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  1. ECM Artists on Tour

    Vijay Iyer (solo) Jan 26 Littleton, MA (Indian Hill Music) Jan 29 New York, NY (Jazz Standard) (w/Linda May Han Oh and Tyshawn Sorey) Jan 30-31 New York, NY (Jazz Standard) (Trio w/Wadada Leo Smith) Feb 1 New York, NY (Jazz Standard) (sextet) Feb 29 Houston, TX (Da Camera) Jakob Bro Trio with Mark Turner Jan 28 – Feb 2 New York, NY (Village Vanguard) Jörg Widmann Jan 28 New York, NY (Zankel Hall) ICE Widmann conduct and play all Widmann program Jan 30 New York, NY (Carnegie Hall) Anne-Sophie Mutter and Friends – Widmann premier Shai Maestro Quartet Jan 29-30 New York, NY (The Jazz Gallery) Danish String Quartet Jan. 30 Montreal, QC (Montreal Museum – Bourgie Hall) Jan. 31 Chicago, IL (University of Chicago – Mandel Hall) Feb. 1 Detroit, MI (Seligman Performing Arts Center) Feb 4 Denver, CO (Newman Center) – Friends of Chamber Music Feb 5 Denver, CO (Newman Center) – Friends of Chamber Music Feb. 7 New York, NY (CMS Beethoven Cycle) Feb. 9 New York, NY (CMS Beethoven Cycle) Feb. 11 New York, NY (CMS Beethoven Cycle) Feb. 14 New York, NY (CMS Beethoven Cycle) Feb. 16 New York, NY (CMS Beethoven Cycle) Feb 18 New York, NY (CMS Beethoven Cycle) Carolin Widmann Feb 7-9 Los Angeles, CA (LA Philharmonic) Kurt Weill Concerto with LA Phil / Salonen Oded Tzur Quartet Feb 12 New York, NY (Jazz Standard) © 2020 ECM Records US, A Division of Verve Music Group. All rights reserved.
  2. ECM Artists on Tour

    Vijay Iyer June 3 Charleston, SC (Spoleto Festival) June 16 New York, NY (Le Poisson Rouge) June 22 Katonah, NY (Caramoor Center) June 25-30 New York, NY (The Kitchen) Craig Taborn June 6-9 Charleston, SC (Spoleto Festival Residency) Django Bates June 19-20 New York, NY (Jazz Standard) June 23 Rochester, NY (Rochester Jazz Festival) June 25 Ottawa, ON (Ottawa Jazz Festival) Thomas Strønen June 21 San Diego, CA (The Athenaeum) June 26 Baltimore, MD (An Die Musik Live!) June 28 New York, NY (Scandinavia House) June 29 Washington, DC (DuPont Underground) June 30 Rochester, NY (Rochester Jazzfest) Maciej Obara Quartet June 19 New York, NY (Dizzy’s Coca-Cola Club) June 22 Edmonton, AB (Edmonton Intl Jazz Festival) June 25 Victoria, BC (Victoria Intl Jazz Festival) June 26 Vancouver, BC (Vancouver Intl Jazz Festival) June 28 Ottawa, ON (Ottawa Intl Jazz Festival) June 29 Rochester, NY (Xerox Rochester Intl Jazz Festival) Bill Frisell June 7 Burlington, VT (Discover Jazz Festival) Till Fellner June 6-7 Minneapolis, MN (Orchestra Hall playing Mozart K466 with Minn Orch and Kent Nagano) © *2018 ECM Records US, A Division of Verve Music Group. All rights reserved.
  3. The Bad Plus - Activate Infinity

    Artist Title Time The Bad Plus Avail 03:15 The Bad Plus Slow Reactors 05:52 The Bad Plus Thrift Store Jewelry 04:48 The Bad Plus The Red Door 04:03 The Bad Plus Looking In Your Eyes 03:59 The Bad Plus Dovetail Nicely 05:07 The Bad Plus Undersea Reflection 03:00 The Bad Plus Love Is The Answer 07:35 The Bad Plus "Activate Infinity" Impacting: January 10 2020 Format(s): Jazz Activate Infinity is the second album from The Bad Plus since the remarkable pianist Orrin Evans joined the trio back in 2018. With their sights set on a new trajectory, combined with an abundance of spirit and creativity, the trio have produced one of their finest and most original albums to date. This is group music played with vibrant imagination and vigour. It’s real, deeply honest and personal. Their joy in music-making together is clear and their vision is committed and democratic. With a new home on the British label, Edition Records, the trio are working with a renewed intent that will see them grow to new heights and continue to flourish. Sit back, listen and enjoy the ride! Highlights - South American Tour - North American Tour - European Tour - Combined Facebook / Instagram reach of 100,000 + followers across all profiles, all accessible for advertising. - Key global media interest across specialist magazines, radio - 1 single release in lead up to release - Release of the last album on all digital services will help build anticipation - Amazon cover artist for playlist The Pocket Attachments TBP 60 EDN1143 Th..
