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  1. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    IMHO, Washington is an American League city, and Houston is a National League city. And Houston didn't "win the ALCS" tonight; they won the pennant!
  2. ECM Artists on Tour

    ECM at Earshot Jazz Shai Maestro Trio Oct 20 Seattle, WA (Earshot Jazz - Seattle Art Museum) Larry Grenadier Oct 23 Seattle, WA (Earshot Jazz – Chapel Performance Space) Avishai Cohen Quartet Oct 29 Seattle, WA (Earshot Jazz – Seattle Art Museum) Egberto Gismonti Oct 30 Seattle, WA (Earshot Jazz – Town Hall) ECM 50th Anniversary at SFJazz Oct 24th - 27th ECM Records at 50 Nov 1-2 New York, NY (Jazz at Lincoln Center Rose Theater) Danish String Quartet Nov. 1 Minneapolis, MN (American Swedish Institute) Nov. 3 Vancouver, BC (Vancouver Playhouse) Nov. 4-5 Portland, OR (Lincoln Performance Hall) Nov. 7 Seattle, WA (Meany Center) Nov. 8 Sonoma, CA (Green Music Center) Nov. 10 Berkeley, CA (Cal Berkeley) Nov. 12 Santa Barbara, CA (UC Santa Barbara – Granada Theater) Nov. 13 Santa Barbara, CA (UC Santa Barbara – Campbell Hall) Nov.16 La Jolla, CA (Baker-Baum Concert Hall) Nov.17 La Jolla, CA (Baker-Baum Concert Hall) Nov. 19 Costa Mesa, CA (Samueli Theater) Nov. 22 La Jolla, CA (Baker-Baum Concert Hall) Nov. 23 La Jolla, CA (Baker-Baum Concert Hall) Nov 23 La Jolla, CA (Baker-Baum Concert Hall) Thomas Demenga Nov 10 New York, NY (Merkin Hall – with An Die Musik chamber group) Vijay Iyer Sextet Nov 16 Greencastle, IN (DePauw School of Music – Kresge Auditorium) Jörg Widmann Nov 18 New York, NY (Weill Concert Hall) Nov 19 New York, NY (Zankel Hall) © 2019 ECM Records US, A Division of Verve Music Group. All rights reserved.
  3. Computer Gurus: Computer Basics

    Thanks for those two suggestions, Michael! In fact I have seen Raspberry Pi before. They now say that you can do your own pong-era video games. Maybe that's the way I'll go if I get any money for Christmas. Jim, what you say has the ring of truth. I would like to start with a book first, but maybe our community college is the way to go.
  4. Computer Gurus: Computer Basics

    LOL! Two years ago I did find two kids from my nearby high school, and they taught me how to use Twitter. But I still feel that I need a reference book to go back to (which I never had). (By the way, that high school was Pistol Pete's alma mater.)
  5. I have never taken a computer course, and I have never read a computer-related instructional book. I expect that the textbooks they start youngsters out with are pretty easy to understand. Can you recommend a very basic book for using a PC? I currently use Windows 10, if that matters. (I have found "X for Dummies" books to be too wordy for me; and I would prefer something a little more professional, even if it might be a school textbook for kids.) Thanks!
  6. 2019 #CFL season

    Week 19 picks ***** Week 19 game notes
  7. 2019 #CFL season

    Week 19 picks ***** power rankings ***** 134 rookies are eligible for the CFL Award. ***** The Riders put Micah Johnson on the one-game injured list. ***** Adarius Bowman has retired. ***** The Eskimos have cut Danny Vandervoort. ***** USports Week 9 picks ***** The Argos put Derel Walker on the one-game injured list. ***** Justin Dunk compares the salary opportunities of the CFL with the XFL's. ***** Tre Roberson will miss this week's game against the Bombers because of a concussion.
  8. John, I bought all three LPs when they were new. If the price were similar to what OACs go for, I'd probably spring for this. But not for me for now.
  9. 2019 #CFL season

    power rankings ***** Week 19 picks ***** Week 19 checking down ***** BC analysis ***** Week 18 recap
  10. Leo Sherman - Tonewheel

    Leo Sherman "Tone Wheel" Impacting: October 15 2019 Format(s): Jazz Artist Title Time Leo Sherman In Flight 06:25 Leo Sherman The Eclipse 05:04 Leo Sherman Spice Planet 06:38 Leo Sherman Nocturne 06:42 Leo Sherman Holdover 04:08 Leo Sherman Chagall 06:10 Leo Sherman Looking Back Again 05:51 Leo Sherman Aquí Me Quedo 09:31 Leo Sherman Tone Wheel 05:30 BASSIST/COMPOSER LEO SHERMAN LEADS STELLAR QUINTET ON HIS EVOCATIVE DEBUT ALBUM TONEWHEEL Brimming with vitality, Sherman’s compositions are a musical self-portrait, stamped by his early childhood experience as a Soviet refugee, his immigrant upbringing in Baltimore, and his evolution as a New York-based artist Available October 25th, 2019 via Outside In Music Personnel: Leo Sherman, bass Paul Jones, tenor saxophone Alex Goodman, guitar Ben Winkelman, piano Dan Pugach, drums The term Tonewheel can mean a number of things, as bassist/composer Leo Sherman explains in the liner notes to his stirring debut album of that name. “It’s the mechanical wheel inside of an organ that allows it to sound,” Sherman writes. “It’s a name for the color wheel,” he adds, “and it’s also an organizational model for emotions.” This last meaning was of particular interest, and so Sherman began to ponder Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, “a circle that arranges our primary emotions by intensity, combination, and relation to their opposite emotions.” And he reflected on his own complicated journey, the roads he traveled to become the artist he is today. Joining forces with saxophonist Paul Jones, guitarist Alex Goodman, pianist Ben Winkelman and drummer Dan Pugach, Sherman followed his muse and emerged with a document of mostly original compositions, Tonewheel, that brings it all into vivid relief. That Sherman is here at all to make music is not to be taken for granted: he and his mother nearly died of sepsis during childbirth in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in 1987. As Soviet Jews, they were at the mercy of nationalist and antisemitic hospital staff, an ordeal that convinced the family to flee Russia for good, when Leo was two years old. When they arrived in the U.S., their new surroundings in Baltimore, Maryland were far from a paradise, but Sherman got an education and became fluent in Spanish. His music-making is informed by a certain international perspective that he gained from his earliest days. Fittingly, the quintet on Tonewheel has an international makeup: Sherman originally from Russia, Goodman from Canada, Winkelman from Australia, Pugach from Israel and Jones the only American-born member. As is common among children of immigrants, Sherman had to overcome strong opposition from his parents when it came to pursuing music professionally. But he had the clarity of conviction to know that studying international relations at George Washington University wasn’t for him. He dropped out after a year to focus on his real goal: hitting the DC jazz scene and gaining authority in as many settings as he could. Then he headed north to William Paterson University, and ultimately to a master’s degree at Manhattan School of Music. Since becoming a New Yorker he’s played with James Weidman, Gene Bertoncini, Johnny O’Neal, Victor Jones and the Wolff & Clark Expedition (led by Michael Wolff and Mike Clark), among others, all while honing his conception as a bandleader. On Tonewheel we hear the fruits of those labors, in a tapestry of music that brims with orchestrational detail and melodic expression. The soaring and intricate “In Flight,” the ballad “Looking Back Again,” the two piano trio pieces “Nocturne” and “Holdover” and the lyrical finale “Tonewheel” all tie back to the composer’s