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  1. Esparanza Spalding beats out Justin Bieber for 'best new artist&#3

    The rules were changed a couple of years ago. An artist now must release at least 1 but not more than 3. There ya go.
  2. kaye cowher passes away.

    She was so young -- I hate to hear that skin cancer was the cause. May she rest in peace.
  3. NFL chat thread

    ...depends on who you're rooting for. Great game!
  4. NFL chat thread

    Not such a big surprise as Invesco field has been a house of horrors throughout Tom Brady's career. Still, that was all under Mike Shanahan. Game was close. Pats stop the Bronco offense at the end of the fourth quarter to force overtime. Then they win the coin toss, and the offense has another chance. Overtime in the NFL is a casino crapshoot. ...and the Pats' defense had 4 more chances to stop 'em.
  5. Why was Bixieland banned?

    We get attacked by an affectionate female lab! ... and she is somewhere in her house right now, "getting that ball..." Sweet baby.
  6. American Idol

    Ellen Degeneres knows probably as much about singing as Paula Abdul does, so there you go. Now if you're talking about pitch correction and lip synching, then yeah Paula has her beat there.
  7. Why are you here?

    That's why I'm here! To see WTF Chuck said yesterday!
  8. Julie & Julia

    Don't let 'em get you down. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie hopefully this week with my brother and niece.
  9. ... and you swing, sir!! (I'm responding in such an untimely manner to your comment to me from last year since I just *now* saw it! I need to pay more attention to my profile page!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Jazzbo!

    Happy Birthday Lon! Hope you feel better soon.
  11. Donde Esta Free For All?

    ok... back to lurk mode.
  12. Donde Esta Free For All?

    I'm envious! Glad you had the chance to get out West, but welcome back! You were missed.
  13. Happy Birthday White Lightning!

    A belated Happy Birthday to you, Barak! Hope you had a wonderful day filled with love and laughter with your beautiful family!