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  1. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    I'll be praying hard to the baseball gods nothing comes of this. And there's this too, from mlbtraderumors.com As per Martino’s source, however, the Mets are also weighing “10 other scenarios” and it doesn’t seem like this trade or any other is necessarily close. A “lot of smoke [but] not a lot of fire” is how one person familiar with the talks describes things to Joel Sherman of the New York Post. It would seemingly take more than just Realmuto to pry Syndergaard away from the Mets, as Rosenthal notes that the right-hander has three years of control to Realmuto’s two, unless the Mets were also receiving more in the trade. Also the fact that they haven't made an intra-city trade of consequence since 2004 makes me hopeful this will pass by also. I think the Mets should hold on to him or hold out for absolute top-line talent in return. OH, and just realized its the Marlins involved? This is, once again, a big old sloppy BJ to the Yankees from Jeter. Gave away Stanton last year, now engineering Syndergaard to go to the Bronx? If this happens Bowie Kuhn will be rolling over in his grave. Already gotten one gift this holiday season: Cashman says he's out on Harper, very much in on Machado. Between the two of them I much prefer the latter in pinstripes. Harper would not only hit 50 homers in that stadium, but Machado just lines up another righty in the lineup for Eovaldi to mow down.
  2. STOMPIN' VOLUME 12 CD 22 CRAZED RHYTHM 'N' BLUES POUNDERS! Got this just now from a UK seller, he was supposed to ship Volume 15 which is one of only three I am lacking. He promptly refunded the charge and since its across the pond, absolved me of return shipping. So his loss is someone's gain: Free to a good home, postpaid in the US. First to PM gets it.
  3. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    Lee Smith and Harold Baines elected to the HoF by the latest committee to correct the failures of the baseball writers. Baines I am not sold on as I don't think he had the sustained peak of a true hall of famer but I applaud Smith's election, I think if you retire as a leader in a major category like Saves you deserve election at some point. And, it takes a little from the stink of putting Jack Morris in last year. That was no oversight by the writers but a perfectly defensible determination that he wasn't all that and a plaque too. Edit to add this from mlb.com: Smith pitched in an era when closers routinely pitched more than an inning. He got at least four outs for 169 of his 478 saves and had 12 straight seasons of at least 60 appearances, a Major League record. He's also the only reliever with 13 straight seasons of 25-plus saves and 10 straight of at least 30. He finished top five in Cy Young voting three times. My instincts were always the Smith belonged but those stats really seal it. 35% of his saves of the four or more out variety. Today you worry about going to the well too much with that kind of usage of your closer.
  4. Happy birthday Dmitry!

    He's still valued, he's still here occasionally so:
  5. Opinions sought: Acrobat Records

    I like their series of A-B Sides of all singles from various bluesmen. But I don't go out of my way to, you know, pay for it. But thinking about it, its probably a good idea to support a PD label like this one which at least provides substantive liners for most if not all of their offerings. I'd pay them sooner than I'd pay old 12 Classic Albums company.
  6. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    Got some shareable info about Uptown: Label still active, but not as active as before. Son plans more releases of the projects Bob had in the pipeline when he died but time between releases will be longer.
  7. It's not lyrical writing and not hyper descriptive like Larry's musings on what someone's improvisations or tone sound like. It tells the tale with as much insight as we will ever have.
  8. There are just two Montoliu listings in the index. One is an admiring description but without detail on their collaborations (other than how many Steeplechase recordings), the other is just in passing. Sorry Agustin!
  9. Toward the end of the chapter on the 1950s now - about 40% of the way thru I'd say. Writing is workmanlike/functional but info/insight is indispensable. If I had more time for reading I'd be thru the book a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Or, on the latter two, they could have simply written, "this is a tenor + rhythm date so Benny concentrates on his blowing. Buy with confidence if you love Benny the improviser at least as much as Benny the composer/arranger."
  11. OK can someone point to a current listing with this code and deconstruct it?
  12. Does anyone go back to the descriptor after receiving and hearing the recording (other than for condition grading when it seems off) to determine if they met or fell short of expectations generated? IMHO this is just part and parcel of their goofy yet endearing way of describing their wares. Everything they have is something worthy of purchasing for some reason, by dint of their having acquired it to re-sell.
  13. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    With Sale and Porcello potentially leaving next season, a front line of Price/Eovaldi/Eduardo Rodriguez would not be too terrible. Bullpen is still a big issue to be resolved ...