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  1. MPS / SABA - Favourites and Recommended

    Great thread. I’m familiar with basically nothing listed. Just listened to the Gunter Hampel Heartplants album (thanks @mjazzg) and now on the Smoke record
  2. Strata Records / Deep Jazz Reality cd reissues

    Listening to these, that Kenny Cox might be my favorite of the bunch.
  3. Strata Records / Deep Jazz Reality cd reissues

    Ha, listening now. This is that r&b funk flavor I mentioned. That “Tony” track - c’mon! Not quite smooth bc it’s got edges but there’s no focus on changes like I heard in that Myrick record.
  4. Strata Records / Deep Jazz Reality cd reissues

    Not all together wrong on that. Outside of that CJQ album I’d say overall less jazz, more r&b funk esp if compared to Strata East. Also have that 70s spiritual jazz flavor in there. I’ve found a lot to enjoy from these. I think they track close to that Ranelin/Tribe vibe.
  5. BFT#220

    Track 1 & 11 sound like different versions of the same tune. Track 1 - Bobby Hutcherson quartet? Track 2 Marc Johnson? 9 is In a Sentimental Mood but unsure on who Great set overall!
  6. Frank Zappa

    Damn, they sold it all lock stock and barrel. Bet they made a fortune
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Found it streaming. Discogs says recorded in ‘92 in NYC with George & Ed Schuller and Jack Wilkins making up the rhythm section. Laporta plays both tenor and clarinet.
  8. Post a pic

    Y’all and your pussy pics…
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    WP Charles Tolliver's Paper Man, NP Ted Curson's Blue Piccolo. This Curson album is from '76 with McBee, Jim McNeely and Jim McCall (Curson & the 3 Mc's?). First time I've heard this and I like it. On the Whynot label and first released in Japan. No US release until '82 on India Navigation.
  10. Strata Records / Deep Jazz Reality cd reissues

    Listened to the Kenny Cox album today. Once I got settled in it was really enjoyable. Flows nicely with Hammond’s Reflection in the Sea of Nurnen
  11. Post a pic

    Strangely phallic but not political. Moss was good in Shining Girls on Apple TV. Weird series but enjoyable.
  12. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Thanks for this post. Never listened to most artists listed. So now playing: Recorded in '02, released in '05 with Brian Walsh, Michael Ibarra, Rich West & Noah Phillips. In line with the Carter/Bradford discussion above, track 2 "You Say" is parenthetically dedicated to Bradford.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Never listened to Magic Windows before, so streaming now. Nice morning vibes
  14. BFT #219

    Good, glad to hear he’s ok!
  15. BFT #219

    Wonder what happened to @rostasi?