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  1. Wow Brad, it's awesome to see a post on this thread. This was just a little adventure of mine about 5 months ago that fizzled out because noone could give me a solid answer. I just kinda threw the vinyl in a drawer and forgot about it. Could you please help me understand the response more? Is he saying it is parker along with identifying the other musicians? Looking forward to your response. This is awesome!
  2. Thanks @Quasimado, I definitely learned a lot about jazz I didn't know before :).
  3. Hey @Quasimado, OP here. I've kinda gone dark on this whole thing. I've been unable to confirm or get anything solid from any reputable source. I don't have any deep knowledge on the subject, so I'm kinda just stopped in my tracks. Maybe i'll pursue it again some years down the road...
  4. No idea who any of them are. That's what im trying to figure out. The red says "orig." which im assuming stands for original.
  5. Not saying they were recorded in KC or the exact time range. If you look through the logbook, you can see Vic was doing many different press runs for various Hollywood Record labels right around that time. EX: On Pg 31 - D-1040 thru D-1045, he was doing a run for Cadet Record Co., a jazz-based label located in Hollywood, Date - Oct 1946 Quasi, very strange you say this! I found a list of Parker's tour dates at in 1948 at http://plosin.com/milesahead/Bird/Charlie%20Parker%20Chronology%201948.html. He was in kansas city april 27-28 and nov 25th, His tour group in November was: Howard McGhee (tp); Tommy Turk (tb); Sonny Criss, Charlie Parker (as); Coleman Hawkins, Flip Philips (ts); Al Haig (p); Tommy Potter (b); J. C. Heard (d); Kenny Hagood (voc) And in April was: Red Rodney (tp); Charlie Parker (as); Dexter Gordon, Flip Philips (ts); Duke Jordan (p); Barney Kessel (g); Tommy Potter (b); Stan Levey (d). Sarah Vaughan (voc) acc. by Jimmy Jones (p If you take a gander at the November group, you'll see two different altos, the Bird and Sonny Criss.....
  6. I apologize Brad, all these links are getting me confused. I changed the top link, Here it is as well: https://soundcloud.com/jake-k-553205636/jk-album-side-01-raw-1?fbclid=IwAR3tz7MH0vJQLV3hcYjV278NCtlCHti5UtFAufzNWYvqajSEGjfpXuX3be4
  7. Thanks for the info guys! Here's some more for ya. Here's the full side A: https://soundcloud.com/jake-k-553205636/jk-album-side-01-raw-1?fbclid=IwAR3tz7MH0vJQLV3hcYjV278NCtlCHti5UtFAufzNWYvqajSEGjfpXuX3be4 What's interestering is there was a release by Dial featuring this exact same front and back side in 1948. Charlie Parker All Stars* ‎– Relaxing At Camarillo / Stupendous Label: Dial Records (3) ‎– 1030 If this isn't Parker, I would love to know where it came from and why someone recorded their own version of an A and B side of a released single? Also Vic Damon (Owner of Damon Studios) kept a logbook of all recordings: https://library.umkc.edu//Manuscripts/Collections/Digital/damon-logbook.pdf The Dial matrices for the release were D 1071-A and D 1074-A. If you go to Vic Damon's journal on page 33 and look at those matrices, you will see both of them are crossed out, along with "above not destroyed, marked in error" under 1074-A . the dates for those recordings are Jan 24, 1947. Relaxin was recorded for dial on Relaxin recorded Feb 25 1947. Pg 31 - D-1040 thru D-1045 For Cadet Record Co. Hollywood. Another Hollywood label above that, theres a connection to hollywood around the timeframe of camarillo... Could all just be coincidences though since they both would've used the same D- format I think? Still strange those exact numbers are right around the same timeframe...
  8. I've decided to post the full recording of Side B for your consideration. This version of "Stupendous" is nearly 5 minutes long while the released version is around 3 minutes. Let me know what you think! https://soundcloud.com/jake-k-553205636/jk-album-side-02-raw-1
  9. The Relaxin version sounds way more sloppy than this but the B side Stupendous sounds really close to his style? At least to my ears.
  10. The potential of having a piece of history has made me research jazz for the past 16 hours! (and possibly all night)
  11. Interesting huh? What are the odds some random group went in there and recorded an obscure Parker song as well? HOLD UP! Think I found something.. Dial released a single in 1948 of Relaxin on the A side and Stupendous on the back.. https://rateyourmusic.com/release/single/charlie_parker/relaxing_at_camarillo___stupendous/
  12. I don't think there's anything saying this was created in 47'. Is there a chance this was recorded in his later years with some pickup musicians while he was really started to be affected by his addiction. Are you able to identify the B side at all? I was finally able to identify the B side! It's another Charlie Parker song called "Stupendous"
  13. Thanks for your input chewy!
  14. Hi everyone! First time poster here looking for some assistance. I recently came across the following record and it looked interesting: https://imgur.com/z52h9G7 https://imgur.com/Mu5gCod The title says "Relaxin at Camarillo". This was originally recorded by someone named Charlie Parker but there is no artist name on it. Dayton Recording studios is in Kansas City and I couldn't find any record of Charlie being there except in 42-43, while "Relaxin" was released in 47'. The only other labels I was able to find was the following: https://www.discogs.com/Big-Bob-Dougherty-And-His-Bobcats-Ramblin-At-Random-Trees/release/9253378 Though this one is blue and has the artist's name, it was released in 1944. This morning I got the record digitized and found out it had a Side A and B! Here are some clips from them: A - https://clyp.it/4o131e0e B - https://soundcloud.com/jake-k-553205636/clyp-side-b The person who digitized it says it's a 78 RPM Acetate. Are there any Jazz aficionados out there who could help identify the artist on here? Thanks!