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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    My favorite song when I was in high school was Constant Rain from Brasil '66's second album Equinox. So twice a year I pull out the album and give it a spin. So today's the day.
  2. 2020 #CFL hot stove league

    I've just enjoyed watching the 1953 Grey Cup!
  3. 2020 #CFL hot stove league

    Attention Jim Sangrey! Isn't the Univ. of North Texas your alma mater? They have hired Dane Evans to be a graduate assistant for this year. ***** Quebec's university conference (RSEQ) has officially cancelled its 2020 season. ***** Halifax has an election for mayor coming up, and the candidates in their debate discussed their views on building a football stadium. ***** Andrew Harris and DJ Lalama are starting a pro flag football league. ***** With the Riders not playing this year, it looks like the City of Region will not be able to make the payments on the New Mosaic Stadium's note. ***** Remember Doug Flutie's video game? Football Canada has joined with Flutie to have a Canadian rules version. ***** Ed Tait has begun a review of Winnipeg's pro team by the decade. He starts with the 1930s. ***** This week the players discuss who is the fastest. ***** It's time to vote for the best coach of the decade. ***** The league has posted videos of six memorable Labor Day Weekend moments.
  4. Miles Post-Sabbatical Columbias

    Thanks, guys! Ghost, that's some memory you have. Aura is studio, and We Want Miles is live, right? Is Star People studio too?
  5. Are any of Miles' albums from the last Columbia period worthwhile?
  6. WTF?

    "OMG!" is of relatively recent vintage among teens.
  7. Vinyl Outselling CD's

    Brad, I wasn't thinking about vinyl or what people under thirty do. I want to know how adults are buying their music.
  8. 2020 #CFL hot stove league

    Chris Streveler is Arizona's new backup quarterback. Yesterday they put him in for one play. He ran for three yards, and got a first down. He thus became the first ex-CFL QB to record a stat in the NFL since Jeff Garcia in 2009.
  9. Vinyl Outselling CD's

    I would like to see the demographics. I am not an investor in a record company, and I don't care what high schoolers (or anyone under 30) are doing. Are people over 30 spending money on music? What genre? What format? How much money?
  10. Cathy Segal-Garcia "Inner City Blues/Make Me Wanna Holler" Impacting: July 24 2020 Format(s): Jazz “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)” Performed by Cathy Segal-Garcia Written by Marvin Gaye and James Nyx Jr. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: This song was from one of my “desert island picks”, “What’s Goin On”, recorded by the great Marvin Gaye. Last year when I recorded this project, I picked music from the 60s-90s that I loved… “Inner City Blues - Make Me Wanna Holler” was one of my favorites. It seems that this subject matter will always relate to every time stamped moment, this time stamp included. Cathy Segal-Garcia: vocals, video. Carey Frank: arrangement, piano Nick Mancini: vibes Will Brahm: guitar Alex Boneham: bass Steve Hass: drums Tally Sherwood: engineer & studio Dan Davilla: executive producer
  11. Horizons Jazz Orchestra "The Brite Side" Format(s): Jazz HORIZONS JAZZ ORCHESTRA PAYS TRIBUTE TO COMPOSER/ARRANGER LEE HARRIS WITH THE BRITE SIDE Chartbound on the JazzWeek Chart HORIZONS JAZZ ORCHESTRA is a swinging contemporary big band comprising some of the finest musicians in South Florida. They are now releasing their debut CD, HORIZONS JAZZ ORCHESTRA PLAYS THE MUSIC OF LEE HARRIS, THE BRITE SIDE. LEE HARRIS was a baritone saxophonist, composer, and arranger who worked in New York City and Atlantic City. In 2016, Harris and trumpeter DENNIS NODAY, an alumnus of the Stan Kenton and Maynard Ferguson bands, co-founded and co-led SUPERBAND, a fresh, innovative big band that mainly performed Lee's compositions and arrangements. Because of their superb musicianship, SUPERBAND built a solid following which was championed by social media promoter, JEANNETTE C. PIÑA, who would become the Executive Producer for THE BRITE SIDE. Ms. Piña loved the sound of the band with its Stan Kenton influence from the beginning. The band's music is lush and melodic, and very approachable. It does not try to be avant-garde; rather, it has a danceable, crowd-pleasing appeal. By the time the project got underway, Harris was in failing health. Ms. Piña had admired his work and wanted to make the album his legacy, so she enlisted the help of Noday and veteran trombonist MICHAEL BALOGH, the lead trombonist with SUPERBAND, to realize the project. Balogh, who has a long list of recording, television and theater credits, and who has performed with a 'Who's Who' of renowned musical artists in the Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, and Latin worlds, became the conductor and musical director of the band. Unfortunately, Harris passed away just months before the project was completed, so he never heard the final product. Balogh and Ms. Piña wanted to keep the band going, but since some of the original musicians had moved on to other projects, they decided to rebrand and named the band Horizons Jazz Orchestra to make this debut album as a tribute to Lee Harris. Balogh asked three of his old friends to record with the newly rebranded band as guest artists. CARL SAUNDERS is a trumpet virtuoso who grew up in Las Vegas, playing mellophone and then trumpet with The Stan Kenton Orchestra. He played the lead trumpet and jazz chairs in many showrooms in Las Vegas for all the superstars. Balogh had also lived and played in Las Vegas for several years and was friends with Saunders and invited him to join the project. Saunders is featured on five of the ten tracks with his innovative solos. JONATHAN JOSEPH is a Grammy-winning drummer known for his work with Spyro Gyra, Al Jarreau, Yellowjackets, and Dave Sanborn, and has toured with Jeff Beck during the last seven years. Woodwind specialist and jazz great BILLY ROSS has been with the Woody Herman Orchestra since he was 17. He has played with everyone in the business -- from Natalie Cole and Barry Manilow to the Four Tops and the O’Jays -- as well as playing for 14 years on the Univision TV show, Sabado Gigante. He performs on four of the tracks. THE BRITE SIDE features 10 compositions, including five originals by Harris and five others that feature his arrangements of classic jazz standards. The album opens with "Red Apple Sweet," a Lee Harris original. The song is written in several distinct sections, and the title is a pun on the word "suite." It features solos by Joseph on drums, GARY MAYONE on the B3 organ, and Balogh on trombone. "Pure Imagination," by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, with an arrangement by Harris, is a waltz featuring the saxophone section and a beautiful flugelhorn solo by Saunders. "After You've Gone, Finally" is Harris' take-off on the familiar standard. Saunders and Ross take solos on this tune as do Mayone on keys, and SCOTT KLARMAN on alto sax. "The Runner," an appealing Harris original, was inspired by a drive up the California coast in the fog. "Fourth Dimension," an up-tempo swing, is also a Harris original with a noteworthy solo by Saunders. It also features solos by RANDY EMERICK on baritone sax and LUKE WILLIAMS on guitar. "The Brite Side," another Harris original, has an Americana feel, featuring solos by Ross on tenor sax and Bayone on keys. "The Sound," a song co-composed by Billy Ross and Mike Levine, is an arrangement by Harris and a tribute to Stan Getz. "Summertime" features Klarman on a brilliant soprano sax solo. "Maria" is an anomaly on this album. Written by Leonard Bernstein with an arrangement by Don Sebesky, it features a solo by Noday, who played the chart with SUPERBAND. The CD closes with "A Train Bossa," a happy arrangement featuring Ross and Saunders. With sterling musicianship, exciting arrangements, and some rarely heard compositions that could have been taken right out of the Great American Songbook, THE BRITE SIDE, through the vision and guidance of Executive Producer Jeannette Piña and Producer Michael Balogh, is a loving tribute to Lee Harris, an unheralded but much appreciated composer and arranger in the jazz world. # # # HORIZONS JAZZ ORCHESTRA PLAYS THE MUSIC OF LEE HARRIS, THE BRITE SIDE, is available online everywhere. Online: Pressrelea...
  12. Chick Corea Plays

