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  1. 2018 #CFL

    Camps open today. Here are more previews. ***** Johnny Manziel has signed with the Ticats. I'm skeptical because I don't think that winning the Grey Cup is on his bucket list."40461002-BF9D-4e21-BD2A-28BC57C73B92"+tnVersion%3a"2479105"+segment%3a"popularnow.carousel"+tnCol%3a"19"+tnOrder%3a"1c751a87-5047-4623-8826-19f6c4065fd8"&FORM=BSPN01&crslsl=2771&efirst=18 ***** Tampa Bay has released Jeff Knox, Jr. ***** Adam Bighill has signed with the Bombers. ***** 3DownNation has posted its final off-season power rankings. ***** The Ticats and the City of Hamilton have settled their lawsuit regarding Tim Hortons Field. ***** Da'quan Bowers has changed his mind, and decided to retire. ***** Nick Moore has retired. ***** The Eskimos have cut John White. ***** BC has cut Mic'hael Brooks. ***** Nik Lewis has retired (as a player). ***** The Als cut Jovan Olafioye, and he promptly signed with BC. ***** Dan West has signed with the Redblacks. ***** The Als have cut Tevaughn Campbell. ***** Jeremy Lewis has changed his mind, and decided to retire. ***** The Argos received their Grey Cup rings Friday.
  2. Jimmy Smith - Where the Spies Are

    This one is now at Amazon's lowest price - $10.99 prime
  3. Buffalo Springfield - What's That Sound? (Complete Albums) (5 CDs) - $30.54 prime pre-order
  4. Andrea Brachfeld - If Not Now, When?

    Every Friday I receive an email from which highlights the day's new releases. Today's email included this one! Quite a surprise.
  5. Jazz CD bargains has Lloyd McNeil's Asha for $21.11.
  6. 2018 #CFL

    Some of the guys drafted have attended NFL mini-camps, but none were offered contracts. ***** New Orleans has released Adam Bighill. ***** The Bombers have released Matt Coates. ***** Mathieu Girard will come out of retirement to return to the Ticats. ***** Nik Lewis has retired. ***** Frank Beltre has signed with the Argos. ***** The Argos have released Jeff Mathews. ***** Simeon Rottier has retired. ***** Ottawa camp preview ***** Hamilton camp schedule ***** 5/16 checking down
  7. Alan Hall's Ratatet Addresses Current Turmoil in American Society with "Heroes, Saints and Clowns," Set for Release June 22 on Ridgeway Records Follow-Up to "Arctic," Critically Acclaimed 2016 Debut by San Francisco Bay Area Drummer/Composer & His Sextet CD Release Show with Ratatet Octet At Hillside Club, Berkeley, Saturday, July 7, To Feature Exhibit of Paintings & Photography by Hall May 16, 2018 San Francisco Bay Area drummer, composer, and bandleader Alan Hallturned to music when he found himself in the midst of what he describes as "some of the greatest turmoil our country has ever experienced." In order to cope, he penned the sonic vignettes heard on his new CD Heroes, Saints and Clowns,set for June 22 release on Ridgeway Records. Performed by his genre-bending sextet Ratatet, which was formed in 2014 and made its recording debut in 2016 with the critically acclaimed album Arctic, the seven musical portraits reflect people who inspired, empowered, or infuriated him during today's unsettling times. "It's just impossible to escape what's going on these days," says Hall, a native of San Jose and one of the West Coast's premier drummers and music educators. "This music is informed by what I see in the news, the violence, the police, the politics. At the same time, we have to keep our chins up. I'm also looking at personal heroes, people who help me stay positive." Heroes, Saints and Clowns brings together an impressive set of improvisers, including Paul Hanson on tenor sax and bassoon (acoustic and with effects); Jeff Denson on double bass and five-string fretless electric bass; trombonist John Gove; Dillon Vado on vibraphone and percussion; and Greg Sankovich on piano, organ, and keyboards. They're joined on several tracks by Oregon's Paul McCandless on English horn and oboe, and cellist Joseph Hebert. L. to r.: Dillon Vado, Jeff Denson, Paul Hanson, Alan Hall, John Gove, Greg Sankovich. Together they use an electro-acoustic sonic palette to interpret a program of improvised and through-composed music ranging from the satirical to the sublime, from the serene to the disruptive. Hall, who blurs boundaries between composition and improvisation, uses his ensemble as a brush to paint musical portraits ranging from chamber jazz and tone poems to pieces with the moodiness of Mingus, the zaniness of Zappa, and the serialism of Stravinsky. That Hall's compositions lend themselves to being described in terms usually applied to the visual arts is not surprising given that he is a master of both the drum brush and the paint brush. Initially inspired by an exhibition of Alexander Calder sculptures he saw at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Hall has become an accomplished visual artist who creates work under the name A. Miguel Hall. He uses individual and mixed media as well as digital abstract photography (the cover to Heroes, Saints and Clowns is one of his works). Hall honors the American abstract painter Agnes Martin with the through-composed piece named for her that closes the new album. "It seems that, at any given time, one art form or the other -- visual or musical -- will demand expression, and the other must wait," says Hall. "I can't seem to be fully engaged with both simultaneously, which suggests they're both drawing on the same source, whatever that may be. This is very interesting to me, but my goal is to have both fully activated at the same time." Born (1958) and raised in San Jose, California, Alan Hall stood out early on as a precociously talented drummer. His band director at John Muir Middle School, Tony Nigro, started hiring Hall for gigs before he started high school. Part of a brilliant wave at Berklee College of Music in the late 1970s, Hall ended up teaching at the school from 1986 to 1993. A significant influence on Hall's development as a musician was his two-year course of study (1983-1985) with drummer Alan Dawson, himself a longtime member of the Berklee faculty. While Dawson had left Berklee before Hall matriculated there, the younger drummer received tremendous guidance from Dawson not only in the area of jazz drumming but in the school of life as well. "One thing about Alan was his devotion to the seriousness of the craft," Hall shared in a 2016 interview with former student and fellow Bay Area drummer Niels Myrner. "His project was refining his craft to the highest level. That standard of excellence had a very strong impression on me." Moving back to California, he settled in the East Bay and started playing with Dave Eshelman's Jazz Garden Big Band, which quickly established him as a first-call accompanist. Collaborating with veteran touring masters like Art Lande, Paul McCandless, and Rebecca Paris and younger stars such as Geoffrey Keezer and Ed Simon, Hall has provided the rhythmic foundation for more than a dozen leading ensembles over the past 25 years. A dedicated educator, he continues to teach at Cal State University East Bay, the Monterey Jazz Festival's Summer Jazz Camp, the California Jazz Conservatory, and Jazz Camp West, as well as seeing private students. Hall is thinking bigger and smaller with Ratatet, breaking out smaller lineups for particular pieces and adding new instrumentalists for others. He recently submitted a piece to NPR's Tiny Desk contest which featured an octet with an acoustic guitarist and cellist added to the lineup. "There is so much more to explore with this group!" he says. The Ratatet Octet -- the same band featured on Hall's Tiny Desk video -- will be performing a CD release show at the Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley, on Saturday 7/7, 8:00 pm. A selection of paintings and photography by Hall will be exhibited and for sale during the concert. The Ratatet Sextet (with Sheldon Brown subbing for John Gove) is scheduled to play the San Jose Jazz Festival, Sunday 8/12 at 4pm, on the Gordon Biersch Stage. Photography: Lincoln Adler (band), David Belove (Alan Hall) "Demographic Shift," from "Heroes, Saints and Clowns" Web Sites: / Like: Bandcamp:
  8. I feel vindicated

