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  1. Bunny Wailer (1947 - 2021)         

    One of my personal great musical discoveries was his solo output post Blackheart Man. He was a great ambassador for both JA & reggae music. Some of the writings that Roger Steffens has on Bunny are great reads. Here's hoping that his bio, Old Firesticks, will be published at some point. RIP Jah B.
  2. Your Favorite Jazz Records of the 1980s?

    That's really, really good!
  3. RIP Neville Livingston AKA Bunny Wailer AKA Jah B. He put out some of the best roots reggae around. Not to mention that he also wrote "Electric Slide," something I learned recently.
  4. BFT 204 - C'mon Vince, Play Your Vibes!

    As in Bobby Womack serious?
  5. BFT 204 - C'mon Vince, Play Your Vibes!

    1 - This first track sounds sped up. It's weird, especially when the grunts start. Then it sounds like a vocal warm up tune. Was waiting for the Butta Gutta's to start. 2 - I've got a live Diz and Bird CD that is from a show in Europe and this sounds like something from that, only the sonics here are better than that CD. Those kick drum stomps are lovely. And this is a tenor right? So not Bird. 3 - This reminds me of those SAR gospel records that Sam Cooke produced for the Soul Stirrers. This isn't one of them (I don't think), but the style is right there. Some serious soul shoutin' going on. 4 - Speaking of SAR Records, one of those singers that Cooke brought under tutelage was Lou Rawls, who sang this song Down Here on the Ground. So someone remixed that tune...and found it. Sounds like a beat RZA would've used too. Nice guitar break here so is that in homage to Green or did they loop his solo? Wes also did this but I think this is Green's playing...This is brilliant. 5 - This has been ID'd already but damn, it's a great tune. Reminds me of some Philly soul tracks too. Lovely 6 - Song has been ID'd but I don't know who's playing. Enjoyable for sure. 7 - ID'd as well, at least the composer. 8 - Quilt talk from Southern Belles with a really nice track overlaid. The tension it builds is really incredible.
  6. Well they’ve stuck with that box color and style for decades, but work in a bicolor splatter LP and people lose their minds. They could probably cover 2 years worth of overhead with a couple of surprise vinyl projects
  7. Yes, definitely economics which might include more licensing costs? But every niche label out there is doing limited vinyl runs these days. They sell out almost immediately at around the 500 unit mark, especially if they’re colored variants.
  8. National anthem at the CPAC convention

    This is the Larry Goldings from Trio Saudades right? What a character... I'm cringing so hard through these. Embarrassing on several levels, but the piano is so on point.
  9. BFT203 Reveal

    Lots of new artists for me in this BFT.
  10. BFT 203 Available For Download

    Man, Rufus Reid getting a bit beat up on here lol.
  11. I hear that. But it probably works best when I’m not around though. and she really doesn’t look like TC which makes it even more weird and funny.
  12. Some sort of nice tequila. Around $50 worth
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I can't recommend it highly enough. Best thing I've listened to all week.