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  1. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 5

    I wonder what other album/sessions they could release with a similar format?
  2. ***King Crimson Corner***

    I don't think I like Mel's saxophone on the newer material, like Level 5 and especially VROOOM. Really has a yakety-sax feel to it. Just completely out of place on those songs. Not the biggest fan of Jakko's voice, either. Glad they're back, though.
  3. Wayne Shorter

    I agree with you. Terrible
  4. Yeah, the MARC train would only take you to Bowie, I think, and that's probably the closest you'll get using public transportation. The area is served well if you need to get to the immediate DC suburbs, or between DC and Baltimore. Anything west or east of that immediate corridor and you're on your own. I was just in Baltimore a few weeks ago, and used the Light Rail and MARC train to get from my hotel in Baltimore to my next hotel in DC. I had never realized (or maybe just never checked) just how close they are. Took about 45 min or so to go from Baltimore to DC. No idea about record stores in DC, although I did see a FYE in Union Station!
  5. Miles Ahead Movie Trailer

    I'm not that familiar with Miles' life story. Was he really punching and shooting that often?
  6. Happy Birthday GA Russell!

    happy birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday! GregK!

    Thanks! Been a long time!
  8. shouldn't this be addressed to the fans, and not the team itself? I don't believe that they have ever condoned it.
  9. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series Vol. 4

    You know, no one was complaining in this thread about the other material not being present. It was more a question out of curiosity. I asked were other Newport sets also recorded. Go back and read the post. Not sure where you're perceiving all the "negativity".
  10. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series Vol. 4

    if you're expecting anything useful out of the booklet besides the listing of musicians, you will be disappointed. I haven't made it past disc 3 of the Newport set yet, but I'm glad it's all in one place despite the presence of previously released material. Were other Newport appearances by Miles recorded too? Is this set all there is?
  11. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series Vol. 4

    looks like New Release Tuesday is now New Release Friday
  12. I'm going to be in Stockholm for a conference at the end of June and was wondering if there are any recommendations for stores that still sell physical discs containing music (CDs, etc.). Should I expect to be able to find Hat, or even ECM discs in a store there?
  13. Upcoming Hatology Reissues - Wow!

    I used to buy my Hats from Jazz Loft, but that's gone now. Where should I get them now?
  14. Take two scoops of (ideally) freshly ground coffee (or however much it takes to brew a good strong cup for you) cover the ground coffee with water in a one cup metal measuring cup or pot and boil the coffee-water mixture on the stove, making sure that it doesn't boil over. Meanwhile, place a fine-enough mesh strainer over your coffee mug and when the coffee-water mixture begins to boil, pour it through the strainer, leaving the grounds in the strainer as the coffee essence drips into the mug. Then pour enough milk to fill the mug through the grounds that are still in the strainer, remove the strainer, dump out the grounds, and put the mug filled with the coffee essence/milk combo in a microwave and heat to taste -- about 1:40 does the trick with good-sized coffee mug for me. The results are like rocket fuel. Of course, all this only makes sense if you like a coffee-milk mixture. A sprinkle of cinnamon in the bottom of the mug before you begin can be nice. If all this sounds complicated, I do it rapidly and often more or less in my sleep. The idea of boiling coffee, I've been told, is regarded as barbaric by the French, but this method was taught to me by a talented female violinist who spent a good many years in Finland. Interesting, but maybe this is Nordic coffee, as Finland isn't part of Scandinavia.
  15. Albert Ayler "Holy Ghost" box for sale

    Probably one of the best produced box sets I've seen. The book is just fantastic, too (so is the music, actually..).
  16. Happy Birthday GregK!

    thanks, I just keep getting older and more sore every day
  17. King Crimson - Road to Red

    I resisted buying this box set for an entire year, expecting to become available. It still is available, and I'm really glad I bought it! Fantastic package, even with the redundant DVD-A/Blurays (likely never to be played, unless I somehow get a massive upgrade to my stereo system). Grand Rapids has an excellent improv.
  18. How to get off Twitter?

    why wouldn't you just stop the email notifications instead of killing the account? Now anyone can use your twitter username; what if someday you decided you did want it?
  19. Where were these coffee shops and restaurants??! I've been there many times over the past 14 years and have yet to find any coffee shops or restaurants even open in the evening, other than the sports themed pubs immediately next to the baseball stadium.
  20. Stockholm record/CD stores?

    Unfortunately I did not get to visit Andra. I barely had any free time at all actually. I was able to check out a small shop close to my hotel in Sodermalm; lots of used vinyl, but not much jazz. I forget the name of it.

    Arwulf Arwulf was a DJ on a local NPR station (WEMU in Ypsilanti) for a long time, until he quit a couple of years ago (or he was forced out by the station's slow but sure shift from classic jazz to smooth and vocal jazz). He would play the really old stuff, the very early recordings, ragtime, etc.
  22. Stockholm record/CD stores?

    Sounds like an interesting place. I'll try to go while I'm there. Too bad about the cash only, though. I'm planning on using a credit card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees, for most purchases.