  4. Yelena Eckemoff - Nocturnal Animals

    Jazziz has this as one of its ten picks of the month.
  5. Yelena Eckemoff Presents An Exploration of The Nighttime Animal Kingdom On "Nocturnal Animals," Set for January 24 Release By Her L&H Production Label Pianist-Composer Imagines Thoughts & Personalities of 14 Wild, Darkness-Dwelling Creatures, In an Unusual Quartet Setting With Bassist Arild Andersen, Drummers Jon Christensen & Thomas Strønen October 28, 2019 Pianist-composer Yelena Eckemoff adds another link to her chain of thoughtful concept albums with Nocturnal Animals, which her own L&H Production imprint will release on January 24. True to its title, the double album features 14 musical impressions of the creatures that rule the night. The pieces are brought to life by a quartet that places Eckemoff alongside bassist Arild Andersen and drummers Jon Christensen and Thomas Strønen. Eckemoff is fond of creating these sorts of sonic portrait galleries. Prior albums have explored such disparate subjects as the desert, the biblical psalms, and colors. Yet never before has the North Carolina (by way of Moscow) pianist taken on such an array of wild beasts. Appropriately, however, Nocturnal Animals teems with life: in the music, of course, but also in the free-verse poems that Eckemoff has written as supplements to each of the album's compositions. "No one knows how and what animals think," she says. "But in my poetic writing about them I perceive each one as a being with an intriguing personality, and they all think and act similarly to how people would in certain situations." That personification is manifest in the gripping suspense of "Bat," the sly but stealthy swing of "Fox," the roaming, appropriately glimmering "Firefly,"and the graceful, determined "Sea Turtle." A number of pieces take on surprising dimensions that depart from our received wisdom about these animals. "Walkingstick," for example, has a supple, delicate beauty that offsets its strange syncopations; "Toad" is stately and majestic; and "Scorpion" has tinges of warmth and empathy enfolded into its moody, mysterious structures. In short, Nocturnal Animals conveys a tremendous amount of nuance, thanks for which go to the musicians who help Eckemoff to execute her vision. Andersen, with whom the pianist has the longest collaborative relationship, acts largely as a second or counter-melodist for her, while the dual drummers draw rhythmic designs around each of them (and each other). "Jon is so unique, so insanely original; he doesn't play patterns or beats, he plays around the beat, against the beat, building layers," Eckemoff explains. "Thomas grew up listening to Jon. If anyone could work together with him, it was Thomas.... You can hear how differently they play and at the same time marvel at their remarkable compatibility and interplay." L. to r.: Jon Christensen, Yelena Eckemoff, Arild Andersen, Thomas Strønen. Yelena Eckemoff was born in Moscow, where she started playing by ear and composing music when she was four. By seven, she was attending the Gnessins School for musically gifted children. But while she was thus groomed for classical musicianship, including piano studies at Moscow State Conservatory, Eckemoff wanted to rock and roll. Her love of rock music included Mahavishnu Orchestra, which helped lead her to jazz in her twenties. That new passion was sealed when Eckemoff attended Dave Brubeck's 1987 concert in Moscow. The experience reconfigured her composing and playing, and led her to form a jazz band. Playing jazz proved to be a difficult proposition, due both to the complexity of her compositions and to the repressive nature of the Soviet regime. On the latter issue, she devoted herself (at great personal cost) to obtaining a U.S. visa, finally doing so in 1991 and settling in North Carolina. The former was a matter of finding high-caliber musicians to play with, which she would also eventually achieve. Cold Sun, her 2010 debut recording, featured the great Danish bassist Mads Vinding and the legendary American drummer Peter Erskine. By the time of 2018's Better Than Gold and Silver, she was able to attract an all-star lineup that included the likes of trumpeter Ralph Alessi, guitarist Ben Monder, bassist Drew Gress, and drummer Joey Baron. Nocturnal Animals is the pianist-composer's 15th release in ten years, demonstrating her extraordinary (and seemingly never-ending) fount of inspiration. "There are so many ideas going through my head at any given time," Eckemoff says. "I don't know what I'll explore next." "Nocturnal Animals" EPK Web Site:
  6. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Onkyo TX-SR494 7.2-Channel A/V Receiver with HDMI & Bluetooth - Dolby Atmos ✤ DTS:X ✤ HDR UHD Pass-Through - $219.00 (42 % off)
  7. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Let's start a thread for when something good goes on sale. Tivoli Audio Model One M1CLA AM / FM Table Radio, Classic / Walnut - $83.32 ***** Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker System (Black) (a pair, apparently) - $73.00
  8. Happy Birthday 7/4!
  9. Other than the recent threads about the Bill Evans and Red Garland boxes, I don't recall much conversation here about mainstream jazz box sets on sale. I see that the Coltrane Prestige boxes can still be had fairly cheaply. Any other bargains that I don't know about?
