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  1. I own 3 presently. Flight To Denmark, Two Loves(a recent purchase) and Misty Thursday. I'm also thinking of getting the session with Charlie Rouse and Richard Williams which sounded good to my ears. Anything else one would consider must haves? Thanks.
  2. Those Woody Shaw live dates are very nice. I am interested.
  3. Gerry Teekens RIP

    Sad to read this. I was a latecomer to the label. The early recordings for the label were at the very least very good if not great. Thank you Mr. Teekens for all the great music you added to my life.
  4. Sad to hear about this. I want to say I spoke with John via Skype some years back. May he rest in peace.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Looks like I may have to check out that one. Hi John! Long time.
  6. I picked up a used copy of this awhile back and have finally gotten around to listening to this. Really nice!!! Antonio Hart, Chris Potter. Alex Sipiagin, Gary Smulyan, Steve Nelson to name a few on this ECM release from 2002. What do you guys think?
  7. Pretty much says it all. Last time I checked they made 3 Volumes of these mega sets. Don't own any of them. Although I own a number of single disc issues. My preference would be the first two volumes. If anyone wants to unburden themselves, I may be an interested party. You know how to reach me. Thanks.
  8. LF Duke Pearson - The Phantom

    Fan friggin tastic!
  9. Duke Pearson - The Phantom

    I just finished listening to this on Spotify and thought what a real nice session. Bobby Hutcherson playing along with Duke Pearson really makes this for me. A latin tinge to this session. Fine date. What do you guys think? I realise this was included on the Mosaic select. Is this the best of that compilation? Thoughts appreciated.
  10. Anyone wishing to part with a CD version? Please PM