestly though I don't know why you would question it unless you think they rented the room during the day to record?
  14. Terry Teachout, R.I.P.

    I didn't think to google and simply took the two words in turn: Wart (fault) hunter (seeker). I don't think I read any of his books but I would gather Chuck means he concentrated too much on faults of his subjects, or something similar.