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  1. CharlesTolliver - The Ringer

    I almost pulled the trigger on Blues For the Viet Cong but I figured I spent enough money already.
  2. CharlesTolliver - The Ringer

    Great Tolliver. You should be very happy.
  4. I just picked up a Japanese issue of this album from Dusty Groove which just arrived in the mail this afternoon. What a lineup. Stanley, Woody Shaw, Tyrone Washington, Bobby Hutcherson, Reggie Workman and Joe Chambers. Paid about $25 for the Japanese issue but well worth it.
  5. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    The one difference I am seeing this go around is that a lot of states in the U.S.. are getting maxed out in terms of hospitalization. This wasn't a real problem prior at least not here in Maine in the past. Now it's beginning to become a problem. What these idiots fail to understand speaking of the unvaccinated , ifsomeone has a serious health issue they may have difficulty finding a bed going forward. That's a real big problem. People screaming about they want their freedom. Yeah let's see how that works out for you if you get sick and there's no room for you at your hospital now.
  6. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Today the state of Maine recorded the most new cases since January. With cooler temperatures coming soon I can't imagine where we're headed to.
  7. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    I can't say with any degree of certainty but I had all the classic symptoms a few weeks back despite being vaccinated. Developed a serious cough and stuffiness with congestion and some shortness of breath. Ran a slight fever with achiness and fatigue. Instead of getting tested I decided to lay low for 10 days and see how things transpired. Feel much better despite the cough that has lingered to some extent. Going forward whenever I find myself in an indoor setting I am now back to wearing a mask.
  8. Another satisfied customer. I received my copy on Friday but didn't get around till yesterday to do any type of serious listening. Four discs in and I'm really loving it. Great performances in excellent sound quality in my opinion. I believe those who made the purchase are going to be quite happy with this.
  9. LF Andrew Hill Compulsion- RVG

    I scored a copy from someone off eBay recently for less than $20. The going rate for this release isn't cheap. I felt I made out okay. On a side note, I just purchased the Andrew Hill Mosaic select 16 for $100. I've been after this for quite some time but wasn't willing to pay anywhere from $150 to $200. Looking forward to receiving this soon.
  10. My copy arrived 30 minutes ago along with George Duke's "Feel". Good music this weekend.
  11. Hopefully I'll have my copy by dinner time tonight.
  12. On the Criss Cross label. Cd version. PM if interested in selling. Wont hold my breath.
  13. It's the Post-Vaccines Mask Poll!!

    Personally I feel safe. I've been vaccinated fully. The mask mandate was lifted iabout a month ago and at my gym a small amount continue to wear their masks. I imagine the younger crowd might be less likely to get vaccinated but hey I'm not worrying about it at this point. If I end up getting Covid at least my symptoms won't be severe. Also the fact that I don't have to wear the darn thing I can actually breathe working out. A real big deal to me.
  14. For some reason I never delved into Donald's fusion period. Doesn't make much sense as I enjoy Grant Green's efforts. Well anyways I got myself listening to this album and I really dig the shit out of it. Only problem is I can't find an affordable copy now. So here I am asking for offers? P.m. me if you're interested in parting with your copy. CD version please.