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  1. Credit where it's due. Just got wind that Phil Schaap (who else?) aired this two years ago, on September 20, 2018. It's the show "Early Bird Recordings" here. He played the excerpt four times, at 6:40, 9:42, 17:56, and 1:09:44. By the way, clip seems to be half-step higher/faster than it should. F
  2. RIP Stanley Crouch

    And Wynton https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158479748127976&id=10058392975 F
  3. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Facebook posts can be read without an account as long as they're public and you have the right link. Both Matthew Shipp's and Greg Tate's posts are public. Links Matthew Shipp https://www.facebook.com/matt.shipp.56/posts/3650616768304921 https://www.facebook.com/matt.shipp.56/posts/3651466211553310 https://www.facebook.com/matt.shipp.56/posts/3651662071533724 https://www.facebook.com/matt.shipp.56/posts/3651726118193986 https://www.facebook.com/matt.shipp.56/posts/3657475257619072 Greg Tate https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160379888876038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160379897116038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160379915891038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160380518036038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160380532991038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160380554096038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160381005611038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160381016351038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160382182681038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160382354911038 https://www.facebook.com/Congoblondie/posts/10160382573686038 F
  4. RIP Stanley Crouch

    As a non-American living across the pond, I find the comments on Facebook extremely interesting. Given Crouch's homophobic writings (which I haven't read and take at face value given multiple sources) and threats and acts of physical violence, it is interesting to see who are willing to forgive/forget and why--I'm not being ironic, I find it fascinating that aesthetic agreement seems to carry so much weight. As a writer, he was too baroque for my taste, but I guess it doesn't help that the first thing I read of his were all his liner notes for Wynton Marsalis in one go (for a thing I did on Wynton). F PS: As for Iverson's article, for what it's worth his comment about Berklee ignoring Ellington for Kenton has been firmly rebutted on FB (it's a public post, so it can be read without an account:https://www.facebook.com/darcyjamesargue/posts/10164381949335105).
  5. Finally coming out on September 18. Universal will do the physical release, Sony the digital. https://pitchfork.com/news/thelonious-monk-concert-album-palo-alto-coming-out-this-month/ F
  6. HMV in Oxford Street shut down some time ago (the last remaining shop on that street, in the historical site of their original shop). https://www.musicweek.com/labels/read/hmv-confirms-oxford-street-store-closure/075213 F
  7. From Danny Scher, the provider of the tapes: "I received word that there was a dispute between the estate and Monk's previous label". Source: https://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/2020/07/28/when-jazz-royalty-came-to-paly-monks-long-lost-record-nearly-goes-public It looks like Sony has blocked the release, which at the very least means that clearances (if any?) were not tight enough. Given that Sony has pretty much abandoned physical product (at least in jazz), it'll be interesting to see how this pans out. F
  8. The removal of downloads and from streaming services looks like the job of a proper legal department. Plausible(?) scenario about this Monk release: Sony "product" were told about the project, but they're not doing physical product any more (at least jazz), so they were not interested. Universal were told, they were interested, they did the thing, they announced it. Sony "legal" got wind of it, and has stopped the release. Yet more speculation, but having this stopped so close to the original release date (July 31), with all the physical product ready to go (and I presume some of it already out), would give more leverage in a negotiation to whomever has stopped it. F
  9. Some background from Robin DG Kelley's biography: https://books.google.com/books?id=Tz9xDQAAQBAJ&lpg=PA1&dq=robin%20kelley%20thelonious%20monk&pg=PA398#v=onepage&q&f=false F
  10. Is there any video footage of Hank Mobley playing?

    Same scene, not exactly the same bit, from The Jazz Baroness: https://youtu.be/2TX6Z7NiF0E?t=5m16s F
  11. Is there any video footage of Hank Mobley playing?

    Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed the clip. I noticed it while having lunch and watching the Monk documentary (it's on Vimeo, although a lot of it appears on Straight, No Chaser). I had to "rewind" it several times because I couldn't believe it. That's why I asked Cuscuna, who knew Mobley, and also checked with Bertrand Uberall what footage there was of Mobley. Among other things, I also checked this thread. Glad to see it on JazzWax too, although about the clip being too short, as I say in the blog, the whole sequence with those four in the kitchen at the Vanguard (dated, almost certainly, June 19-25, 1967) lasts 2:35. Some of it can be seen on The Jazz Baroness too (it's on YouTube). The best bit with Mobley on is what you see in the clip, which again, I had to give it all the light I could in order to distinguish Mobley's face. Stay safe! F PS: You can delete the duplicated text by editing after posting.
  12. Is there any video footage of Hank Mobley playing?

    Not playing, but some of you may have seen this without noticing Mobley hanging with Monk, Nica and Bobby Timmons at the Vanguard. https://jazzontherecord.blogspot.com/2020/05/hank-mobley-and-bobby-timmons-on-screen.html F
  13. Very rare Charlie Christian!

    Liek Captain Howdy says, the segment in Hot Club's radio show is shorter and in not as good sound than the clip from WNYC, which was posted in late 2012. I blogged about it at the time: http://jazzontherecord.blogspot.com/2012/12/encore-bg-and-sextette-unissued.html F
  14. The first one I noticed on Spotify was the Nat King Cole Trio on Mosaic back in 2010 (https://open.spotify.com/album/36r0NLy7NH4Z14enk0EvF4), which actually kept the original cover. Since then, I've seen the Tal Farlow and the Golson-Farmer-Jazztet. If you search "Capitol Vaults Series" on Spotify, you get a few Mosaic/Mosaic Select sets: Bob Brookmeyer (Select) Paul Chambers (Select) Dexter Gordon (Select) Bennie Green (Select) Bobby Hackett Andrew Hill (Select 16 - group) Bobby Hutcherson (Select) Elvin Jones Gene Krupa/Harry James Hank Mobley Joe Pass Big John Patton (Select) Art Pepper (Select) Don Pullen (Select) Dizzy Reece (Select) Bud Shank/Bob Cooper F PS: Just noticed Louis Armstrong's Columbia & RCA Victor Live Recordings Mosaic is on Spotify too.
  15. YouTube too. 153 tracks in three volumes. This rebranding+streaming had already been done with sets licensed by Universal in the past--first Sony set I see. F
  16. The Szwed is excellent. Ian Carr's is also very good--he was also a professional trumpet player, and he gives more pages than perhaps expected to the electric Miles. F
  17. He'll be missed. For all his first-hand experience and willingness to share whatever he knew, I'll remember him for his fearlessness when it came to telling the truth. I also hope his last days weren't painful. He won't be forgotten. F
  18. Costa doesn't play piano on the Hodeir record. The Fresh Sound reissue of Hodeir's American recordings sounds like a needle-drop to me (I don't think there's ever been a CD of those). As for whether it's worth getting, it is to me, but I quite like Hodeir's work. F
  19. Mitch Miller and George Avakian

    The Billboard thing, like Big Beat Steve said, through Google Books. Not perfect (sometimes it skips results that are there), but it's free. As far as I know, Avakian left because he was exhausted from overworking (he got seriously ill towards the end of 1957) and also because he got wind of the difference between the money he was making for Columbia, and what they were paying him. I wrote this when he died. F
  20. There's a reissue by Fresh Sound. F
  21. Mitch Miller and George Avakian

    There's plenty to be found on Billboard. On the Sep 30, 1957 issue, there's a note saying that Avakian reports to Miller (although Avakian was just months away from leaving Columbia). You may also want to check the August 4, 1956 issue -- it carries a 30-page infomercial about Columbia. Interestingly, Avakian only appears towards the end as "a.&r. director of pop albums". Miller appears as "pop artists & repertoire chief" working under "sales chief, Hal Cook". F
  22. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I just saw the news about this new Mosaic release. Personally, I'm looking forward to it, both for the pre-1945 Deccas (the birth of the First Herd) and, hopefully, an improvement on the sound of the Carnegie Hall gig. As for the Everests, for a minute there were a few reissues on the Empire Musicwerks label (distributed by Universal) around 2005. I seem to remember that at least one of them was a needle-drop, but I would really need to check. Woody Herman with Charlie Byrd: Bamba Samba Bossa Nova (Discogs) Woody Herman with Tito Puente (back of CD case) Woody Herman: The Everest Years (AllMusic) F
  23. Universal Music Italia box sets

