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  1. Region Free DVD players

    I bought my Pioneer region-free DVD player years ago from Bombay Electronics in Chicago. I've never had a problem with it. It was my suspicion that Amazon began to carry them because Spanish language discs are Region 4, while the US and Canada are Region 1. I got mine because Amazon UK (Region 3?) sold a number of '60s movies I wanted.
  2. MLB Season 2020

    The seasons of all Organized Baseball minor leagues have been cancelled.
  3. 2020 #CFL hot stove league

    The league is conducting a poll of the fans to name the best players of the past decade. ***** TSN is picking the all-time best players for each team. Winnipeg Hamilton ***** James Wilder, Jr., has retired! ***** Sask led the league last year, averaging over 29,000 tickets sold per game. ***** Jonathan Rose is attempting to come back after spinal fusion surgery. ***** This week's 40-minute game is last year's Eastern Final. ***** Bob O'Billovich turned 80 today.
  4. RIP Johnny Mandel

    Today is Susan Hayward's birthday (1917). Back in in '98, my nephew went to a Diana Krall concert in Los Angeles. A man sat down beside him, offered his hand, and said, "Hi! I'm Johnny Mandel." So my nephew called me the next day, and said, "Uncle Russ, have you ever heard of someone named Johnny Mandel?" I said, "Tom, I would rather meet Johnny Mandel than Diana Krall!" RIP.
  5. New Art Pepper releases from Laurie Pepper

    The Foxy Lady Session 1975
  6. Virginia Schenck - Battle Cry

    Artist Title Time VA Virginia Schenck Bali Hai 04:39 VA Virginia Schenck Sackful of Dreams 05:10 VA Virginia Schenck Gettysburg Address 03:15 VA Virginia Schenck America the Beautiful 06:58 VA Virginia Schenck Abraham, Martin, & John 05:18 VA Virginia Schenck Strange Fruit 04:16 VA Virginia Schenck Hear My Battle Cry 06:31 VA Virginia Schenck Pledge of Allegiance 00:43 VA Virginia Schenck America the Beautiful Reprise 04:39 VA Virginia Schenck "Battle Cry" Format(s): Jazz INDEPENDENCE DAY Songs of Conscience, Sounds of Freedom VIRGINIA SCHENCK "BATTLE CRY" TRACKS: in 1,2,5,7,9 out 4,6 spoken word 3,8 "..this album neither heals nor takes up arms in defiance. Rather, VA offers up her selections as a foundation for reflection... The tracks of Battle Cry may encourage at least some of us to set about laying that foundation.” - Stephen Smoliar “I consider myself a messenger,” says vocal artist and social justice champion Virginia Schenck, who adopted the moniker “VA,” bestowed upon her by an Atlanta DJ from WCLK 91.9FM a few years ago. “What I sing matters. What I say matters. I see myself as a peacemaker and networker, someone who weaves worlds and people together. In 2016, my vision changed.” VA literally has advocacy and activism in her DNA. Her grandmother, a suffragette in Philadelphia, was pregnant with her mother while campaigning for the right of women to vote in the 1920s. In 2016, the election of a new President signaled the crossing of a threshold, a call to emotional and intellectual arms, which prompted in VA a renewed commitment to combatting a surge of regressive politicking, divisive inequities, and racial friction. “I thought we already had gone through this and done so much positive work,” VA says. “Instead, my eyes were opened to a shadow side of America from which a backlash emerged. Our democracy, liberty and freedom were being challenged. I was flabbergasted and could not keep quiet.” VA’s response to that challenge, Battle Cry, will be heard. To carry out Battle Cry’s mission, VA recruited from her home base a squad of supremely talented veterans of Atlanta’s vibrant jazz scene. Pianist Kevin Bales, Grammy-nominated accompanist (Rene Marie) and faculty member of Georgia State University; bassist Rodney Jordan, Grammy-winning member of the Marcus Roberts Trio and faculty member of Florida State University; and drummer Marlon Patton (Lonnie Holley, Trey Wright Trio) have been VA’s core working band for the past decade. Tenor saxophonist Kebbi Williams, best known as a member of Tedeschi Trucks Band, leads his own jazz ensemble Wolfpack. Guitarist Rick Lollar recently joined Jimmy Herring and the 5 of 7. VA met spoken word artist James Benson at community radio station WRFG (FM 89.3). Battle Cry is a powerful salvo, which packs the explosive authority of an artist who, in 2018, co-led a pilgrimage to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture with Rev. Kimberly Jackson, an ordained LGBTQ+ Episcopal priest and candidate for the Georgia Senate in 2020, and Dr. Catherine Meeks, executive director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing. On Battle Cry, VA fires off familiar songs, such as Donny Hathaway’s “Sackful of Dreams,” Dion’s “Abraham, Martin and John” and “Bali Hai” from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific, with precisely targeted interpretation, imaginative improvisation, swing and soul. Her evocative renderings of “America the Beautiful” and “The Pledge of Allegiance” prompt fresh evaluation of time-honored symbols of national pride. A harrowing version of “Strange Fruit,” sung in wailing, dissonant passages, honors and embellishes the protest song immortalized by Billie Holiday with wrenching poignancy, made all the more potent by Jordan’s deeply rooted bass and Williams’ spine-tingling sax accompaniment. Then there is “Hear My Battle Cry.” Propelled by a disarmingly bright, deliciously funky groove, the album’s one original song delivers the singer’s bullseye message: Can we find the path to freedom by the truth in our lives/Find the courage, strength and hope to stand tall/Resurrect ourselves, correct ourselves, and pay our due/Hear my battle cry: I will live in truth or die. “My music is my resistance,” says VA. “Battle Cry is my plea for us to step up to the plate and do what is right for this country, to make America a better place.” Attachments Virginia S.. Virginia S.. Virginia S.. Virginia S..
  7. Love Letter, Jimmy Heath's final recording.

