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  1. Name Three People...

    Old Man River Pat Robertson Tammy Faye
  2. The guitar corner

    Online instruction
  3. Name Three People...

    Ansel Adams Edsel Ed Wynn
  4. Name Three People...

    Blue Mitchell Mr Wilson Woody Herman
  5. Name Three People...

    John Doe Pillsbury Dough Boy The Red Baron
  6. Name Three People...

    Axel Foley Freddie Fender Freddie Redd
  7. Name Three People...

    Jerry Hey Yu Darvish Whirling Dervish
  8. Name Three People...

    El Chico El Fenix Felix the Cat
  9. Name Three People...

    Sister Sledge M.C. Hammer Usain Bolt
  10. Name Three People...

    Goose Gossage Billy was a Mountain Ethel Mertz
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I bought a cassette version of this on the street in Interlachen, Switzerland back in 1980. I played the crap out of it! It was years before i could find out who the players were. I think it was a commercial bootleg
  12. Great Finds

    Picked this up last week on Ebay. I am surprised I didn't get sniped. Vinyl and jacket mint. Looks to be never played. On 45 rpm (2) The RCA Jazz Workshop Billy Byers w/ Nick Travis, Bernie Glow - tpts Urbie Green, Fred Ohms, Chauncy Welch - tbns Al Cohn, Phil Funk, Jerry Sanfinio - woodwinds Moe Wechsler - p/celeste Joe Venuto - vibes Milt Hinton - b Osie Johnson - dr Gene Orloff, Alan Schulman, Lucien Schmiit, Bernie Greenhouse - strings side 1) Alone Together The Tickler side 2) Billy Bones Chinese Water Torture side 3) I See a Million People Back in Your Own Back Yard side 4) Thou Swell You're Mine You
  13. My quintet has been going through some personnel changes. We have lost one guitar player and have gained another. Todd Parsnow is playing with us now. He currently is on Roy Hargrove's band. So when he is on tour we have to sub out his chair, or go chordless. Come check him out if you are in town. He is a wonderful musician, and he really brings a lot to the table. Our steady gig has moved to another location at last. We had been playing Mondays. As of this month we will be playing every Tuesday at a nice place across the street from the State Fairgrounds in Dallas. The Meridian Room has a top notch menu, yet everything is very affordable. They also have a vast beer selection, including many micro brews. recommendedations: Crawfish Chili Portabello Sandwich Cuban Sandwich We will be there starting March 5th, playing 9 - midnight. No cover. Greg Waits - trombone Jim Sangrey (aka Frank Brutali) - tenor sax Todd Parsnow - guitar Mark Wilson - bass Garry Granger - drums See you Tuesdays?! Drop in & say hello.
  14. Info needed: Marshall Brown - Intenational Youth Orchestra - Newport 1

    I just received an email from him. His name is Chip Hoehler. You will find pics at his website. He said to contact him for more help. He took the pics himself, and he has recordings of the band too. Quite the mother load. Good luck Greg
  15. Info needed: Marshall Brown - Intenational Youth Orchestra - Newport 1

    I used to work on the SS Norway years ago in the orchestra. The band leader was a member of that band and was on the LP. He lives south of Paris. I will contact him to see if he can help. If he has pics etc, I am sure he would be more than happy to contribute. Greg
  16. Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers

    It is nice reading about this band in here. I have a couple of the band's LPs. I had no idea that they had recorded so many!
  17. The guitar corner

    I appreciate it Thanks Greg
  18. The guitar corner

    There is a lot of hum when the amp is powered up with no guitar even plugged in.
  19. The guitar corner

    I have been battling some god awful hum when playing through my Hot Rod Deluxe. I am running a Tele knockoff with humbuckers via a Boss ME-50, and when using the Boss the noise is noticeably worse. Suggestions? I have had it tweaked and cleaned up by the local area's most respected tech. He is a very honest guy. He replaced all the tubes when I had it serviced initially. Some 2 months after getting it home I really started to notice the noise. At first he thought it was bad tubes (he said the failure rate on new tubes is abysmally bad....something 20% of the ones he orders new he has to return. Then he determined the noise was due to leaky filter caps in the power supply. After he addressed that issue he found that it wasn't much better. So he charged me for just parts; no labor. So that was cool I suppose. I am awaiting a new shipment of tubes, Whey they arrive he promises me he will go through these and replace with better performing ones from the new batch. Under warranty. Cool enough., but my question is, am I now doomed to live with noise now that I don't play through a solid state amp anymore? Suggestions? I have heard of in line noise suppressors. Are they worth the bread? ($75 and up)
  20. Bowers and Wilkins speakers

    Bower and Wilkins speakers. Anyone here own any? A friend has a pair he wants to sell. I own a pair of old school JBL century speakers (not the L100s though). These seem to be very well made. I am thinking of doing a side by side comparison of them to see which ones perform the best. The model I have here are DW 602.
  21. Member group gigs

    Couldn't find the Dallas/Austin concert calendar thread. My Jazz Refugees has once again found a home venue. Starting Tuesday, September 18th we will be playing at The Meridian Room (on Parry, directly across from the Fair Grounds in Dallas, right around the corner from the Amsterdam Cafe and Sandaga's) We play 9-12. We will be there two Tuesdays a month at first (and soon I hope it will be every Tuesday) The food is great...I know; I ate there already! And they have a very nice selection of domestic, imported and micro brewery beer, plus the usual well stocked liquor cabinet. No cover. Come on out. Take your shoes off and sit a spell! Greg Waits - trombone / guitar Mssr Sangrey - tenor sax Terry Hankins - guitar Mark Wilson - bass Garry Granger - drums
  22. Member group gigs

    My quintet has returned to an earlier club where we were playing awhile back. The Meridian Room became much too cramped. The "stage" was more like a closet. It was just too uncomfortable to play there. I dropped in at The Free Man Cajun Cafe (2626 Commerce St Dallas TX) sometime ago and talked to the owner. We now have an open ended engagement on Monday evenings from 7 - 10. We are marking our 6th or 7th week there now. The crowds aren't exactly huge, but those who are showing up are pretty enthusiastic. The thing I find encouraging is that the club owner is hands off as far as what we play, etc. We can try anything. And he likes us. Come by sometime. Sit a spell. No cover. Great cajun menu. Friendly staff. Parking is reasonably easy and the area is safer than people might otherwise think. Deep Ellum is pretty much pedestrian and family friendly once again
  23. Name Three People...

    Clifford Brown Freddie Green Blue Mitchell
  24. Hampton Hawes

    I bought a re-release entitled "Blues for Bud" recorded originally in Paris in March '68, with Hampton Hawes in a trio setting accomp. by Jimmy Woode and Art Taylor. WOW! This is one fine date, and the recording quality and engineering is wonderful. Art Taylor kicks butt on this session. I have to admit that I never really checked Hawes out. I really was impressed by the maturity of his keyboard technique, the advanced harmonic sense he has and how easily he can just flat out GROOVE. He swings his ass off. Are there any recommended Websites or resources otherwise specifically dedicated to him? Thanks all. If you don't have this CD, it was released on 1201 Music. (in 1989). There are alternate takes, and one previously unreleased rendition (solo) of him playing "They say it's wonderful". I particularly like the trio treatment of 'My Romance"
  25. LP cleaner.....worth it?

    What is the going rate for an LP cleaner like this? This guy is asking $25. Seems like a steal to me. It works he says.