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  1. From the same source material https://www.amazon.com/Jazz-Tales-Legends-Histories-Hamilton/dp/1937370178 I haven't dug in to the book yet but they organized tales by topic so you get road stories and gig stories and studio stories and other things.
  2. Interesting result, and maybe this will be the model going forward - whatever the contractual right in terms of number of sets that can be pressed and sold, they'll do an initial run which will be smaller than they used to be, then solicit interest in one additional run, then that's it. If that keeps them solvent and able to finance future sets that's a pretty good deal all around.
  3. I've been watching for this one it now finally shows as available for pre-order on their site, release date a week away: http://www.dottimerecords.com/product/ben-webster-valentines-day-1964-live/ plus $5.50 flat rate shipping worldwide, this looks to be a better source than Amazon, which has never updated the listing page for this release and has a nonsensical photo up for the item: https://www.amazon.com/Valentines-Day-1964-Live-Webster/dp/B073CSCNGT With that flat rate shipping I threw in the Joe Bushkin/Buck Clayton release discussed here: Looking forward to these two for sure.
  4. You're just like my best friend - turning one year older in April, five months ahead of me.
  5. I am wondering about the significance of this. Is it just describing the new necessity of soliciting pre-orders before dumping liquid assets into a re-order, or is this an indication of a pending change - a significant one - in the business model. Maybe Michael is stepping away or less involved because Mosaic is becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal? If Universal became majority shareholder it might at least indicate a respect for the legacy value of the name and that they might keep it alive?
  6. Happy birthday king ubu!

    Happy Birthday 2018, King! Dilly dilly!
  7. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    So where does it leave the dolts who can't hear? In a related issue, can I just stop calling anything 'free' and just go with "noise"? Or does noise have its own rules which are there for those who can hear properly?
  8. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    I was told there would be no math. That's not just a jokey reference to classic early SNL. It's an honest statement that I do not intend to think about math in order to determine if someone is playing free, outside, inside or whatever-the-fuck-they-want to. I don't doubt Jim's assertion about the "math" but it doesn't make it make anymore sense to those who don't hear in math terms anyway. I know that the music in this genre I enjoy has a structure that simple people can hear. That math don't lie.
  9. Packing my collection

    Jeez. Sounds like mother nature wants you on the other side of the Great Lakes too.
  10. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    The other thing that confuses me about the number of people in Naples unfamiliar with this tradition (which was meant to be visible from the El train going past the stadium, for workers heading home to know what the day's result was) is that SW Florida has far more "midwest" snowbirds and retirees, while the NY types go to SE Florida. Which would make more people coming from an area closer to Cub land and therefore knowledge of the flag might be more common. Mom now confirms its happened at least 8-10 times in the less than 18 months since I put the flag up for her, people questioning what the heck it is.
  11. Packing my collection

    To be near the grandbabies. Did you go with the PODS Chuck?
  12. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    Weird getting quoted seven years after the fact but I would have to agree with Peter really about all of this ... My Point of View is indispensable but if I literally had to choose between it and Takin' Off I'd go with the latter. And I also agree about Herbie in relationship to quite a few other jazz pianists.
  13. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Can I get a general sense of the MLB thread denizens? Who has known what the blue W on the white background flag signifies for Chicago fans? Is it really not common knowledge the history of this method of signifying to workers heading home after a day game what the result had been at Wrigley? I bought my mom a W flag after the World Championship and she has had at least one neighbor inquire about it. Now, sitting in her office I just had an elderly gentleman knock on the door, he says he's a Red Sox fan, and has no idea what this flag he's driven past so many times is about. I mean, really? Not even after the WS people have no clue?