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  1. Drummer Mickey Roker 9/3/32-5/22/2017 - RIP

    Sad day. I was lucky to see Mickey play at Ortlieb's many, many times backing up Shirley Scott and, after she left, as a leader in his own right. He always had some amazing musician sitting w/ him - Cecil Payne, Jimmy Oliver, Johnny Coles. Last time I saw him perform was around 2006 w/ Von Freeman (his only Philly performance).
  2. Recommend Me Books on the Blues

    Sam Charters has passed.
  3. Horo Records

    "Aldo" just friended me this week nearly 2.5 years after I sent him a friend request and nearly 1.5 years since he died! What is that? Is it a re-issue or new old stock? That is what the original album cover looked like upon its initial release. It certainly seems like new old stock. A great album really worth it's price. I bought two of those Sun Ra's (Unity & Other Voices) that were old dead stock - not bootlegs or reissues AFAIK. They were not warped or damaged in anyway. They sound fine to my ears.
  4. LF: BYG/Actuel Releases

    I don't remember my copy having that problem. Unfortunately I can't check on it right now because my stereo has been temporarily disassembled. My copy of Andrew Cyrille's What About? does have the lock groove issue.
  5. 2013-14 Hot Stove League

    If I understand correctly he's not injured just behind schedule for being ready to pitch opening week. He says he's a week behind schedule and is not feeling any pain. see:
  6. 2013-14 Hot Stove League

    RIP, Jim Fregosi.
  7. 2013-14 Hot Stove League

    And their shortstop is a greybeard who played 18 games last year due to injury and, what else ... oh yeah, the greatest closer in history is sitting home in Panama and even if their set up man takes over and does a decent job, who is the new set up man? I got it ... they'll trade for Papelbon! Please God, make that trade happen. Get well soon Michael Jack Schmidt!
  8. 2013-14 Hot Stove League

    Except unlike 2009 their projected starting 2B and 3B are Brian Roberts & Kelly Johnson.
  9. 2013-14 Hot Stove League

    I've got that card. What a bummer. Paul Blair and Garry Maddox were the best defensive outfielders of the 70's, imo. I was lucky that I got to see both of them play regularly. RIP.
  10. *** Frank Zappa ***

    Frank Zappa would have turned 73 today.
  11. 2013-14 Hot Stove League

    So I haven't checked in for a few days..... Goodie and Blue Train got banned?? I guess they had a blow out? Too bad. Man, Ruben Amaro is just hell bent on ruining the Phillies. 2 years and $16M for Marlon Byrd?? WTF???
  12. MLB 2013 Season

    Cobb County tax payers are getting royally screwed so some billionaires can collect more corporate welfare. Funny how Cobb County can't find enough money for their public schools but they have an extra $450 million for the Braves.
  13. NBA 2012 -- 2013

    Bynum's contract was covered by insurance so the Sixers didn't pay him a dime. Noel is signed to the standard NBA rookie contract so they are actually saving money by drafting him and trading Holiday. The Bynum trade was horrible and I and many other Phillly sports fans said so from the moment it was announced. I liked the idea of trading away Holiday(Sixers were going to be a perennial "bubble" team with him which is the kiss of death in the NBA. Plus Holiday has big contract which would have hampered their rebuilding efforts. He's a very good player but not someone you would build around.) but for Noel?? Yes, his knee gives me pause but his lack of an O game worries me too. The kid is RAW. They should have passed on him. I think the Sixers have a legit shot at bettering their NBA season record of 9-73. I think winning even 6 games is a stretch for this team. Sad.
  14. MLB 2013 Season

    Interesting that the guy who made the obstruction call at 3rd was Jim Joyce - the same guy that blew the 1st base call that cost that kid from the Tigers a perfect game a few years back. This time he made the right call.
  15. MLB 2013 Season

    Bite your tongue. If the [hated] Dodgers get to the WS it will be a sad page in the history of the MLB. Buying your way in is NOT what baseball is supposed to be about. I don't know why you like to pretend the Giants didn't buy their the Red Sox, Phillies, Angels, etc....even the Diamondbacks bought theirs. The Giants only had any chance of winning once they started spending. Now, they're headed back to that land being relevant every so often unless they keep spending. They, like the Dodgers already have the advantage of being in the weakest division in the MLB....but only gets them so far. It's like the Niners didn't buy all those Super Bowls while DeBartolo, Jr. was throwing around all that DeBartolo Corporation money before the hard cap in 1994/1995 season, which was the last Super Bowl game for them until last year. As in, glass houses and all. The Phillies didn't buy their 2008 WS win. They won with home grown talent and a few low priced FA's. The only notable acquisition they made during the 2008 season was a trade w/ the A's for future Hall of Famer Joe Blanton which added about $1.8M to their payroll that year. In 2008 their team payroll was $98M which put them 13th highest. They didn't go crazy w/r/t spending until after they won. Now if you want to say they tried to buy a championship in 2010-13 you would get no argument from me.