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  1. Please PM me with an offer to sell, thanks.
  2. Sound Mill in Mt. Kisco…. Sold to nearly all tastes and price points. Loved the well-matched starter systems offered there. Owner Martin was usually pleased to play our favorite LPs on McIntosh gear for our kicks. Old days.
  3. Warne Marsh

    Bought both VV volumes from cadnor yesterday for $35 incl tax and mailing. It’s been quite challenging for me since mid 2020 to explore Warne Marsh’s recordings, when very little is on major labels or in what’s left of used-goods circulation. Yes, thank god/CN for All Music, a massive treat. Has Warne Out ever been legitimately issued digitally? It’s posted on youtube…. Why not some beat-the-boots for sale/stream on bandcamp by the artist estate?
  4. LF: Warne Marsh - Warne Out (CD, +5)

    bump up
  5. Jones/Lewis Mosaic

    Funny! I saw it. Thought about it for a day. Figured out a few things to sell. Then I went to get it. But, no... no...
  6. re-bump: I know it's as rare as can be. Anybody see it?
  7. LF: Mosaic Larry Young box set

    I "bid" $95 for this great charitable cause and the excellent 6 CD gift premium. And, I'll tuck in some nice CDs in with my check. Does Rooster hear $100?
  8. What is your favourite Mosaic for listening pleasure

    What Clunky said and Soul-pope echoed. OMG yes Herbie Nichols. Cheers!
  9. Av Receiver Replacement

    You might try calling or connecting via online form with Echo Hi Fi in Portland.... tell them what you are looking for. They post used gear everyday, and modestly priced AV receivers from Arcam, Rotel, and Marantz are seen regularly. Definitely reputable for buying used vintage amps and receivers.
  10. Would a member be willing to allow me to borrow their set, for a cash deposit? I’m clean and tidy, and would barely breath on it. It’s not out there to buy. Thanks. Dan
  11. LF: Harry Miller on Ogun

    I'm searching for the Miller Ogun set. I know it may take years. Has anybody had success buying mere CDRs from Hazel?
  12. If anybody is game to buy and ship a few CDs for me from marketplace seller, I'll pay for such services. (I'm in NY.) Thanks! Dan
  13. Bookcase speakers?

    I wholeheartedly recommend the B&W 601 series. Value miracle for a few hundred bucks.
  14. LF- Hampton Hawes All Night Sessions

    I sent a PM with the link.
  15. LF- Hampton Hawes All Night Sessions

    $70 on Amazon. Great set.