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  1. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    If anyone rates any of them, let me know.
  2. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Some interesting looking new archival releases of duos between Japanese and European musicians seem to have come out from NoBusiness recently.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Jim Hall / Ron Carter Duo - Alone Together (Milestone, 1972) A weird but lovely one. I find Jim Hall's playing substantially developed from his more well know '50s sideman dates. The duo's not a combination I would have expected to work but it really does. Carter and Hall are really sympathetic to each other's style. Donald Byrd - Kofi (Blue Note, 1972) Probably my favourite Lew Tabackin ever on record. He, Horace Parlan and Frank Forster make this record really good. I find that the decline in Byrd's powers was already getting obvious by this point, but I like that he keeps it simple and gives others the space.
  4. Frank Lowe

    It looks like The Flam is about to be reissued, or at least new copies are popping up suddenly in online shops.
  5. Sun Ra, Accompanist

    Currently listening to A Tribute To Stuff Smith by Billy Bang, which has Sun Ra playing second to Bang's fiddle. I don't normally associate Mr. Ra with other people's records (well, at least not post-Swing era). Nor does Wikipedia apparently: it doesn't even have a "sideman" section for his discography. Can anyone think of any other examples of Sun Ra playing in an accompaniest's role on another musician's record?
  6. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    I came across this old thread today whilst looking for something else. It was funny how comparatively undiscovered the Black Jazz catalogue was only a few years ago. These days, even pretty tatty LPs are going for crazy prices.
  7. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    I have just received an email updating me on the launch, along with a "thrilling" video giving a "sneak peak" of the lacquer cutting session in September.
  8. You must be getting close to the end. How many more weeks' recaps do we have to look forward to? I will miss them.
  9. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Thanks! I'm definitely ordering this one.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Its a good one. Right up there with Hearinga Suite in my view.
  11. Toshinori Kondo (1948-2020)

    Very sad. A really unique musician.
  12. What music did you buy today?

    Alan's is fun. It is an old fashioned record shop experience and the man himself is very nice and chatty, which is a change. Not an easy trip if you're based in Hornsey though. Are the Palmer's Green ones RDA and Merlin?
  13. What music did you buy today?

    Alan's in East Finchley and then The Little Record Shop in Hornsey. Definitely a different experience to the Hackney Hypsters. The difference in price is pretty remarkable. The Hornsey one, which is where I got the Braxton, I'd recommend at the moment. Alan's has a lot of new jazz in, mostly in the Soul Jazz or smoother end of the market. Lots of Jack McDuff etc. Only about a quarter had made it to the shelves though so perhaps worth checking in. I find Yo Yo a bit of a mix. I think that they overprice what they think they'll sell. The stuff that doesn't make it to the website is sometumes more moderate.
  14. Reading the above with interest. My parents hated music and would look relieved when the “noise” was turned off. It didn’t matter what the “noise” was, they preferred silence. I think the only CDs we had in the house were versions of some classical pieces that had crossed their 60s paths (Jacqueline de Pre etc.), but I don’t remember them ever being played. Despite that, my dad had very happy memories of listening to Sonny Rollins as a younger man, which was a good direction to me when I started feeling my way into jazz. In the 90s, Rollins wasn’t really being marketed in the way that e.g. Miles was, and I might easily have missed him. Getting hooked on Freedom Suite (my Dad’s recommendation) after stumbling missteps with Bitches Brew and some Columbia-era Monk, was part of what got me actually interested in jazz.