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  1. Jazz CD's

    BUMP , new additions , Price drop on Byrd Box
  2. MLB 2009 Season

    7 straight wins against the Yanks !!!!.....The Yankees don't even look like the Yankees anymore something weird about them. Why would Girardi take A-Rod out of the game when he walked in the 9th? He is not the worse base runner and if the Yanks had tied the game you lose the best player on your team.
  3. MLB 2009 Season

    Dice K is the most frustrating starter in all of baseball, I have a friend who has season tickets and she sells them when Dice K starts a game !
  4. Jazz CD's

    Bump - New Additions
  5. MLB 2009 Season

    So Ellsbury gets demoted to the bottom of the order after he had a hit in 22 straight games ?....I don't get it what does the kid need to improve on now ?
  6. MLB 2009 Season

    Eck couldn't believe that Santos hit a 97 MPH high fastball out of the park...i wonder if the gun was wrong? I agree about Papelbon , he needs to grow up a little.
  7. MLB 2009 Season

    I watched the last 4 innings .....some really pathetic at bats they looked like they wanted to go back to the hotel. Especially Nick Green he looked horrible swinging at crap in the dirt . Bard looked good ...Damn he looked very comfortable out there. They need Pedroia and Youk back NOW !
  8. Jazz CD's

  9. MLB 2009 Season

    And the Dodgers have lost 2 straight !
  10. MLB 2009 Season

    Right, so was mine ...
  11. MLB 2009 Season

    Umm...er...fish on? Can you say tongue in cheek? Up over and out. Oh humor ...so do you really think Lowell is a juicer ?
  12. MLB 2009 Season

    I don't know, Dan. Have you ever compared before and after pix of Mike Lowell? If there's a more obvious juicer, I don't know who it would be. Manny and Lowell are just the tip of the iceberg. Once MLB gets to looking into this, who knows what might happen. I mean c'mon, Dan, the Yanks were up 3-0 in 2004 and lost the series? No way that happens unless are chemicals involved. Equally Dangerous Dave Up over and out. What are you talking about ?....wasn't Giambi on that Yankee team?...He was juicing, probably Jeter too it's funny how he declined so fast. And A-ROD and Sheffield ........so the Sox came back from a 3-0 deficit because they were juicing and the Yankees were not. Typical New York crap.
  13. MLB 2009 Season

    Forgetting for a minute what a nightmare putting a retroactive * in the record book would create... I still don't think you can do it because apparently he just tested positive this season only. You can't do that ...if you could prove evey player on the team was doing roids maybe. in 07 i don't think Lowell, Ellsbury , pedroia, papelbon , Schill, Beckett, were doing roids. and even if you do Roids doesn't mean you will win Championships ....A-Rod, Giambi .....
  14. MLB 2009 Season

    Whoa i would never have thought Manny ....nothing is sacred i think everyone was doing it .
  15. MLB 2009 Season

    Spike Lee was sitting by himself with a ton of empty seats around him ....I thought it was because no one liked him. The tenth man statement is right on , Eck said during the ninth inning that it felt like it was a 15 to 1 ballgame ...the place was like a graveyard !
  16. MLB 2009 Season

    What is up with the New Yankee Stadium ? Granted I know it was raining a little and cold BUT are they selling seats or what? Yankees and Red Sox looked like they were playing to an empty house if that same game was played at Fenway, hell you can even throw in some snow ,the place would of been packed !
  17. Jazz CD's

  18. MLB 2009 Season

    I Love it ! His teammates called him Bitch Tits !!!....hahaha
  19. MLB 2009 Season

    Big Comeback from the Sox tonight down 5 zip they go on to win 6-5 !
  20. MLB 2009 Season

    The Red Sox need to reach a point where they say Fuck It and just go with the youth Bucholz ,Masterson, Bowden..... would they ever think of dealing Dice-K ? PR purposes dealing Dice-K would not be good especially with the Japanese market that the Sox have reached out to for Advertisement . BUT wouldn't you rather see Bucholz and Masterson in the starting rotation than Dice- K and Penny?
  21. MLB 2009 Season

    SOX Win !!!!!!.....what a game , YOOOOOOUUUUUUUKKKKKK!
  22. MLB 2009 Season

    Nice game from Masterson today , the SOX are BACK !
  23. MLB 2009 Season

    My Dad took me to Fenway a lot when i was a kid in fact we were at the game that YAZ hit his 400th home run! I remember my Dad turned to me and predicted that he would hit it out on his next at bat and sure enough he did. I'll never forget that.... it was a great moment. Another thing I remember is that people sat still more back then , there was no disposible income. So NO getting up to get a beer every half inning like they do at Fenway now ....well we will see if they still get up for $8 beers in this economy.