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  1. They are. I can confirm that these are breakouts of the individual sets from the infamous Trumpet Box. On that note, I'm pretty sure they are sealed. Anyway, just wanted to share as I know that one goes for stupid money on Discogs and Ebay.
  2. FWIW - the OTC metal box is going for $70 USD on the official Miles store site -
  3. Hi. I happened to see you bought the Hodes Mosaic in Portland recently. I live just under 30 minutes away. Any chance you recall the name of the shop? I should probably check out the p!ace. Hope you're enjoying the collection. Tom

  4. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Picked this up for $40 sealed at a great little record shop in Portland Maine. So good!
  5. Looking for best places to buy records in Amsterdam

    Thanks for the recommendations. ...hit Concerto 2x. It is a nice place to be indeed Medjuck Here’s the pull:
  6. Heading to Amsterdam next week and looking for recommendations on best record stores. Thanks!
  7. This might be a long shot but I'm wondering if anyone here knows where I might be able to find any of the performances Marsh did w/ SS at Donte's or any other live material they might have had. Also any recordings w/ Tristano & Konitz from the Half Note. Thanks!
  8. LF: An Unsung Cat: The Life and Music of Warne Marsh

    Wow nice find! Thanks!
  9. Hey all, I'm looking for a reasonably priced copy of the Marsh book. Everywhere I look it's like $50 bucks or more. Anyone know of a good resource where I could find this? Thanks
  10. Joe Albany

    I've been listening to the the Parker recording from March '46 w/ Albany and I have to say his (Albany's) playing sounds very amateurish. He sounds like a student trying to figure out how to play bop lines. Oddly the Koch book (Yardbird Suite) heaps heavy praise on Albany's playing on this session but I'm just not hearing it. What am I missing?