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  1. I'd be up for anything/anywhere, except that guess of 17 hours of Errol Garner. I do have limits.
  2. I think it will be some place else, because of the comment about choosing among takes - if a big tranche of Left Bank tapes showed up, we'd get the whole 17 shows in one go, methinks.

    I had another box take a strange wacky detour, from North Carolina to Jacksonville but then to Detroit! At least they got it on the next plane to Tampa and it was only delayed a day.
  4. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    They just got lucky. Made no dent in their run differential and no real improvement in offense, just managed to get wins. Of course if they hadn't managed that feat we'd be talking about next year as they'd be 10-11 games back right now.
  5. The Mills Brothers, Welk, & Lockjaw

    Funny I just got one of the Basie/Mills Brothers collaborations by mistake in a discogs order. Now that I find this thread I kinda want to hear Lock on these tunes ... still would prefer the Buck Clayton jam session for the same lousy $1.

    From too-many-to-count package deliveries. They do stop at many POs in between its not a straight delivery from one big distribution center to a little PO. And god knows how long it actually takes to be dropped of and actually scanned as arriving at new location.

    Another wild wacky trip via the USPS. By the way it started in south Jersey, and Ybor City is supposed to be the last stop before the local PO. F-in ridiculous. In fact another box, which is now sitting at the local PO, took 24 hours to go from Ybor to Plant City, a trip that should be less than four hours between scans. At least it made it. This one, who the hell knows. Edit to add that it actually seems to have made it from Ybor City to Boston via some Green New Deal experimental high speed rail because no plane commercial jet could get it that distance in 73 minutes.
  8. Lee and Hank at Sluggs

    I wasn't sure I wanted to see it. Don't think I'm glad I did. Knowing what we do about the last years of his life, seeing him aged and knowing he was struggling makes it harder to look at.
  9. Oh stop making sense and start spilling the beans.
  10. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Clearly Leon is on his way back. I know the pitchers like him, I thought they also liked Vasquez. The team commitment to Swihart seemed misplaced, but with no options left a year ago they kept him on the roster the whole season. I am sure someone chooses him off the waiver wire now. Its a terrible start and after the Yankees they go to Tampa, not the team a struggling club wants to see. OTOH Yankees place Greg Bird on the DL, (sorry, IL) with a left plantar fascia tear. Haven't heard of that before but it sounds like a month in a walking boot before he even starts rehab or baseball activities. The hits really keep on coming for the Yanks.
  11. It's still bigger than most sets they've ever done. What's also interesting is the implication that such a large set (by any measure) is going forward, no pre-orders needed. They must be very confident of the sales at a higher price point. Or they'll keep a lid on the first run, regardless of how many they have the contractual right to sell, thus minimizing the exposure of too many units being pressed and warehoused.