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    That would logically filter down from the top of the local hierarchy. And I am not sure about that, we've experienced several fine postal delivery people in the nearly five years in Plant City. What I learned quickly though was that the local post office was awful for counter service and usually has an inoperative kiosk, so my wife and I drive to the next one to the west for any mailing that has to be done. So poor workers on counter service (and limited hours) and now a poor driver who thinks its cool to throw anything out the window onto a hard concrete floor.
  2. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Then I'll have to guess it's off of Ode to 52nd St, which has a couple of tracks close on the timing.
  3. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Went back to the KB track ... disappointed I didn't think more about it and come up with KB - but the accompaniment is what detracted from the track. I am guessing from one of the Verve recordings? Listened again to 6 ... again too busy on the second pass. Nothing grabbed me, I'm 'fraid. Thanks again Mr. Felser, now I'm re-evaluating my choices to see if I can at least get a "push" in January.
  4. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    1. Me likey (that's one). The solos, particularly the tenor, start at a place where greater intensity is almost inevitable, but none of them crossed the line for my sensitive ears ... Is this Ibrahim? I have started to explore some of his recordings especially the ones with folks like Blue Mitchell in the mix. 2. Didn't mind this one though probably don't have to hear it again but sort of dug the guitar. 3. Just OK for me ... 4. Liking this one a good deal - but no guesses. 5. Finally I can say with great exasperation NEXT! Skipping ahead .. 8. Oh man this annoys me, the title is right there but can't ID. Should have waited for someone to chime in with that bit of info. Anyway, best track of all. Is that Art Farmer? 9. From best to worst. You just couldn't program something in between, bring me down slow, could you? 11. Miles? 13. Curious to know the significance but it sure as hell ain't my thang. Do I surprise or disappoint? Well I would say overall I ended up above your expected "couple of tracks" so ... does this become an over/under for January?

    That is disturbing to hear, I must say. My wife's desk is right next to the porch but usually at best she hears the package land or the truck gun its motor when leaving - and the dogs are usually slow on the uptake too since she doesn't linger. We may have to figure out a way to block her from throwing anything - or at least put a note up asking for it to be brought to the door.
  6. I would have to say "rightly and wrongly". The Piano Jazz was just a licensing thing, so yeah, not really "Concord" at all. But Maybeck was a series of Concord releases with great acoustics and often equally great performances. Whatever his faults, Carl Jefferson must have OK'd that concept and execution.
  7. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Only a couple? Boy you're going to feel bad after you listen to January's compilation.

    It's just a Christmas gift so not a huge deal on the 1st of December, but I still find this deeply annoying: It arrived yesterday at the local distribution center before 12 pm. It never made it on the delivery truck to the local PO. And to be clear, this is a first class package, no media mail. F-in lame. What is really, really lame lately is that there is a new postwoman who refuses to leave her truck to deliver boxes to our door. With the right-hand drive truck, she's realized she can drive to the rear of the house, come alongside the house and throw boxes onto our small covered concrete pad at the back door. Nothing has broken yet but we've just never taken the time to get to the local PO and log a complaint in the strongest terms possible. Lucky I am not buying any 78s lately. (And this package to be delivered isn't something fragile either).
  9. The comparison to Pablo is apt. Carl Jefferson liked a particular style and recorded/supported those artists. Hearing that the Ross Tompkins has Al Cohn I will certainly seek it out. The latter period of Cohn's career holds many delights and I'd like to hear it all ... otherwise just the Lockjaw from this week's list here.
  10. A source for Giant Steps?

    I can't make heads or tails of that dissertation, much in the same way I can't make heads or tails of late-period Coltrane. So ... Bravo! Must be right.
  11. Sean Connery (1930 - 2020)

    You know its forever since I saw that, I do recall like it a lot, don't remember Slater. Did he at least not try his low-rent Nicholson impersonation in the role?
  12. Joe Castro Box Set on Sunnyside

    Anyone unaware, Sunnyside offering 20% off thru Sunday: holiday2020sale
  13. Anyone unaware, Sunnyside offering 20% off thru Sunday: holiday2020sale
  14. And he's come by more than once and engaged with the commentary.