  10. Brad, I love "Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted." All of the pre-1966 Alan Price masters are on "The Complete Animals."
  11. Coming Feb. 21... Eric Burdon and The Animals - When I Was Young ~ The MGM Recordings 1967-1968: 5CD Remastered & Expanded Set - 36.99 GBP
  12. Artist Title Time Michael Wang Jungle 04:51 Michael Wang September 27th 05:43 Michael Wang Toronto Adventures 07:16 Michael Wang Man's Best Friend 04:56 Michael Wang Anthropology 03:22 Michael Wang Legend of the Falcon 04:39 Michael Wang Honest Feelings 05:30 Michael Wang Flowers at a Funeral 04:05 Michael Wang Dream of Flying 06:09 Michael Wang Groove Wang 05:39 Michael Wang "Bone of the Wang Volume One" Impacting: January 17 2020 Format(s): Jazz For Immediate Release Dynamic Mingus Big Band Trombonist Michael Wang’s debut: “Bone of the Wang Volume One” celebrates life, passion, and music. "With a warm sound and depth of vocabulary, Michael has demonstrated that he is one of the brightest trombonists of his generation." Jazz Trumpeter Sean Jones NEW YORK, NY: Up and coming trombonist and composer Michael Wang releases his debut album Bone of the Wang Volume One: a captivating and dynamic story of passion (NL 2011). Bone of the Wang Volume One is a mesmerizing album with Wang’s warm definitive sound accompanied by his energetic and polished band. Wang studied at the Berklee College of Music as a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, where he studied with Phil Wilson, Marshall Gilkes, David Santoro, George Garzone, Darren Barrett and was a member of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute from 2013-2016. Wang was the winner of the American Trombone Workshop's competition in 2015 and was a finalist in the International Trombone Association's Carl Fontana and JJ Johnson Competitions (2015 and 2016). After graduating Berklee, Wang moved to New York City in 2017 where he continues to play regularly with groups such as the Mingus Big Band, Frank Lacy's Smalls Sextet and "Tromboniverse," Josh Evans' Big Band, Pedro Giraudo's Jazz Orchestra, Arturo O'Farrill's Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Alexi David's "Three or Four Shades of Mingus," David Chamberlain's "Band of Bones," as well as occasionally leading his own quintet. As jazz trumpeter Sean Jones describes, "With a warm sound and depth of vocabulary, Michael has demonstrated that he is one of the brightest trombonists of his generation." Bone of the Wang Volume One captures with remarkable passion the emotions and experiences of Wang’s process as a developing jazz trombonist. Every song on the album possesses a musical element of passion to it, whether it's a strong melody, an uplifting chord progression, or certain dynamics within it that brings about intensity. The musical elements are derived from life events, relationships, and experiences which left a profound impact on Wang, while simultaneously representing a celebration of the experience and emotions one may cherish in life. Wang’s song, “September 27th” was the first song that he wrote after moving to New York City, with its use of many rhythmic elements, it captures the intense emotions of adapting and adjusting to a new life. The dynamic and energetic “Dream of Flying” which modulates into almost all 12 keys, is a magnetizing portrayal of an unwavering spirit to persevere and strive forward despite the challenges one faces. In addition to drawing from the straight-ahead repertoire, Wang’s compositions are informed with Eastern Asian influence, folkloric elements, and Japanese pop. Versus the standard chord progressions heard on most jazz tunes, his compositions use harmony that often modulates diatonically or through modal interchange, showcasing the impressive improvisational skills of his band: the rhythmically intricate pianist Jon Elbaz, the hard-swinging bass lines of Giuseppe Cucchiara, the tasteful and conceptual ideas of drummer Kazuhiro Odagiri, and the intriguing rhythms of percussionist Juan Felipe Mejia Tobon on tambourine. Bone of the Wang Volume One releases on NextLevel on January 31, 2020. About Michael Wang: Trombonist, composer, and arranger Michael Wang is an up and coming talent in the NYC music scene. Originally from Sacramento, California, Wang began his studies on the trombone at the age of eleven. In 2012, he moved to Boston to begin his studies at Berklee College of Music as a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, where he studied with Phil Wilson, Marshall Gilkes, David Santoro, George Garzone, Darren Barrett, among others. He was a member of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute under the direction of Danilo Perez, from 2013-2016. During his time in school Wang participated in several jazz trombone competitions, becoming the winner of the American Trombone Workshop's "Division 1" solo competition in 2015 and was a finalist in the International Trombone Association’s Carl Fontana and JJ Johnson Competitions, in 2015 and 2016. After graduating Berklee, Wang moved to New York City in 2017 where he began performing regularly with groups such as the Mingus Big Band, Frank Lacy's Smalls Sextet and "Tromboniverse," Josh Evans' Big Band, Pedro Giraudo's Jazz Orchestra, Arturo O'Farrill's Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Alexi David's "Three or Four Shades of Mingus," David Chamberlain's "Band of Bones," among others. He also occasionally leads his own quintet, performing at venues such as Smalls and Fat Cat in Greenwich Village. NEXTLEVEL is an imprint of Outside in Music, dedicated to early career and first-time bandleaders seeking to make an impact on the music. OUTSIDE IN MUSIC is a record label and media company that exists to serve musicians. We are a community that strives to lift its artists above the noise of the 21st-century music industry and make music that expresses the sounds of today's wide-ranging jazz and creative music scene. Attachments IMG_1896 IMG_1661 IMG_1021 Michael Wa.. Michael Wa..