    Second Single “Left Alone” featuring Cécile McLorin Salvant Out Now – Listen Here Love Letter Available Worldwide On July 17
  8. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Original Soundtrack Various Artists About the Soundtrack: Relive the songs, score, and more from “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners” VR zombie experience, out today via Decca Records US. This gripping, jazz- and blues-infused soundtrack brings to life the horrifying journey through walker-infested New Orleans. Featuring 56 Bayou-inspired tracks, this complete collection captures the experience of scavenging the flooded ruins of The Big Easy and fighting to survive another day. Score composed by Michael David Peter, with Joshua Mosely and Suzanne Waters performing vocals on well-known numbers like “When The Saints Go Marching In”, “The House of the Rising Sun”, and “When the Levee Breaks.” Immerse yourself in the soundtrack and ask: Are you a saint or a sinner? --- About the Game: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a virtual reality first-person shooter game developed by Skydance Interactive. Watch the trailer for the game and learn more on their WEBSITE The game has received rave reviews for its astounding graphics and is being touted as the best zombie VR to date. --- Artist Title Time Michael David Peter, Janell Lenfert Tune In To The Reclaimed 00:34 Michael David Peter Stir The Herd 02:09 Michael David Peter Who Are You? 02:20 Michael David Peter Braining 101 01:48 Michael David Peter Legend Of The Reserve 03:13 Michael David Peter Fifty Fifty Still Stands 01:57 Michael David Peter, Myk Watford Charlie Boy 04:24 Joshua Mosley Bayou Story Time 03:11 Michael David Peter The Resting Place – Morning 02:48 Michael David Peter Via Carolla 03:10 Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson The Tower Will Always Stand 00:56 Michael David Peter The Resting Place – Night 02:46 Michael David Peter, Myk Watford What Is A Beast? 02:36 Joshua Mosley In The Pines 03:05 Michael David Peter Make Contact 00:46 Michael David Peter Where The Jazz Men Play 02:34 Michael David Peter, Morla Gorrondona The Tomb And The Tower (Explicit) 01:20 Joshua Mosley Gumbo Groove 02:53 Michael David Peter Memorial Lane 01:45 Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson May Benoit Is A Traitor 01:17 Michael David Peter My Brother’s Keeper 01:49 Michael David Peter A Gift From The Reclaimed 01:50 Michael David Peter The Kindness Of Strangers 02:47 Michael David Peter, Myk Watford Where Is She? 03:39 Joshua Mosley BBQ & Jam 03:05 Michael David Peter The Most Wanted Woman In NOLA 01:34 Michael David Peter The Blue Palace 03:10 Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson Humble Beginnings 01:41 Michael David Peter The Bells 01:08 Michael David Peter, Myk Watford The Most Wonderous Dream 03:23 Joshua Mosley Bourbon Break 02:54 Joshua Mosley Halfway There 02:58 Michael David Peter Bywater 03:09 Michael David Peter Forbidden Love 02:21 Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson Forty-Five Tall, Forty-Eight Strong 02:14 Joshua Mosley The House Of The Rising Sun 02:41 Joshua Mosley Carriage Ride 03:18 Michael David Peter, Myk Watford The Tic 02:44 Joshua Mosley When The Levee Breaks 02:44 Michael David Peter Rampart High 01:57 Michael David Peter Alone Together 01:32 Joshua Mosley Soul Food 03:09 Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson The Climb To A Brighter Future 02:06 Michael David Peter One Of Those NOLA Nights 01:29 Michael David Peter, Myk Watford The Tourist And The Prophet 02:41 Joshua Mosley When The Saints Go Marching In 03:04 Joshua Mosley Hills And Valleys 03:14 Michael David Peter The Pumps 00:49 Michael David Peter Lights In The Sky 01:10 Michael David Peter Our Resident Picasso 01:24 Michael David Peter Battle For The Reserve 01:00 Michael David Peter Saint Vincent’s 00:54 Michael David Peter Waterfall 01:04 Michael David Peter The Nave 01:05 Michael David Peter The Reserve 01:00 Michael David Peter The House Of The Rising Sun (Reprise Version) 01:09
  9. Shubh Saran - Becoming EP

