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  1. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Billy Mitchell - A Little Juicy Mitchell's second album on Smash is one that is still waiting for cd-release. I'm not familiar with the record but with Thad Jones, Kenny Burrell and Richard Wyands offering support one cannot help but feeling it should be out there.
  2. Steve Eliovson

    Really sad to learn that Steve Eliovson died earlier this year in his native South-Africa. He was only 66. Ever since I picked up his sole ECM-effort album I've wondered how and why he dropped out of sight so quickly after its release in 1982. Dawn Dance is every bit as great as the epochal solo- (and duo)-albums by Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie. At least in my book. How deeply tragic that this record will remain the only testament to his talent.
  3. Let's Talk About Gary McFarland Now!

    I love absolutely everything he ever did. If some of it is considered syrupy, so be it. In fact, I love McFarland's music so much that I recently ordered the cd-editions of two Verve-records that had eluded me so far: Soft Samba Strings and Scorpio. I paid way too much for these oop Japanese editions but I've been spinning them for the past few days and these too I find absolutely great - pitch-problems and all. What a stunning talent this guy was. And what a crime that so much of is work is virtually impossible to find. BTW: picking my cd's up at Concerto Recordstore in Amsterdam I found a copy of Quincy Jones' 'Plays for Pussycats' - another cd I had been trying to add to my collection for ages - and two pretty rare albums by Brazilian guitarist Toninho Horta. Great haul!
  4. LPs that have never made it into CD

    There is so much obscure stuff that still has not made it to cd but what about the following mainstream-ish Verve/Mercury-titles: Jimmy Smith - Monster Cannonball Adderley - In the Land of HiFi Cal Tjader - Warm Wave Jerome Richardson - Groove Merchant All these soId pretty well on Vinyl and I do not understand what has kept the Japanese from reissuing them. Or the Andorrans.
  5. The Kenny Clarke Francy Boland Big Band

    Going through the sales-bins at The Hague's Jazz Center (that will sadly close its doors in November) I came across a cd-edition of 'Marcel Marceau prasentiert Swing im Bahnhoff' - a record I was unaware of but decided to buy on account of the line-up and recording date: it features the Francy Boland Kenny Clarke Sextet in a live-performance in Rolandseck, Germany on September 25 1965. The cd is on Rearward/Schema and may be a useful purchase for fans of Francy Boland-Kenny Clarke. Informal and laid-back (the performance took place at a fundraiser with high profile guests) it is still a thoroughly enjoyable record. Excellent production (by Gigi Campi) and sound-quality as well.
  6. Probably the only rock-god of Dutch origin. His band making it big in the US filled the nation with pride. I like what they did. RIP
  7. Finally, a WOODY SHAW thread...

    Cassandranite is pretty hard to find but almost the entire session is collected in the 32Jazz 2cd-compilation Dark Journey which is not so rare. The tracks included there are: 2-3 Tetragon 2-4 Baloo Baloo 2-5 Cassandranite 2-6 Obsequious Hence, only 'Three Muses' is missing from the original 1965-session. I remain on the lookout for an affordable copy of the Muse-cd but until I find it, this offers some consolation.
  8. One can only speculate as to what the issues with this release actually were but over the last month I've come across several cd copies in record-shops in Delft, Leiden and Amsterdam. Universal claimed they did their utmost to have copies that slipped through pulled off the shelves whilst a solution with Sony was being worked out, but it's my impression that no such thing happened. Most retailers that carried it were even unaware of the fact that its official release had been postponed.
  9. Bought the Japanese reissue on account of of rave reviews here and gave it a few spins. In all honesty, I do not quite understand the fuss. It's a fine record but not the unequivocal masterpiece it's claimed to be. At least not to my ears.
  10. Burton's ECM-recordings constitute an interesting body of work but I don't think Cuscuna would consider an ECM-set for his label. Even when given the opportunity. My impression is that's just not where his heart is. Personally I would like to see Mosaic release a set of Lou Donaldson's mid-1960s Argo/Cadet-albums.
  11. Yes, all sets have this mistake. I contacted Mosaic and got an answer that they were 'painfully aware' of it and had corrected it in the discographical data on their site. As to my request for a replacement disk if they were to put this right in a future pressing, Scott informed me that all runs were manufactured and a repressing was just too costly. So it is what it is. BTW, this error got me studying the booklet(s) and I noticed that session E is printed in its entirety in the booklet to cd's 5-6 whereas the only track from that session to be found on these cd's is 'Just Squeeze Me'. The other (six) tracks are on cd's 3-4 (and listed in the accompanying booklet)
  12. Don Thompson was there - he should know how the sets/playlists were put together. If he claims that he chose for this presentation of the available material to approach the feel of the actual concerts, who are we to disagree?
  13. Mistakes in covers, booklets...

    On one of the first pages of this thread @mikeweil claimed to have encountered the same problem, so yes, I guess that something went wrong with at least one domestic pressing. The (very, very) few copies that I have managed to dig up from second hand-bins here in The Netherlands had the same problem. As a result, I have been reluctant to buy it online. But maybe I will give it a try with a seller on Ebay or so. MP-3 is really not an option. i want a bona fide full-pressing - I'm a stickler for that. But thanks for your reply. I wasn't aware of the bonus-material. It makes it even more desirable to find a copy.
  14. Mistakes in covers, booklets...

    My copy of Bobby Hutcherson's 'Oblique' (2005 RvG-edition) has Herbie Hancock misspelled as 'Herbie Handcock' on the cover. Most annoying 'mistake' that I have come across is the misprint of the 'Live at the Lighthouse'-album by The Three Sounds. My copy is labelled correctly but contains altogether different music. In my search to replace it I have come across a few (European) copies but they all had the same problem. As a result, it's one of a few classic Blue Note-titles that's still missing from my collection.
  15. Wes Montgomery live

    Liner notes to the Jazz-Icons DVD-release with this material were written by Pat Metheny and can be found on his website.