life experience in some way, as Sherman makes plain in his liner notes. “The Eclipse,” “Spice Planet,” “Chagall” and the one non-original, “Aquí Me Quedo” by the murdered Chilean dissident Victor Jara, reflect some aspect of Sherman’s engagement with the wider world. The music presents challenges, not least of all for the bassist, who stays on top of every intricate part, bowed and pizzicato, getting a great sound on his solos and steering the music with agility and groove. Every bandmate rises to the occasion and more, as Sherman was confident would happen. It was at Manhattan School of Music that Sherman met Goodman, a marvelous guitarist with several fine releases to his credit. “Technical prowess aside,” says Sherman, “Alex really has a voice already on his instrument. I love the melodic shapes to his lines, but also there’s a rhythmic control and playfulness that I was always fascinated by.” Winkelman, another accomplished leader in his own right, “orchestrates beautifully and his touch is perfect too,” Sherman adds. “He can really dig into the instrument as he does, but on the trio cuts he brings out this bell-like quality in the piano that I really dig. He’s also a rhythmic explorer like Alex, really influenced by Cuban music, claves in various odd meters, hybrid groupings and such.” Sherman met Pugach on a gig roughly three years ago and ended up becoming a member of the drummer’s Grammy-nominated nonet. (Pugach is 2019 winner of the prestigious BMI Charlie Parker Prize/Manny Albam Commission.) “Dan’s an absolute joy to play with, very sensitive and always extremely grooving. At the core what I love is his pocket: we really lock, and that sort of trust allows for him to execute all kinds of groupings and rhythmic devices that color the music even more.” And Jones, on tenor sax, has “a great sense of pulse and also a really interesting harmonic approach,” Sherman offers. “He has a strong and unique way of weaving through strange progressions, while also feeling the pulse really strongly.” Jones’ unbounded free-form exploration on the song by Chile’s Victor Jara, who was killed at the outset of the 1973 Pinochet coup, proves to be one of the most striking departures on Tonewheel. “Jara’s story has relevance today in light of what we’re going through,” Sherman argues. “The piece is basically the story of his last moments. Not everyone I know could play the role of Jara, and evoke that kind of anguish and terror, the way Paul does in that solo. He really taps into it.” One key thing Sherman has taken away from the experience of overcoming obstacles, in music and life, is to be keenly aware of other people’s obstacles: “Growing up where I did in Baltimore, growing up with pretty much nothing, you start to notice how other people around you are going through the same thing, struggling and pulling themselves up, again and again. I wanted Tonewheel on some level to be about that.” Given that jazz is a music significantly based on stories, Tonewheel provides the ideal platform for Sherman’s own story and that of others, establishing his unique place within jazz’s rich legacy. Tour Dates: Friday, October 4th, 6 PM TONEWHEEL Pre-Release Show Fat Cat, New York Friday October 25th, 10 PM Leo Sherman's TONEWHEEL The Free Man, Dallas Saturday, October 26th, 9 PM Leo Sherman's TONEWHEEL Cezanne, Houston Sunday, October 27th, 6 PM Leo Sherman's TONEWHEEL Parker Jazz Club, Austin Monday, October 28th, 8 PM Leo Sherman's TONEWHEEL The Filament, Columbus Wednesday, October 30th, 8:30 PM Leo Sherman's TONEWHEEL The Greenwich, Cincinnati WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: RELEASE DATE: October 25th, 2019
  11. Mark Winkler - I'm With You