  13. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Pioneer SP-T22A-LR Add-on Speaker designed by Andrew Jones for Dolby Atmos (pair) - $89.00 (25% off)
  14. Joey Alexander - Warna

    JOEY ALEXANDER PREMIERES MUSIC VIDEO FOR TITLE TRACK AND NEW SINGLE “WARNA” Song Is From His Upcoming Verve Records Debut Album WARNA Out January 31 Watch The Video Here “[Joey Alexander] evinces a deftness of touch, wit and, most important, emotional depth that would seem well beyond his years.” - JazzTimes Joey Alexander, the Grammy-nominated jazz pianist, composer and bandleader recently unveiled the music video for the title track and new single, “Warna.” The song is from his upcoming major label debut album WARNA (Verve Records). Slated for release January 31, the album is primarily a collection of reflective, moving new and original music by an experienced and confident musician. You can pre-order the album here and watch the video here. The “Warna” video showcases the growing confidence of Alexander as a musician/bandleader as he effortlessly leads the group through the track. It’s a visual testament to the trio of Alexander, bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Kendrick Scott shared joy of music-making. The live in-studio video was shot in June of 2019 at Sear Sound studios in New York, NY. Translating as “color” from Alexander’s native language of Bahasa, WARNA follows four Motéma Music albums that garnered the pianist three Grammy nominations and such honors as historic critics’ and readers’ poll victories in DownBeat and JazzTimes. Joining Alexander on the new album are Larry Grenadier and Kendrick Scott, who comprise the core piano trio. On several tracks, Venezuelan-born percussion Luisito Quintero, and flautist Anne Drummond, join the burgeoning jazz pianist. Alexander continues to captivate fans and critics alike. His performance at NPR’s Tiny Desk, was heralded by the outlet as “a set that ranks among the year's finest jazz performances at the Tiny Desk” and his undeniable talent was showcased on a 60 Minutes interview and a Today Show appearance. Alexander’s live performances have been enthusiastically received, and his just announced string of North American tour dates include Washington, DC, New York, NY, San Francisco, CA, and Boston, MA. Additionally, in July he will have two major overseas dates, in Italy at the Umbria Jazz Festival at Teatro Morlacchi and in the Netherlands at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Alexander arrived in New York as a lightning bolt in the spring of 2014, performing at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s annual fundraising gala. At the helm of a packed-out theater containing some of Manhattan’s most elite arts benefactors, Alexander amazed the audience with a remarkably lyrical rendition of “’Round Midnight.” A standing ovation ensued, and Alexander hasn’t slowed down since. The following spring, the New York Times wrote in an enthusiastic profile that “For a jazz pianist, the mastery entails a staggering breadth of knowledge about harmony, rhythm and orchestration, all converging in an eloquent synthesis. Joey Alexander has a handle on a good deal of that.” From there, he went on to receive three Grammy nominations, with two of Alexander’s four previous albums topping the Billboard Jazz Albums chart. Follow Joey Alexander Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | FaceBook Artist Title Time Joey Alexander Warna 06:43
  15. New Alchemy Jazz Orchestra "We Three Kings" Format(s): Jazz NYC Big Band New Alchemy Jazz Orchestra Swings the Holiday Season into full force with their New Single: We Three Kings We Three Kings, is a modern take on the holiday classic arranged by co-leader John Lake for the NYC-based big band, The New Alchemy Jazz Orchestra. Vocal sensation J. Hoard brings new life to the traditional melody with soulful phrasing and soaring inflections. His performance is met with imaginative ensemble passages, as well as an intricate soprano sax solo by co-leader Steve Kortyka. This is the fourth single released by the 17-piece ensemble comprised of “some of the best musicians New York City offers” – (Broadway World). NAJO has featured a number of world-renowned guest artists including Peter Bernstein, Terell Stafford, Brian Newman, and Dick Oatts. THE NEW ALCHEMY JAZZ ORCHESTRA (NAJO) is an exciting 17-piece big band taking New York City by storm. Broadway World wrote they are “the best musicians NYC has to offer”. The band performs new arrangements of classic and contemporary works by the inspired co-leaders John Lake, Mike Sailors, Steve Kortyka, and Danny Jonokuchi. NAJO regularly features world-renowned artists like Peter Bernstein, Terell Stafford, Dick Oatts, and Brian Newman. The four co-leaders create new arrangements for each special guest for a highly unique performance. In addition to stellar live performances, the band has recorded four singles featuring NYC’s hottest talent. The first single “I’m Gonna Lock My Heart” features vocalist Alexa Barchini and has received