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  2. 2017 NFL Season

    Good play by Miami here. But in my view, this should be normal, not a miracle.
  3. 2018 #CFL

    Anyone interested in university ball? I have saved a number of articles throughout the season. Here's what I have in chronological order. I'll continue later with the news of the playoffs and the Vanier Cup.
  4. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    Yonathan Avishai - Joys and Solitudes release date January 25, 2019 Yonathan Avishai: piano; Yoni Zelnik: doublebass; Donald Kontomanou: drums Israeli-French pianist Yonathan Avishai has made important contributions to the music of Avishai Cohen, as documented on Into The Silence and Cross My Palm With Silver. In parallel, over the last five years, he has been developing his own project with the trio heard here, with Paris-based Israeli bassist Yoni Zelnik and Donald Kontomanou, French drummer of Guinean and Greek heritage. Sometimes known as the Modern Times Trio, its programming here opens with Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo": "Ellington is still a thoroughly modern pianist and composer," Yonathan Avishai muses. In the original pieces that follow, Avishai makes references to a broad range of musics and experiences. "Les pianos de Brazzaville" recalls his journeys to the Republic of the Congo. "Tango" is a creative response to hearing Dino Saluzzi and Anja Lechner's Ojos Negros. "When Things Fall Apart" is inspired by the compositions of Avishai Cohen. Such diverse influences are filtered through Yonathan's tradition-conscious piano playing, alert to old values of blues feeling and swing yet also strikingly original in its decisiveness and concision. Joys and Solitudes was recorded at the Lugano Auditiorio Stelio Molo RSI, in February 2018, and produced by Manfred Eicher. Ralph Alessi - Imaginary Friends release date February 1, 2019 Ralph Alessi: trumpet; Ravi Coltrane: tenor and sopranino saxophones; Andy Milne: piano; Drew Gress: double-bass; Mark Ferber: drums Trumpeter Ralph Alessi's first two ECM albums as a leader - Baida (2013) and Quiver (2016) - justly earned him high praise. The New York Times lauded the "elegant precision and power" of Baida, while The Guardian extolled Quiver, pointing to the leader's "flawless technique and ability to draw on jazz tradition while avoiding its clichés." After those quartet discs, Alessi's third ECM album, Imaginary Friends, presents him fronting a longtime working quintet in its first recording since 2010. Alessi's bandmates include a kindred spirit in saxophonist Ravi Coltrane, a studio and stage partner of the trumpeter's since they were students together at the California Institute of the Arts in the late '80s. They are joined by pianist Andy Milne and drummer Mark Ferber, both making their ECM debuts, plus bassist Drew Gress, who played on Baida and Quiver. The nine Alessi compositions of Imaginary Friends include an irresistible highlight in "Iram Issela," with its rich seam of bittersweet melody and exceptional soloing by Coltrane setting the scene for an album of quicksilver beauty.
  5. Opinions sought: Acrobat Records

    Thanks Brad and John!
  6. 2018 #CFL

    more on the Grey Cup...
  7. Acrobat is a UK label which sells public domain material. Has anyone here picked up anything they've put out? How is the sound quality? As good as Jasmine's? I have my eye on an Orioles release: Thanks!
  8. 2018 #CFL

