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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thanks both. Always interested in anything Jerome Richardson.
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    What is this one's story? Pretty interesting name and line up A good one.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    David Sanchez' Melaza (Columbia, 2000) Some very good playing on here by Miguel Zenon in particular.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Baden Powell’s and Vincius de Moraes’ Os Afro Sambas (Forma, 1966)
  5. What music did you buy today?

    Bought today from a tiny nook in the wall in Dartmouth.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Burton Greene - Presenting... (CBS, 1970). A really good album, which makes me want to dig further into Greene’s work. Very good Byard Lancaster performances too. Now onto: Idris Ackermoor & The Pyramids - Shaman (Strut, 2020). I think this is a solid late period record, without either the strengths or deficiencies of the Pyramids’ earlier records. None of the wildness in the playing. A bit of a pastiche of 70s styles through a 2020s lense at times, but overall, an enjoyable record. Great cover.
  7. I am seriously tempted to buy this.

    No way! Fourth is best, and the fifth and sixth are great too. it’s only with those three that they learned how to write a vocal line that was not identical to what the bass was playing. Also, no love for the Dio era? Those first two are great metal albums.
  8. Not so much with clave, but this does describe quite a few of my favourite bossa records from the 1960s. There’s a rich tradition of ersatz bossa from all ends of the US jazz world.
  9. I just had a bewildered couple of minutes before I realised there are two different Steve Jordans. One of whom does not play accordion.
  10. With regards to the above discussion, I agree that “Latin jazz” is obviously not the music world’s best piece of terminology. I chose to use it for the thread because I hoped to hear about a wide range of music that I didn’t know about in the responses. The alternative would have been to have two separate threads for afro-cuban records and bossa/samba records (which I think are probably the two primary sources of what most people picking Grammy category award winners understand by the term) would be too restrictive and likely to lead to discussions on what qualified and what doesn’t. Hence “Latin jazz”. As to the diaspora point, there is a reason why samba and afro-cuban rhythms are what most people think about when they hear the term “latin jazz”, whereas mariachi is not. But, despite that, If anyone happens to know of some mariachi fusion or razor sharp Norteno accordion jazz, I would be interested to know about it too, to be honest
  11. Inspired by the recent Your Favourite Jazz Records of the 1980s? thread and by some really excellent looking postings recently on the So, What Are You Listening To Now? thread... There's a fairly well-established and stable view on what constitutes the "canon" of Latin jazz (Afro-Cuban or Brazilian) records up to and including the salsa era. After that though, the path is less clear, despite plenty of superb releases every decade. I noticed that despite the number of very well informed fans of Latin music on this forum, we don't have a dedicated thread to Latin jazz from the period after the early 80s' "salsa drought". So, what Latin jazz records recorded since 1979 would you be most happy to see washing up in a crate on your desert island? It can be any kind of Latin jazz from the Americas (i.e., bossa, cuban, tango, folkloric, samba, cumbia, salsa, etc.; but for the purposes of this thread, Americas only; not e.g. flamenco). If you feel it makes the grade, Latin music with enough of a jazz influence also qualifies, provided that it is recorded after 1979. Latin jazz from US musicians is also allowed in the interests of being ecumenical. List as many albums as you want to. Images and descriptions welcome. To start things off, with some of my favourites: Jerry Gonzalez - Ya Yo Me Cure (1980) Poncho Sanchez - Papa Gato (1986) Miguel Zenon - Esta Plena (2009)
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I saw them live a few years back. On of my most treasured live music experiences.
  13. Pharoah Sanders, Floating Point and the LSO

    I didn't mean to suggest Sanders was dead. From his playing on this one he certainly sounds alive.
  14. Pharoah Sanders, Floating Point and the LSO

    I do find it interesting how much this album has polarised opinions. On the one hand, I have read think pieces on how it represents an unacceptable "gentrification" of free jazz, which privileges historical figures that are perceived to have cultural cache whilst ignoring the living music. On the other hand, there's been adulation on the level of this article: https://4columns.org/holiday-harmony/pharoah-sanders (warning: do not read on a full stomach). Having listened to it a few times now, I really enjoy it, although I'd have preferred a little more Pharaoh and less of the slightly soupy orchestrations.