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  1. Joke of the Day

    Dan and mg, I think everyone including Jim interpreted it that way!
  2. Joke of the Day

    Of course. Otherwise, the joke wouldn't make any sense, would it?
  3. Joke of the Day

    Jim, Canada Post is too controversial for me to weigh in on. I'll pass! ***** At Microsoft, a minority employee is a guy who has a girlfriend.
  4. Mosaic Sets but Especially Tina Brooks

    Joe, going from memory, I think they did not offer CDs until 1991. I remember that the Gerry Mulligan #102 was one of them, and probably both Chet Baker PJs as well. I'm going to guess that the first boxes available as CDs from the get go were Count Basie #135, Holman/Russo #136 and Larry Young #137. Anybody want to correct me on this?
  5. Joke of the Day

    In California, some high schools are requiring students to wear uniforms. They say uniforms create a safe and stable environment. You know, like the post office.
  6. Joke of the Day

    My girlfriend always laughs during sex, no matter what's she's reading.
  7. Joke of the Day

    I wouldn't mind being the last man on earth. Just to see if all those girls were telling the truth.
  8. Joke of the Day

    No, senor.
  9. Joke of the Day

    After twelve years of therapy, my psychiatrist said something that brought tears to my eyes. "No hablo ingles"
  10. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    The Supreme Court has forbidden the OSHA vax mandate, but allowed the mandate for healthcare workers.
  11. Joke of the Day

    If the Japanese are such technical giants, why are they still eating with sticks?
  12. Joke of the Day

    I used all my sick days, so I'm calling in dead.
  13. MLB 2021 Hot Stove League

    Well, in any labor dispute, both sides hold out till the last minute. Gamesmanship and all.
  14. Whither Allen Lowe?

    Welcome back Allen!
  15. Stephen Sondheim RIP

    Allen Austin-Bishop Wait Impacting January 7th, 2022 Format(s): Jazz, Smooth Jazz Artist Title Time Allen Austin-Bishop Wait 03:03 Allen Austin-Bishop Buffalo Ghost 05:53 Allen Austin-Bishop Evergreen 04:23 Conversational and sumptuous jazz vocals with Allen Austin-Bishop's 'Wait' Allen Austin-Bishop is starting 2022 with a nod to the genius of Mr Stephen Sondheim The single ‘Wait’ gives us Allen’s unique take on a song from Mr Sondheim’s musical, Sweeney Todd. In addition, to Wait, Allen also offers up two songs from popular artists Elbow (“buffalo ghost”) and the legendary Barbara Streisand (“Evergreen” from a Star is Born). Allen Austin-Bishop, once again, is accompanied by an accomplished, tasteful and subtle band comprised of pianist Dorian Ford, bassist Mao Yamada, percussionist Rob Hervais-Alderman, saxophonist Katie Edwards, and celloist Fifi Homan. Together the ensemble brings a freshness to these varied songs giving them a warm atmospheric vibe. “After seeing Sweeny Todd, on Broadway, I was hooked. And it’s no accident that my first two albums, “Sorry Grateful and “No One is Alone”, take their titles from Sondheim’s songs. We recorded Wait over the summer and thought, given Mr Sondheim's recent passing, now was a good time to release the song.” – Allen Austin-Bishop Allen was born in Newark, New Jersey, but for some time, has been based in London. Allen made his recording debut in 2017 with “Sorry Grateful”, a collection of standards. Among its highlights are his versions of “Misty,” “The Shadow of Your Smile,” “Happiness is a Thing Called Joe” and “When I Fall in Love”. More recently, Allen brought us festive cheer with his first holiday album entitled “Christmas” which included songs from popular artists such as The Sugababes, S Club-7, John Legend, Joni Mitchell, and the legendary Mel Torme. Contact: