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  1. Louis Armstrong and the spy in Congo

    Sad and shameful. But that's what the state dept and see eye a do. Peoples' lives don't matter when there's resources and profits to be had.
  2. What does that mean, “post-truth era”? That statues of confederate generals/soldiers that were erected via the efforts of white supermacists should remain standing because they represent some historical “truth”? Or does it mean something else?
  3. That article is from 2018. But no doubt that broad brush he loves still gets heavy use.
  4. Were the arrangements for these sessions done by Duke Pearson?
  5. Post a pic

    That pic is funny. I only saw the very end of that game unfortunately.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    This is a good comp of Dolphy's Prestige recordings. Then it was on to: A so-so comp, but has some good playing. And now: So much better than Les Liaisons Dangereuses, which I think (at least that first disc) may have been rehearsals (need to check the booklet again). This big band in concert is phenomenal.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Disc 1. Man, he spaced Crepuscule way further out here...
  8. Welcome to BFT 210

    This is a reason I love BFT's. I wouldn't have been listening to this group as they were completely off my radar before hearing this. Glad PP has done a reissue. They tend to do quality work.
  9. Not a bad song on the entire LP for me. Cover art - especially the gatefold jacket - is a bonus.
  10. Good Jazz Albums from 1979?

    The 3rd disc of these Selects went unreleased before Mosaic issued them, and both were recorded in '79: Also, probably mentioned already but Joe Henderson's Relaxin' at Camarillo; Ronnie Mathews' Legacy; Brignola's Burn Brigade; & Art Pepper's Stardust are some great one's from that year.
  11. If music is dirt, Rub A Dub's like sand: Phenomenal album Then: Barrington's warbling over these heavy rhythms is hypnotic. There's nothing else quite like this. Love this record!
  12. A couple of Max Romeo comps: then some later stuff: