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  1. Montego Joe

    So much misinformation. Wikipedia and a bunch of other sources (probably all lifting from Wiki) have him born in NYC. Discogs and the liner notes to his first album have him born in Jamaica (liner notes unspecified location, Discogs says Montego Bay). Some discographies have Arriba! recorded at Van Gelder Studio, but this is likely wrong. Joe was produced by Lew Futterman, who tended to stay out of Bob Weinstock's orbit. Others make it Regent Studios, NYC.
  2. Willis Jackson on Prestige?

    Does anyone know where the Club Allegro was? Was it a club Jackson regularly played at?
  3. Ahmed Abdul-Maiik

    I'm amazed at how little information about Abdul-Malik there is online. Why did he stop recording?
  4. Gravy Waltz

    "Gravy Waltz" was written by Ray Brown and Steve Allen, and became an instant standard, thanks to Allen playing it on his tv show. 17 different versions were recorded in 1963 alone. But secondhandsongs also lists "Gravy Waltz" by Ray Brown, written in 1961. So what was Steve Allen's contribution?
  5. Gildo Mahones, RIP
  6. Prestige 16000 series

    There weren't very many 1600s, and most of them were reissues of the 7000 and 8000 series - I'm trying to understand why there was a 16000 series at all.
  7. Ahmed Abdul-Maiik

    Thanks for the link. I couldn't find it on Spotify. Their search engine leaves a lot to be desired.
  8. Ahmed Abdul-Maiik

    Thanks. Damn shame. What a great album.
  9. Ahmed Abdul-Maiik

    Was Eastern Moods of Ahmed Abdul-Malik ever re-released on CD, as part of Original Classics or any other way?
  10. Prestige 16000 series

    Prestige only released a handful of records in its 16000 series. And they don't seem to have any unifying characteristics. 16001: Gumbo! (Pony Poindexter, Booker Ervin) [6/27/63] 16002: Trumpet Giants (Fats Navarro a.o.) [same as 8296] 16003: Eastern Moods (Ahmed Abdul-Malik) [6/3/63] 16004: I'm Shooting High (Gildo Mahones) [2/4/63, 8/15/63, 9/3/63] 16005: Look Out! (Johnny Hammond Smith) [not issued; same as 8288] 16006: Soul Street (Jimmy Forrest) [not issued; same as 8293] 16007: Dameronia (Tadd Dameron) [reissue of 7037] 16008: Clifford Brown Memorial (Tadd Dameron a.o.) [reissue of 7055] 16009: Trotting (Zoot Sims) [reissue of 7026] 16010: not issued? 16011: Ezz-thetic (Lee Konitz a.o.) [reissue of 8295] Anyone know the rationale behind?
  11. Willis Jackson on Prestige? Jackson Listening to Prestige on Willis Jackson.
  12. Willis Jackson sidemen

    Yeah, this was the Gator's working band, and they worked. He always had a gig somewhere. And these guys could play -- Carl Wilson smokes it on organ. But they didn't go on to record with anyone else that I've been able to find. The one guy in the band who did make a name for himself was Pat Azzara, only the name wasn't Pat Azzara. He later changed it to Pat Martino. A boss band, but it's hard to top the earlier ensemble with Jack McDuff and Bill Jennings. Jennings is a tremendously underrated guitar player, and the work he did with the Gator may have been his best.
  13. Willis Jackson sidemen

    Anyone know anything about Carl Wilson, organ; Frank Robinson, trumpet; Joe Hadrick, drums, all of whom appeared on a few Prestige albums with Willis Jackson in the mid-1960s?
  14. Chris Woods

    On the Oliver Nelson/Jimmy Forrest tracks on Forrest's Soul Street, there's a Chris Woods on piano. Is this alto sax man Chris Woods showing some versatility, or another guy altogether? If the latter, I can't find any other credits for him.
  15. Billy Gardner

    On the personnel listing for The Chant, he's listed as Willie Gardner. But Billy Taylor, in the album's liner notes, refers to him as Billy Gardner, so maybe it is the same guy.