high praise in straight-ahead jazz circles and wider audiences alike. Every holiday season NAJO produces a vibrant Christmas show featuring up to five featured vocalists. These sold out shows showcase “gorgeous holiday charts” (WRTI) with elements of funk, soul, R&B, and classic vocal swing. Members of the orchestra are recognized around the world for being the most accomplished soloists. Among the ranks are musicians that have accepted Grammy Awards, Tony Awards, and have excelled at international jazz competitions. For over two years NAJO has drawn standing-room-only crowds to their monthly residency at the The Django, a subterranean jazz club located in the heart of Tribeca. Their future plans include recording a full-length album of original compositions with celebrity guest artists. Attachments _DSC7158 NAJO w pb NewAlchemy.. NAJO One S..
  16. Various - This Warm December

    Including music from Jack Johnson, Bahamas, G. Love, Zach Rogue (of Rogue Wave), ALO, Mason Jennings and more! Artist Title Time Jack Johnson New Axe 03:07 Bahamas I’ll Be Home for Christmas 03:15 Zach Gill, Mimi Naja (of Fruition) Sleigh Ride 04:06 G. Love Christmas Wave 04:26 Mason Jennings Little Child on Christmas Day 03:09 Zach Rogue (of Rogue Wave) Mrs. Santa Claus 03:05 ALO Winter Time (Be A Little Closer) 04:42 Adam Topol Old Time Christmas 03:11 Paula Fuga Mele Kalikimaka 03:43 Lebo (of ALO) Oh Hanukkah 02:42 Mason Jennings, Jack Johnson Buddha Too 02:37 Zach Gill Christmas Time is Here 03:24 Jack Johnson I Can’t Go to Sleep (circa 1998) 01:51 John Craigie ft. Zach Gill, Lebo (of ALO) Happy Christmas (War is Over) 04:08 G. Love New Years Blues 04:06
  17. Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski "A Very Chimytina Christmas" Format(s): Jazz Artist Title Time Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski Diamonds and Pearls 04:23 Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski Few Of My Favorite Things 03:52 Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski Greensleeves 01:47 Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski Grinch 03:00 Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski Last Christmas 03:31 Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski Merry Little Christmas 02:53 Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski Presente de Natal 01:53 Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 02:59 Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski When You Wish Upon A Star 03:05 Martina DaSilva, Dan Chmielinski Christmas Song 03:58 Martina DaSilva and Dan “Chimy” Chmielinski Offer Holiday Cheer with A Very Chimytina Christmas, out on Outside in Music Featuring special guests Joel Ross, Lucas Pino, Gabe Schnider and Ben Wolfe Outside in Music is proud to present A Very ChimyTina Christmas featuring viral jazz sensations Martina DaSilva and Dan “Chimy” Chmielinski. On their debut album, innovative vocalist Martina and stalwart bassist Chmielinski offer a fresh take on nine classic Christmas tunes and one joyous original composition. Saxophonist Lucas Pino, Vibraphonist Joel Ross, guitarist Gabe Schnider and bassist Ben Wolfe join the duo on select tracks. A Very Chimytina Christmas will be available everywhere on December 3rd. On A Very Chimytina Christmas, the duo takes on holiday classics such as “Greensleeves”, “The Christmas Song”, and the lead single and album highlight, “Last Christmas” and infuses them with their signature tight-knit and complex arranging style. Renowned saxophonist Lucas Pino lends his sound to “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, while Joel Ross compliments the duo on “My Favorite Things” and “When You Wish Upon A Star”. DaSilva showcases her Brazilian heritage on João Gilberto’s “Presente De Natal” alongside guitarist Gabe Schnider, who also makes an appearance on the original composition “Diamonds and Pearls,” while Chmielinski’s Juilliard mentor Ben Wolfe joins on a unique two-bass arrangement of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”. A Very Chimytina Christmas is not just any old Christmas album - it’s an innovative musical exploration that truly reinvigorates the holiday music genre. While A Very Chimytina Christmas is the pair’s formal recorded debut, Martina DaSilva and Dan “Chimy” Chmielinski have been making music together for half a decade. Their musical collaboration began in 2014 and eventually blossomed into a semi-regular video series. Known as ChimyTina, the duo became viral sensations for their bass-vocal renditions of classic standards such as “The Best Things In Life Are Free”, “When I Grow Too Old To Dream”, and, tellingly, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, among others. The demand for more music grew and thus, A Very Chimytina Christmas was born. New York native Martina DaSilva has been captivating audiences with her signature blend of daring technical virtuosity and expressive emotional sensitivity since she burst on the scene. Drawing equally from the styles of early jazz, opera, and chamber music, her musicality