    Yep. Long story, but Roulette (including Roost) is now owned by Warner. F
  24. As suggested by King Ubu, these are the box sets released by the Italian branch of Universal Music. The list will be edited as more titles are released (or are known about - all help will be welcome!). As far as I know, these are low-priced, verbatim reissues of previous releases. NOTE: When the title includes the word "albums", it's safe to assume that the set will be a collection of the albums of the relevant artist as leader, not including the recordings as sideman for the same label(s). LINKS: Universal Music Italia's note about their special offers these boxes and their booklets Universal Italy jazz mid-price releases Universal Italy jazz news In alphabetical order: Chet Baker - The Riverside & Jazzland Albums (7 CDs) (0600753364147, BOX SET 0600753364130, Universal Music Italia, 2013) Count Basie - The Original American Decca Recordings (3 CDs) (0600753428368, "Verve", 2013) Booklet: reprint of the 1992 original The Complete EmArcy Recordings of Clifford Brown (10 CDs) (Realised [sic] after the 1989 box BROWNIE: THE COMPLETE EmArcy RECORDINGS OF CLIFFORD BROWN (EmArcy 004228383062)) Booklet: reprint of the original 60-page booklet (0600753422533, BOX SET 0600753422526, Universal Music Italia, 2013) John Coltrane - The Prestige Recordings (16 CDs) (0888072335936 - Not Italian, but EU release, 2012) John Coltrane - His Prestige Albums (12 CDs) (0600753343203, BOX SET 0600753343180, Universal Music Italia, 2011) Chick Corea - The GRP Albums (7 CDs) (06007 535 8759 1, Universal Music Italia, 2015) Miles Davis - All Miles - The Prestige Albums (14 CDs) (0600753217566, 2009) (0600753315729, 2010) Miles Davis - Steamin'/Workin'/Relaxin'/Cookin' (4 CDs) (0600753412992, "Concord", 2012) Miles Davis - Chronicle / The Complete Prestige Recordings 1951-1956 (8 CDs) (P) 1987 © 2013 Concord Music Group, Inc. 100 N. Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Made in the EU. LC 15025. 0888072342309 Booklet: reprint of the 64-page booklet from 1987 Eric Dolphy - His Prestige/New Jazz Albums (11 CDs) (0600753381793, Universal Music Italia, 2012) Duke Ellington - Carnegie Hall Concerts 1943-1947 (8 CDs) Booklet: reprint of the original 48-page booklet (0600753232491, "Concord", 2010) Duke Ellington - The Complete Brunswick and Vocalion Recordings 1926-1931 (3 CDs) (Released after the 1994 GRP box EARLY ELLINGTON (GRP 36402) (0600753424681, Universal Music Italia, 2013) Booklet: reprint of the original 60-page booklet Bill Evans - The Riverside & Milestone Albums 1956-1963 (15 CDs) (0600753312063, Universal Music Italia, 2011) Bill Evans - The Complete Bill Evans on Verve (18 CDs) (22-bit remastering / Released after 1997 Verve 07314 527 9532 8) (0600753484050, Universal Music Italia, 2014) No liner notes, only discography and tiny reproductions of original LP covers. Bill Evans - The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings 1961 (3 CDs) (This album was mastered in analog utilizing 20-bit K2 Super Coding System) (0600753400593, Universal Music Italia, 2012) Bill Evans - The Complete Fantasy Recordings (9 CDs) (00888072370128, Concord, Available June 2015) Paolo Fresu - The Blue Note Albums (8 CDs) (00602547305237, Blue Note, Available April 2015) Stan Getz - The Bossa Nova Years (4 CDs) (00600753769638, Universal, 2017 - Cannot confirm, but this looks like a straight reissue of Verve/PolyGram 823 611-2 from 1989. Herbie Hancock - The Blue Note Albums (7 CDs) (00600753610862, Blue Note, Available May 2015) The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve 1945-1959 (10 CDs) (Realised [sic] after the 1992 box The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve 1945-1959 (Verve 07314 517 6582 7)) (0600753433911, BOX SET 