    I am reminded of the fact that when Monk joined Riverside, OK had him record two albums of standards before moving on to his own compositions.
  9. 2018 #CFL

    Here's a surprise. Andrew Buckley has retired. He is going to go to med school. ***** Victor Butler has retired. This may be a contract renegotiation strategy. ***** This year's Vanier Cup will be played in Quebec City. ***** Bo Lokombo has signed with BC. ***** The Riders will enshrine Jim Hopson and John Terry into their Plaza of Honour. ***** Edmonton's 2017 profit was only $430,000. due to injuries. ***** Kevin Elliott has signed with BC. ***** Alan-Michael Cash has signed with the Als. ***** Rich Stubler will be the Als' DC. Kahlil Carter will become a scout. ***** Travon Van has signed with BC. ***** 2016 Hec Crighton winner Noah Picton has signed with the Argos. ***** Here's another big surprise. Darian Durant has retired. ***** J'Michael Deane has retired. ***** Here is a recap of the Redblacks' off-season. ***** Joe Scannella has died. RIP. I met him at the '78 Grey Cup. ***** Chris Milo will be a scout for the Eskimos this year. ***** 5/9 checking down ***** The league is releasing day-by-day the names of the players voted by their peers as the "Best in the League." Clutch - Ricky Ray Physical Defender - Kyries Hebert Toughest - Mike Reilly
  10. 2018 #CFL

    The Ticats are placing Joe Montford on their Wall of Honour. ***** The Ticats do not plan to re-sign Andy Fantuz. ***** The 2019 Grey Cup game will be held in Calgary. ***** Damon Allen has been named to the Canada Hall of Fame. ***** Here is a list of every Canadian drafted by the NFL since the AFL merger. ***** Sask has released TJ Thorpe. ***** Here is a list of Canadians trying out for NFL teams. ***** The New York Jets have waived Micah Awe. ***** Philadelphia has waived Elie Bouka. ***** San Francisco has waived Dexter McCoil. ***** San Francisco has waived Bo Lokombo. ***** The Argos have released Jeff Fuller and Alan-Michael Cash. ***** Roy Finch has some legal problems in Oklahoma; so the Stampeders have placed him on the retired list. ***** Jerrell Freeman has retired. ***** Rory Kohlert has retired.
  11. Spin Cycle - Assorted Colors

    If you click on the band's website URL at the bottom of the above press release, you will find that the website's home page gives you the opportunity to listen to two tracks from the album. I recommend that you do that. I like all of the songs on the album (except one, which is too weird for me).
  12. 2018 #CFL

    And here are some post-draft analyses. ***** Some of those picked will try the NFL first.
  13. 2018 #CFL

    And now hot off the press, here is one man's grading of each team's draft, with the second link providing the analysis.
  14. 2018 #CFL

    The draft begins tonight at 8 pm eastern. You can follow it live here: ***** Here are more draft previews.
  15. 2018 #CFL

    The draft will be Thursday, so here are some previews. ***** Teams held their mini-camps last week, so here are some observations.