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  1. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    1: Nice vocal track. Mature voice with an R&B flavor. Great backing on an old school track 2: Cool production, dubbed out effects on the horn with some nice percussive backing. Dig the marimba and the electronic effects later on. 3: Love this track too. Rhythm section builds tension while the sax goes off, very much in that spiritual jazz vein. 4. Interesting, a little off kilter like the sax is dancing around the rhythm section. Good track 5. Ballad - nice change of pace. 6. Fun big band track. Will do the others later. I'm terrible at guessing artists, obviously. Enjoying the music so far though.
  2. Ray Crawford

    An alternate cut of Blues In My Heart and a bonus track in All the Things You Are.
  3. Ray Crawford

    Spurred by the discussion here, enjoying this right now: Ray Crawford - Smooth Groove
  4. Ray Crawford

    Looks like he's also on a Lou Rawls set called Black and Blue and Tobacco Road which I haven't heard but am intrigued by. Just noticed this. My copy is the 32 Jazz CD which doesn't have the bonus tracks.
  5. Ray Crawford

    Sonny Criss' Crisscraft is recommended.
  6. I'll take: Clark - My conception Humphrey - Blacks and Blues Green - Matador
  7. America unleashed

    It was a bit of a left turn within her statements, but I gave my interpretation as to why it may have been included in my comment above.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Recorded December 22, 1977 at Blue Rock Studio, New York City From Mosaic's Bee Hive box. Love this album.
  9. America unleashed

    What isn't?
  10. America unleashed

    Grains of truth is a stretch for me here though. Founding fathers attacked - they're long dead, so we're talking about "attacks" on their current mythological context which frames them outside of the reality of their times. Religious symbols attacked - absolutely loaded, but similar to the statement above on the Founding Fathers of the US. Museums attacked - bizarre, but I think overall the effort here is to build fear over the toppling or re-framing of the core mythical beliefs and how they're presented as fact to uphold the status quo power structure. If you don't mind the slippery slope fallacy in her statement(s) and are fearful over statues being damaged and/or removed then you are her audience.
  11. America unleashed

    She's fearmongering via use of slippery slope within a reactionary context. It's a hand-wringing, pearl-clutching, presumptive stance in favor of the status quo. It's ridiculous to me, but hey, different strokes.
  12. America unleashed

    A very reactionary take, complete with slippery slope fallacy.
  13. Gabor Szabo

    I don't know much about Szabo's personality but if he was battling heroin addiction then his perception may have been skewed leading to misplaced ire, etc. There aren't any first hand accounts from Szabo about this that I can find either, so this description of "livid" at Benson may also be an embellishment (or not, who knows). Benson's legacy is affirmed though.