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  1. Beer Recommendations

    We have Maudite here in Canada - the Damned one - also an 8% brew!
  2. Beer Recommendations

    I have a new found love for the Irish Car Bomb--Guinness, Irish whiskey, and Bailey's. Tastes like chocolate milk! I was in Buffalo the weekend of St Paddy's and they had 2 for 1 specials on Irish draft at this pub - Alternative Brews. My bro and I had 8 Guiness drafts between us - tax and tip it came to $18 That would buy 2 here in Toronto.
  3. Amsterdam?

    Hans - you know this place?
  4. Amsterdam?

    I'm up for a micro recommendation then.
  5. Amsterdam?

    I just love the fact that on June 26, I'll be having a fresh local Pilsner Urquell and a Heineken on tap the same day
  6. Amsterdam?

    You sure you don't mean Holland, Michigan? Actually I have passed through there coming back from Chicago. A nice place as well - maybe should have kept going to visit Chuck? But this time will seek the European version of Holland. Taking a nice trip with my wife (and not the kids for the first time). 5 days in Prague, 2 in Amsterdam, and 5 in Paris. The Tulip Inn was a result of a Priceline chance not a sentimental ukulele favourite.
  7. Amsterdam?

    Rolf - when you headed over? I'll be there a couple of days in late June Staying at the Tulip Inn.
  8. Kenny Werner

    odd synchronicty - I just browsed through this book at a bookstore during my lunch-time. It's been on my (neverending) book list of what to read next. Maybe in the next month? what is on the CD? - I know they are meditations.
  9. Starting over.....

    Congrats Paul - that's an amazing opportunity and it has given you a new-found independent energy. Not too many get that chance.
  10. Basically they don't host files, they just HTML link to them. But where is all this music? Global servers? The kiddies mostly use this site to link videos to their Myspace sites with Music Video Codes. All videos are property and copyright of their respective owners. does not host media files. We simply supply Music Video Codes All html codes are provided for informational and educational purposes only. But check out some of the music Hotget links to with these random searches;Submit=Submit;Submit=Submit;Submit=Submit (though it gets some opera hits ) Tip of the iceberg. I found everything from the complete Kinks recordings to Indian ragas, to Robert Johnson. Still, something just seems wrong about this whole thing. Or is it? (please note you can't save these files)
  11. Junior Mance

    At The Village Vanguard Blue Mance Happy Time - I love his version of "Jitterbug Waltz" on this
  12. Is it me or is Joe Zawinul.........

    - John L. Walters, Unknown Public I think I read a similar version in Keyboard Magazine in the 80s.
  13. Is it a female or shemale?

    Curious how this thread got resurrected
  14. Reuben Wilson at the B3

    But where's the MIDI out?
  16. Yeah, and then we swooped in and got AAJ all in a panty-twist. Damn, we were a pushy crowd! Nothing like a horde of homeless jazz posters... or
  17. Stick around long enough and pay attention to the direction some of our discussions take, particulary in the Politics forum. Blue Note apparently wanted none of that. I don't agree with they way they handled it, but I can sort of understand. Nostalgic? They might have even paid the archivers to delete the Politics forum! BN Circa 2000 BN circa 2001
  18. Robert Anton Wilson

    Semiotext(e) SF changed my whole opinion of Cyberpunk writing. A great anthology and a great mind. RIP.
  19. Happy birthday, 7/4!

    Have a relaxing and meditative day!
  20. Wynton Marsalis

    I just got an email from him.
  21. I think so. Isn't he a forward for the German national football team and Bayern? A midfielder, Dmitry, a midfielder. Bastian SchweinSchwagerSteiger in a rare photo without his guitar. never heard it, if his guitar playing is as fluent as his speaking, i am sure it's very special I've seen him play a number of times, a great player. He still looks about 13 years old.
  22. Amazon had it listed, but is unavailable. The CD apparantly has 2 bonus tracks. I have it on vinyl too and I agree it is special. 2 others I dig on CD: Nice live reissue. At The Purple Onion samples: Get this one! Amazing solo recording: Cabin Fever samples:
  23. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

    I have always liked this recording, usually headphones only or cranked in the car. I never seemed to tire of it. Though I do have MBV to blame for the partial deafness in my right ear from a 92 concert - before I wised up to earplugs. Need to give it a new spin, haven't heard it in over a year. Also not sure if smoking something had to do with my enjoyment of Loveless.