    Lots of catching up to do! Let's start with the Grey Cup. 2018 Grey Cup Calgary 27....Ottawa 16 Terry Williams set a Grey Cup record with a 97-yard punt return touchdown. Rene Paredes is now 11 for 11 in Grey Cups, which beats Mike Vanderjagt's previous record of 9 for 9. Here is the tape of Alessia Cara's halftime show. Grey Cup Plays of the Week I'll be back with more Grey Cup news.
  9. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    Wadada Leo Smith trumpet; Bill Frisell guitar; Andrew Cyrille drums Lebroba featuring Andrew Cyrille, Bill Frisell and Wadada Leo Smith brings together three of creative music’s independent thinkers, players of enduring influence. A generous leader, Cyrille gives plenty of room to his cohorts, and all three musicians bring in compositions. In his own pieces Cyrille rarely puts the focus on the drums, preferring to play melodically and interactively, sensitive to pitch and to space - his priority today is an elliptical style in which meter is implied rather than stated. LISTEN / BUY Wolfgang Muthspiel guitar; Ambrose Akinmusire trumpet; Brad Mehldau piano; Larry Grenadier double bass; Eric Harland drums Muthspiel’s “lyrical and painterly style” has won him many admirers. Where The River Goes carries the story forward from the highly-acclaimed 2016 recording Rising Grace. Featuring a cast of heavyweight talent (Mehldau, Akinmusire, Grenadier, Harland), this is much more than an “all-star” gathering. The group plays as an ensemble with its own distinct identity, evident both in the interpretation of Muthspiel’s pieces and in the collective playing. LISTEN / BUY Shai Maestro piano; Jorge Roeder double bass; Ofri Nehemya drums The first ECM leader date for Shai Maestro features the gifted pianist fronting his superlative trio in a program predominantly of characteristically thoughtful Maestro originals. “Hearing the Shai Maestro Trio is like awakening to a new world”, All About Jazz has suggested. “Expressions of joy, introspective thoughts and heightened intensity all come to the fore.” Maestro’s differentiated touch is special; he can convey a range of fleeting emotions in a single phrase. LISTEN / BUY Mark Turner tenor saxophone; Ethan Iverson piano This album marks the recording debut of Turner and Iverson in duo. Years after their first meeting at NYC jam sessions, and following much individual success (Turner as a leader and in demand sideman, and Iverson in hit trio The Bad Plus) they re-connected as part of the exhilarating and widely-lauded Billy Hart Quartet. On Temporary Kings, they explore aesthetic common ground that embodies the heightened intimacy of modernist chamber music in a program of predominantly original compositions. LISTEN / BUY Barre Phillips double bass Barre Phillips was the first musician to record an album of solo double bass, back in 1968, and he has always been an absolute master of the solo idiom. In March 2017, Barre recorded what he says will be his last solo album, the final chapter of this journey: it is a beautiful and moving musical statement. All the qualities we associate with his playing are here in abundance – questing adventurousness, melodic invention, textural richness, developmental logic, and deep soulfulness. LISTEN / BUY Marcin Wasilewski piano; Slawomir Kurkiewicz double bass; Michal Miskiewicz drums This live recording captures the trio in energetic, extroverted mode, fanning the flames of their previously recorded repertoire and drawing on the decades-long deep understanding the musicians have established over a quarter century of shared musical endeavor. As UK magazine Jazz Journal has noted, “Wasilewski’s music celebrates a vast dynamic range, from the most deftly struck pianistic delicacies to gloriously intense emotional exuberance, all within a marvelously melodic concept.” LISTEN / BUY Jakob Bro guitar; Thomas Morgan double bass; Joey Baron drums                                                                                          This poetically attuned group follows its ECM studio album of Streams (2016) – which The New York Times lauded as “ravishing”- with an album recorded live over two nights in New York City. Bay of Rainbows rolls on waves of contemplative emotion, with gradually enveloping lyricism the lodestar. Recast intimately and elastically for trio, the pieces are illustrative of Bro and company’s ability to push and pull the music into mesmerizing new shapes, onstage and in the moment. LISTEN / BUY © *2018 ECM Records US, A Division of Verve Music Group. All rights reserved. Mats Eilertsen Trio - And Then Comes The Night release date February 1, 2019 Harmen Fraanje: piano; Mats Eilertsen: double bass; Thomas Strønen: drums Norwegian bassist Mats Eilertsen has been a distinctive presence on ECM recordings by, amongst others, Tord Gustavsen, Trygve Seim, Mathias Eick, Nils Økland, Wolfert Brederode and Jakob Young and has long maintained several projects of his own, including this trio, now in its 10th year of existence. And Then Comes The Night (named after the novel by Icelandic writer Jón Kalman Stefánsson) was recorded at the Audiotorio Stelio Molo in Lugano and Eilertsen, drummer Thomas Strønen, and Dutch pianist Harmen Fraanje make full use of what Mats calls the studio's "special character and atmosphere" and the acutely-focused interplay the room encourages. "We came in with a number of compositional sketches and the intention of seeing what could be shaped from them, with Manfred Eicher's help, in that specific space." The result is an album of subtle group music, sidestepping many of the conventions of trio playing, in a recording that demands and rewards concentrated listening.
  10. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Over the past six months, when reading Canadian football news, I've seen a large number of banner ads touting CBD on the Canadian websites. So my opinion is that it's legal in Winnipeg!
  11. Complete Them 1964-1967 - $17.77 prime
  12. Bargain DVD boxes

    The Troubadours (Nick Drake / Tim Buckley / Sandy Denny) - $20.01 ***** Two sets of this year's World Series... $50.54 $16.75
  13. ECM Artists on Tour