    Shubh Saran Becoming EP Out Now! In his third release, Saran takes a modern jazz approach to punk rock. Featured on WRAS (Atlanta), WKCR (New York City), CKUA (Alberta) Impact Date: March 10, 2020 Headlining West Virginia Virtual Wine & Jazz Music Festival on June 27th @ 6pm EST
  10. Artist Title Time Jason Kao Hwang Words Asleep Spoken Awake- Part I 06:46 Jason Kao Hwang Words Asleep Spoken Awake- Part II 09:02 Jason Kao Hwang Conscious Concave Concrete 09:31 Jason Kao Hwang 2 AM 06:07 Jason Kao Hwang Battle for the Indelible Truth 11:49 Jason Kao Hwang Defiance 09:45 Jason Kao Hwang "Human Rites Trio" Impacting: June 25, 2020 Suggested Tracks: 3,4,5 Jason Kao Hwang – composer, violin (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5), viola (tracks 3, 6) Andrew Drury – drum set Ken Filiano – string bass Each composition is a progression of gestures, songs, movements and locations that bring participants into a state of discovery and compassion. Within these Human Rites, individual voices are empowered to be fully expressive so that each moment is unpredictable and deeply intentional. This psychic intensity, both sacred and sacrificial, provokes a heightened awareness that unifies Listeners and Musicians within a spiritual entrainment. As we hear ourselves within music we become Music, which is no longer a performance but an affirmation of justice and celebration of life. I wish to thank Andrew Drury and Ken Filiano for their creativity, dedication and friendship. This CD was completed during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The music honors all the heroic doctors, nurses, and frontline workers who are saving so many lives. The music is also dedicated to the memory of all the people whom we tragically lost to this terrible disease. – Jason Kao Hwang Over the fifteen years since they recorded their debut together, Hwang’s artistic synergy with Filiano and Drury has gained such depth and profundity with each successive project – from his Edge quartet through his Spontaneous River string orchestra, his Burning Bridge octet, and his Sing House quintet – that it seems a single gesture can now send all three into a sublime state of sympathetic resonance. As we marvel at the collaborative interplay of their individual voices united here once again in common purpose, we can only look forward to many further shared journeys of musical discovery still ahead. – Scott Currie All Compositions by Jason Kao Hwang ℗ ©2020 Jason Kao Hwang, Flying Panda Music, BMI All Rights Reserved Available From: Amazon ~ ~ iTunes ~ Attachments ONE SHEET .. LINER NOTE.. TEXT - Jas.. CD COVER I..
  11. Barrett Martin Group - Indwell

