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  1. Joey Baron

    Mine too.
  2. Nu Jazz Anthology

    I don't know most of these tracks - although I love Rose Room - so maybe something from the Schema label, if not previously included?
  3. Sundazed on Bandcamp

    Some obscure - to me at least - jazz from the '50s being released by Sundazed, for example 'Cohn on the Saxophone'. https://sundazedmusic.bandcamp.com
  4. Was this the first box set?

    Thanks for a good read. I bought the cd reissue many years ago and must give it a play.
  5. Solo guitar

    I've always liked Neshamah by Tim Sparks, on Tzadik. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neshamah-Tim-Sparks/dp/B00000JWLT/ref=sr_1_8?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1518090669&sr=1-8
  6. Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band

    Some Clarke Boland material recently released on Bandcamp, download only. https://thekennyclarke-francybolandbigband.bandcamp.com https://thekennyclarke-francybolandsextet.bandcamp.com
  7. What About Jazz "Earworms"?

    In Walked Bud.
  8. Art Pepper - The Complete Maiden Voyage Sessions

    Has anyone seen the download available for purchase in flac/wav? Nothing on the Concord website. Own question answered - it's on Qobuz.
  9. Bobby Hutcherson - Columbia Albums

    It's listed on the BGO website. Cheaper than Amazon, as well. https://www.bgo-records.com/albums/bgocd1290-highway-one-conception-the-gift-of-love-un-poco-loco
  10. I've listened to Ornette for 50 years and would be interested in hearing this music. But it's much too expensive. Why don't they offer a basic cd set or a download?
  11. Michael White, R.I.P.

    His wonderful playing with John Handy on the Monterey Festival lp/cd is something I never tire of.
  12. What was the first Jazz Lp you bought?

    John Coltrane: Live at Birdland. I was about 16 (born in 1949), lying in bed, listening to a foreign radio station and it came on. Instantly hooked.
  13. Wonderful record which I bought when it was released and have listened to ever since.
  14. New Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding Box Sets

    The Aretha box as download: http://www.junodownload.com/products/aretha-franklin-the-atlantic-albums-collection/3007775-02/ 236 tracks in WAV, £12.49.
  15. Justin Time label

    Lots of digitised (FLAC/WAV) music from Justin Time has appeared on Juno. http://www.junodownload.com/search/?q%5Blabel%5D%5B%5D=%22justin+time%22&solrorder=relevancy