    Joe Lovano Trio Tapestry Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone, tarogato, gongs Marilyn Crispell: piano Carmen Castaldi: drums, percussion Joe Lovano on tour 2019 Jan. 27th Buffalo, NY **Albright-Knox Gallery Feb. 16th St. Catharines, ON Oscar Peterson Jazz Festival Feb. 19th – 23rd New York, NY Birdland (saxophone summit) Mar. 1st Tucson, AZ Crowder Hall, U of Arizona Mar. 8th Aliso Viejo, CA Soka University Mar. 10th Albuquerque, NM ** Outpost Performance Space Mar. 11th Santa Cruz, CA Kuumbwa Jazz Center Mar. 12th – 13th Seattle, WA ** Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley Mar. 14th – 17th San Francisco, CA ** SFJAZZ Miner Auditorium Apr. 13th Austin, TX Bates Recital Hall ** indicate Trio Tapestry performances
  14. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    Joe Lovano Trio Tapestry Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone, tarogato, gongs Marilyn Crispell: piano Carmen Castaldi: drums, percussion Release date: January 25, 2019 ECM 2615 B0029590-02 CD UPC: 6025 6796426 1 LP UPC: 6025 7736190 6 Joe Lovano on tour 2019 Jan. 27th Buffalo, NY **Albright-Knox Gallery Feb. 16th St. Catharines, ON Oscar Peterson Jazz Festival Feb. 19th – 23rd New York, NY Birdland (saxophone summit) Mar. 1st Tucson, AZ Crowder Hall, U of Arizona Mar. 8th Aliso Viejo, CA Soka University Mar. 10th Albuquerque, NM ** Outpost Performance Space Mar. 11th Santa Cruz, CA Kuumbwa Jazz Center Mar. 12th – 13th Seattle, WA ** Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley Mar. 14th – 17th San Francisco, CA ** SFJAZZ Miner Auditorium Apr. 13th Austin, TX Bates Recital Hall ** indicate Trio Tapestry performances Joe Lovano, widely acknowledged as one of the great tenor saxophonists of our time, has been a presence on ECM since 1981, appearing on key recordings with Paul Motian, Steve Kuhn, John Abercrombie and Marc Johnson. Trio Tapestry, introducing a new group with pianist Marilyn Crispell and drummer Carmen Castaldi is his first as a leader for the label. An album of focused intensity and expressive beauty, it features a program of eleven new compositions that Joe calls “some of the most intimate and personal music I’ve recorded so far.” The album, produced by Manfred Eicher at New York’s Sear Sound studio, draws upon Lovano’s history and development as a player who has addressed both jazz tradition and exploratory improvisation. “For me this recording is a statement of where I am, where I’ve been and where I may be headed.” In a performer’s note in the CD booklet he says of the recording, “The divine timing of interplay and interaction is magical. Trio Tapestry is a melodic, harmonic, rhythmic musical tapestry throughout, sustaining moods and atmospheres.” Each of the pieces here flowers from a melodic core informed by twelve-tone processes, a methodology Lovano came to appreciate through his long association with composer Gunter Schuller. “And working with Marilyn Crispell who also had lived in that world, having played a lot of contemporary composition and played extensively with Anthony Braxton and so on, we had a beautiful communication in that sound.” If the colors and textures of the music invoke a chamber music ambience, the players themselves “are deeply rooted in jazz, sounding out each other’s feelings in the improvising, and making music within the music. I brought in the material and had an idea of what I wanted to happen, but in terms of how we play together, there is a very equal weight of contribution. We harmonise in this music in a really special way.” Crispell and Lovano first crossed paths in the mid-1980s when the pianist was a member of Anthony Braxton’s quartet, with Gerry Hemingway and John Lindberg. “They happened to be recording in a studio next door to my loft in New York. We met then and stayed in touch.” Around 2006 Joe sat in with Marilyn’s trio with Mark Helias and Paul Motian for a night at the Village Vanguard, which led to a concert as a quartet at New York’s Miller Theater, playing compositions by all four musicians. “That was the first time I’d played a full concert with Marilyn.” The potential for further musical exploration was evident, fulfilled now by Trio Tapestry. Carmen Castaldi and Joe Lovano have played together since their teenage years in Cleveland, and moved to Boston together to attend Berklee in 1971. In the mid-70s when Joe relocated to New York, Carmen headed to the West Coast where he was based for the next couple of decades. Since his return to Ohio, cooperation between the two friends has intensified. Castaldi played on Joe’s Viva Caruso album on Blue Note and toured widely with Lovano’s Street Band, “playing a more ‘folk’ kind of music, with a different energy”, in a line-up including Judy Silvano, Gil Goldstein, Ed Schuller and Erik Friedlander. “Carmen is a wonderful free spirit on the drums, a total improviser, inspired by Paul Motian his whole life. I was really happy to have him on this recording, which is more than ‘a session’ for me. It incorporates a way of playing and interacting that Carmen and I have developed together over very many years.” Castaldi’s subtle drumming engages with the dialogues between saxophone and piano, detailing and adding commentary. A further textural