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  1. Keith Jarrett: Somewhere

    I return to Out Of Towners frequently, but I like them all. However I probably have listened to Always Let Me Go the most, followed by Inside Out. Just fantastic improvisations.
  2. What do avant-prog rockers do when they retire?

    They un-retire.
  3. Yep they're great. Got my signed Braxton Iridium box from them.
  4. John Coltrane - Complete Sun Ship Sessions

    what exactly is an "insert", anyway? Confused me since the Miles Jack Johnson box, which is full of them.
  5. lucky. Cool road trip and some great live music.
  6. *** Frank Zappa ***

    Zappa's synclavier music is definitely not "throwaway", as someone above put it. Civilization Phase 3 has some of most interesting compositions, a lot of which he wouldn't have even tried with real musicians. I really like Trance-Fusion. Most of it is from the '88 tour, which featured some of this best guitar tone; the soloing sounds great, even when at times it isn't particularly interesting. I'd say his soloing from '88 was his best since the late 70s.
  7. *** Frank Zappa ***

    You're exactly right. Shut Up... easily stands alone as a great record on its own, never mind some of the recycled material. Taken out of their original context, tunes like Inca Roads spun off a different tune altogether. And the guitar playing is obviously the highlight anyway. Project/Object!
  8. i really dont see the problem. go to work, just like they do at Google, where she used to be (still can't believe she left Google for the Titanic that is Yahoo).
  9. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, volume 2

    I'd trade the DVD for a better booklet in these (and other) sets anyday. At least I take the booklets out once in a while and read them. The DVDs in these packages might get one play, and then back they go, never to be played again. That would lower the cost for Sony, wouldn't it?
  10. Skydog

    I don't have much interest in his non-Allman work, so I'm passing.
  11. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, volume 2

    I got my replacement set today from Amazon, so I can finally check out Disc 1. 2 & 3 are very good, even with the bootleggy sound. There is some fine trumpet by Miles!
  12. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, volume 2

    I wonder how good Disc 1 is. Guess I'll have to wait a few MORE days, since the set delivered to me today from Amazon is missing Disc 1! I miss real, live stores that I could walk into.
  13. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, volume 2

    I preordered from Amazon in November, and even with my prime membership it still hasn't shipped! I don't get it.
  14. How's the weather?

    I love this weather. Its warmed up to 16 here today but still nice
  15. Wayne not only lost his wife and niece, he also lost his young daughter decades ago. There was never a good explanation put forth as to why the plane crashed, and I recall folks saying that they had seen something hit the plane. Pretty sure there was a good explanation, something to do with vapors igniting from a fuel tank (or maybe it was oxygen?)
  16. Happy Birthday 7/4!

    happy birthday!
  17. A Chrome OS-powered laptop will be my next computer purchase. Fast and virus free.
  18. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I must have completely missed the Mitchell/Mitchell Rogue Art. How is it, and are they related? I never thought about it before, but now that I see the pairing on record, it's made me wonder.
  19. Omega 3 to 6 ratio is important (ie, cut out corn oils, processed foods in favor of natural sources of DHA & EPA).
  20. Too bad we couldn't hook up for dinner. Yep. My obliviousness.
  21. Dave Brubeck - RIP

    WOW! Hard to think of anyone else who would do that.
  22. So glad I saw him in Ann Arbor 5 years ago.
  23. Aubrey Plaza

    It's a person?? I thought this thread was about some location with that name.
  24. CONTEST: 100th Grey Cup game

    Calgary-35 (never could pick any Toronto team for anything after suffering with the Maple Leafs and the Blue Jays in the early 80s)