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  1. Jazz CD's

    Updated , New Additions!
  2. 2010 MLB Season

    Johnny Damon claimed off waivers by the Red Sox
  3. Happy Birthday, Jazzbo!

    Happy birthday!
  4. New Prince Album 20TEN

    Sounds like Controversy Era Prince and that is a good thing. First 5 songs are very strong!
  5. 2010 MLB Season

    Yes and with all that being said we WIN tonight and are only a half game behind the Yankees! When is Beckett coming back?.....is it unreasonable to think that Beckett, Ellsbury and V. Martinez will be back after the All Star break?
  6. 2010 MLB Season

    On the NESN pre-game show they had a stat that claimed the Red Sox have the best record in all of MLB since April 20th. Thats pretty amazing especially considering all the different outfielders that have filled in and Beckett missing what now, a month?.....and they still need some bullpen help you can't use Bard in every single game or he will be toast by Aug.
  7. 2010 MLB Season

    They could call Casey Kelly,? Sometimes the Sox do crap like that remember Cla Meredith,Craig Hanson they called both of these kids up before they were ready. What happened to Bowden????.....I thought he was one of the TOP pitching prospects I never hear his name anymore. The Ellsbury thing is very interesting the media up here are obnoxious (as if that would be a surprise to anyone). The guys on EEI and CSN are all over this kid calling him soft and he won't play with pain ..jesus then he finds out he did more damage by playing.
  8. 2010 MLB Season

    Red Sox are now 1 1/2 games out of the wild card slot. Ahead of Toronto ... Pitching and Defense......
  9. Jazz CD's

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  10. Jazz CD's

    BUMP - New Adds
  11. Happy Birthday zen archer!

    Thanks everyone,the best part of my B-Day is that pitchers and catchers report in 2 days !!!!
  12. Jazz CD's

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  13. 2009-2010 Hot Stove Thread

    And the Sox traded Kotchman to the Mariners.
  14. Jazz CD's

    BUMP ...New Additions
  15. MLB 2009 Season

    I hope it's the last Hurrah !!!!!........how old is Rivera, 85? at some point he has to lose it.
  16. MLB 2009 Season

    Losing the 2001 Series hurt especially since Mariano helped cause the loss with poor fielding in the 9th inning of Game 7 before Gonzalez' blooper hit won it. But, I was more bugged losing the 2003 Series to the Marlins, partly because I now live in southeast Florida and had to put up with the media here after, including my wife, a transplanted Yankee fan who switched to the Marlins for the Series. But also because, as admittedly, somewhat of a purist (who, BTW, detests the A.L. DH, despite what Matsui did, and would rather return to original baseball rules regarding the pitcher having to hit), I hated that a wild card team, the Marlins, a team that could not win its division, beat the Yanks and thereby became world champs. I guess you being a purist you rooted against the Yanks in 07 when they were the wild card team.
  17. MLB 2009 Season

    Utley makes 11 million he would rank number 10 on the Yankees..Damon makes more $$$ than Utley! Your MVP makes more money than Utley !!!!
  18. MLB 2009 Season

    Congrats to the Yankees and their fans for buying another championship.........way to go.
  19. Jazz CD's

    BUMP - New Additions
  20. MLB 2009 Season

    There are rumors here in Boston that the Sox are going to make a hard push for a trade to get King Felix!!! Really? The Red Sox better start by offering Beckett, Pedroia and a top draft pick. And even then it's not worth it. Felix is the real deal and he's only 23. Well I think they might offer Bucholz, Youk ,Bowden ....that might get the deal done . Some of the media guys including Merloni think that the Sox might not want to give Beckett a big deal because the last 2 years he has had these nagging injuries late in the season. His best year was 07 and that came with a month off in the middle of the season.
  21. MLB 2009 Season

    There are rumors here in Boston that the Sox are going to make a hard push for a trade to get King Felix!!!
  22. MLB 2009 Season

    You are right ,it's been a great run.
  23. MLB 2009 Season

    Well yesterday during the post game show on NESN Jerry Remy wanted to know why Papelbon abandoned the split finger fastball ? Also Lou Merloni echoed the same sentiment on a late night sports show. This does beg the question as to why he doesn't throw the splitter any more?.....He needs another pitch and he used to throw the splitter. He is not gonna be a great closer if he doesn't have an out pitch. Like Bard who throws 100 MPH and then comes in with an 83 MPH change up. Remy said only one Closer in the Major Leagues can get away with one pitch and we know who that is ......Mo Rivera.