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  1. I received my copy of the John Handy Select a couple days ago. I'm so glad I was following this thread and saw that it hit last chance. I had forgotten how much I enjoy his music.
  2. Jazz CD bargains

    Thanks for posting this! I ordered my copy.
  3. I have ordered from them through the Amazon Marketplace dozens of times without problem. I usually get my order in about a week (I'm one state away from them). I haven't ordered from their website.
  4. Happy Birthday, Tom 1960!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday, BruceH!

    Happy Birthday!! :party:
  6. Happy Birthday, Parkertown

    Happy Birthday!! :party:
  7. Happy Birthday, Papsrus!

    Happy Birthday!! :party:
  8. The great Freddie Redd

    I would have loved to see that!
  9. He sounds like an amazing person. I'm sorry for your loss.
  10. Happy birthday, Kevin Bresnahan!

    Happy Birthday, Kevin!! :party:

    I wasn't aware of sites that track flights. Thanks for sharing this.
  12. Happy birthday, Bertrand

    Happy Birthday!! :party:
  13. Happy Birthday RDK!

    Happy Birthday!! :party:
  14. Happy Birthday, Scott Dolan!

    Happy Birthday!! :party:
  15. Happy Birthday Durium!

    Happy Birthday!! :party: