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  1. Joe Farrell Moon Germs & Other CTI Releases

    That's all I have to hear. Holding off for the moment but definitely my next purchase.
  2. Joe Farrell Moon Germs & Other CTI Releases

    Thanks John. I happened to see both sets on Amazon but when I saw the BGO label I wasn't certain if it was a legit issue or not? It appears correct me if I'm wrong, there are no issues here? I especially have come across many good responses to the first set you cite.
  3. I imagine he has been discussed here prior and please direct me to a relevant thread if needed. That said, I've enjoyed his past session work and the stuff he did with Elvin Jones on the Mosaic set. I'd like to confine the discussion right now to his CTI releases. I just finished listening to "Moon Germs" which I really enjoyed with some great Herbie on this date. What do you guys think of this and his other releases for the label? I also happened to see the box set available on Amazon which doesn't include "Moon Germs". Is that something worth considering? Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. From reading past comments on Bill Barron, everyone here should contact Mosaic directly to make there voices heard. I certainly would be interested if they could put this collection together. I'd be willing to shoot off an email and add my voice.
  5. Great price and set.
  6. Denny Zeitlin Mosaic Select for sale

    Oh Yeah! I received the Zeitlin today and look forward to hearing it over the next 3 days. I'm off from work. Thanks Bigbandrecord for the prompt shipment.
  7. RIP Rollo

    He played a cool dude. He was badass. R.I.P.