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  1. Whims of Chambers--Paul Chambers

    I can only guess touring and recording in other bands and whatever was going on in his personal life as the reasons that limited his time/availability for leader dates.
  2. Whims of Chambers--Paul Chambers

    On the very long list of jazz artists that died way, way, way too young.
  3. Whims of Chambers--Paul Chambers

    Not sure but he sadly passed at age 33, which is probably the main reason. He was also really busy while playing, just a very productive but all too short career. No idea on the Coltrane question though.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    He's no Ray Brown when it comes to arco but it didn't bother me. He's a sincere player and it came across that way to me. I enjoyed the whole mood and atmosphere of the album. I can't wait to listen to it again actually.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    We are completely opposite in that regard lol.
  6. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Pure Pleasure has been reissuing some of these Tribe records for the past couple of years and been doing a good job of it. So that's a more affordable option other than the VMP box.
  7. I've got mono.

    No, but I've read where they really help the sound on mono recordings, even if the record's physical condition is below average. Congrats on your buy. Hope you enjoy the tunes!
  8. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    I meant on the Sangoma track...I think I read that CD image right...?
  9. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Strong playing from McBee on this one.
  10. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Well, these things are increasing in market value like crazy. Not sure how long that'll last, as I do think the Tone Poets will cut into the margins a bit with similar titles. But some of the more hyped up titles will probably climb higher.
  11. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    I've never heard Burrell in a big band setting, so that's a new one.
  12. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    1 - oh yeah. sounds like some Charles Tolliver/Music Inc type vibes here. Love the composition and the playing all around. Great tune. The break at about 6:28 or so is super sweet. 2 - Lovely guitar led track. Sounds like a familiar tune...and multiple brass players add some layers too. Total shift of gears at 2:20 is nice. 3 - No clue who this pianist is. Like how they built the song from the lower keys. 4 - Another good one. Nice trumpet lead. 5 - B3 & guitar is a great recipe for music. Fantastic song here. 6 - Killer track after killer track. Love the brass attack here. The piano floats along too. Solos are good, just an all around fun track. 7 - Kind of similar to track 6 in certain ways. Great trumpet lead off and the ensemble plays really well the whole time. Bass player is flying too. Piano comping gets a bit distracting at times, maybe it's the recording though. 8 - Has a 60s BN feel to it. Nice trumpet opening. Strong melody. 9 - Great song. Nice build up to when they let loose but stay in that laid back funky groove. Guessing the bass player is the lead here? 10 - Familiar head on this one...love the big band version of it. Yeah, when the woodwinds come in it's a burner. Nice track. Drummer is on fire and is totally on the left side of this recording. Makes me want to guess Buddy Rich but could be another drummer lead with this kind of profiling. 11 - Noticing no piano but with guitar instead...but nice groove from the drums and bass. Trio like when it's just the trumpet with them. Very good song. Nifty quartet setting of guitar, drums, bass and trumpet. 12 - Timmy Thomas' Why Can't We Live Together. So freaking good. Soulful with that percussion & organ. Love this track. 13 - Love the flute and the slow build up to the massive groove this track has. Not a bad track here. Lots of favorites too. Thanks for this one!
  13. REVEAL BFT 200

    Thanks. Sound Suggestions is actually the one I was going to pick up first.