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  1. Question to Member "Teasing the Korean"

    Who is that? A three-year old kid? Well, I think my run here has come to an end. Goodbye.
  2. Question to Member "Teasing the Korean"

    Why would you lose any sleep over it? You're the bully.
  3. Question to Member "Teasing the Korean"

    I get the picture. I swear it never entered my mind when I chose the handle (oops).
  4. Question to Member "Teasing the Korean"

    Mainly the saint, maybe the band ... also a Horace Silver tune on "Blowin' the Blues Away" named after the saint (or was it the disease?) The song is named after the disease, I think. Guy Yes, I think Horace mentioned something about that in the liner notes too. I'll have to dig it out and read it again. Cool and bright intro is what I like most about that song.
  5. Question to Member "Teasing the Korean"

    Must you see everything in Freudian terms??? As long as many people here see no problem, I'll just have to take the public teasing as a resident Korean. I still can't understand how a simple fact that it was once used as a song title explains everything.
  6. Digital Music Server

    FLAC files are not compressed. When decoded properly, they should produce the same sound as the wave files from which they were encoded.
  7. PayPal payment is preferred but will accept personal checks/money orders. All are used. The condition of the discs and the mini-LP sleeves are EX or better, complete with obi strips and protective sleeves. Price: $20 each (Shipping is included in the price for the members in the US and Canada.) Oscar Peterson - Action (UCCM 9001) Oscar Peterson - My Favorite Instrument (UCCM 9002) Oscar Peterson - Girl Talk (UCCM 9003) Oscar Peterson - Mellow Mood (UCCM 9004) Oscar Peterson - The Way I Really Play (UCCM 9006) Oscar Peterson - Reunion Blues (UCCM 9010) Hampton Hawes - Hamp's Piano (UCCM 9017) Steve Kuhn Trio - Watch What Happens! (UCCM 9019) Notes: UCCM 9002, 9003, 9004, 9006 and 9010 are gatefolds. Released in 2000. 24-bit Mastering Send PM if you're interested.
  8. Could you provide the catalog numbers for the Japanese mini LP titles please?
  9. Question to Member "Teasing the Korean"

    Hey, I wouldn't have reacted to the name "The Korean." It was "Teasing" that gave me a pause. I'm sure the reaction would've been different if the name was "Shooting People with Machine Gun."
  10. Question to Member "Teasing the Korean"

    Well, I wondered, too - before I got to know about the Bond connection right here in this thread... but it seems the teasing man is not joining in here... and wanting to know does not exclude having some fun, imo. I agree that it's OK to have some fun and I did. I disagree, however, with the notion that it was used as a title of a song makes it perfectly OK to tease Koreans.
  11. Question to Member "Teasing the Korean"

    Mainly the saint, maybe the band ... also a Horace Silver tune on "Blowin' the Blues Away" named after the saint (or was it the disease?)
  12. I'd really like to know whatever you had in mind when you came up with that ID. How do you tease it? What do you mean by "the Korean"?
  13. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Horace Silver - Six Pieces of Silver (Blue Note)
  14. FS: Universal Japan Impulse! mini-LP CDs

    The Freddie Hubbard CD has been sold. Thanks.
  15. Cowboy talk.

    With all the noise made by the offensive side, everyone's forgetting that the Cowboys secondary is giving up one big play after another. The corners are solid but two safeties (including THE ALL-WORLD ROY WILLIAMS) are making too many mistakes. Linebackers also look slow in chasing plays to the sidelines ... and Fujita and Shanle are doing very well in New Orleans.