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  1. Overlooked pianists

    Color me curious by both the comments and the sample. Think I'll hunt these down. Thanks to you both.
  2. Overlooked pianists

    I'll certainly give many to Mr. Cochrane.
  3. Questions to ask Randy Weston

    How do you feel about Scientology?
  4. PC Advice

    Will not turn on at all. Green light for a second then steady blinking red. Don't know where the service manual is. Thanks Kevin but its time to move on. Just need to save the hard drive hopefully that's not fucked.
  5. PC Advice

    I just talked to the mobile service and he said it shouldn't make a difference either. He figures now that the motherboard is fried and that's the problem. I confirmed that work PC has no line in so its not going to handle LP transfers. I am thinking I will go with the refurbished model and convert the hard drive to external.
  6. PC Advice

    Doesn't help. but here's something interesting - I assumed part was right because the three connectors were all the same. But just actually discovered they sent HP 503376-001 instead of HP 503375-001. Would that make all the difference? And do I try ordering the part again and hope it fixes the damn thing this time?
  7. PC Advice

    Well the hits keep on coming. The power supply arrived, Sue took on the task of installation and ... same infuriating beeping/blinking red light. So bad power supply received or something else? At this point I don't care. I am moving on to harvesting the hard drive for conversion to external HD, that will at least allow me to access the data from the work PC that lives right next to the f*cked up home PC. I am going to determine if the work PC can take on both roles but I don't think there's a burn drive installed which defeats the major purpose of transferring vinyl to CDR. Could decide to just put them all on thumb drives in the future but I don't really like that option at the moment. Not even sure there's a line in jack at the moment anyway. Leaves me purchasing the $105 refurbished identical Windows 7 machine which at least has a burning drive and an audio line in, or finding something reasonably priced and more up-to-date. But if burn drives are not considered "hip" anymore, then I guess my choice is clear.
  8. PC Advice

    Found the exact same power supply on Amazon yesterday for less than $35, though expedited shipping almost doubled the price. I've got a buddy who is lending me his thingamabob that dispels static electricity, (if he wasn't heading out of town I'd ask him to do the swapping as he's done it before) and my lovely wife has volunteered to do the deed. I'm optimistic I'll be up and running again by mid-week.
  9. I am wondering how people are viewing the Jeremy Piven response. I think its up to 4 named accusers now but he is 100% denial mode. I liked him on Ellen (didn't have HBO for Entourage) but always thought he was pretty much a douche bag so I'm inclined to believe he's covering up some nasty secrets.
  10. Higgins gone

    Didn't I read when the man who played the Mayor of Rock Ridge died that to get him to sign on, they took lines away from Howard Johnson and gave them to him, leading Hillerman to say that his script was a lot funnier until he arrived? Anyway a fine performer, I've been noticing Magnum in syndication somewhere on our new cable lineup I should try to watch a few episodes.
  11. PC Advice

    This is way more complicated than I anticipated. I think vulturing the power supply from a new PC or finding it on eBay is the way to go. As far as the laptop goes, her issues are a dying battery and a terrible over-heating problem. Rather than telling her of some options that would cost her money, he told her its a well-known design-flaw of the machine that it overheats so easily and she should just buy a new one. Thanks for your advice Kevin.
  12. PC Advice

    Wouldn't the Windows 7 operating system be valid with the keycode that comes with the new machine? I don't understand why this would be a 30 day fix only. I am seriously thinking about vulturing the power supply instead of messing with the hard drive. And totally committed to backing up everything on it once I have access to it again. I'd probably even use the mobile service guys for that. Felt bad they were so nice but came out from Tampa - probably 45 minute drive - and left with no fee collected. They also gave advice to my wife about her laptop that was refreshingly non-repair oriented.
  13. PC Advice

    So about five years ago I bought an HP desktop running Windows 7, a refurbished model from Tiger Direct. Now, the power supply has quit. Not sure at the moment if the part can even be found but the mobile repair service that was out here yesterday mentioned that I could find the same model PC on Amazon and just swap out the hard drives and carry on like before. Turns out that's true, $105 with free shipping on Amazon, lets me save my data and avoid buying a new desktop I really can't afford at the moment. So my question is, if I got a new refurbished model and swapped out the hard drive, would I be looking at any issue with keycodes? Or updates? It took about 12 hours to install updates the last time. Or is it literally plug and play and carry on? It also now occurs that I could use the $105 PC as a source for the power supply that spit the bit. I'm sure that would truly be plug and play. As always thanks in advance.