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  1. PM Function Working???

    Thanks Jim. I made a number of contacts via PM within the past month and a half and none responded. I guess I was just being ignored. Thanks for adding my friend!
  2. PM Function Working???

    Well, I'm certain people here aren't ignoring my PM's so I'm wondering whether there is something wrong with the PM function on the forum? There must be about 6 PM's I have sent in the past month with no responses. Any help would be appreciated. That would include you too Jim! Thanks. Tom
  3. Hank Mobley In Holland

    I'll be sitting on the sidelines on this one for the time being till I hear the input from you guys. No hurry on this. Most likely I'll make the purchase, but will wait for the reviews.
  4. Happy Birthday alankin!!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday JohnS!

    Happy Birthday, John!
  6. Happy Birthday, J.A.W.

    Happy Birthday, Hans. Miss your posts.
  8. I'll also add a few years ago I purchased this set on Ebay for around $80 which at the time was considered a very good price. Just sayin'.
  9. Great price and collection!
  10. R.I.P.Mary Tyler Moore

    I haven't seen the Mary Tyler Moore show in years. No doubt it's one of those classic shows with an incredible cast looking back. Thanks for all the great memories Mary.