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  1. As far as has been documented, the only times Clifford played with Tadd was at the recording session for Prestige and the Paradise gig. However, Tadd was known to have been in and out of Philadelphia in the early 50s. Perhaps it was some gig there, or even at the Paradise that has been lost to history. Another reason I regret deeply not interviewing some other folks like Jimmie Merritt.
  2. I am sorry to say that Mobley did not play with Tadd and Clifford in AC. This seemed unlikely to me, since I researched the Paradise gig extensively when writing Dameronia. I asked Benny Golson about this and he said "I worked at the Paradise in Atlantic City with Tadd Dameron in 1953. Unfortunately, I have no recollection of Hank playing in Atlantic City with Tadd at any time. Somebody definitely got it wrong." This in an email to me received July 14, 2020.