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  1. Newbury bargain thread (and bargains in general)

    With $8 left on an Amazon birthday gift card from last month, I also pulled the trigger on the $6.90 new copy which is now somewhere between Atlanta and Tampa. Thanks GoM.
  2. Joe Castro Box Set on Sunnyside

    and here is the info via promo email: Sunnyside Records just announced Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe by Kitty White with Art Simmons Orchestra, check it out here. Here’s what they say about it: “Kitty White’s Happiness is a Thing Called Joe is a welcome digital only addition to the Joe Castro's boxed set "Passion Flower - For Doris Duke". The program includes the film and music studio veteran’s rarely heard self-titled release from 1966 along with other sessions she did for Duke and Castro’s Clover Records. The recordings feature notable musicians like arranger Art Simmons, trumpeter Sonny Grey, flute and tenor saxophonist Nathan Davis, bassist Jimmy Woode and drummer Kenny Clarke.” https://joecastro.bandcamp.com/album/happiness-is-a-thing-called-joe And additional Joe Castro digital-only Joe Castro just announced San Jose's Mojo, check it out here. Here’s what they say about it: “Joe Castro’s San Jose's Mojo is a bonus recording to the boxed set "Passion Flower - For Doris Duke" (Sunnyside SSC 1393) that is available digitally. The release features a number of loose but entertaining jam sessions held at Falcon Lair with former members of the San Jose based Allyn Ferguson’s Chamber Jazz Sextet, which had broken up after touring with poet Kenneth Patchen. Vocalist Ann Richards (Stan Kenton's wife) can be heard to colorful effect on four tracks.” https://joecastro.bandcamp.com/album/san-joses-mojo
  3. Correct Way to Lift Tonearm

    Here's one way:
  4. All I can say is that I am thankful to have started my interest in jazz as CDs took off as a format and resulted in so many reissues, plus plentiful Liberty or UA BNs in bins where I shopped - Vintage Vinyl and Euclid Records in St Louis, then Papa Jazz in Columbia SC. It was when I got my hands on Japanese BN LPs from the Jazz Record Center that I got a much better understanding of what else had come out back when, but fortunately the internet and Amazon came along ...
  5. Spencer Davis, RIP.

    Saw the obit in yesterday's Times. I chuckled at the idea that the band members went for "Spencer Davis Group" with the proviso that Spencer handled interviews so the rest of the boys could sleep.
  6. I was very impressed with Epistrophy and IIRC Rouse didn't tell anyone that he was sick.
  7. MLB Season 2020

    I will hope and pray that no one seriously considers the extra inning rule as a permanent change. I was thinking that a universal DH could be something to give up to the players union in the upcoming negotiation - something that creates what would surely be a higher average salary roster spot for 1/2 the teams than with the current modest-hitting, usually replacement-level utility players that you need for all those inevitable double-switches.
  8. MLB Season 2020

    I certainly did not see that ... the poker face afterwards was great. (And Taiwan baseball broadcast in English? Is there that much interest there's an international broadcast in English?)
  9. Sam Rivers RIP

    I think the "Bosuns, Mates" is wrong too. Anyone who's watched Robert Shaw's brilliant monologue about his naval experience with sharks in Jaws remembers him describing one of the shark victims as a bosun's mate.
  10. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Been a long time but I recall Blues for Duke as being a nice one ... never saw the My Buddy LP I think I'll try to find a decent copy.
  11. MLB Season 2020

    Yeah, I think that despite my affection for Roberts and Betts I am going to have to root for the Rays. I'll go with Mookie if/when they face the Yankees in the WS. Otherwise its Red Sox, Cubs and whoever is playing the Yankees and the Dodgers.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I hadn't even been aware of Hargrove on a Steve Davis date. Noted.
  13. Left Bank releases upcoming

    You should tell him that the Next button isn't encoded to go to the top of the next page ... and what is this booklet? Thanks for posting this Bertrand. Disappointed that there are no Two Tenor Boogie dates w Sammy Price and Percy France, would have been tantalizing if there were ... and no Bill Doggett w. Bubba Brooks either. Nice to see quite a few shows for Arnold Sterling, would love to hear those - and a couple for Allen Houser who self-produced some live sets from the 70s-90s that are available on Amazon as CDRs. If you've never heard of him he was a very solid Morgan-inspired trumpeter who gigged a lot with Buck Hill.
  14. For completists only....

    What a potential treasure ... audience recordings without loud talking. You should talk to him about the dispensation of those tapes and what he actually has.
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    With Arnold Sterling - if you're like me those tracks are standouts.