transcends conventional genre labelling. As a Brazilian-American, Martina also has a passion for performing the works of Brazilian composers. She is perhaps best known as the leader of the jazz vocal harmony group The Ladybugs. Known for its unique instrumentation of two lead singers, two trombonists, guitar and bass, The Ladybugs has performed across the country and received high praise and attention from the likes of Will Friedwald of the Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, the New York City Jazz Record and NPR. In addition to The Ladybugs, DaSilva leads her own group and has performed at the Kennedy Center, the Bern International Jazz Festival, the Blue Note Jazz Festival, the NYC Hot Jazz Festival, Jazz At Lincoln Center’s Generations in Jazz Festival, and the NY Winter Jazzfest. Dan “Chimy” Chmielinski is one of the most in-demand bassists in New York City. At just 25 years of age, the bassist/producer/bandleader/composer has worked and toured with an impressive list of jazz luminaries including Wynton Marsalis, Marc Cary, Brad Mehldau, and Joey Alexander, among many others. Chmielinski founded and leads several groups of his own, including “Four by Four,” an octet innovatively showcasing jazz quartet alongside string quartet, and “Circuit Kisser,” an electronic ensemble consisting of five synthesizers, electric bass and drums, combining jazz harmonies and electronic music; both showcasing Dan’s original compositions. A Juilliard graduate, Chmielinski has played in 14 different countries and has collaborated with country music sensation Kelsea Ballerini on national television, accompanied the stars of Broadway’s “Hamilton”, performed with Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump and recorded on the soundtrack for Woody Allen’s “Cafe Society”. He is a prolific composer having scored his first film (“Smoke In The Air”) in 2012 and countless short films, documentaries and feature films since then. A Very Chimytina Christmas brings together the rich and diverse backgrounds of these two musical prodigies. The end result is a warm holiday offering that not only inspires Christmas cheer, but showcases the stunning result when two virtuosic musicians join forces. Attachments chimytina .. A Very Chi.. A Very ChimyTina Christmas featured in New York Times! Martina DaSilva and Dan “Chimy” Chmielinski Offer Holiday Cheer with A Very Chimytina Christmas, out on Outside in Music
  18. Artist Title Time Claudia Koval Some Cats Know 03:10 Claudia Koval You Never Tasted an Oyster 04:05 Claudia Koval Where Are You 03:40 Claudia Koval Early to Bed 03:15 Claudia Koval Well Ran Dry 04:17 Claudia Koval Sheri Lynn 02:12 Claudia Koval Lush Life 03:40 Claudia Koval On the Outskirts 01:58 Claudia Koval Forever This Time 02:21 Claudia Koval Dealer's Choice 03:23 Claudia Koval Ode to Big Sur 04:15 Claudia Koval "Songs From the Raggedy Road" Format(s): Jazz Claudia Koval is an American Jazz vocalist and a songwriter who hails from Canada. She studied classical piano as a young girl in Edmonton, and later classical voice at the University of Victoria – where she simultaneously performed with a local jazz trio. She temporarily moved back to Edmonton, at that time known as Canada’s “Jazz City.” Claudia sang in various venues in Edmonton, often performing alongside well-known Canadian artists, such as P.J. Perry, and was honored to be the first Canadian female singer for American trombonist Bob Stroup, who co-founded Edmonton’s Grant McEwan College Jazz Program (which she attended). Before moving to Los Angeles on a music scholarship, she also participated in a Jazz Camp at the Banff School of Fine Arts studying & singing with American Blues artist, “Big” Miller. Once settled in Los Angles, Claudia furthered her music studies at the Dick Grove School of Music in Studio City where she graduated with honors in the Composing and Arranging Program (CAP). Here she composed and arranged for various contemporary styles, which culminated in her final project for a 40 - piece orchestra. She then took an extended “detour” from her musical ventures, obtaining an MBA at UCLA, and focusing on a second career in entertainment business management in Los Angeles until 2014. Happily, Claudia is now pursuing a re-inspired career as a singer and song-writer. In the last several years, she has performed in Canada, Los Angeles and Ventura County. Claudia released her first CD entitled “With Heart and Soul”, in 2015 which is available on iTunes (Apple Music), YouTube, Amazon, and Spotify Claudia’s second CD “Songs from the Raggedy Road”, (inspired by her life journey with her emphasis on various vocal stylings, which she affectionately describes as “Jazz, etcetera...” ) was released on September 1, 2019, and features several of Claudia Koval’s original works, as well covers of a few of her favorite songs. Her CD release show (Played to a packed house at Feinstein’s at Vitello’s) was a joyous success! For updates, visit email: Attachments Reviews – .. IMG_2404-1.. Claudia-Ko.. JAZZ SINGE.. Vitellos-f..
