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  1. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    Such a great club. Really sad to see it go. I worked for Don Sickler years ago and helped him assemble a couple of shows at the Standard. Here are the pamphlets / cards we put together for those gigs: Here's the collection: and the individual images below. Billy Higgins True Blue All-Stars - A: B: Kenny Dorham 75th Birthday Festival - A: B: C:
  2. Immanuel Wilkins - Omega

    Here's a little taste -
  3. Tristano's changes on "Back Home" | Toronto 1952 performance

    Excellent insight! Thanks a bunch sgcim! I'd be curious to hear some of the dixie versions using that cycle.
  4. Immanuel Wilkins - Omega

    Fantastic record. Caught him playing in Central Park yesterday with bass/drums. Very impressive performance.
  5. I"m [slowly] learning Tristano's solo on a version of 'Back Home' from the 1952 (Live/Toronto) recording and there's this beautiful set of substitutions starting in bar 23 where normally, you resolve to the F minor but Lennie's playing 4 chords each for 2 beats across Fm to C7flat 9 and, to my ears, it sounds like M7 chords descending in 5ths starting on F#M7 so it's - F#M7 / | BM7 / | EM7 / | AM7 / and then, instead of jumping back to Fm he resolves to A flat M7. I get the AM7 being the flat II M7 into A flat so, if I'm correct, the preceding three chords are just a cycle approaching the flat IIM7am I even remotely close or are my ears playing tricks on me? "Back Home" - Toronto 1952 I know this is getting into super nerd-ville but this is the world of insanity I live in :-) Thanks for looking!
  6. LF: Charlie Parker Complete Royal Roost Broadcasts

    So I have the official Savoy one you are linking to. The ones I'm seeing out there are: Complete Royal Roost Broadcasts and he Complete Royal Roost Live Recordings on Savoy Years Vol. 1-4 By the looks of these, they include the full broadcasts which is what I'm looking for. Anyone have these and/or can you confirm these are the complete broadcasts including the stuff the Savoy release cut out? Thanks
  7. Hi all - I'm looking to acquire the most comprehensive collection of Bird's Royal Roost Broadcasts. Before I scour on eBay and Discogs, I wanted to see if anyone here has a collection they're interested in selling. Thanks, BfB
  8. New Charles Tolliver

    Listened today and also agree. I found it a boring listen.
  9. LF: Mosaic Larry Young box set

    Have you tried Discogs?
  10. I recently purchased Vol. 1 & 2 on CD via Discogs and was successful in digitizing Vol. 1 but my CD reader will not do the same for Vol. 2. I like to drop these on my phone so I can listen on the go. Does anyone know where I can purchase a digital version of Vol. 2? I've searched and searched but these seem to be pretty obscure in terms of digital products. Thanks
  11. Love that lick! For Trane, "Moments Notice" is where I first really noticed it.
  12. Musicians - Post Your Music Here!

    I've been working on a Konitz solo on the "Indiana" changes - - my video has both solos before/after piano. A couple of flubs here and there but mostly accurate. Would love comments, critiques etc. Thank you to those who take the time to watch :-) BfB
  13. >>and Hank wasn't really all that great here<< I would love if someone could explain why this seems to be the overall sentiment w/ regard to this session. As a player and a very discerning listener, I'm not so sure I would agree. FWIW I've heard all of the false starts & alternate takes of this session and from what I hear, these guys were having a lot of fun in the studio and I think it shows in the performances they culled for this release.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    How is this not better known or widely discussed? Holy smokes this is a fantastic session