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  1. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Yes he is entitled to his opinion. But I ask you, was that opinion or trolling douchebaggery of an epic nature? Let's review: He didn't attack or attempt to refute Allen's opinion. He made an obnoxious assertion about the true reasons for his opinion, with a gratuitously "clever" capper ("odd."). Then he declared that he has Allen on Ignore, chose to view his post, posted that troll-comment, and has ignored all comments from Allen since. That's like punching someone in the nose and running away. Or cutting a fart and getting on your best poker face while you stroll out of the room. Epic. Douchebaggery. Trolling. Your mileage may very well vary. And I don't intend to hold this against Justin. But as Tom said, can't we all get along? If Justin had simply adhered to his already-known aversion to Allen's posts nothing would have happened further. He could have done what I suggested in my prior post: reveal the message from the member you don't like to read if you feel you must, roll your eyes or whatever, and move on.
  2. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    So let me get this straight Justin. You have Allen on ignore. You don't like or respect him much. You unblock his post and can't just go on about your visit, you have to not only respond but do it in th the most obnoxious way possible???? The whole Google translate thing was a total douchebag move. Calling it as I see it. Musician or not, Allen is entitled to his opinion and ascribing it to resentment or jealousy is ridiculous.. You don't like Allen. You have him on ignore. I've had people on ignore too. When I am moved to read what someone wrote, I read it, generally say "whatever" and move on, comfortable in the knowledge that I made the right ignore decision. Try it.
  3. My own Hitler Reacts

    Thanks Bill. Exactly what I was thinking. And for the record, the caption generator has a limit on the # of characters in the title, which is why this took extra long on Sunday. I had the exact title the Captain suggested, but being too long, the generator is coded to fail, and it re-loads the launch page with every single sentence entered gone and you must start over from scratch. I may still revise this anyway because I worked up some changes in the Eagles rant that I think are even funnier. It would have been published already but ... that 50 character limit sure is a pisser.
  4. My own Hitler Reacts

    The "missing" information is provided in the title of the video: Hitler Reacts to the Eagles touring without Glenn Frey. Anyone who notes the video title can read between the lines of what I have Hitler actually say and know exactly what he is reacting to. As for the whole Crepes sub-rant, I just played off of the German sound (is it a name?) that does indeed sound like crepes, which immediately made me think of the Seinfeld episode and it pretty much wrote itself. I also thought it was funny that while Hitler is preparing to rant and rave, his mind has gone back to that morning and his hot crepe sauce spray. The joke in my mind is that he has been waiting for the opportunity to rant about it, and now that he's going to freak out over the Eagles still touring despite Glenn Frey's death, he's going to work that in to it. And when he's said his peace, he's more calm, and he returns to the more important topic of the Eagles, which resolves into his determination to still see them anyway. I have to amend my list of required elements for these things: you have to include Hitler directing some people to leave before the room nearly empties. So many of these just ignore what is happening on screen. Anyway, I am thinking of a revised version did either of my suggested replacement sentences sound good? Edit to add: I am not going to change the sentence when she is comforting her. It makes more sense as it is, because the girl is already crying earlier in the scene. It doesn't make sense that she is the cook and might get executed for creating a crepe that burned the Fuhrer. but thanks for your feedback.
  5. My own Hitler Reacts

    Such as, Next time, make sure you offer him the ice cream float. Or I'll protect you. You can stay in my attic with that nice Jewish family. ?
  6. 2019-2020 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    I'll say JFC instead. Obviously the Steinbrenners have decided they can never have another full decade of utter futility ever again while the family owns the team. This is a reaction to that, I am sure. I'll remind you all that six weeks ago he wouldn't wear his uni or hat because his contract had ended minutes earlier and wore that f-ing Boras hat instead.
  7. My own Hitler Reacts

    Thanks to all who liked it. I am already thinking of revisions I should have considered. and may yet do. And for the record, I have to say that if you want one of these to work there are two requirements: The first two sentences of Hitler's rant has to end on the same word - whatever that word is - just as he says the same word. And you gotta come up with an intelligent way to incorporate "and Stalin!"
  8. My own Hitler Reacts

    I always thought the best ones of these things tried to incorporate what Hitler says, which is why I did the Seinfeldian riff on crepes, too, which led to the ice cream FLOAT line too.
  9. Hitler Reacts - Eagles touring without Glenn Frey Spent a good part of the afternoon on this, posted to FB but many won't see that in their feed. Hope you like I was real pleased with the final result.
  10. Post a pic

    Working this t-shirt design to a specialty store. I've used Zazzle but they have rejected it even when I removed Percy's name.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That's the most horrifying pile of crap remake/remix/whatever I've had the misfortune of hearing. How about this instead:
  12. 2019-2020 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    So if Cashman has a blank check already signed by the Steinbrenner Bros, does anyone have a chance to keep Cole away from the AL East? My interest in the 2020 (AL) season may depend on it.