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  1. FS: J.B.'s Imports

    "Food For Thought" (Polydor Japan with OBI) $15 "Doin' it to the Death" (Polydor Japan with OBI) $15 Only played once. Paypal only, please. S/H included within North America. Elsewhere at cost.
  2. Dodo Greene

    Saw that she was gigging, but my buddy was there on Saturday night. He said she past prime, and actually takes repeated breathers in the ladies room after each two song set.
  3. Dodo Greene

    I thought I might let everyone know that I had a Dodo Greene spotting over the weekend. She plays the "Anchor Bar" with a quartet every weekend in Buffalo, NY. Four Songs and out usually.
  4. What album turned G. Benson over to the dark side?

    IMO, the record that most blatantly defines Benson's transition to pop was "Good King Bad." OOP title on CTI - his last CTI record.
  5. Is there a new Star Wars movie coming out?

    I actually want to see the General Grievous-Obi Wan battle more than the Annakin-Obi Wan battle.
  6. Travelling to Paris, France

    I need to bump this thread...sorry guys!
  7. Travelling to Paris, France

    Has anyone ever stayed at any of these hotels: Hotel Langlois St Thomas D'Aquin Jardins d'Eiffel Mugeut These are our finalists.
  8. Zoom Air Lines

    Has anyone ever flown with this company? We are thinking of using it for our trip to Paris in the fall, but wanted to solicit opinions before we really jumped the gun.
  9. What did you think? I rewatched "Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones" over the weekend in anticipation of its release. Should we believe the hype!?!?!
  10. I felt the same way. Visually, the movie was spectacular. The story lacked, but I thought it was better than "Troy."
  11. I'm going to that movie tonight as well. I'm really getiing pumped about the new Star Wars. Preliminary reviews rate it as the best since "The Empire Strikes Back."
  12. Complete Atlantic Sessions; Box and 6 cds are in tip-top shape, but there is no booklet. Good music, but I have Mosaic fever. I'll sell it for $50 (s/h included within North America). Paypal only, please. Alternatively, I'll trade the set for or towards any of the "Modern Jazz" Mosaics or Gerald Wilson Mosaic. Thanks!
  13. Mosaic Bootleg?

    Can anyone shed light on this set: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...4723837490&rd=1
  14. **Law & Order Corner**

    He's actually only taking time off to shoot the film version of "Rent" in which he first starred on Broadway. He'll be back next season. In the meantime, Chris (Tony's nephew) from the Soprano's will be filling in for five episodes.
  15. Spotted: Cheap Mosaic Selects

    Kevin: I'm just not sure why that is for you to decide? (Well, I guess it is...but I guess our politics differ, which is completely fine). Shouldn't all you be concerned about is the seller's Ebay feedback? I bought the Gordon Select from this guy and it arrived no problem. I know we all love Mosaic here, but as Hans somewhat alluded to, it is kind of disheartening to pay extra shipping and wait longer (in some cases, months) for these sets. I'm not a big believer in buying incomplete sets, but the fact of the matter is if the product fits the description you are looking for, shouldn't that be all that ultimately matters? Remember you are using a legitimate third party to purchase these products.