    Artist Title Time Mark Winkler Hungry Man (Halloween Version) 03:13 Mark Winkler "Hungry Man (Halloween Version)" HALLOWEEN JAZZ SINGLE Do you want something that swings a little bit more than “Monster Mash” or “Thriller” for your radio show? Well, then Mark Winkler’s playful re-write on Bobby Troup’s “Hungry Man (Halloween Version)” is for you. Full of Ghouls, Wolfmen, Jazz and all sorts of mayhem- and it swings. “Killer Track” - Boris “Theolonius” Karloff/ Jazzick “It’alive and not just some re-hash” - Frankie Stein/Monster Times "Puts Hair on your chest - Four Howls” - Harry D. Wolfman/Downbeat
  12. The three Harvest Soft Machine albums have been remastered and sold as a box for 17.49 GBP. $24.22. Does anyone have this? There does not appear to be any bonus tracks. I think the price is steep. Tell me you disagree.
  13. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Well OK, since the days of Clark Griffith!
  14. Lawrence Clark - Inner Visions

    Artist Title Time Lawrence Clark Mr Ali 03:08 Lawrence Clark Blew 05:01 Lawrence Clark Judgement Day 08:06 Lawrence Clark Freedom 04:33 Lawrence Clark Time Traveler 06:18 Lawrence Clark Anit 08:55 Lawrence Clark Inner Visions 10:27 Lawrence Clark Nibiru 06:39 Lawrence Clark Mr Ali - 2 03:09 Lawrence Clark "Inner Visions" Impacting: October 10 2019 Format(s): Jazz A longtime member of the late Rashied Ali's former group, Lawrence Clark has played alongside numerous renowned jazz artists including Norman Simmons, Winard Harper, Orrin Evans, Tyshawn Sorey, Eric McPherson, David Weiss, Billy Hart, Anthony Wonsey, Gene Jackson, Reggie Workman, Dwayne Burno, and Billy Drummond, among others. He has self-released one prior album as a leader and actively composes and performs with his group within the Tri-State area and beyond. Clark's latest release, Inner Visions, available through the Dutch label JazzTribes, showcases several of his compositions and features Jeremy Pelt and Duane Eubanks: trumpet; David Bryant: piano and Rhodes; Darrell Green: drums; and Joris Teepe: double bass.
  15. Andreas Hellkvist - Becoming

    Andreas Hellkvist "Becoming" Impacting: November 1 2019 Format(s): Jazz A fresh take on the sound and style of the jazz organ trio format, offering music that is both groovy and uplifting, heartfelt and deep. Swedish Hammond phenomenon Andreas Hellkvist has earned a reputation as a Hammond organ player always in the moment, performing his music with an outstanding technique (especially with his left foot) and relentless groove. At live concerts and internet videos, the audience is simply amazed by the expressiveness, virtuosity and playfulness that flows into the music. He has reached far outside Sweden and is enlisted as B3 artist at Hammond Organ USA. The roots and inspiration of his music are quite obvious, but it's also clear that he has developed a style of his own, both in terms of composition and playing. His 2019 release Becoming is no exception. An obvious continuation of the path that he is on, exploring the sound, style and potential of the organ trio format and the Hammond B3. It comprises seven of his own songs, all recorded with his trio, featuring Samuel Hällkvist on guitar and Daniel Olsson on drums. Together they manage to capture the diversity of the repertoire in a way that feels natural and consistent, yet exciting and fresh. Samuel Hällkvist is a jazz guitarist who has never been afraid of following his own path. A jazz musician with the integrity and confidence to dare to challange norms and traditions, though also not afraid of sticking to them if the music demands it. His sounds and playing significantly shapes the sound of the trio. An artist in his own right, with many exciting productions of his own in his catalogue. Daniel Olsson is a versatile drummer comfortable in most musical contexts. Besides being Andreas' favorite drummer, he is heard in many other contexts. With a great deal of spontaneity and a solid groove he completes the trio in the best possible way. From the liner notes by Pete Fallico: "One gets the impression that Andreas is a devoted musician who knows how and where the organ best conveys its message. His connection to his guitarist and drummer is on a metaphysical level and it allows this music to transcend the page and float, effortlessly, within space. There is sanctity in its delivery and purity in its presence." All photos by Palli Kristmundsson For more information about Andreas, the trio, upcoming tours and releases, visit Artist Title Time Andreas Hellkvist Let's get together 07:34 Andreas Hellkvist Phases 06:51 Andreas Hellkvist Just Flowin' 05:52 Andreas Hellkvist Snowflakes 07:14 Andreas Hellkvist Fall 07:05 Andreas Hellkvist Tritlar 07:54 Andreas Hellkvist Jesus 06:29