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  1. Free jazz that swings

    This is my sweet spot. First disc I thought of is Exploding Customer, Live at Glenn Miller Cafe.
  2. Hey, y'all. Long time, no post. I think this year's Fest was pretty much the best one I've ever been to. Moving from Grant Park to Millennium Park improved the experience in every possible way (better sound, better seats, better food, better bathrooms). The highlights for me were, roughly in order of enjoyment: Rudresh Mahanthappa Atomic Hamid Drake/Harrison Bankhead/Ernest Dawkins Chicago Trio Jack DeJohnette and all those great AACM guys Hamid Drake's Bindu Reggaeology The taiko drumming set with Hamid and Michael Zerang Ernie Krivda I was a little disappointed in the Hamid/Kidd Jordan/William Parker/Cooper-Moore set, though it had its moments (I may have been defeated by having high expectations for this one). I also wasn't really feeling the Wadada Leo Smith set. Most of the rest that I saw was enjoyable, but probably not all that memorable. Still, I had a great four days at the festival. I hadn't been listening to much jazz lately. I've spent a lot more time with rock music in the past couple of years than with jazz. But this weekend really re-energized me about jazz. I've been listening to it non-stop for the past few days.
  3. Beatles Remasters coming! 09/09/09

    Huh, my dad grew up in North Canton.
  4. Willie Pickens

    This thread reminds me I should pull out my copy of Von & Ed, led by Von Freeman and Ed Petersen, on which I recall Pickens plays quite nicely. Haven't spun that one in a long while.
  5. That's an interesting route. I can see getting from Sonic Youth to Ayler, but it seems like another step would be in there before getting to least to me. But then WTF do I know. One of the first jazz records I got was Mingus's Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, and it reminded me of nothing so much in my prior listening experience as Sonic Youth!
  6. Ayler Records

    Be sure to check out their Exploding Customer releases!!! I particularly love the first one, which I believe is just called Live at Glenn Miller Cafe.
  7. Any word on new "crowns" or "core collection" discs?
  8. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

    I saw the Chicago show. Pretty disappointing. Actually, worse than that: It was probably the most uncomfortable, physically assaultive show I've ever been to. I was, of course, prepared for the volume. I was not prepared for the light show--strobes directed at the audience that felt to me like flashbulbs going off right in front of my eyes. It was also almost unbearably hot when I was up in the crowd near the front. I finally moved the back to get a glass of ice water and I enjoyed it more from the back. And then "You Made Me Realise" started, and I must say, I was bored out of my mind by the "white noise" section, which lasted about 25 minutes. People started exiting after about 20--not a lot, perhaps, but enough to notice. The image that will stick with me is a guy coming to the back of the main room at about that 20-minute mark, turning, and raising a middle finger to the band before leaving.
  9. Borders Coupons

    Online only, though... Thanks. I should have specified. Then ago, who walks into a Borders these days and expects to find any (jazz) CDs? Well, FWIW, the Borders at State & Randolph in downtown Chicago had a decent jazz selection, decent when compared to the decimated selection in the DFW metroplex. I mean, I bought Urbie Green's Blues and Other Shades of Green import CD, and saw a lot of other discs that have long since been unavailable at any Borders here in Texas. Regular discs like RVGs (Blue Note AND Prestige) and Keepnews discs were readily available at the State Street store that I haven't seen in DFW for a loooong time. "Had." The jazz section at the State Street Borders is about half the size it was only a year or two ago...!
  10. Happy Birthday Frank Wright

    I didn't have time to add earlier, I like Uhuru Na Umoja a whole lot. One of my favorites of the Free America reissues. Though as clifford thornton mentions, the compositions are all Howard's, and I would say it seems more like a Howard record under Wright's name. Very nice tunes on that one. Church #9, I haven't listened to in a while, but it's more of a free blowout. I remember liking it quite a bit. I need to spin it soon. I also have one of the Center of the World releases--Last Polk in Nancy? I believe is the one I have--another nice little freakout of a disc.
  11. Happy Birthday Frank Wright

    Church #9 is available at Dusty Groove on CD....
  12. What's Gone Wrong With Rock?

    That's a big affirmative. Thank you too, Shawn. How's this for impact?: Which drummer is sampled on just about every rap and hip hop record put out here in the good old US of A? I'm going to guess John Bonham. I would think that Clyde Stubblefield has been sampled a HELL of a lot more than John Boham. How about Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey or Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood? Tony Thompson? I would think that all of those guys have been sampled more often than John Bonham! You are incorrect. Bonham has been credited by all the usual suspects in those other genres. Shall I start a new thread? Yes, please.
  13. I agree and would add "Boston 1952" on Uptown, the date with Dick Twardzik, Mingus and was it Roy Haynes? Equally brilliant and more relaxed, though the extreme tension/intensity of the Washington Howard Theater material is part of its appeal. Yeah! That's a great disc that I rarely see getting any props. Twardzik is beautiful on there. The Town Hall disc, even if it's excluded from this poll, is probably the single most exciting CP performance I've heard.
  14. What's Gone Wrong With Rock?

    Seems odd that on the one hand you say there's no need to "bother" to "dig deep", but on the other you want to complain about the state of rock. I guess ignorance isn't bliss?
  15. Why do DVDs come in larger boxes than CDs

    Wow, I'm suddenly remembering the long boxes that CDs used to come package in, to make them about the height of an LP. Now, those were wasteful.