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  1. Insuring Music

    Forgive me if this topic was posted, but I did not see any topics on insurance. I am wondering if any of you insure you music collections and with whom. It seems standard homeowners won't cover collectible music. One company, American Collectors, was recommended to me and seems to have good coverage, but I wonder what experience others might have. Thanks!
  2. LF: Monk Complete Riverside Box Set

    CDs, please.
  3. Hi, I am looking for an original pressing of the Monk Complete Riverside box set, to purchase or trade. Please email me at mharbur@gmail.com if y have one available. Thank you.
  4. About 10 years ago, I took advantage of the ridiculously-low prices on Prestige and Riverside box sets (Coltrane, Evans, Monk, etc.) from an outfit in Germany -- I think it was called ZYX or something like that. The sets contained all of the music, and I was able to get the full-size booklets, remarkably, free from Fantasy. But the discs came in a small slipcase or loose. Now I would like to "upgrade" to the American version of the box but I am concerned that, just before True Blue Music closed down, they were selling the Prestige and Riverside box sets, but noted they were in a generic gray box with the original cover slip. I am wondering -- if I buy these sets new from Amazon, am I going to get the generic box? Is it better for me to find an older, used set from eBay?
  5. Right, I am looking for the original suitcase and books. The completist in me.
  6. Looking for a copy in good condition. Wanted to buy and/or trade. Please email to: mharbur@gmail.com. Thank you!
  7. FS: George Adams BNs -- prices reduced

    Up with price reductions.
  8. All three of George Adams's Blue Note albums for sale. $15 each or all three for $40. Price includes shipping. Other offers welcome. Please contact me at mharbur@gmail.com. Thanks for looking.
  9. LF: Mike Cuozzo

    Hi, I am liiking for the OOP "Mighty Mike" on CD. Would someone please help me? I am willing to purchase or trade. Please PM or mail to harburmm@alfredstate.edu. Thanks, Matt
  10. "Killer Joe"- One for All

    My favorite is "Upward and Onward" on Criss Cross. I saw this group together at Smoke in NYC and they were wonderful.
  11. Ordered the Four Freshman set and received it last night (free 2 day shipping on a $100 order!). Its the real deal (pun intended) -- Mosaic with 9 cds and hand-numbered book. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Upcoming Jazz in Paris 3-CD sets

    Picked up three of these sets this weekend. Very attractive and the music sounds great. They are listed for 20.99 at CD Universe -- highly recomended.
  13. Buying Mosaic Partials

    I've got extra books for several OOP sets: the Bechet, George Lewis, Benny Goodman, Thad Jones / Mel Lewis DeFranco, Ammons/Lewis and the Baker Studio set. They need a good home -- I would gladly sell them at cost ($10 plus shipping). E-mail me at mharbur@umn.edu if I can help.
  14. Price includes shipping: Complete In a Silent Way Sessions Complete Bitches Brew Sessions Complete Miles Davis/Gil Evans (metal spine edition, missing slipcase). Please email me at mharbur@umn.edu if interested. Thanks for looking.
  15. $9 each w/ shipping: Gene Harris and the 3 Sounds, "Live at the It Club", Vol 1. Gene Harris and the 3 Sounds, "Live at the It Club", Vol 2. Gene Harris and the 3 Sounds, "Live at the Lighthouse". Please email mharbur@umn.edu if interested. Thanks for looking.