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  1. Would a member be willing to allow me to borrow their set, for a cash deposit? I’m clean and tidy, and would barely breath on it. It’s not out there to buy. Thanks. Dan
  2. LF: Harry Miller on Ogun

    I'm searching for the Miller Ogun set. I know it may take years. Has anybody had success buying mere CDRs from Hazel?
  3. If anybody is game to buy and ship a few CDs for me from marketplace seller, I'll pay for such services. (I'm in NY.) Thanks! Dan
  4. Bookcase speakers?

    I wholeheartedly recommend the B&W 601 series. Value miracle for a few hundred bucks.
  5. LF- Hampton Hawes All Night Sessions

    I sent a PM with the link.
  6. LF- Hampton Hawes All Night Sessions

    $70 on Amazon. Great set.
  7. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Morning Dew... **THE song that perhaps best enabled young and old Deadheads to bear similar witness to the band's best** ....good to the last drop.
  8. I have had nothing but EASY, positive experiences buying lossless music on this site -- Nels Cline, Brotzmann (Outspan!!!). More obscure and OOP FMP... just a few pay periods away! . They have a nice little mobile app for playing purchased music (and trying free tracks), No problem enjoying favorite long tail out stuff on an out app. And I have no idea if Bandcamp represents better economics for artists, but let's hope so. Saw this on their landing page: Fans have paid artists $139 million using Bandcamp, and $4 million in the last 30 days alone. A $50MM annual gross ain't peanuts. Hopefully that monthly figure gains steam.
  9. What to Reissue Number Two

    Here's a long shot: The Don Ellis Orchestra. CDs eventually covered just about all his LP releases, but I'm curious if there's more out there somewhere and in glorious hi-fi.
  10. Beautiful, like new. 200w/ch, no remote* $1500. * it's in South Africa, long story...
  11. Stanley Cowell recs

    I enjoy the Piano Jazz edition with Stanley Cowell. And SC's ECM release from way back, I think that's one of the three MP's i've ever paid for.
  12. London Air Lift for me, please. Thanks
  13. Best work by Ornette Coleman sidemen

    Sunshine of My Soul???
  14. Sam Rivers: Streams

    I have Sizzle on CDR from the go-go days of "free" downloads. It's good, I listen to it a few times a year. Streams, while good, isn't suitable as $25 lust-for vinyl. I would suggest spending on blank CDRs that your "friends" could use to "lend" you "play" copies of some of the very good but rare and OOP sessions that Rivers released in the 20 years before his death e.g. - Configuration, Winter Garden, and Eight Day Journal.
  15. Where the hell is Phil Schaap?

    For me Schaap was an essential part of my portal into the music. 1990-93 as a reverse commuter, so much fucking driving and heavy traffic to mid-Jersey... WHAT??? would I have done without Phil and Sid Gribetz?? Thank you dudes! And so much beyond Bird and Duke and bop and swing... the birthdays... Mingus, Vaughn, et. al. an amazing projection of interest, love and care.