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    Hans, you are totally wrong: the English are terrible kickers. Oh I don't know - Rooney got a good one in...

    You could always put forward Emile Heskey as a candidate for that honour but I suppose you would have to try and make some kind of case that he was actually a striker in the first place.

    Naked protest in Brazil Three men have staged a naked protest in Brazil - against football. They walked round the city naked while locals watched Brazil's match against Ghana. The men staged their protest as they disagree with how "the whole country stops to watch the football matches at the World Cup but meanwhile the enourmous problems Brazil has in lack of education and health keep getting stronger." A local police spokesperson said: "Someone called us to check this out but it was not a violent crime and we were watching the match so we decided not to do anything about it. "They only wanted to get attention, but they couldn't even get this as everyone was watching the match."

    Thierry Henry in the aftermath of the Champions League final against Barcelona, during which he got a bit of kicking said... "Next time I'll learn to dive maybe, but I'm not a woman" After last night's performance it seems the lessons are going pretty well.
  5. This is driving me crazy !!!!!!

    They also sneakily rearrange the symbols each time so the same symbol doesn't pop up all the time which would give the game away.

    Australia vs Italy
  7. London Jazz Fest 2005

    Just heard on the grapevine that on Friday after performing the last gig of their residency at the Shaw Theatre, Harry Connick Jnr and Branford Marsalis later arrived with their crew a small club, the Octave in Endell Street, Covent Garden for a late supper. After listening to some local musicians finishing their sets (Estelle Kokot and Emma Blake), Marsalis and Connick then got up on stage and performed for the club audience.
  8. London Jazz Fest 2005

    I'm sure he'll be back sidewinder. He was given a standing ovation at the early concert which was sold out and when we came out the foyer seemed to be filling up with people arriving for the 10.30 show.
  9. London Jazz Fest 2005

    Purcell Room perhaps? Saw Kurt Elling supported by Ian Shaw at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Friday night. Elling was absolutely amazing as were the Lawrence Hobgood Trio who accompanied him.
  10. London Jazz Fest 2005

    Just thought it would be an idea to let any board members out of range of London know that BBC Radio 3 are recording a number of concerts and you will be able to access them online. Some that I know of are McCoy Tyner Trio, Uri Caine, and the World Saxophone Quartet.
  11. London Jazz Fest 2005

    Thanks John - yes it was Lee Pearson - that's the name I thought I heard but wasn't absolutely sure.
  12. London Jazz Fest 2005

    I'll be at Kurt Elling on Friday night sidewinder at the 7.30 show - tickets came in the post yesterday. There's also a second show at 10.30. John S - did you manage to catch the name of the rhythm section with WSQ - I don't think they were the same as listed in the programme?
  13. London Jazz Fest 2005

    Must admit I haven't heard any of their stuff but it's a pretty attractive bill. I've wanted to see Tyner live for a long time now so it should be a good night. On another thread Adrian mentioned he saw him in Edinburgh last night and that he played beautifully.
  14. London Jazz Fest 2005

    I'm going to McCoy Tyner tonight and Kurt Elling/Ian Shaw on Friday.