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  1. Happy Birthday, 7/4!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  2. I'll just say that it's not for me.....
  3. Let me be the first to say

    Merry Christmas, everyone!!
  4. Santa never really disappointed me as a kid. The first disappointment was when I had my own kid and I had to BE Santa! It can be expensive!
  5. I would buy it on vinyl and CD. I shudder at the cost, though, since it would have to be special production.
  6. all smiles

    Y'know, a little grass seed 'n water would fix that place right up.......
  7. Are you good in geography

    I need to brush up on Africa. Through level 6 on first try, 186987 pts, travel IQ 93.
  8. Perfect Thanksgiving Greaze!!!! Thanks, Jim! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  9. Happy Birthday Conn!

    Happy Birthday, Conn! Looks like I'm late again!
  10. remembering the fabulous moolah

    I used to watch her wrestle when I was a kid!
  11. remembering miss peggy lee

    thank you. i have a dozen or so of her vinyls and they are all wonderful. do you have her string album with sinatra conducting the orchestra? magic to my ears. No, I don't have that one, but I have several from it on a collection CD. Fine stuff!
  12. flying 'dinosaurs'

    I really enjoy flying in this 49 year old airliner:
  13. remembering miss peggy lee

    Thanks for that, aloc, I'm a big Peggy Lee fan and I have most of her recordings. She really was great.
  14. Drug References on the Lawrence Welk Show

    Someone on staff must have lied to him and slipped it past him for the fun of it. I'd be willing to bet that when Mr. Welk found out what it really meant after he had aired it, that's what killed him!