0600753433904, Universal Music Italia, 2013) Booklet: No liner notes, no images. Just discographical information and production credits. Keith Jarrett - The Impulse Years (9 CDs) (Realised [sic] after the boxes The Impulse Years 1973-1974 (IMPD5237, 1997) and Mysteries: The Impulse Years 1975-1976 (IMPD4189, 1996)) (0600753445129, BOX SET 0600753445112, Universal Music Italia, 2013) Booklet: reprint of the 1996/7 originals. Lee Konitz - The Milestone Albums (6 CDs) (0600753384626, Universal Music Italia, 2012) Charles Mingus - Leader on Debut (7 CDs) (0600753426104, BOX SET 0600753426081, Universal Music Italia, 2013) Charles Mingus - The Impulse Albums (3 CDs) (0600753484241, Universal Music Italia, 2014) Thelonious Monk - His Prestige Albums (3 CDs) (0600753428450, "Concord", 2013) Thelonious Monk - All Monk: The Riverside Albums (16 CDs) (0600753270660, "Concord", 2010) (No outtakes. Booklet with no liner notes, only album covers, track listings and personnel.) Thelonious Monk - The Complete Riverside Recordings (15 CDs) (00888072360020, Concord, Available May 2015) * Note: see this by king ubu on the difference between Thelonious Monk's two Riverside sets. Bird - The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve (10 CDs) (OOP, 2005) (0600753422503, BOX SET 0600753425497, Universal Music Italia, 2013) Booklet: reprint of the 100-page booklet from 1992 Michel Petrucciani: The Blue Note Albums (9 CDs) (00600753582800, Universal Music Italia, 2015) Bud Powell - The Complete Bud Powell on Verve (5 CDs) (Released after the 1994 Verve box THE COMPLETE BUD POWELL ON VERVE (Verve 0731452166920)) (0600753476185, BOX SET 0600753476147, Universal Music Italia, 2014) Bud Powell - The Complete Amazing Bud Powell (5 CDs) (00600753824498, Universal Music Italia, 2018) Sonny Rollins - The Prestige Albums (8 CDs) (0600753232606, "Concord", 2009) Wayne Shorter - The Blue Note Albums (11 CDs) (00600753631928) No liner notes, only discography and tiny reproductions of original LP covers Art Tatum - The Solo Masterpieces (8 CDs) (00600753312001, "Concord", 2010) Art Tatum - The Group Masterpieces (8 CDs) (00600753312032, "Concord", 2010) Lester Young - Complete Verve Recordings (8 CDs) (00602498362754, 2006) VA - Jazz at the Philharmonic 1944-49 (10 CDs) OOP, 2006 ------------------------------- 5 ORIGINAL ALBUMS SERIES (See LINK for more sets) Chick Corea (Light as a Feather, Hymn of the 7th Galaxy, Where Have I Known You Before, No Mystery, My Spanish Heart) Bill Evans (Trio '64, A Simple Matter of Conviction, Further Conversations with Myself, At the Montreux Jazz Festival, What's New? (with Jeremy Steig)) Ella Fitzgerald (Ella Swings Lightly, Sings Sweet Songs for Swingers, Ella in Berlin, Hello Dolly, Whisper Not) Astrud Gilberto (The Astrud Gilberto Album, Look to the Rainbow, A Certain Smile, Windy, I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do) Stan Getz (West Coast Jazz, Stan Getz in Stockholm, The Steamer, And the Cool Sounds, Stan Meets Chet) Billie Holiday (Lady Sings the Blues, Body and Soul, Songs for Distingué Lovers, Stay with Me, All or Nothing at All) Charlie Parker (Night and Day, April in Paris, Now's the Time, Bird and Diz, Plays Cole Porter) Oscar Peterson (Plays Count Basie, A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra, The Jazz Soul of Oscar Peterson, Plays Porgy & Bess, West Side Story) 3 ESSENTIAL ALBUMS SERIES (See LINK)
  25. Universal Music Italia box sets

    Not exactly the same. The 1994 has 75 tracks, and masters/transfers were by Malcolm Addey and Ron McMaster.. The 2018 has 63, and by the look of it the sound is whatever the latest edition is (RVG remasters for the first three CDs according to the Universal page). And I guess there will be a substantial difference in the booklet too F