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  1. Zagat: 50 states, 50 sandwiches

    The Pasty Oven in Quinnesec is about as far north into that peninsula as you can go, and they create several types daily. Their traditional pasty is filled with beef, pork, onion and potato, all wrapped up in a buttery crust. Would never classify as a sandwich in Cornwall. But I love they idea of the Finnish-Cornish culinary interaction. Well, I've lived in Michigan a long time, and I've never heard pasties called sandwiches. And the author of that article apparently needs a geography lesson. Quinnesec is nowhere near as far north as you can go, it's at least 160 miles to Copper Harbor, Michigan.
  2. the Opeth corner

    Any other thoughts on the 5.1 (5.0?) mix of Blackwater Park? I have the deluxe editions of the others, but this is the one I'm missing. If it makes any difference, I'm listening to these 5.x mixes on a two-channel system, Oppo CD/DVD player, with the stereo down-mix setting. The other DVDs sound better to me than their CD counterparts, but that could be because of the DVD mixes have less of the loudness war stuff going on. On a related note, I came across this http://www.dr.loudness-war.info/index.php?search_artist=opeth&sort=dr&order=asc which seems to indicate the dynamic range is better on the DVDs. It also confirms what Shawn mentioned on the loudness war thread -- the LP of Ghost Reveries is quite good.
  3. amina claudine myers

    I really like "Jumping in the Sugar Bowl". A fun, joyful record. The title track in particular -- "... from Miss Myer's recollection of a childhood game of the same name in which all of the kids would gather in a circle with arms interlocked and jump together rhythmically while chanting 'Jumpin' in the sugar bowl, jump jump jump'...". Also some great drumming by Reggie Nicholson, especially on the really burnin' up-tempo sections of "Cecil B".
  4. what are you drinking right now?

    I didn't know it was available again. It disappeared a few years ago. Where do you get it? Check your email.
  5. what are you drinking right now?

    White Horse scotch, neat. A very nice blend. Did a blind taste test with Johnnie Walker Black, and while it was easy to tell the difference (there's a creaminess to the White Horse that's not in the JWB), I am preferring the far less expensive Horse. At least for right now. YMMV.
  6. what are you drinking right now?

    JWB neat.
  7. Americanisms/Britishisms

    I find that taking the "wheelie bin" out on Thursday evenings is so much more fun and glamorous than just taking out the trash.
  8. mp3 bargains

    Cecil Taylor Unit: Dark To Themselves, $0.99. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A4A2TRS
  9. August 1 - IPA Day

    I generally like Founder's beer, especially their Centennial IPA. But that All Day IPA is horrible.
  10. Best track you heard all week

    Eponymous G is my favorite rapper.
  11. Stoned or not stoned wouldn't matter here -- our cat would KICK MY ASS if I tried to put him in a shark suit. The razor sharp talons of doom would insure no humiliating shark suit, and the a happy future for the duck isn't exactly guaranteed, either.
  12. Dog=OK. Cat in Shark Suit=
  13. Favorite Roscoe Mitchell Album

    I will always have a soft spot for Snurdy McGurdy and her Dancin' Shoes (Nessa). My first exposure to his Mr. Mitchell's music, and at the time, I had never heard anything quite like it. It took me awhile to "get" it... but to this day, "Sing Song" gives me chills. The slow yet relentless building that finally releases at 6:24 is one of my all-time favorite musical moments. Great idea for a thread, looking forward to more responses. Edited to add: the alternate take of "Ornette" on Sound is also a favorite. The cello.... YES!!!
  14. Steven Wilson - Solo

    I bought "The Raven" and "Get All You Deserve" a few weeks ago, and I'm just stunned. Beautiful music. The right music at the right time for me. Dark, but also much more than just that. The imagery, the videos... all are doing a lot for me, at least for now. I've had "Grace for Drowning" for a long time now. These new recordings made me appreciate Grace much more than before.
  15. Roscoe Mitchell Coming To Houston?

    Me, too. Sure doesn't seem like that long ago. But you made the surreal dinner and Buffalo Wild Wings. LOL Yep!
  16. Roscoe Mitchell Coming To Houston?

    Me, too. Sure doesn't seem like that long ago.
  17. What music did you buy today?

    Rudresh Mahanthappa - Samdhi First CD I've purchased from a real brick-n-mortar store in a very long time. Still not sure what to think about this one, it will need repeated spins. I usually love anything that Rudresh does, but this one confused me on first pass.
  18. mp3 bargains

    I received the $1 credit as well. I downloaded Bonnie Raitt's new one. Not many surprises, but overall, pretty good.
  19. Searching effectively for topics

    Google seems to work well -- just search as usual, but add "site:organissimo.org" to the end of the search (without the quotes). For example: hat site:organissimo.org "All Things Hat" shows up as the seventh hit, but most of the ones above that are related to Hat recordings.
  20. Goodbye ads, Hello fundraiser...

    I'm in. Thanks, Jim!!!
  21. I'd rather see Steven Tyler in a damn Burger King commercial. Now THAT shit is palpable. Just kidding... Foo Fighters are a good band. I lost all interest in SNL a long time ago, but will check this one out...
  22. Robin Gibb has died

    It was the 70's disco phase that got me hooked, and I went backwards to the 60's from there. Sometimes that 70's stuff is exactly what I want to hear. Other times, no so much. Either way, well crafted pop music. RIP Robin.
  23. the Opeth corner

  24. Anthony Braxton

  25. Happy Birthday Sharon Stone

    I was born on the same day as Cindy Crawford. And, ditto!