  19. Terri Lyne Carrington - Waiting Game

    Mods, I forgot that I started a thread about this one Sept. 21. Please merge the two.
  20. Terri Lyne Carrington and Social Science Waiting Game New Album Out Now Focus Track: If Not Now "A work of historical depth and scope...on par with the films of Ava Duvernay, telling the story of racial injustice and resilience and American history." - NPR "A fiercely contemporary record...a mix of simmering tension and restless forward movement” - New York Times "...her most overt statement on contemporary life in [America]...a giant leap forward into narrative creation [with] an incredible cast of characters." - AFROPUNK Watch: "Bells (Ring Loudly)" ft. Malcolm-Jamal Warner Galvanized by seismic changes in the ever-evolving social and political landscape, Terri Lyne Carrington and Social Science confront a wide spectrum of social justice issues on their upcoming album 'Waiting Game' (11.8.19). As thought-provoking and artistically evocative as it is musically exhilarating, 'Waiting Game' immediately takes its place in the stirring lineage of politically conscious and activist music, expressing an unflinching, inclusive and compassionate view of humanity’s breaks and bonds through an eclectic program melding jazz, R&B, indie rock, contemporary improvisation, and hip-hop. Social Science is: TERRI LYNE CARRINGTON (drums, percussion, vocals), AARON PARKS (piano, keyboards), MATTHEW STEVENS (guitars), MORGAN GUERIN (saxophone, bass, EWI), DEBO RAY (vocals), KASSA OVERALL (MC, DJ) Attachments Terri Lyne.. TLC5+lo+(c..
  21. Karl Schwonik - Reinventions

    Karl Schwonik "Reinventions" Format(s): Jazz “…Schwonik colors the [music] with an active imagination and serious technique…” – Frank Alkyer, DownBeat magazine “…a marvel of smoothly intricate and creative timekeeping…” – Brad Walseth, JazzChicago Named one of Calgary’s ‘Top 40 Under 40’, YAMAHA Drum Artist and legally blind drummer Karl Schwonik grew up on a farm near Gwynne, Alberta. Early on, he was exposed to a wide range of musical situations ranging from jazz to polka. Fresh out of high school, Schwonik embarked on a tour with 2-time Canadian Country Music Award Nominee Heather-Dawn. This was followed by an invitation to study at the Banff Centre where Schwonik was the youngest participant ever in the long-term career residency program. Still in his 20’s, Schwonik has an extremely active schedule; he has completed over twenty-five substantial tours throughout North America as a leader. In his travels, Schwonik has performed in country barns, world-class jazz clubs and concert halls such as Carnegie Hall and the John F. Kennedy Center. His third of four recordings on Chronograph Records, 1+4, was #1 on Canadian jazz radio charts for nearly 2 months. Both 1+4 and Schwonik’s first album, Visions From the Farm, were nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for ‘Jazz Recording of the Year’. In 2008, Schwonik founded the Wetaskiwin Jazz Society in Wetaskiwin, AB. The WJS strives to build awareness for the arts in the central Alberta region with its three main programs: the Wetaskiwin Jazz Camp, Jazz-in-Schools and community concerts. In 2011, Schwonik joined the Board of Directors for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA). The AFA is a government agency responsible for disbursing nearly $30M annually in grants and scholarships to artists and arts organizations in Alberta. In demand internationally as both a guest artist and instructor, Schwonik has taught students of all ages at over two hundred educational institutions. He regularly lectures on a broad range of topics in jazz, music business and artists coping with disabilities. Some of these institutions include: University of Toronto, Indiana University, The Banff Centre, Brandon University, University of Lethbridge, Red Deer College, Denver School of the Arts, and Triton College Chicago. Among the many honours, awards and distinctions Schwonik has received are winning the TD Grand Jazz Competition at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta’s Emerging Artist Award, the VSA Arts International Young Soloist Award, the AFM International Diversity Award and the Queens Jubilee Award. The list of supporters of his projects, research and initiatives includes the Canada Council for the Arts, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Anne Burrows Music Foundation and numerous others. Schwonik plays YAMAHA drums and hardware, as well as Vic Firth sticks. Artist Title Time Karl Schwonik Term Break 7 02:14 Karl Schwonik What To Say 06:38 Karl Schwonik Northeast Corridor 04:46 Karl Schwonik Term Break 5 01:47 Karl Schwonik Summer Camp 06:12 Karl Schwonik Furnace Man 04:40 Karl Schwonik Term Break 6 01:51 Karl Schwonik Reinventions 06:29 Karl Schwonik Never Written 06:47 Karl Schwonik Term Break 2 00:59 Karl Schwonik Outer Urges 04:42 Karl Schwonik Green Line 07:32 Karl Schwonik Term Break 12 01:22 Karl Schwonik Theme & Variation 04:50
