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  1. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Being a first year manager plus managing a NL game finally caught up to Cora. I don't have a problem taking J.D. out for a pinch runner. But you save Benintendi to be that runner and replace him in left. They played the second game basically with Holt in left, Vasquez at first. I would have also switched Pearce out for Moreland. And Moreland is swinging like he is starting a lawn mower, he keeps pulling off the ball, been doing it since Aug.! Then you have a better lineup in that last 8 innings. I also believe tonight it will be E-Rod as the starter, he only faced one batter. If I was Cora I would have put Pomeranz in the 10th and give up the game, your up 2-1. Good news is that the Dodgers had trouble beating a dreadful lineup from the 10th to the 18th. Betts and Bogaerts need to step it up. Betts was dreadful.
  2. Jazz CD's

    Bump, New Additions
  3. Jazz CD's

    I accept paypal, shipping $3 includes Tracking Number in USA, 50 cents for each additional CD. Shipping to canada $9.50 for 1 cd. Post here first then send a PM Duke Ellington Centennial Edition: Complete RCA Victor Recordings EX+ $355.00 - SOLD
  4. Jazz CD's

  5. Jazz CD's

  6. Jazz CD's

  7. FS: OOP Mosaic CD sets

    Hi, James Received the Teagarden set today, great condition, great PACKAGING!! Thank You Mark
  8. FS: OOP Mosaic CD sets

    PM for Jack Teagarden: Complete Roulette Sessions, MD4-218, #1565/5000 $110
  9. Jazz Books for Sale

    Books arrived today , Thank You Pete !
  10. Jazz CD's

  11. Jazz CD's

  12. NFL 2012

    No, I have a friend who does not want to meet his birth mother, yet he has met his birth sister and she has visited him and stayed at his house. (his birth mom/sister live overseas) It was nice that his parents tried to keep contact thru letters and pics, open adoption is the way to go. My wife and I adopted a baby boy 3 years ago, he just turned 4 and we have an agreement with the birth parents that they see him once a year......we thought it was best for our son to know his birth parents. The first visit went well, but this past summer they did not show up , hopefully they will make it this summer !
  13. Jazz CD's

    BUMP !
  14. LF: Johnny Hammond Smith, "What's going on." CD

    PM Sent!
  15. Jazz CD's

  16. MLB 2012 Season

    Red Sox rally against Tigers , No win for Verlander!
  17. Jazz CD's

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  18. Happy Birthday zen archer!

    Thanks everyone.....50...... arrrggghhh............. No I'am NOT that happy with the Sox roster, but look on the bright side, they didn't win with the roster they had last year!
  19. Jazz CD's

    BUMP ...New Additions
  20. 2011 MLB Season

    I would love to see Joe Torre with the Sox, also the Sox brass likes Bud Black but he is tied up thru 2013.
  21. 2011 MLB Season

    I have to respect Dan's frustration at this point. Still, I can't imagine when the pitchers and catchers report next Spring that he'll be able to refrain from a comment or two. Baseball gets in your blood. It would be awfully hard to just walk away. With respect to spitting, that's a chewing tobacco thing. If you've ever tried it (and I did once) you'll realize quickly that spitting is the only viable option. The last thing in the world you'd want to do is swallow. Trust me on this. Francona doesn't use chewing tobacco, what he does that is gross, he takes the bubble gum out of his mouth and adds more gum and twists and grinds it with his fingers,then puts it back into his mouth. He does this constantly. It seems after the ownership meeting with Francona everyone left with out making a public comment ....so maybe they are giving Francona the weekend to decide whether he stays. Knowing that the certain pitchers (on their off days) were drinking beer in the clubhouse during games is pretty bad. Francona talked to them about it ,but you got to wonder why he didn't ban alcohol from the clubhouse.
  22. 2011 MLB Season

    Wow,that's not good your not even a Pink Hatter...we were hoping to just lose the Pink Hats not the die hards.