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  1. Album Covers with Bare Feet ....

    Ha! You beat me to it. Good on you!
  2. I just managed to score a copy from a UK vendor off of eBay just a few minutes ago. He just reduced his price and including shipping were talking just under $40. I think I did good.
  3. A shot in the dark on this one. Anyone willing to part with this recording at something of a reasonable price. PM if interested. Thanks.
  4. I've been itching to visit Bull Moose a chain here in Northern New England for the past week. There is a store about 25 minutes away which has an amazing jazz section. Mostly used stuff but some new releases. A lot of vinyl also. I'll probably have to check with the wife first before venturing out. She's a nurse at an assisted living facility which has been Covid free. It might not be worth it still at this point.

    I ordered face masks for the wife through a Amazon third party vendor. Paid extra postage so it would get here sooner. It sat in Las Vegas for 10 days before moving onto Los Angeles. Now supposedly it's in transit to the next destination wherever that might be. Things are really messed up.


    The problem is when you have unlocked parcel lockers with parcels sitting inside, anybody could just walk up and remove them. It wouldn't surprise me. It might not be even a neighbor, but somebody just passing through the neighborhood checking out the mailboxes and helped themselves to it. The boxes under no circumstances should be unlocked with packages sitting inside. The post office needs to address that first and foremost.

    I have to admit I did that once by putting the key in the wrong box. Sometimes you get in a rush not that I'm making excuses and you mistakenly place the key in the wrong customer box. When that did occur the customer did call and the following day I removed the key from the errant customer and made sure the customer got her packages. I apologized for the error. In your case who knows what the heck happened? The fact that the items came up scanned delivered makes me wonder exactly what happened here. Good luck. I can appreciate your frustrations.

    As a followup, I have a parcel sitting in Springfield, Mass. for the past 12 days. Not the first time this has happened. I guess I'm going to have to expect this for a while going forward.