  22. Ted Winn - Holiday Love

    Ted Winn "Holiday Love" Format(s): Jazz, Urban AC Urban Soul Singer Ted Winn Releases his latest single “Holiday Love” paying homage to the time of year we all know and love. This musical work is sure to become a new staple in every family’s holiday playlist! Artist Title Time Ted Winn Holiday Love (Single) 03:49
  23. Artist Title Time Keb' Mo' Christmas Is Annoying 02:13 Keb' Mo' ft. Gerald Albright Moonlight, Mistletoe & You 03:29 Keb' Mo' Please Come Home For Christmas 02:58 Keb' Mo' Santa Claus, Santa Claus 03:55 Keb' Mo' Better Everyday 03:35 Keb' Mo' Merry, Merry Christmas 04:35 Keb' Mo' Santa Claus Blues 03:02 Keb' Mo' ft. Melissa Manchester I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 04:17 Keb' Mo' When The Children Sing 03:07 Keb' Mo' One More Year With You 04:17 LEGENDARY GRAMMY-AWARD WINNER KEB’ MO’ ANNOUNCES FIRST HOLIDAY ALBUM MOONLIGHT, MISTLETOE & YOU Following the release of Keb’ Mo’s deeply thought-provoking album, Oklahoma, that brought worldly issues to the forefront, the seasoned musician returns to lift spirits with a heartfelt feel-good holiday album, Moonlight, Mistletoe & You via Concord Records. After 25 years performing under the moniker “Keb’ Mo’,” the widely respected artist has finally gifted his eclectic global fanbase his first Christmas album, offering a melting pot of influences and original songs. Moonlight, Mistletoe & You embraces Keb' Mo's diverse talents, having “built his now legendary reputation as a bluesman but [proving] to be equally adept in R&B and Americana-styled roots music” (Glide Magazine), showcasing the 4X GRAMMY-Award winner’s genre-bending capability. Produced by Keb’ himself and recorded by Zach Allen at Stu Stu Studio in Franklin, Tennessee, the malleable artist provides seven new songs sprinkled with three covers. “After 25 years of performing without releasing a Christmas album, I felt now was as good a time as any to spread some love and compassion,” Keb’ Mo’ says. “There’s something about Christmas time that makes everyone’s hearts a little lighter and I wanted to contribute to the movement of spreading a little joy. I feel like I was able to accomplish that through the making of Moonlight, Mistletoe & You.” All can relate to the humorous track, “Christmas Is Annoying,” helping one’s inner Scrooge shine while pointing out the always-maddening events that come along with the Christmas season like maxing credit cards and having “no time to relax.” He makes sure to also highlight the romance that soars throughout the holiday season with the title track “Moonlight, Mistletoe, And You” including a saxophone solo courtesy of Gerald Albright. Keb’ puts his spin on a Christmas Classic, “Please Come Home for Christmas” offering a more uplifting optimistic disposition versus the Charles Brown original and the many covers that have followed it. Keb’s warm version of the song offers a sense of hope. Staying true to his Blues roots, Keb’ uses the building blocks of a proper Blues song with tracks “Santa Claus Santa Claus” and “Santa Claus Blues,” while bringing his own flair to the Mildred Bailey original and Billie Holiday covered classic, “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm.” Keb’ keeps a jazz-like sway throughout with the help of Melissa Manchester’s distinctive vocals. Closing track “One More Year With You” starts with jingle bells accompanied by piano and brass horns throughout, giving one all the Christmas feels and closing the album on a high note singing, “sign me up for one more year with you.” Keb’ Mo’ will hit the road in support of the release of Moonlight, Mistletoe & You. Keb’ Mo’ on the web: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
  24. State Farm commercials

    Every day I see the list of celebrities' birthdays, and I rarely know any who are younger than me.