    I see now that Michael started a thread on this July 1. Mods are welcome to combine these two threads.
  13. Fairground Records LLC Sabertooth Swing "Songs of Future Past" Impacting: September 8 2020 Format(s): Americana, Jazz Born and bred in New Orleans, Sabertooth Swing carries a rich musical tradition of swing jazz and americana with old roots and exciting new ramifications. Tracing its origins within the local swing dance community, their music embraces a foot-taping energy supported by serious musicianship and varied influences. Sabertooth Swing excels at bringing a fun experience and enhancing it with musical overtones that enrich their sound with beautiful jazz idioms that can be either be a source of exciting dancing or serious listening. The group is composed of musicians of various origin and musical background, with influences stretching from French chansons, folk & bluegrass, new wave and reggae with, of course, much love and respect for New Orleans’ own musical heritage. The seeds for Songs of Future Past were planted after a show a couple of years back, when Sabertooth Swing found themselves playing a dance in a New Orleans juke joint. It was a late, sweaty night of dancing. The band had paired up with a noted local blues act, and for the occasion, had prepared a setlist of tunes with slower tempos. These tunes had a decidedly bluer characteristic, with a distinct air of melancholy and wanderlust. After this event, an album of this material felt inevitable. Additionally, the band wanted to explore the possibilities for reimagining new songs with a classic touch. Songs of Future Past is available worldwide from Slammin Media and distributed worldwide by Believe Distribution. Artist Title Time Sabertooth Swing Frankie & Johnny 04:07 Sabertooth Swing Blue Skies 04:56 Sabertooth Swing How Deep is the Ocean 04:36 Sabertooth Swing Chocolate Jesus 03:36 Sabertooth Swing Lawn Boy 03:39 Sabertooth Swing Atlanta Blues 03:41 Attachments Biography .. Sabertooth..
  14. 2020 #CFL hot stove league

    Bob Young revealed this week that he was very much in favor of playing this year. He also said that every year the league as a whole loses money. ***** Here's an initial look at Canadian college players and their prospects for next year's draft. ***** Here's a list of the best Canadians currently active, by province. ***** Here's a look at BC's Grey Cup teams. ***** This week the players discuss who is the league's best trash talker. ***** Here is a single link to the "virtual reunions" of four Grey Cup teams.
  15. Artist Title Time Michael P. O'Neill Port of Spain 05:37 Michael P. O'Neill Emerging Impressions 05:12 Michael P. O'Neill Early Spring 05:17 Michael P. O'Neill One For Kenny 03:50 Michael P. O'Neill Cloudscape 06:16 Michael P. O'Neill And Then It Rained 05:42 Michael P. O'Neill Mavericks Samba 04:19 Michael P. O'Neill Song For Mama Bear 05:33 Michael P. O'Neill Four Cornered Circle 05:43 Michael P. O'Neill Suite Iris 03:52 Michael P. O'Neill The Dreams We Left Behind 05:17 Michael P. O'Neill "And Then It Rained" Impacting: September 25 2020 Format(s): Jazz CONTACT: Michael O'Neill Attachments Press rele.. One Sheet ..