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  1. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Being a first year manager plus managing a NL game finally caught up to Cora. I don't have a problem taking J.D. out for a pinch runner. But you save Benintendi to be that runner and replace him in left. They played the second game basically with Holt in left, Vasquez at first. I would have also switched Pearce out for Moreland. And Moreland is swinging like he is starting a lawn mower, he keeps pulling off the ball, been doing it since Aug.! Then you have a better lineup in that last 8 innings. I also believe tonight it will be E-Rod as the starter, he only faced one batter. If I was Cora I would have put Pomeranz in the 10th and give up the game, your up 2-1. Good news is that the Dodgers had trouble beating a dreadful lineup from the 10th to the 18th. Betts and Bogaerts need to step it up. Betts was dreadful.
  2. Jazz CD's

    Bump, New Additions
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  6. FS: OOP Mosaic CD sets

    Hi, James Received the Teagarden set today, great condition, great PACKAGING!! Thank You Mark
  7. FS: OOP Mosaic CD sets

    PM for Jack Teagarden: Complete Roulette Sessions, MD4-218, #1565/5000 $110
  8. Jazz Books for Sale

    Books arrived today , Thank You Pete !
  9. Jazz CD's

  10. Jazz CD's

  11. NFL 2012

    No, I have a friend who does not want to meet his birth mother, yet he has met his birth sister and she has visited him and stayed at his house. (his birth mom/sister live overseas) It was nice that his parents tried to keep contact thru letters and pics, open adoption is the way to go. My wife and I adopted a baby boy 3 years ago, he just turned 4 and we have an agreement with the birth parents that they see him once a year......we thought it was best for our son to know his birth parents. The first visit went well, but this past summer they did not show up , hopefully they will make it this summer !
  12. Jazz CD's

    BUMP !