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  1. Hi. I happened to see you bought the Hodes Mosaic in Portland recently. I live just under 30 minutes away. Any chance you recall the name of the shop? I should probably check out the p!ace. Hope you're enjoying the collection. Tom

  2. The Falcon, Marlboro, NY

    I used to live just over 30 minutes away and saw a few shows there.. Great venue for music. I saw a few jazz shows there. Terrell Stafford and Brian Lynch. Miss that place.
  3. Retired U.S.P.S.

    Thanks for the good words guys. I was in a very unique situation having not married till nearly 40 and having no kids, I put my money away in my TSP or 401K and since the early 90's in a stock market index fund. I did very well. When I sat down with the advisor in early September she said I could make more money sitting at home than working. Well geez twist my arm. I decided to stick it out till the end of the year to work one last holiday season then get the heck out. Believe me, countless times I questioned that decision with being mandated to work off days and working at least 10 hour days, sometimes 12, a few even longer. Shorthanded, people out on injury, it was the right move to leave. Again, no regrets. Towards the end there would be days I would go home physically hurting. Yeah, I don't miss that. I look.forward to what life presents me going forward. Shout out to my neighbor down the road, Kevin. Count me in on any sort of get together. Maybe a trip to Bull Moose the last of the chains here in northern New England. They always have a decent jazz section. A beverage is good as well.
  4. Donde esta Scott Dolan?

    Didn't he get booted or am I mistaken?
  5. I know some of you guys here already now I work for the U.S.P.S. Well as of January1 I am now officially retired after 33 years and nearly 3 months as a letter carrier. It was time to call it quits. The job was proving more difficult and quite frankly I was getting tired of the b.s. My hours recently were changed to an hour later starting time, office time was dramatically reduced which meant added deliveries and much later evenings of working and walking in the dark. Sometimes late as 9 and 10 PM. I feel bad for my co-workers I left behind, but I put in my time and have no regrets leaving. At some point I'll most likely look for something part time to put a few bucks in my pocket and hopefully keep me out of trouble. Volunteer work at the local human society is a definite possibility since I love animals. I look forward to my new found freedom. No more working outside in the cold and hot weather. The snow and ice and extreme cold during the winter were not my favorite times. The heat never bothered me as much. Now I get to enjoy Maine and the reasons I moved here nearly 6 years ago. I've never fully been able to take advantage of that and now I have no excuses. Hopefully I get the opportunity to post here more often too and less on the Facebooking. I've definitely been doing a lot more listening the past few days and hope to at least contribute there. That's all for now. Not sure how many care but I thought I would throw it out there. See you guys on the forum.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Listening to this now on Spotify. Will be purchasing the box set in the near future. For now this will suffice. I was reading the posts in the Offering and Looking For Section which prompted me to look for this on Spotify. Tyner's playing on this session is often intense. I will be getting a hard copy version soon.