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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Nice to see that this is now getting a spin.
  2. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    I know it well. A stone cold classic album, and one of my favourites (probably up there with A Love Supreme in my own personal top list). My knowledge of Roscoe Mitchell is fairly good up to 1981 and then peters out. Listening to the Conversations one now. Very good so far. I like the mystery drummer concept.
  3. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    Thanks! And this is exactly what I was looking for.
  4. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    I've been listening to Solo [3] from 2004 an awful lot over the past week, and I am really impressed by what a great album it is. Really varied, and up there with his best solo works. I hadn't really explored "late" era Roscoe Mitchell before now. Are there any others that people on this board really rate? For these purposes, late = post-Snurdy, so '81 onwards. Thanks!
  5. New/Recent Blue Note signings

    Thanks for the heads up. I quite enjoyed Nduduzo Makhathini's playing on those recent Shabaka and the Elders records, so interesting to know, and one I will check out.
  6. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    The Köln Concert?
  7. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    Definitely. There's a reason why record shops have dedicated ECM sections and not dedicated Intakt sections.
  8. Happy Birthday, Sonny Simmons.

    There's a bunch of those. Records like The Quest by Mal Waldron that just get swept under the carpet because they're not on Blue Note.
  9. Clean Feed Records

    I hadn't come across that one, but I've been listening to it all today at work. It's brilliant. It's such a wall of sound and technique.
  10. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    Black Saint would certainly make a good thread, although I'm enjoying this one.
  11. Happy Birthday, Sonny Simmons.

    I love Sonny Simmons. Firebirds with Prince Lasha and Ancient Ritual were my entry points and they're the ones I would start with. They are different enough in setting and period that you get a good well rounded picture. There's a documentary out there about him on Amazon called "The Multiple X-Rated Truth". It has lots of footage of him and, weirdly, Anthony Braxton. It's compellingly unpolished as a documentary and worth tracking down.
  12. Clean Feed Records

    Nice! That really is a binge. Let us know how you get on when you get to the crazy listening binge part. I'm planning something similar on Bandcamp this Friday (my self-deluding justification being that it is important to support artists at this time). If anyone has any crucial recommendations burning a hole in their head let me know - including any of the above (although Clean Feed's presence on Bandcamp is spottier than some of the other labels mentioned above). I hadn't seen this list before. Thanks - there are a couple that had escaped my notice. Useful stuff when, as you say, these records aren't really being discussed. Given the barriers to entry, lists like this aren't just a pissing contest, but serve a real purpose as a route to discovery.
  13. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    The family are away so... Nonaah by Roscoe Mitchell. Currently on side 3.
  14. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    He's 80 today. A real hero.