    As Featured on: Voice of America Radio Potential 40 Million listeners Barrett Martin Group -Indwell- Songs specifically for Jazz Radio: SKYLINE - 15 NOCTURNE - 20 ENCHANTMENT - 19 TEMPLE BELLS - 18 SUNLIGHT - 17 SPOOKY ACTION at a DISTANCE - 14 NIGHTSHADE - 14 MANDALA - 10 FAVELA SONG - 7 Artist Title Time Barrett Martin A Rumor Of Rain 04:44 Barrett Martin Invocation 01:10 Barrett Martin A Waltz Under THe Stars 03:41 Barrett Martin Bronzecasting 01:02 Barrett Martin Incandescere 02:14 Barrett Martin Cascadia 03:02 Barrett Martin Favela Song 03:39 Barrett Martin She Dreams Of Snow 03:31 Barrett Martin Listen 00:59 Barrett Martin Mandala 02:56 Barrett Martin Kronos 02:31 Barrett Martin Nightshade 03:10 Barrett Martin The Twilight Hour 02:59 Barrett Martin Spooky Action At A Distance 03:29 Barrett Martin Skyline 03:35 Barrett Martin Moonfish 04:03 Barrett Martin Sunlight 02:53 Barrett Martin Temple Bells 03:37 Barrett Martin Enchantment 02:54 Barrett Martin Nocturne 04:23 Barrett Martin Nebula 03:00 Barrett Martin The Greatest Smile In The Cry 03:51 Barrett Martin Event Horizon 03:49 Barrett Martin The Diamond Path 04:09 Barrett Martin The Realm Of Shades 03:40
  12. DreamRoot - Phases

    Here is a recent article about the band and album in our local alt-paper. 3.5 Stars awarded to DreamRoot! Read the Full Review Here Watch the Official Single Video Here
  13. Harry Connick, Jr. Stars Still Shine NEW SINGLE OUT NOW! GRAMMY and Emmy Award-winning singer and actor Harry Connick, Jr. pays tribute to essential workers in an emotional and uplifting new song “Stars Still Shine,” on Verve Records out now. The song was made available to all streaming partners and digital download after its debut on “UNITED WE SING: A GRAMMY® TRIBUTE TO UNSUNG HEROES,” a star-studded 2-hour special event conceived and hosted by Harry Connick, Jr. aired on the CBS Television Network on June 21 at 8PM ET/PT. Proceeds from the single go to the Ellis Marsalis Center For Music. Artist Title Time Harry Connick Jr. Stars Still Shine 03:36
  14. Immanuel Wilkins - Omega

    Immanuel Wilkins – Omega June 26th 2020, IG 1 “Warriors” + PO July 24th 2020, IG 2 “Grace and Mercy” August 7th Album Release 1. Immanuel Wilkins - Warriors 06:55 2. Immanuel Wilkins - Ferguson - An American Tradition 07:08 3. Immanuel Wilkins - The Dreamer 03:37 4. Immanuel Wilkins - Mary Turner - An American Tradition 04:22 5. Immanuel Wilkins - Grace And Mercy 06:49 6. Immanuel Wilkins - Part 1. The Key 02:46 7. Immanuel Wilkins - Part 2. Saudade 07:24 8. Immanuel Wilkins - Part 3. Eulogy 05:52 9. Immanuel Wilkins - Part 4. Guarded Heart 09:41 10. Immanuel Wilkins - Omega 08:47 After making a striking appearance on Joel Ross’ KingMaker, alto saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins delivers an expansive opus about the Black experience in America on his own debut album Omega, which was produced by Jason Moran and features a next-generation quartet with pianist Micah Thomas, bassist Daryl Johns, and drummer Kweku Sumbry.
  15. Artist Title Time Pete Rodriguez I Like It Like That (Uproot Andy Remix) 03:55 Pete Rodriguez I Like It Like That (Album Version) 04:25 Pete Rodriguez “I Like It Like That” (Uproot Andy Remix) Originally Released In 1967, The Pete Rodriguez Masterpiece Includes Timeless Tropical Anthem “I Like It Like That” Released by Alegre Records in 1967, this was the fifth album by pianist and bandleader Pete Rodriguez. Marking the heyday of the Latin boogaloo movement in New York, the title track became the genre’s anthem and one of the most iconic dance hits in the history of Latin American music. “I Like It Like That” was sampled and served as the basis for the global mega-hit “I Like It,” released in 2018 by Cardi B with Bad Bunny and J Balvin. Today, Craft Latino releases a remix of “I Like It Like That” by DJ Uproot Andy, which updates the original’s timeless mystique through the use of contemporary beats to create a rump shakin’ dance floor burner. Fania also features Pete Rodriguez and other Latin boogaloo artists in a new playlist, Boogaloo – Fania Essentials.