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  1. The COVID 19 Restaurant Poll

    It would be more of a drive for you Kevin, but we got very good Chinese from a place in Sanford called the Green Tea. It's located on Main Street. Agreed on your thoughts about closer venues. "East" here in town is horrible.
  2. Steeplechase CD Offer

    PM sent.
  3. I don't own the Galaxy set so I enjoyed this collection.
  4. R.I.P. Cyril

    I'm glad to see many of you guys remember Cyrille. When I read the news last night my reaction to it was like a punch to the gut. It made me very sad. We always had very pleasant conversations from time to time. A few months back she congratulated me via text on my retirement from the postal service. It meant alot to me. She died too damn young and I will miss our communications.
  5. R.I.P. Cyril

    According to a friend he emphasized it was NOT Corona or COVID-19. Pneumonia. Most likely. I posted a tribute to her on my Facebook homepage.
  6. R.I.P. Cyril

    Hans, search Cyrille Stephan on Facebook and that should link you to her homepage. A friend of hers makes mention of her passing.
  7. R.I.P. Cyril

    I don't know how many of you remember Cyril. She used to post from the Netherlands and.was an active member on the forum till October 2018. She had over 10000 posts at the time. I just happened to run across a post on facebook last night that she had passed last friday. She was only 40 or so apparently. A serious jazz devotee. One of her favorites was Eric Dolphy among many others. She really knew her stuff and was not a casual enthusiast. We've kept touch over the years and the last few years on Facebook. She was a good spirit who truely loved jazz . I will miss our communications. Just thought folks here might want to know.
  8. Mercury Blues and Rhythm Story

    That's the box I was referring to. Thank you, Kevin.
  9. What can you guys tell me about this set besides what I've read online? It sounds like an interesting collection but 8 disks might be a bit much. Convince me otherwise.
  10. Tower Records

    Even though this wasn't the only Tower Records I visited, it was one of the my fav places to visit during the 90's when I was in San Diego. Brought a bunch of stuff back with me when I visited. This was located across the street from the San Diego Sports Arena. God, the memories!
  11. Art Pepper Promises Kept

    Sorry to have missed that thread. Thanks for the heads up. Mods feel free to delete.
  12. I just received my copy in the mail Monday and I'm working my way through this collection. Really enjoying the performances, excellent mastering. Didn't see a thread dedicated to this topic, so let's see where this goes.
  13. Yeah great. I move and they have jazz in Kingston.