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  1. John Coltrane - The Impulse Story: "Ogunde"

    Just wondering if anyone knew if the recording of "Ogunde" on the new Trane comp that came out Tuesday is an unreleased recording or an edit of the version on "The Last Live Recording" CD. Has a studio version of this song been released? The version on the new comp is just over 3 minutes.
  2. "Is that what you wanted, Alfred?"

    Teo: "Is this going to be part two?" Miles: "It's gonna be part NINE, what difference does it make, motherf***er!" Teo: "All right, all right! Here we go, this is part something ... " --"Corrado," Complete BB Sessions (personal fave!)
  3. Great Finds

    I was just at a consignment store, looking for an unrelated gift for my wife's birthday, when I noticed a couple of crates of records that were labeled "vintage records, $2.75 each." Nothing in there super old, but a few good things ... some Moms Mabley records on Mercury ... but quite a few cool finds ... I think these boxes must have been dropped off by someone who used to work at a radio station (or knew someone who did). A lot of the discs were promos that had hardly (if ever) been played. The sleeves and inner sleeves were all intact. Some of the stuff I remember seeing there (I only bought one record): Promo copy of Miles/Tadd Dameron in Paris 1949 (Columbia, 1979, promo, with promo catalog insert and head shot of miles from the late 40's (!)) Promo copy (near mint as far as the vinyl goes) of Brown/Roach Live at the Beehive in Chicago, 1955 (another late 70's Columbia, part of that "Contemporary Jazz Masters Series." I'm listening to this one now (the one i bought) ... very good). Something I might go back for: Eddie Murphy's first 2 stand up albums on Columbia, Self-Titled and "Comedian," with "Comedian" being a limited promo picture disc version (!). Anybody know if this stuff is worth much, monetarily? Quite a few of those LPs are certainly worth it as far as having in my collection ... I know it's probably a steal to get this kind of stuff for 2.75 a piece, but we're on kind of a budget at the moment (a new house and baby on the way will do that! ) Also, From that Columbia Series from the 70's was a Duke album , "Lost Session" or "Unknown Session" or something like that. From '62 I think. Anyone heard/have it?
  4. Packaging Oddities

    Let's see ... Years ago when I bought the Pink Floyd "Shine On" box (it's since been sold -- i am an IDIOT!), Disc 2 of "The Wall" had 2 discs in the jewel case! Can't remember what happened to that one ... My "Skies of America" has about 5 or six of those Sony yellow blurb stickers pasted on top of each other. In college, my roomate bought the Velvet Underground "Peel Slowly and See" box. The first disc, which we were really looking forward to (it was an unreleased demo tape), contained, i believe, the most recent TLC album! Never seen the guy so pissed! Oh, when I was a kid, I bought Prince's soundtrack to the Batman (1989) film on vinyl (back when they still sold LP's in places like Sam Goody!) for $6.99. One side had the label printed on it twice.
  5. Miles - On the Corner and Beyond

    I'm very curious as to what exactly will be on the On the Corner box (and the one after that, if they are split in two, as is suggested on Paul Tingen's site). I would think "raw material" like the Silent Way and Jack Johnson boxes. One thing I would really like to see is the inclusion of the A and B sides of the "Molester" single. Plus, if this box (or the one after it) is going to go all the way to 1976 ( ), then I would love to see the "Holly-wuud" c/w "Big Fun" 45 (just listened to this one last nite, along with "Molester" on a burn I have of "Isle of Wight" -- TOO funky!). An alternative I would welcome would be a single CD (if possible, maybe it would be a double at the most) of all of Miles' Columbia 45's; A and B sides, with the original 45 mixes, edits, and titles. Sure, it might be a tease to hear such compressed versions of favorite tunes, but I think it might be interesting to give a perspective on how Columbia tried to "market" Miles at various points throughout his career. This especially gets weird in the late 60's and early 70's. I mean, who really thought that paring these tracks ("Molester," "Little Blue Frog," "Spanish Key," etc) down to 3 minutes would increase their chances of airplay on American radio? I find that whole aspect of that period very interesting ... Any thoughts? Also, just how many studio sessions did Miles do after recording Pangea and Agharta?
  6. Johnny Cash

    Does anyone know the best way to collect his Sun Records stuff? There seem to be tons of different comps, boxes, etc ... I know Varese Sarabande put out a CD box last year of the original LPs (which are, themselves, compilations of singles for the most part) ... Is there a definitive box? I have a Get Back Records LP reissue of The Fabulous Sun Sound of Johnny Cash that is fantastic. I'd really like to check out the lesser known and more obscure Sun titles ... his catalog is so DEEP! Thanks.
  7. John Coltrane: Spiritual (Delta 47 055)

    yeah, my sister-in-law got it for me for xmas. it smokes! my wife got me 2 discs i already had, so i got to go to borders and do an exchange ... got the hybrid SACD of the stones' "get yer ya-ya's out" and trane's "live in seattle" ... worth the price alone for McCoy's solo on Afro-Blue on that one!
  8. John Coltrane: Spiritual (Delta 47 055)

    I actually have the Live Trane Box (all but the last disc) in mp3 format ... got it a few years ago online at that website that let you download as many trax as you wanted in the trial period (can't remember the name). for some reason it wouldn't let me download one of the discs ... been a while since i've listed to any of it ... loved what i heard when i did check it out though ... might dive in there again. I've been listening to a lot of Trane lately. Put on disc 5 of the Quartet box last nite and just sat there in awe listening to "Suite." ...far out ...
  9. John Coltrane: Spiritual (Delta 47 055)

    Gary, Thanks for the info. I appreciate it! Clint, Toooooo much, man ... i swear to god I'll call you very soon ...!! Cheers!
  10. John Coltrane: Spiritual (Delta 47 055)

  11. John Coltrane: Spiritual (Delta 47 055)

    I picked up the above mentioned CD a couple of years ago in England. I just put in on iTunes and would like to have the cover art to go with it ... anyone know where I could go online to get it? I'm having trouble finding it ... The disc is a comp. of live recordings '61-'65 according to the notes ... I am guessing this stuff is also available on the "Live Trane: European Tours" box set ..?? Info: 1. Blue Train 2. Impressions 3. My Favourite Things (11/23/61, Stockholm w/ Dolphy) 4. Autumn Leaves (11/28/62, Graz, Austria) 5. Spiritual 6. I Want to Talk About You (Stockholm 10/22/63) 7. Naima (Antibes, France 7/27/65) Decent quality, not much different from the sound on what I have heard on the live trane box ... anyone heard/have this? opinions ...? Thanks ...
  12. Miles Cellar Door Update

    where do you get the late oct. info? hope that's true!
  13. Upcoming Cream CD/DVD

    I was just interested to see how many people still dug them around here ... they seem to be one of those bands that people either love and keep digging forever or just "grow out of." me, i am obviously in the first category! I've listened to their stuff (particularly the official live recordings) a zillion times and it just doesn't get old for me ... and i'm a HUGE Ginger Baker fan.
  14. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    spun my in a silent way sessions box last weekend ... sweet ...! also, the original sun sound of johnny cash.
  15. Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman

    WD45 ... WHAT the hell did you say ...??? that's it, yr. gettin' a phone call ...!