element, augmenting the music’s sense of mystery, comes from Lovano’s use of gongs. “I started to develop that concept back in the 1980s, playing tenor saxophone and accompanying myself on gongs, having a mallet in my right hand to create different tonalities and different key centers from which to improvise.” Over the last fifteen years, the soulful cry of the Hungarian tarogato has also found a place in Lovano’s music. It seems to lend itself to solemn or yearning meditations. Joe played tarogato on “The Spiritual” on Steve Kuhn’s Mostly Coltrane, for example. On Trio Tapestry it is featured on “Mystic”, declaiming over rumbling percussion. Cecil Taylor once praised Marilyn Crispell for “spearheading a new lyricism” in creative music, and Lovano who hails the pianist for her “amazing sound, touch and vocabulary” is pleased to provide a context for her expressive voice here. Crispell, of course, has recorded for ECM for more than twenty years to date, with a discography that includes trio albums with Paul Motian and Gary Peacock (Nothing Ever Was, Anyway and Amaryllis), a duo album with Peacock (Azure), the solo piano album Vignettes, and more. Lovano’s ECM leader debut with Trio Tapestry follows more than two decades as a Blue Note recording artist, with numerous releases in formats from duo (with Hank Jones, for instance) to large ensemble (the Grammy-winning 52nd Street Themes). Franz Schubert Die Nacht Anja Lechner: violoncello Pablo Márquez: guitar Since 2003 this duo has been exploring the most diverse repertoire and modes of expression in their concerts. For their first album, a conceptual context is provided by the music of Franz Schubert, many of whose songs were published in alternative versions with guitar during the composer’s lifetime. Interspersed on the recording, as an echo and commentary to his spirit and language, are the graceful Trois Nocturnes originally written for cello and guitar by Friedrich Burgmüller (1806-1874). Till Fellner In Concert Beethoven and Liszt Till Fellner: piano Speaking to the New York Times in 2007, Alfred Brendel said of fellow pianist Till Fellner: “It has impressed me how ambitiously he has developed his repertory, being equally at home in solo and concerto repertoire, chamber music and lieder… “ Fellner’s insightful playing of Liszt is paired here with a concert recording of Beethoven’s Sonata No 32, recorded in 2010, the year in which ECM released Fellner’s interpretation of Beethoven’s Piano Concertos Nos 4 and 5 to a chorus of critical acclaim. Kim Kashkashian J.S. Bach Six Suites for Viola Solo BWV 1007-1012 Kim Kashkashian: viola The poetry and radiance of Bach’s cello suites are transfigured in these remarkable interpretations by Kim Kashkashian on viola, offering “a different kind of somberness, a different kind of dazzlement” as annotator Paul Griffiths observes. One of the most compelling performers of classical and new music, Grammy-winning Kashkashian is hailed as "an artist who combines a probing, restless musical intellect with enormous beauty of tone”, and she brings to Bach revelatory commitment and intensity. Danish String Quartet Prism 1: Beethoven, Shostakovich, Bach Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen: violin; Frederik Øland: violin; Asbjørn Nørgaard: viola; Fredrik Schøyen Sjölin: violoncello The prize-winning quartet – “one of the best quartets before the public today” (Washington Post) – inaugurates a series of five albums with the overarching title of Prism, in which the group will present one of Beethoven’s late string quartets in the context of a related fugue by J.S. Bach as well as a linked masterwork from the modern quartet literature. “We hope the listener will join us in the wonder of these beams of music that travel all the way from Bach through Beethoven to our own times.” © *2018 ECM Records US, A Division of Verve Music Group. All rights reserved.
  15. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Guys, here's what I know. A poster who provides a link to another site, and gets a small piece of the sales price, is called an "affiliate." I have never been an affiliate for anyone, and I don't know why anyone thinks I might be. Amazon's price does not increase because an affiliate's link is used. I subscribe to daily emails from a number of Amazon affiliates. I am happy to use their links because they have told me something I would not have known - that something I might be interested in is on sale. For this thread, I have used two affiliates - and Amazon's SKU is that combination of letters and numbers which immediately follows ""dp/". The SKU is followed by a question mark or an equals sign. This morning, The Camels sent me an email telling me that the Marantz CD player in question is now going for $349.45, which is the item's lowest price ever, $49.55 less than usual. They provided me with this link: When I posted above, I eliminated the question mark and everything following it: And lo and behold! It is now going for $347.60. One final point about the links I post. It's easy to separate the chaff from an Amazon URL. But often the links to a news item are long, and I will have no idea what to eliminate. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this thread when he sees a bargain!