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  1. Burton's ECM-recordings constitute an interesting body of work but I don't think Cuscuna would consider an ECM-set for his label. Even when given the opportunity. My impression is that's just not where his heart is. Personally I would like to see Mosaic release a set of Lou Donaldson's mid-1960s Argo/Cadet-albums.
  2. Yes, all sets have this mistake. I contacted Mosaic and got an answer that they were 'painfully aware' of it and had corrected it in the discographical data on their site. As to my request for a replacement disk if they were to put this right in a future pressing, Scott informed me that all runs were manufactured and a repressing was just too costly. So it is what it is. BTW, this error got me studying the booklet(s) and I noticed that session E is printed in its entirety in the booklet to cd's 5-6 whereas the only track from that session to be found on these cd's is 'Just Squeeze Me'. The other (six) tracks are on cd's 3-4 (and listed in the accompanying booklet)
  3. Don Thompson was there - he should know how the sets/playlists were put together. If he claims that he chose for this presentation of the available material to approach the feel of the actual concerts, who are we to disagree?
  4. Mistakes in covers, booklets...

    On one of the first pages of this thread @mikeweil claimed to have encountered the same problem, so yes, I guess that something went wrong with at least one domestic pressing. The (very, very) few copies that I have managed to dig up from second hand-bins here in The Netherlands had the same problem. As a result, I have been reluctant to buy it online. But maybe I will give it a try with a seller on Ebay or so. MP-3 is really not an option. i want a bona fide full-pressing - I'm a stickler for that. But thanks for your reply. I wasn't aware of the bonus-material. It makes it even more desirable to find a copy.
  5. Mistakes in covers, booklets...

    My copy of Bobby Hutcherson's 'Oblique' (2005 RvG-edition) has Herbie Hancock misspelled as 'Herbie Handcock' on the cover. Most annoying 'mistake' that I have come across is the misprint of the 'Live at the Lighthouse'-album by The Three Sounds. My copy is labelled correctly but contains altogether different music. In my search to replace it I have come across a few (European) copies but they all had the same problem. As a result, it's one of a few classic Blue Note-titles that's still missing from my collection.
  6. Wes Montgomery live

    Liner notes to the Jazz-Icons DVD-release with this material were written by Pat Metheny and can be found on his website.
  7. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    julian Priester - Love, Love John Abercrombie - Animato Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life Bobo Stenson Trio - Serenity Kenny Wheeler - The Widow in the Window Kenny Wheeler - Gnu High Haden/Garbarek/Gismonti - Magico Bennie Maupin - The Jewel in the Lotus Ralph Towner - Solstice Abercrombie/Johnson/Erskine
  8. Wes Montgomery live

    Great footage! The session with the Dutch trio was supposedly taped on April 2 1965 in a studio in Bussum (near Amsterdam) - in preperation to two concerts Wes played in The Netherlands on April 2-3. The first of these was a 45-minute radio-concert with Clark Terry (who was to perform with Duke Ellington in Amsterdam later that night) recorded in nearby Hilversum for the public broadcasting organization VARA .That material was made available on cd by VARA Radio ages ago and is excellent as well.
  9. Noirish, Pulpish Standards and Substandards

    'Laura' by David Raksin was the title-song to Otto Preminger's 1944 movie - a classic in the noir-genre. it quickly became a standard thereafter and there have been numerous great jazz-interpretations, but none (i feel) as gorgeous as Clifford Brown's version on his 'With Strings'-album. For noir -aficionados who just cannot get enough (and aren't aware of the record) - Bob Belden's imaginary soundtrack 'Black Dahlia' captures the mood (cliche's and all) to a t.
  10. Shirley Scott – One For Me reissue

    It's a mini-lp gate-fold album with liner-notes on the inside of the sleeve that continue on the inside wallet that contains the actual cd. As far as non-Japanese 'mini-lp's' go, it's quite nice. I like the new cover as well. Great picture by Francis Wolff.
  11. I found a copy today as well. Collectors in The Netherlands may be well-advised to try a Mediamarkt-outlet. I bought mine in Rotterdam but it may have found its way to some of the other branches also. There's one near Amsterdam Central Station - but there are some 50 stores in all. I just checked their internet-site and it's not available there.
  12. Much as I would love to see this album appear, I do not see any pettiness in the actions of Sony. If UMG did not do its homework properly they are fully justified to block its release.

    I bought this immediately after its release. Great music and sound-quality but packaging is woeful. No liner notes, no booklet, poor photography - It has the look and feel of a glued-in promo-cd. i find that a remarkable trend anyway. it's almost as if even some of the legit companies out there have given up on the format.
  14. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    One of the owners of the Jazzcenter-recordshop in The Hague (that sadly will go out of business this fall) claims to be have contacted Michael Cuscuna on this and supposedly a release is not on the cards for this year. Maybe next. Whether it will contain any unreleased material is unclear. Most likely not. it's just not deemed fit for release. Or so I was told. O well, i wasn't too optimistic there anyway. But one always has hope.